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    in case you missed season two check link below

    Act Of Faith 3

    “Yes, I am awake as you can see, who was
    that?” Christiana asked the young man
    again, Karma. It has been up to 7 months
    now since she found herself in Tankute,
    she had actually been in coma for the first
    6 months and had recently regained
    consciousness, just a month ago. “That is
    lade, she is the youngest married woman
    we have in the village” He explained, “She
    got married just as you were recovering”
    Karma added and she nodded. “I will love
    to follow you hunting today, don’t even try
    to oppose it, I will surely go with you
    today and you can’t stop me like you
    always do” Christiana said and made to go
    back into the hut, “Christiana, you can’t
    follow me to the jungle, the jungle is a
    dangerous place to be in and you are a
    lady” Karma said and Christiana
    immediately bursted into laughter. “Look at
    you, you think I am scared of the jungle? I
    guess you know nothing about me. Don’t
    worry, I will challenge you one day to a
    wrestling competition and then you will
    know just how strong I am” Christiana said
    and followed it with a long hiss. “In
    Tankute, women don’t challenge men to
    fight, it is an abomination” Karma said,
    “But in where I come from, women beat up
    men, it is not an abomination” Christiana
    said. “Okay, anything you say but you
    aren’t following me to the jungle” Karma
    said and got up with his cutlass. “Karma, I
    am following you to the Jungle” Christiana
    said as she tried to block him from
    entering the hut. “No you are not, can we
    stop arguing about this jungle thing? We
    don’t have to do this every morning before
    I go hunting” Karma said, “This morning is
    a different one, I won’t let you go like
    every other morning unless you allow me
    follow you” Christiana said. Karma stood
    still staring at her, he then let out a deep
    breath. “Christiana, you are not coming
    with me to the jungle” He said, “Then none
    of us is going to the jungle” Christiana
    smiled. “Karma, let your friend go with you
    to the jungle today” A voice said from the
    inside, the person who had spoken soon
    came out to reveal a very old man
    probably in his eighties, he was walking
    with the aid of a walking stick. “Tell him
    papa, he never allow me go with him”
    Christiana smiled, “Papa, you know how
    dangerous the jungle is, I can’t allow her
    go with me” Karma opposed. “Karma my
    brave boy, you know, when a child insists
    on playing with fire, you should leave that
    child, let him learn with experience” the old
    man said, “If Christian goes to the jungle
    today, she might not want to go another
    day” The old man said with a smile that
    revealed his disorganized teeth. “Let her
    go with you Karma” the old man
    concluded. “Okay papa” Karma said with
    his head bent, he was obviously not happy
    with the decision. “Don’t worry Karma, it
    will be fun” Christiana said holding his
    hands, “I pray so” He hissed and walked
    into the hut. “Thank you papa, at last, I am
    going to the jungle” Christiana shouted as
    she also walked inside. The old man
    smiled and looked into the sky, suddenly
    his smile faded to a frown, “Bad omen” He
    said to himself.
    About thirty minutes later, Karma and
    Christiana could be seen walking on a
    lonely path, the path that led to the jungle.
    There were actually two paths that led to
    the jungle, one of the path also led to the
    stream, the other path led to just the
    jungle, that was the path Christiana and
    Karma were on. “Are you sure you will be
    able to hunt with a knife?” Karma asked
    her for the fifth time, he had been
    surprised when Christiana refused the
    offer of a gun insisting that she will hunt
    with a small knife. “Don’t be scared, I am
    good with the knife” Christiana smiled as
    they walked along, “This path is too long,
    we will take the path that leads to the
    stream on our way back” Christiana added
    while Karma nodded, he didn’t want to
    argue again, he actually hates the stream
    path. “So tell me Karma, how did you save
    me?” Christiana asked and Karma smiled
    as he remembered that morning he saw
    Christiana’s body in the river. “As usual,
    that fateful morning, I went fishing and
    was on my canoe in the middle of the river
    when I saw something floating. I knew
    immediately that it was a living being and
    thus wasted no time in jumping into the
    river to get you, it was from there that I
    brought you home when I noticed you were
    still alive” Karma said. “You look so much
