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    hummm pregnant fever

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    She has been blessed

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    She is pregnant

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    him no use protection be dat.
    Following keenly

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    Accidental baby mama ngwanu, e don happen o, guy ride on.

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    Episode 7
    “Guess who won an exclusive six year contract with Armani.” she asked jumping around.
    “You of course.” Sophia said, as she eyed her friend.
    “No you dummy, remember when you put up those clothes design on Instagram. The marketing representatives thought I was the one since I’m popular for those things. But I explained that you were the one and that was it.” she said hugging her friend happily.
    “Really, as in Armani wants to work with me. Wait oh don’t play with me like this?” she asked her friend.
    “Yes Amaka dear, they are in love with your male outfit designs.” Gina was jumping happily, then she stopped when she saw her friend’s look.
    “What’s wrong with you aren’t you supposed to be happy? This is your little talent showing up.” she dropped her hands.
    “I don’t know what my dad will say?” Sophia said dejectedly. Her father would kill her if he found out.
    “Don’t worry I’ll convince him.” Gina said, as they sat thinking. This was a golden once in a lifetime opportunity for Sophia. Gina knew deep down that Sophia’s life revolved around designs and style. She knew how Sophia had helped her make her first African designs during a worldwide competition and she had won.
    “Its okay, so have you eaten?” Sophia stood yawning as her eyes went to the kitchen.
    “Which kind of question is that? Did you offer me anything to eat?”Gina said teasing her.
    “Sorry hmm, what should I cook then?”Sophia said as she began rubbing her sleepless shoulders. The weather was really cold and she was tired. She needed a break.
    “Hmm this one that you have added weight, what are they feeding you? You have become fatter oh and its not fair because I’m still slim.”Gina commented with a childish pout, as her friend laughed at her.
    “Well I guess Mrs Christopher knows how to make the best akpu and fufu. I spend most of my time there.”she explained, as she began gathering ingredients to make yam pottage.
    “You aren’t looking yourself anymore, why now?”her friend was already slicing and peeling the onions.
    “Hmm, I was just thinking about my life. You know its good to meditate and take a good self examination.” Sophia weighed the yam slices in her hands as she cut them.
    “eh? Ness told me about the party.” Sophia sighed, she knew that sooner or later Gina would confront her.
    “but that was like six months ago. Please what of Dr. Matthew, I heard some small news about you guys.” she changed the topic ignoring her friend’s warning look.
    “Oh Matthew, you know we met at the SOS charity dinner, and all that so it was on a Wednesday oh, he called me aside and proposed that he wanted us to be a couple. I ignored him and refused to pick his calls or answer his texts. I felt after telling him, that I couldn’t be more than friends, he still had the gut to ask me out.” Gina explained as she put the yam on the gas cooker.
    “So…” Sophia was looking at her friend. It was clear that she had fallen for the doctor already.
    “Well, he came to the house and talked to papa, and you know papa has been trying to get me married to one of his people’s son, like he would call it. So they both connived with mum and forced me on a blind date with him.” she said, sitting down on the kitchen stool.
    “Really, that’s really romantic. I can’t imagine Nne and your father acting like that. He must have made a wonderful impression on them.” Sophia was enjoying the story. She noticed her friend was glowing with happiness and joy as they talked.
    “So at first I was pissed off,while later I agreed after coming back from Addis Ababa. Then just last week he proposed marriage. Oh my I can’t believe it, I’m going to get married.” Sophia ran to hug her friend after the excitement died down they suddenly remembered the food they were cooking.
    Sophia was so happy with Gina, she was like a sister she never had, she was a role model although her parents took her for a rebel, she was already a shining star.
    They talked about the preparations, the dresses, the food and Sophia felt happy and a bit envious but all the same she was glad that her family and childhood friend was getting married.
    -to be continued-

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    Episode 8
    “Sophia, where are you?” Gina said in a sing song voice as she entered the apartment, she met her friend sprawled on the floor.
    “Sophia!!!! What happened? Oh my what happened.” she tried shaking her,but she didn’t even budge.
    She took her phone and called Matthew.”Matthew, its Sophia, she’s dead. No I don’t know how to check her pulse. Do I look like a medical personnel, my friend is in danger here Matthew.” she said hurriedly.
    She had not finished talking when one of the tenants came in, and they both took her to Matthew’s hospital.
    “Matt baby, what’s going on?” she hung on his shoulder.
    “hmm, it seems your friend is in her second trimester.” he said as he entered the office.
    “Matt stop saying nonsense, my friend fainted and you’re talking about school semester.” she pushed him angrily.
    “Bae no, what I’m actually saying is that your friend is pregnant about six months.” he said, as a frown marred his handsome face.
    “You must be joking, how come I didn’t notice and she had been home like twice, her mom would have known or something. Baby stop teasing me, I know you have a wicked sense of humor.”she opted for a light tone.
    “Bae, no kidding here. Do you want a scan then?” he said as he sat and looked at her.
    To his shock, Gina burst into laughter and looked at him.
    “My friend can’t be pregnant, its not possible.”she said, as she eyed him.
    “Georgina, have your seat biko, don’t kill yourself yet.”he stood and dragged her to seat beside him.
    “No no something is wrong somewhere? What does she do now? Mazi Benjamin will kill her and then oh please somebody tell me this is a lie.”Matthew cradled her head as she cried.
    “Its not a lie, but the good thing is that she’s alive, hale and hearty.” he said as he kissed her.
    * * * *
    “Sophia, tell me what happened?” Gina asked, they were back in her house after she was discharged, the Christophers also visited her but they didn’t really know the cause of her admission to the hospital.
    “I can’t explain it myself.” Sophia clamped up, as she wrapped herself with a bedsheet.
    “What do you mean by that? You only have three months left and you’d have a baby, or do they come from the sky? Please talk now.” Gina said sadly. She felt at fault now, if Sophia hadn’t followed them to the club, if only Ness didn’t know about the party and they didn’t go maybe all this would have been averted.
    “Gina, I’m sorry I can’t tell you what happened. I was drunk and miserable, imagine your own best friend was sleeping with your fiance and then she walks around acting innocently. Then a random guy tells you a good break up and I was jilted story. That was what went on, are you happy now?” she said with a frown.
    “So you don’t know the father, or you won’t tell me?” Gina asked after she had processed all her friend’s story.
    “I won’t say it.” Sophia sat on the settee, she was furious, how come her first and only time resulted into this? What did she do to nature?
    “So when are you telling your parents?” Gina said, as she sat beside her.
    “I really don’t know, I’m scared of papa, my mom isn’t really a concern.” she said shrugging her shoulders.
    “But I think you should let the father of this child know.” Gina said, crossing her legs and looking at her friend who sat and curled herself up.
    “And what will I gain? He’ll just laugh at me and tell me the normal story of its your business go and take care of your child or better still evacuate it.” Sophia said with a hiss.
    “So you’re keeping the baby.” Gina sat up surprised.
    “Yes, I am. I had decided from the moment Matthew told me and I’m ready to do anything to protect my baby.” Gina smiled happily, she was glad her friend wasn’t like others, she was solidly behind her decision and infact she was already picking names.
    “So do I get to be a godmother?” she said teasingly.
    At this Sophia laughed and said to her,”Really so you can name the child abi? I’ve been suspecting you ever since your aunt allowed you to be a godmother, you have been giving little children names. Okay you’ll be the godmother, how many names have you gotten now?” she looked as Gina counted on her fingers.
    “Twelve. Is that enough?” Gina said as Sophia and herself burst into laughter.

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