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    Ibrahim abiodunIbrahim abiodun
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    just let him know even if you don’t want to leave your son

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    Like seriously, Sophia you’re acting weird.. Tell him about it now or you regret it later… But seriously, Dan, blackmail is not an option

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    rhyne brynerhyne bryne
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    What is wrong with u Sophia
    Chris always complain of not having a father and u are hear hiding that fact

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    EPISODE 17
    “No one understands me. No one ever feels for me.” Sophia sat on her bed, she leaned on the pillow.
    Her mind flashed through the month’s events evoking tears of pain, pain and so much was going on.
    She remembered how after Christine and her hubby to be left the office, she looked out of the window to see the dancing palm leaves. The day was beautiful but inside her air conditioned office wrapped up in work and worries, she just wished to go out, relax and relieve herself of the stress.
    “Sophia, why did you leave?” she heard it clearly, that hurt tone. It was his ego and his pride that hurt. She knew that.
    “Why did I leave? Mr Ani you came here on official matters which have been resolved, kindly take your leave.” she said, as she pulled down the dress.
    “Just give me an answer then woman? Why did you leave? You just disappeared into thin air, just like that.” he ran his hands through his full almost dreadlock style hair. His eyes were carrying a pleading look.
    “Because I felt uncomfortable, I never wanted any further relationship, I just found my ex playing mattress poker with my best friend, and then a total stranger hit on me, in my alcoholic daze I gave my consent to him and bam I woke up beside a stranger, who out of nowhere I just had a night with. Did you expect me to wait like a naive rat, so you can show me the door later huh? Or did you expect me to suddenly take over your life all because you slept with me?” she asked, as she waved her hands in the air.
    “So what you are saying is that all the events that came up that night was nothing to you, right? ” he leaned against the desk, staring straight into her eyes.
    “Ahem! What did you expect? I should run around and be happy because I just got laid for the first time in my life or what?” she added sarcastically.
    “Shut up woman, shut up, so you concluded in your mind that I’m just pick random girls and screw them, listen to your warped sense of reasoning. You are just too high handed, you think so much of yourself…” he was stopped by her sudden change to anger.
    “Well give me a good reason why I shouldn’t believe that you chase everything in skirt then? I mean you guilt tripped me into going to your house.” she said, folding her arms across her chest.
    Dan knew he was wasting time and she knew too, she gave a bright smile as he took his leave. “It was nice doing business with you Mr Ani, have a nice day.” she said, as she slammed the door on his face.
    Dan was confused and annoyed, was this lady so blind by her ex’s cheating on her that she couldn’t see reason.
    He collapsed on the chair in his living room, it was getting harder than he thought he didn’t need a messy relationship, but his head and his d--n hormones were just heading towards her direction.
    Why on earth was she playing hard to get and I’m better off than you. He sighed, there were a few ways to get her on his bed for his selfish reasons until he had her out of his system. He had to have her either by crook or any means.
    *hmm see that’s what we sometimes get when we play too good*
    “These are the CCTV files and footage sir.” the security agent was more than happy to help him.
    Dan shook his hand and gave him something to buy coca cola from.
    “You really didn’t need to, Sir” the man said, fisting the money and smiling. Dan grinned and waved him off, this was all he needed and her whole precious over achieving good girl image and career will crumble like appropriate pack of cards.
    *this boy eh?*
    “Mr Ani, what do you want this time?” Sophia stopped her car, he had been tailing her for an hour now and Chris was asleep in the car.
    “Oh I just wanted you to see a few wedding performances so you could pick the best, have you forgotten Christine said you are to look at them.” he said innocently.
    “Okay fine, but make it quick.” she said, as she turned covered Chris with a throw blanket and got down from her orange Tucson jeep.
    She collected his device, but to her shock she was watching the video of her fight with Funke, she felt blood leave her face.
    “So how did you like it?” he gave her a nice goodboy smile.
    “Er where did you get this from?” she asked after she recovered from her shock.
    “From the bar of course, you couldn’t have forgotten how you belated me, and told me even if I drugged you, you wouldn’t trip for me.” he gave a knowing smirk.
    “Imagine this on social media, the good girl, role model, the philanthropist, the hero of women drunk and fighting like a common street rat. It would sure make a blog famous.” he continued, as he watched her trembling.
    “What do you want?” she asked the dreaded question, she knew he had a vantage point.
    “Simple, I want you, on my bed, on the table, on the sofa well anywhere you specify and I want you to give yourself willingly, I hate one sided affairs.”he said, as he moved closer to her.
    “Can I get some time to think about this first?”Dan was surprised she could still talk,he gave her a nod and kissed her.