    like your twin brother” Christiana said,
    “The one you call Gabriel?” Karma asked,
    “Yes, Gabriel, he is just like you, brave,
    strong and funny but I betrayed them”
    Christiana said with a sorrowful voice,
    “Tell me about them” Karma said, “Who?”
    Christiana asked staring at him, “Them, the
    ones you betrayed” Karma added.
    LOCATION: Lagos city, Nigeria.
    TIME: 11am, Saturday Morning.
    “Faster!!!!” Adanna shouted as she tapped
    her husband who was on the steering,
    “This is the fastest I can go!!” He shouted
    back as he turned the steering. “OH God,
    don’t tell me we are going to be the last
    again” she said hitting her forehead, “Hey
    baby, it is just a game” Gabriel laughed as
    he finally parked his racing car, the race is
    over. “Alvana and Morgana are the first
    this time” Adanna hissed as she made to
    open the door. “Don’t worry, we will win in
    future” Gabriel smiled and pecked her, he
    them alighted from the car. That was how
    they would always race every last weekend
    of the month, each car containing a
    couple. Gabriel and Adanna, Morgana and
    Alvana, Matt and Gwen and Darlington with
    Tonia. They would always come to the
    local stadium to race themselves and ever
    since they started, Gabriel had never had a
    win, the highest he had come so far was
    the third position and that was because
    Matt’s car broke down on the road.
    The had also been free lately as they
    haven’t gotten any call from Newriton.
    Gabriel now owned a big chemist, a world
    class one while Alvana continued with his
    poultry business. Matt opened a karate
    school for young kids just like Israel did
    before he died, Darlington on his side
    started a farm business from the money he
    got from Newriton and from the help of
    Tonia, and they were all living good.
    “Gabriel, you have come last again, this is
    the fourth time in five months” Alvana
    mocked as Gabriel walked towards him,
    “You know am not good with cars, just
    give me a bike let me show you the demon
    in me” Gabriel said patting Alvana. “If I
    remember vividly, you said you will show
    us the demon in you before this race
    started” Morgana laughed. “That is just the
    version 1 demon, am sure my baby will
    bring out the beast in him on the next
    race” Adanna defended. “Have heard that 3
    times but he would still always come last”
    Alvana said. “Nice race guys” Darlington
    said as he walked towards them, he was
    holding Tonia by his side. “Why don’t we
    go get something to drink?” Matt asked,
    “Good idea, who is ready for a drink?
    Payments is on me” Gabriel said and they
    all rose up their hands, “Good, let’s go
    drink my favorite, Water” he shouted, “I
    Saw that coming” Morgana hissed while
    the rest laughed.
    “So, two times I betrayed them” Christiana
    cried as she narrated all to Karma, they
    were still on their way to the jungle. “We
    all make mistakes, I know you now feel
    sorry, I believe one day, you guys will re
    unite” Karma patted her, “Just like Gabriel,
    you are encouraging, you twin brother
    talks and behave just like you” Christiana
    told him, “This is the fifth time you will be
    saying that” Karma laughed and there was
    silence as she stared at Karma and Karma,
    also looking directly at her eyes. She
    suddenly pulled Karma to herself and
    dragged him behind a tree, “What is it?”
    He asked in shock, “Shhhhh!!” she
    signaled to him to keep quiet, “I heard
    something” She said as they both peeped
    to see what it was. From the bushes, a tall
    man walked out, he was stalk naked and
    he had blood dripping from his mouth,
    “Holy shit, what the hell is that?” She
    asked Karma, Karma turned to her with
    fear in his eyes, he was terrified. “The
    cannibals are back” He said with a cracked
    voice while Christiana stared at him,
    suddenly, they began to hear footsteps
    approaching, Christiana peeped again and
    the cannibal was coming towards them.

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    This story is back again… Whaoo.
    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

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    hmm finally season 3 Is out

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    hmm Christiana are u sure they would forgive u

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    hmm so Gabriel had a twin brother

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    hmm just hoping that the writer would update on daily basis

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    next update

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    Next ooooo

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