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    Nxt epi

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    Episode 6
    “So how was it?” Ness didn’t hesitate to ask.
    “Nothing, like I said, we met, I was drunk and then the thing happened.” Sophia felt uncomfortable already.
    “So who is he?” Ness wasn’t the type to back down easily.
    “I don’t know, I don’t kiss and tell Vanessa.” she said, and smirked as Ness looked at her angrily.
    “Really, hmm since when did that start? Well Henry, the IG’s son is coming to take me to my PPA.” she said giving a proud look.
    “Well good for you, Where is it?” she asked, she didn’t care about Ness’ latest fling.
    “I don’t know but what I do know is that this will be the best service year for me, remember Barrister Okoye has arranged something for me.” she continued bragging. Sophia rolled her eyes, her friends sure had connections. They were the reason she was doing her service year in Lagos.
    “Well have you eaten?” they were almost at the camp, the road was bad and the impact of the potholes threw them around in the car.
    “No, I just rushed back, when you called? No sorry when I called you.” Sophia was jolted out of her thoughts.
    “Silas, once we get there, take us to the nearest eatery. I’m starving though.” she said politely. As rich as she was, her parents had taught her that for you to get the best out of employees, you have to respect them.
    She knew Silas like a father, he was far older than her father and more trustworthy than the younger drivers . Infact she influenced her parents to increase his salary.
    Silas nodded and continued driving.
    Sophia was lost in her thoughts, she tried not to cry. She had just betrayed her father’s trust, she had disappointed him and she lied to him. She remembered his instructions, but it was too late. How could she? She dared not tell Ness or else the whole social network will be ablaze with it.
    She cringed in disgust as she noticed a land fill. Lagos was a real mega city indeed.
    At the camp, Ness had people all over her, worshipping her every step for the weeks before the PPA. They mistook her for Gina, they were so alike. But Gina was the good girl, polite and hardworking. She hated attention.
    She was happy she was posted to work with an online marketing agency, meaning she could work from the building she bought around there.
    Sophia was so happy the last year, when she heard of Gabriel’s promotion that she gathered her savings, bought and renovated a house around that area in hope of them moving from his rented place to the house.
    Now, the house was empty, except for the two tenants, he father’s caretaker made her take.
    The company building wasn’t that massive but it was nice nonetheless, the owner knew her father from a dinner party.
    “Miss Benjamin. How are you?”he said politely, as they shook hands.
    “I am fine, How are you too sir?” she said smiling at the jolly old man before her. He was in his early sixties according to her father, but he looked like he was in his fifties instead. He had a few grey hair and his tall, broad stature and almost wrinkle free face made Sophia doubt her father.
    “So you studied marketing?”the man said as he motioned for her to sit, they discussed extensively before she left.
    * * * * *
    She enjoyed working with them, especially Mr Christopher, he was very nice and he had a lovely wife with five children. They treated her like a daughter and even tried convincing her to stay with them.
    They gave her allowances plus the allawee that she normally collected, everyone in the company often mistook her as their daughter.
    She was relaxing in her apartment, when she felt a sharp pain at her abdomen.
    “I must have eaten too much of those chinchin.” she thought as she rolled from the settee. She went to take a pain relief, and went to sleep.
    She woke up and she wasn’t feeling nice. She was so down and her body was hurt. She decided to call in sick at the company.
    After eating noodles and taking more drugs. She felt relieved and went around like nothing happened.
    It was remaining a few months to her ending the service, when Gina came to visit her.
    She was excited as they talked, Gina was grinning from ear to ear as she spoke.
    “Guess who won an exclusive six year contract with Armani.” she asked jumping around.
    -to be continued-

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    @ladyg, @jummybabe, @olayintan, @ryder, @oneal, @itzprince, @sabinto, @rhyne bryne @mhiztersky
    Another episode on ground invite others

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    rhyne brynerhyne bryne
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    Hmm if not u then who else
    Continue bro

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    Oti pregnancy

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    You are pregnant

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    Belle don land

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