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    EPISODE 18
    Sophia was humming as she greeted the receptionist, the couture was at its busiest this month, she felt so at peace with herself despite the threats she received.
    She hummed the song, that song it came on after she had dropped Chris off at school in the morning. It spoke to her and renewed her, she was going to download the song. That was after she settled after the lunch she just had.
    She passed Boma, who was cutting patterns. He was wearing his earphones, so there was no use greeting him. He wore a grey polo shirt and khaki trousers, today was casual.
    She had gone for a simple pink striped blouse and jeans with sandals. She still hummed the song, as she opened the door, it wasn’t locked because Boma had taken the pattern in the morning.
    She stepped into the office and closed the door, she stopped in her track, “What are you doing here?” she asked, as she saw Dan sitting on the settee comfortably.
    “I came to see you.” he said, as he sat up. He wore blue chinos and a purple sweatshirt.
    “Why?” she said, as she opened her windows after she dropped her bag on her desk.
    “Don’t joke with me Amaka, you know why I’m here or am I the reaper trying to harvest your soul.” he said, as he sat up. His shoes were screaming designers and big boy.
    “If that was a joke it wasn’t funny and I have no business with you.” she said, as she sat down.
    “So you think I make bad jokes, it seems you aren’t taking me seriously here.” he said, standing and pacing around her office.
    “Do you look like someone to be taken seriously? Please leave before I call security.” she said, as she ignored him and continued her work.
    Well she thought he had left, like the last time, so she was shocked when she checked the time and saw him seating and pressing his phone.
    “You’re really getting on my nerves Mr. Ani, why are you still here?” she said, standing up to face him.
    “Because I haven’t had my reply Amaka.” he said, as he continued typing away.
    “Don’t you have a studio to go to or some important artist featuring to do huh? Please you have to leave.” she said, as she eyed him. She didn’t want Chris to come back and meet Dan here.
    “Why? Your office seems convenient and I can do my work from here.” he said, waving the phone in her face.
    “Oh? Ok please we’ll talk about this another time.” she decided to take a compromise, Chris would soon get here.
    To her surprise, he stood but not to leave instead he cornered her to the desk that was leaning on and he attempted to kiss her. But instead she shifted her face and it fell on her neck.
    Sophia tried to cut back the moan from escaping her lips, this guy was taking advantage of her. She felt his hands under her blouse, and she tried to shift away.
    “Stop this, please.” she said weakly, she felt his hands already on her bra.
    “Mummy! Mummy! Uncle Boma said that…” Chris entered the office at that embarrassing moment.
    Dan just looked back and the eyes of father and son met.
    *geh geh dancing double wahala*
    “What are you doing with my mummy?” Chris asked innocently as they both stared at each other.
    Dan gave her a questioning look, “Who is this?” he said, as he stooped to Chris’ height.
    “My name is Chris.” the boy said, as he looked at the man curiously.
    “Your son? You have a son Sophia? Who is his father? ” Sophia was shivering and shaking at this point.
    “Er em he’s my son, yes i have a son, see eh let me explain.” she said, as she wrung her hands sorrowfully.
    “Don’t explain anything, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me why you’ve been acting strange and trying to send me away. How old is he?” he asked authoritatively, the boy was his exact copy. No one could debate it, well maybe his eyes but he knew that the face and form was just his. Why on earth would she keep this from him? He would do a paternity test to affirm this.
    “Em, he is…he is…six years old.” she said, as she tried to tug Chris from Dan, who was still looking at him in awe.
    “Well that’s good to know, so all this while you’ve been with my child. Just get your lawyers ready and get ready for the media too. Chris, daddy is coming for you.” he said, as he kissed Chris’ head and gave him some money.
    Chris’ eyes lit up at the word daddy and Sophia pitied him, but she was scared, afraid of what would happen.
    Dan left without giving her a second glance. He waved at Chris, ignoring Sophia who had started crying.

