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    Dan pele oo

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    EPISODE 27
    Dan looked at the ceiling, in his mind he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him that Sophia will be searching for his head.
    He laughed bitterly, he didn’t know when he got to the stage of allowing himself to be beaten up when he could drop her off like a hot beancake.
    Was this love? Or was this that insatiable lust driving him crazy, to the edge. It was like a drug, it spurred him on.
    He winced as he rolled to his laptop, the news was there Dugbsy boy revealed baby mama, with a picture of Chris, Sophia and himself. Sophia’s picture haunted him, she was a terrific mother and she had made sure Chris was well trained, he was proud to beat his chest anywhere that Sophia knew how to be a mother.
    He looked at the little Chris, it was one of his baby pictures. He looked so small and innocent with his eyes, those eyes got people talking, despite the scandal people were admiring him. The comments were blasting him, tearing at Sophia, but Chris was the perfect star, no harm was said to him.
    He pushed himself up and sighed, “I love you Sophia, and I’m ready to do anything for you.” he said before he went asleep.
    “Aww, seriously Ness you are spoiling Chris, this chocolates are too much.” Sophia complained while Ness poured a bag full of chocolates for Chris on the table.
    Chris didn’t hesitate in saying thank you, giving a big hug and then pouncing on the sweet snacks.
    “Leave my boy alone, let me spoil him. So how are you holding up against the media?” she asked, as she adjusted her red floral halter dress.
    “Wo, leave that one oh, those bloggers, when they are on top your matter like this, they and gossip be like 5 and 6.” Sophia said, as she sat beside her.
    “Really, just sue the lot of them and they will all shut up especially that entertainingblog that keeps spewing rubbish.” Ness said,as she dropped the new bag and some clothes. She had gone to Las Vegas to enjoy herself with Mitch, an expatriate lawyer from the States.
    Sophia shook her heard, if anyone was a man killer it was Ness always jumping like a butterfly, but even herself wasn’t any different, one only had mouth when one has tasted the soup of marriage.
    “So how’s Mitch?” she asked, as she looked at the expensive Louis Vutton bag.
    “Mitch? I dumped him in Vegas, remember whatever happens in Vegas stays there, I came across Ron, a South African and trust me we hit off great, I’m headed for Capetown next week.” she said as the bangles on her hand jingled.
    She had cut off all her hair, dyed it brown, added more piercings and a henna tattoo.
    Her clothes were as tasteful as ever but Sophia didn’t envy her lifestyle.
    A knock interrupted Sophia as she wanted to talk.
    Dan came in, looked around before catching Chris’ attention, “Daddy, what happened to your face? Who beat you?” he asked, as he licked his sweet.
    “Same here, Sophia told me all about it on phone, what really happened?” Ness said,as she stood and went to him,pulled him to sit beside them, Chris settled on his lap.
    “I don’t want to talk about it. Sophia did you see the news?” he asked softly.
    Sophia turned her face, and hissed. Dan was disappointed.
    “Sophia why now?”Ness asked, as she threw her hands in the air.
    “Why now what? When your wife slapped me? Did I complain?” she threw back. Ness looked shocked and turned to Dan for an explanation.
    Dan himself was surprised, and they both turned to Sophia.”Yes Teresa Ani, she has four children for you.” she said.
    Dan burst into a bitter laugh although his cheeks still hurt.
    “When did I get married Sophia? Did she show you the marriage certificate? You should know a scam when you see one, what are the names of the children?.” he said, after he finished laughing.
    Sophia’s face burned in humiliation, her father had been right but she’d prove stubborn.
    “Sophia, I asked about the news your screwed up ex put online, not some trash from a desperate lady seeking attention.” he said, angrily.
    “I called up some people and tried to get it off.” she murmured.
    “Never mind, I just wanted to know how you are coping.” he said as he shrugged.
    “Daddy, did you know that all my classmates know you, they are calling me Dugbsy junior.” Chris said in the most adorable way, that made all of them smile.
    “No, thanks for telling me, Sophia we have to see. I’m serious. As a matter of fact now.” he said, as Sophia held Ness who was already packing her things to leave.
    “Sophia, solve your problems yourself, Ndo? Call me later sha.” Ness pulled herself free from her grip, kissed Chris’ cheek and left.
    “Sophia, I want to marry you.” he said,
    “Wait is it because of all these, that you think marriage is the solution.” Sophia said, as she stood up.
    “Listen to me Sophia.” he shouted.
    “You can’t shout me down Dan, get out of my office.”she said.
    -to be continued-

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    ride on bro, I’m still following…?…keenly.

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    rhyne brynerhyne bryne
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    Hmm u guys will surely overcome it

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    Continue pls

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    Am happy that Mr Ben had come to realize the true nature of Dan.. Its a matter of time and Amaka will come around

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    Call your lawyers and file an assault case on Gabriel, how can that coward be walking freely by now

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    ride on

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