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    EPISODE 15
    “Sophia, this is the artist we talked about, he’s an award winning artist, with currently millions of fan base all over.” Sophia turned to Boma, who was introducing whoever it was, as they emerged.
    Sophia felt her heart constrict, all her vital organs ceased functioning for a second. She tried to calm herself and smile, instead she felt hot burning tears searing at her eyes.
    This was nemesis, this was Karma, she had hidden for so long, she created so many fake profiles to get him off her back. She remembered all the ways she blocked his friend requests on Facebook, blocked his access on IG, and constantly switched accounts on Twitter.
    He came in and gave Boma, a brief curt smile. She had already anticipated his coming, she had seen the list and she had wondered why on earth she decided to help Christine, Ness’s cousin to organize her wedding.
    But the shock was still there, she felt sweat trickle down her spine. Could he still recognize her? Does he know about his son?
    “Good afternoon Miss Benjamin, so we finally meet…again.” he said smirking at her, Gosh! He remembered.
    “Afternoon Mr Ani, please do have your seat.” she said, as she shook his hands. She felt tingles and butterflies in her stomach. “Sophia stop acting like a lovesick teen.” she chided herself.
    “Thank you. So I’m here to discuss the arrangements and bookings.” she nodded briefly before her mouth just went dry, he looked even more handsome than before.
    “Em…all you need is with your agent, you really shouldn’t have come.” she said after resuscitating her salivary glands.
    “Really, I prefer meeting with my clients to know what they really want, its customary to me, I don’t get personal but I’ll like to get more information. Afterall information is power.” he said, as he leaned into the settee, sizing her up. She began to regret wearing the low cut plunge mini dress that Ness gave her. It was really a grave mistake, especially from the reactions she was receiving. He looked like he was starving and she was his best dish.
    “Then what do you want to know?” she said, as she sat up, this dress shouldn’t embarrass her.
    “Oh just the couple, how they met and minor stuff…then I’d like to know why you ran away then?” he gave her a challenging look. The grey button down shirt molded his frame and everytime he spoke, it was like…”Sophia get a hold of yourself.” she said inside her.
    “Why I ran away? I don’t understand what you’re saying. The couple would meet with you in a moment, do excuse me.” she said, as she stood from her seat. Christine and Jacob was already coming in, that was a quick relief, that was so close. She ran out of the office and left the to be couple to engage the man.
    Boma grinned when he caught her sneaking out,”Boma, you scared me.” she turned when she heard a footstep behind her.
    “Of course and oh Chris is here.” he said, pointing from his window at the school bus already dropping her son.
    “Oh My! Boma you know how much I love you, right?” she gave him a pleading look.
    “So I should play with him or what? Look for your information if everybody is blind, I’m not blind that boy is a direct wax imprint of Dugbsy boy, but I wonder why.” he said as he gave her a questioning look.
    “People look alike a lot, ever heard of dopplegangers. So leave it at that, people tell me that a lot, my son looks like a popular star. Duh! Why shouldn’t I be proud.” she shrugged and ignored Boma’s piercing gaze.
    “Okay whatever just pay me in full, a pack of mint and some goodies Ness brought for you.” he said, as he dusted imaginary dirt from his lavender shirt.
    “You’re the best. Gotta go.” she said as she ran back to her office.
    -to be continued-

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    EPISODE 16
    “Sophia, Sophia, is there a problem?” she turned as Gina sat beside her, they were with the florist who was arranging the wedding bouquet.
    “No.” she answered sharply, and she brushed away her hair.
    “Then why have you been staring into the air?”Gina asked glaring at her.
    “I said nothing.” she hissed at her friend.
    “Sophia remember that there’s nothing new under the sun. So talk you have been like this for two weeks now. Talk now.” Gina said, as she looked around for the florist.
    “See leave me, abi? You’ll help me to solve it abeg, I’m even tired of all this wedding matter sef.” she made to stand up, just as the voluptuous florist, Hannah Ryder came in. She was famous and from South Africa.
    She always wore African textiles and that was how they got her, she worked with event decor planners worldwide but because Gina was well known and was her designer.
    She had been fully booked but Gina overrode her schedule. She was now with them, helping to pick the flower arrangements and bouquet.
    “You’re about to leave?” she asked Sophia, Sophia shook her head and took her seat.
    After an hour of picking and deciding, they left for the caterer.
    “Sophia you know I can force out words from you, talk now.”Gin said, as they drove on.
    “Okay, what will you do if someone you’ve been avoiding suddenly appears on your doorstep and is blackmailing you into entering relationship.” sheer asked, Gina gave her a serious look.
    “Why didn’t you talk since, who is the person by the way?” she said, as she cut the ignition after they parked at a restaurant.
    “Dan Ani.” she said, looking out of the window.
    “Wait are you saying that you had something with Dan, as in the musician Dugbsy boy.”Gina asked, as she was taken aback.
    Sophia only nodded.
    “When was this?” she asked further, her friend wasn’t a fangirl type.
    “At the club 98, like six years during his opening concert.” she said as tears trickled down her cheeks.
    “So that was the guy you disappeared with, but didn’t you hate him? How come you even looked at him? Because I know you well enough to say you don’t even care for his music.” Gina said, as she eyed her friend warily. She pushed back her side bangs.
    “I was drunk, stupid and insecure. I wasn’t thinking and now Karma is chasing me.” she said regretfully.
    “What did he say?” Gina pitied Sophia, she wasn’t one for the media attention.
    “He had some clips of the fight I had with Funke and threatened to make it public, it would damage my career and then my public image. ” she explained.
    “How did he get it?”Gina asked, she was aware of the fight.
    “I don’t know.” she said sobbing.
    “Stop crying, well what do you want to do now?” Gina looked at her phone, she needed some contacts from Ness.
    “I really don’t know. I’m just happy that he hadn’t found out about Chris.” she said quietly.
    “D--n, Sophia are you sick? Dan is Chris’ dad right. How could you? Sophia how could you? If he finds out himself and it gets to court, you’ll be in a much bigger mess.” she slammed her forehead on the steering wheel. All the years of hardwork will go down the drain.
    “So what am I to do now?” Sophia looked at her, begging with her eyes.
    “Tell him, its better that way, and remember the law at home is never have different fathers for your children.” Gina said shrugging.
    “Tell him? That would just give him more leverage, the first time was a mistake and I’m not making any more by the way.” Sophia said, wiping her face.
    “Well you’re not because all this nonsense must end. Today I’m going to meet Ness and we are going to tell your parents. You have delayed this for so long, the sooner the better or do you think Chris doesn’t need a father or Dan doesn’t want a son.” Gina said, as she picked her purse.
    “I hate you, is that all you are going to say.” Sophia couldn’t believe her friend, after all they had been through together.
    “My friend abeg, I’m hungry. If you are not ready, join me later.” Gina said, ignoring her as she left the car.
    -to be continued-

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    Me i don sit fa erm love mi @fridex and @ladyg come o

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    hmm just observing

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    Yes you have to tell him @sophy

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    Time to tell him

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