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    Episode 19
    “Didn’t I tell you?” Sophia ignored the phrase, she had gone to Ness to solicit for her help. After yelling at Boma, then dropping Chris with her parents and telling them about the matter when it was too late. She decided to see Ness, she had just arrived from Baltimore, where she was studying.
    “You want to fight for the custody of Chris, you know that you don’t need negative publicity better apply wisdom and find a safer solution.” Ness suggested as she sat.
    Ness looked at her friend, before she wore her glasses. “My dear, you are the only sister I’ve apart from Gina, I don’t want to see all you worked for go down the drain, in this life we have to compromise but with good leverages. If you’re scared that he’d take the child, then why don’t you sit down and talk one on one. You are both humans and can reach a compromise, and by now you know that your little brother has married and…” Ness was cut off by Sophia’s angered look.
    “Why are all of you forcing me to compromise now? Why me?” she said, as she sat up from the chair.
    “Hmm, Sophia, Sophia, how many times did I call you? If you love yourself and your life, better listen. You know what to do, that’s all I can say.”Ness went back to her chamber books.
    “Is that all you are going to say? You guys don’t understand me, he just wanted to sleep with me before now he wants to take away Chris, so should I fold my hand now?” she said, as she stood angrily.
    “Ogini Stop shouting in my office, I’m not Gina oh!” Ness said, as she lowered her glasses. Sophia stormed out of the office, she was angry, pissed off , vexed mention it. She went to her car and sat down fuming for some time, then she burst into tears.
    “why? What did I do? Why did you create me this way, to follow this path? What can I do?” she said, as she hit her hand on the steering wheel.
    After crying out her heart to the empty car, she wiped her tears and searched in her mind, should she compromise? what should she compromise on sef? How would she go about it? Would he listen to her? These thoughts roamed her mind as she went back home.
    She needed to think about this deeply.
    “You said we should meet Sophia, what’s wrong?” Sophia sat down opposite Dan in the restaurant, praying to every available angel or power to help her out.
    “I wanted us to talk about this, er Chris. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about him, because I felt it…” she stopped her explanation as she caught sight of Funke, coming towards her and she was heavily pregnant and holding a toddler.
    “Hey Sophia, how are you? I saw you on the papers last week, you were the face for Africa’s best design magazine, and I decided to come over and congratulate you.” she said, grinning from ear to ear.
    Dan gave Sophia a guarded look when he noticed her tense look and held her hand, Sophia was shocked so this girl whom she had beaten the life out of, still had the guts to greet her. It felt like deja vu of six years back.
    She gave Funke, an equally charming smile and focused on the toddler, this wasn’t Gabriel’s child, she must have married another man, she knew this but she just wanted to know.
    “What of Gabriel by the way?” she asked, as she looked at Funke in her tie and dye bubu dress and flat sandals.
    “Oh Gabriel, we went our separate ways five years back, turned out he was a cheat and he had been comparing me to you, he thought I was soft hearted like Sophia, but we all know that we are two different people, so like I said we went our ways. I’m married to Joshua now. Sugar hon this was my best friend I told you about.” she said, as a tall dark and handsome man walked to them.
    “Its a pleasure to meet such an exemplary and gorgeous personality like you, Amaka.” the man said with a flirtarious wink, as they shook hands, while Dan gave him a warning glare.
    “Congratulations by the way.” Sophia said politely, because inside of her there was a turmoil of emotions. But she just pasted a big fat fake smile on and continued nodding as Joshua went on and on about his job and his life and his achievements and then Funke had to remind him that they had somewhere to go.
    They promised to contact each other.
    -to be continued-

