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    that lady is a b—h and I smell lies

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    Dont mind d lady, its all a plot to seperate u from Dan.

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    I reserve my comment but that girl is too cheap for my liking

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    Done with episode 11… Chris hope he won’t grow up to become a spoilt kid cos it seems Chris kinda love playing. Sophia u should open up on who’s the father of Chris especially now that ur child is up on age.

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    Episode 24
    Dan picked up his phone and tried calling the number, but it kept on giving excuses from switched off to not available to not responding and the lots.
    He was pissed off as he walked around the living room. Kunle was eating noodles and watching UEFA, while sneaking a look at him.
    “Arrgh, what’s wrong with all these networks nah? Oh! I can’t calls someone in peace again.” Dan said, as he sat and kicked his legs angrily.
    “Stop acting like a spoilt boy Dan, what is the problem?” Kunle asked as Dan looked at the air glumly.
    “I’ve been trying to contact Sophia so we can go out, but I’ve not gotten to her, there are always excuse from all the phone networks.” Dan complained angrily, folding his hands across his chest.
    “If all the networks act the same way, my guy your village people aren’t far then.”Kunle said, as he almost choked on his food as he laughed.
    “Abeg leave them for the village, they should sit there. But on a serious note what can I do? I have to see her.” Dan said, as he ran his hands over his hair. He had styled it with a star cut into it.
    “Then go to her house abeg? Do they tell someone that?” Kunle gave him a serious look. And then went back to the match.
    Dan stood and got dressed, he knew she lived with her parents, so he took his time to dress well, a pair of black fitted trousers and the Hollandiase made shirt embroidered by Sophia herself. The lion embroidery made the cloth stand out, Sophia said he looked like her Ibo townsman. He grinned as he remembered her enthusiasm while he was reluctant to wear it.
    After wearing a suede loafers and a gold watch, he ditched his ear piercings. Sophia had an intense dislike for them,and he guessed it was rooted from her parents.
    His mom was even against it, but later she just left him to himself. But she continued praying, he knew that.
    He ignored Kunle’s knowing smirk and went to take his car, he picked the Mazda, his small favorite.
    When he got into the estate where she lived, he was awed at the amount of wealth or rather display of wealth there. He saw exotic gardens with finely carved statues, fountains and a house made out of pure white marble and glass.
    He finally moved to her place, he saw the modest building and was humbled despite the extravagant display, it seems her father was a content man others would have rebuilt theirs to surpass or compete with their neighbours but he chose a humble structure.
    He got down, and the gateman looked at him.
    “Oga afternoon wetin you want?” the man asked, eyeing him with caution.
    “I’m here to see Sophia. My name is Dan Ani.” the gateman eyes widened as he removed his sunglasses. His jaw slacked and he quickly shut it, he excused himself almost bowing to tell the inhabitants of the home his arrival.
    A minute later, the gate was wide open, Dan took it as a cue, so he drove in, he was hit by how spacious the compound was. Two boys were playing football while a little boy watched them. They were watched closely by an old couple, Dan could guess that they were her parents. As he got down and drew closer to them, Chris sighted him and ran to hug him, squealing Daddy! Dan felt happy to see him and wished he brought a gift along.
    “How are you Chris?” he asked as he carried him on his shoulders.
    “I’m fine thank you and you?” Chris said in a female mimic voice.
    “Where did you learn that one now?” he asked as they moved to the couple, their faces were expressionless.
    “Good afternoon sir, Good afternoon ma.” he dropped Chris and prostrated. Their eyes widened as they saw the resemblance of Chris on him and they put two and two together meaning he was Chris estranged father.
    “Welcome my son.” the old lady said, as she motioned for one of the boys to bring a chair for him. They were in the garden decorated by hibiscus shrubs.
    The old man nodded at him,he as he chewed his cola. He didn’t even spare him a glance. Dan was shivering despite Chris hugging and searching his body for things to play with.
    “Bia here, Chisom, get your brother something, my dear what do you want?” she asked smiling brightly, and Dan almost swooned at it, it seems beauty was in the family. She looked so young.
    “Ma’am nothing, I’m fine.” he said, as he looked at the old man who was still chewing like he had no care in the world.
    “Okay, are you sure, because you must be parched, harmattan is in the air now so let me get you something.” she stood smiling and left, Dan was amazed well he wasn’t that amazed Amaka was a complete copy of her mom though she had her father’s characters.
    “So what are you doing here hmm? You want to take my grandson from me abi? Mbanu over my dead body tuofia. You this boy that turned my daughter’s life upside down because of you she has spent more part of her life weeping. You turned my daughter against me. Get out of my house. Stand up and get out of my house.” the man said angrily. Dan was shocked, he was so embarrassed that as he made to leave he didn’t notice Amaka running to them. He left angrily.
    -to be continued-