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    EPISODE 20
    To Sophia, the man could talk,
    “That guy is talkative, did you see how he went on and on like a newly opened dam.” Dan commented, after they had left. The waiter couldn’t help but nod his head, he had stood there waiting to take their orders now his legs ached.
    “I myself, couldn’t believe it, I think it was like an hour, but its actually twenty five minutes. Any way they fit, the gold digger and Mr. Ego. Although I can’t believe that after Funke ruined Gabriel she still had the guts to backstab him.” she said, as the waiter left with their orders.
    “I heard the news too, people try to make every story popular Gabriel Onaife, right?” he asked, as he looked around.
    “Yeah! His story was so sad, she squandered most of the investments I helped him with and left him broke.” she said, shaking her head in pity.
    “Really? You pity him, isn’t he getting what he wanted, he dropped off a gem and picked up a golddigger, I won’t be surprised if he compares any of his future girls to you. Well lets focus on what matters, Chris.” he said, effectively switching the topic.
    But the waiter came in with their orders after which they ate, then it was already late and they had to part ways. Dan promised to see her again, and that made her at peace, perhaps he would see reason then.
    The day was windy, harmattan was in the air, although it wasn’t really any concern of Sophia, who sat outside of an eatery waiting Ness who had gone in to take their meals.
    “Hey, got you your food.” Ness said, as she sat down, she was out of the chambers today and Gina and herself had discovered that lying low and playing easy wasn’t going to aid Sophia’s cause.
    Sophia nodded her thanks and began eating hungrily, she had skipped breakfast for a week because of her recent client.
    She shrugged when Ness chuckled as she watched her eat.
    “The food is nice, but that’s not why I called you to meet me for lunch, I think we are going this the wrong way.” she paused for an effect, Sophia scooped another spoon of hot jollof rice and looked at her.
    “I feel we are giving Dan here too much ground.” she said, as she bit into meatpie.
    “Okay?”Sophia said as she ate again.
    “He actually should be begging you to see Chris, not you quivering to keep Chris, get it?” Ness asked, given the confused look on Sophia’s face, she was far from getting it.
    “So what am saying is that the only thing I had thought that Dan could use to get custody of Chris, is if you are irresponsible, or had shown such acts, you know lawyers now. We can twist anything into the truth, meaning we need that video out of the scene.” Ness said, as she took a long drink of her Fanta.
    “So what are you saying now? I still have to see him next week.” Sophia looked dismally at the food, why wasn’t it enough, maybe she should order another plate.
    “Are you that hungry? Don’t say you’ve been starving yourself all this while.” Ness gave her a serious look.
    “No, I just cut down some luxuries to get some money on some new project.” Sophia shrugged as she continued eating.
    “Okay then, but starving yourself of food isn’t right. So what I’m saying is that you have more control than you can ever think of.” Sophia’s ears perked up at her suggestions.
    “As far as I know, Dan hasn’t been in any relationship since the incident six years back, meaning that there is a possibility he’s been anticipating you, or should I say stalking you.” Ness said, as she twirled the straw in her hand.
    “Stalking? How? Me ? The plain Jane abeg, if na better person I would agree, but me.” Sophia disagreed shaking her head furiously.
    “Whether you think you’re pretty or not, isn’t anyone’s business Sophia, I traced that guy’s PI. He did a good job on your profile, I doubt if a guy wants to screw you he wouldn’t just go through all that stress.” Ness said, shrugging but disappointed at Sophia’s level of low self esteem, couldn’t she see that half of the male passers by were staring holes at her. She was d--n too gorgeous and she was still so naive.
    “So what you are saying is that we should turn the tables against him now?” Sophia asked, as she took a long swig of her drink.
    “Precisely, Sophia you’ve been sheltered for so long, its time to break out of your eggshells babe, show him you have power over him, and you do have because from my experience of guys and their libidos, they would do three hundred laps on the track just to get you.” Ness said, smiling at how long it took Sophia to get that. She was just too innocent.
    “Okay, how will I do that?” she asked, then Ness had to laugh, she burst into a hearty laughter, God this girl was either pretending or she was a saint inside.
    “Bae, don’t you know when a guy wants you. Dan has been giving you all the signals from the beginning of the preparation for Christine’s wedding till now. You had better grab the opportunity and use it to your benefit.” Ness said, as she winked at a handsome men, who parked a Lincoln navigator jeep beside them.
    -to be continued-

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    -EPISODE 20 continued-
    “Really? I’m acting like him, two wrongs don’t make a right…” Sophia was cut off, when the man came over and started talking, after a few minutes of serious flirting they exchanged numbers and he left. Sophia felt sorry for him,he would just be dumped in two weeks.
    “Yes, back to the matter. Sophia haven’t you heard of an eye for an eye. Look Dan is going haywire to take you, you don’t have to do it just tease him a little, flaunt what ya have bae, see after this, you can tie him down in marriage, throw him out of your life or just dump him, but I know the good spirit inside you isn’t like that, so just hint over it. He’ll come around begging. Trust me.” Ness added with a wink.
    Sophia nodded, she looked at the passing vehicles, wondering what she had gotten herself into, after they left. She spent most of the time thinking about what Ness said. She wasn’t blind, she knew what Dan wanted before but not with Chris now in the matter.
    She had to sit up and play her cards right, although Dan once said he had a marriage phobia, that was exactly what she needed to get him plus the fact that she had full custody of Chris and she knew playing femme fatale would get her that video.
    She just had to wisen up, she said smiling at the school bus already dropping off Chris, this was for Chris and herself.
    -to be continued-

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