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    Episode 25
    Dan paced on the carpet, thinking about the embarrassment he had received. He was furious, but then the old man was right. He wouldn’t let the man that impregnated his own daughter, turned her life upside down to live talkless of entering his abode.
    But he needed to talk to Sophia and her numbers were not going, what was going on? They had been taking this journey little by little to satisfy her, why on earth would she suddenly turn back on them.
    With all these raving thoughts, he took his car keys and decided to go to her office. He was already dressed to go to the studio, he would just use the opportunity to see her.
    Something was definitely wrong somewhere.
    Dan was listening to his new songs, they were serious bangers and he was proud that for 2 weeks he was still on MTV base Africa playlist no 1.
    He was unbeatable.
    Suddenly, three car drove around him and surrounded him. Forcing him to park. They had tinted windows and it seemed the occupants were discussing in the cars.
    He got down and knocked on the windows, wondering why he was jacked down. To his shock, a deafening slap made him turn back. Before he could say B, another slap landed on his face. That one dazed him and he met himself on the floor. He was seeing stars at first, then he recognized seven hefty men and one man in an impeccable white suit. It was Gabriel Onaife.
    Gabriel gave a little grim before smirking, he motioned as they dragged Dan to him roughly.
    “Mr. Ani, we meet again. Nice to see you, but you may not like to see me, I’m sure you know who I am, Sophia’s husband. Now if you love your life and your career you had better get your dirty hands off my wife.” Gabriel said, as he stroked his goatee beard.
    “Your wife my foot, Sophia belongs to me, Gabriel I own her heart and I’m warning you get away from Sophia. You’ve done enough damage Gabriel, enough is enough. I’ll protect her with the last drop of my blood.” Dan faced him and spat on his face.
    Gabriel’s face wrinkled as he took a handkerchief to clean his face, he was angry, how could this little music rat spit on him.
    “Boys deal with him, show no mercy, Papilo take me to the office. Capon, I prefer he’s half dead. Use anything your hand finds.” he said dismissing them and drove off, as they descended on Dan, flogging him with belts and mercilessly beating him.
    About thirty minutes later they left Dan in his pool of blood but not after raiding him of his valuables.
    “Sophia, I love you, I’ve always loved you.” Sophia sat up from the restaurant’s sofa angrily, Does Gabriel take her for a fool? Does he think that she was stupid?
    “Gabriel, never in your stupid, screwed life ever say that you love me, infact be it far from you that you say that. You this selfish, ungrateful, beast in human form. After I helped you, I helped your screwed up life, your miserable life. You open that rotten mouth of yours to say this, may heaven and earth judge you, yes may thunder waste you…” Sophia was cut off, by a young man bringing a suitcase to their table.
    They were at the new Italian restaurant in Ikoyi. Gabriel had called her and he said he wanted to make amends at first, she felt reluctant but then her mind told her to break off clean from the relationship by meeting him. They hadn’t even ordered appetizers and they were already fighting.
    “Sophia to prove my love, here is twenty million dollars. This is to say I’m sorry, forgive me, lets move on please I love you.” he said, as he opened the case filled with dollars.
    The kind of hate on Sophia’s face made the young man stare but Gabriel remained unmoved as he held the case for display.
    “What is all this nonsense Gabriel? What are you taking me for? A golddigger or moneymonger. Look I don’t know and I don’t care how you got your screwed up money. You and your money should perish together. Excuse me.” she said, as she picked her purse and stood.
    Gabriel held her arm swiftly, and gave her a threatening look.
    “Papillo, bring the laptop.” he said, and the young man went and came back with a laptop.
    Sophia hissed and snorted, as he typed on it. She was sure he used blood money, toufia, blood money.
    “Sophia watch this.” he said, and she saw the same fight video only that it was further edited to highlight her face.
    “Screw you, Gabriel, rot in hell, babe let me tell you. You cannot bribe me or blackmail me into dating you, go ahead post it online, go ahead and embarrass me. Let me tell you, the blood crying for vengeance will get you. Horrid man and if I ever see you near me or my family, infact you’ll see fire.” she pushed his hand and walked out, while Gabriel was staring jaw slack.
    -To be continued-

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