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    Integrity, Strength And Honesty

    Ada is filled with integrity and honesty, her strength after the long walk is leading to how special she is. Ada, coming closer to a man in jollyment, a man in hunger and anger, not forgetting the messenger. ADA IS RESPONDING WISELY.

    Please we need your comments to encourage our writers. We now have 95% ghost readers.

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    CHAPTER 16

    Chinwe’s face glittered with an uncertain smile as her lazy gaze fell upon the food sitting on the tray basket. The time was ripe and she knew from the depths of her heart that her efforts would yield a good fruit today. Reverberation from the beat of her heart, was audible in her ear drum, making her palms to weep sweat. The qualms within still blazed, but she tried to drown it with the solace of the sorcerer words. She had waited so long for this. So far everything was working together for good, in the perfect order, just as the sorcerer had predicted. He is venerable today; weak, and will be at my mercy soon. She was determined to direct his path. She won’t wait any longer; men are wood-headed, always blind to see the gold on the miry clay, except life points at it. Anyway, malleable matter’s like this requires an experienced hand, the right one to beat their ductile nature into a flawless shape. Her smiled broadened, lining her bright eyes with harmony. Ada was a fool, too crowded with her arrogance to cease a life time opportunity.

    All thanks to the gods, one man’s failure became a blessing in disguise for another.

    Chinwe adjusted the jigiga on her waist, and straightened the pelt which she had persevered for this day. She lifted the tray basket and set it to rest on her right side, with the bone of her broad heap, supporting it. The long awaited day was here. Even the earth that giggles with the blessing of the morning sun, with gentle air too subtle to unveil the plans building inside her head, and the birds that soared on the palm tree, with lingering leaves on their beak, testify with her, the greatness of this day.

    She sauntered out of the kitchen, through the backyard, into the supple sandy path, that meandered away from the hut of the maid-servants. She wanted to keep everything simple, though difficult, but it was better not to flare her ego, at least for the time been, until she was sure that everything was within her grasps.

    The guava tree, standing on the center of the compound, came into view and she headed towards it. She would have hide to keep away the jealous eyes, but this was the only direct route to the prince’s room. Just as she had predicted, heads stated raising and choirs of eyes from some of the maidens, flooded towards her direction. Chuckles and mumbles caroused the serene morning, a conflict to the silent prayers of the morning birds.

    “Who does she think she is…” Someone was saying

    “She is charming…” Another said

    “She holds the basket too lightly…”

    “What’s with her footstep, does she think the prince will fall for her little game…”

    Wait and see, Chinwe said in her thought and let the corner of her upper lips raised slightly. She continued amide the commotion in the compound. Face elevated, chest, a bit raised and eyes focused to one direction. It would be foolish to worry about these minions who can’t see farther than their own sky.

    Three more bend to the right, barricade the noise from other maids and brought her to the doorstep of the prince. As expected, two guards were on the door, agile and alert.

    It was true that the sun still sits just over the horizon, but the dark skin of the guards, glittered with the radiance of daylight, making their bare chest look as if they were bathed with a thick, black viscoid liquid. Their lips were as red as a rose flower and their eyes, bright like silver, were like the shimmering of an afternoon sun on sea waters.

    Beautiful creatures.

    Both men held a shield. The one on the right had a spear and the other on the left had a sword. Both, in a skirt, made from the brush of cedar bark.

    “Ututu oma (good morning)” Chinwe greeted politely. She adjusted her posture, making sure their eyes were on her exposed thigh. The smooth muscular skin, made the yellow glow of the sun an exaggeration, because the heat emanating from it could make any man sweat.

    “What do you want” The guard with sword on his waist asked.

    “As you can see” Chinwe said, a little angry that her body language was misunderstood. That was her best seductive trick, but yet these warriors were proving immunity. Well, maybe the trick was becoming obsolete, she will have to change it.

    “The prince has given direct orders not to be disturbed” The man added, unfazed by the seductive wink Chinwe sent him.

    “The Queen also gave her instructions, to serve the prince with his food, once the rays of the sun sits high on the tree top.” The man frowned when he heard that, it was obvious, he hated it when royal orders clashed. It’s always difficult to decide who to obey.

    “You, stay here while I ask the queen” He said and gave the other guard a nod before setting off.

    “So, Uche.” Chinwe called softly and walked towards the other guard, who until now, was paying no attention to her, or maybe was pretending, for he swallowed uneasily and adjusted his grip on the spare.

    “Will you keep a young lady waiting?”

    “Chi,” the man gulped. “You know it’s not my place to tell you what to do. But, the prince had strictly–”

    “–Allow me to worry about that”

    “Eh…Okay…Okay, if you say so, but don’t say I didn’t warn you” the man cleared his throat and stepped aside.

    The room was different from the last time she saw it. It was just a moon ago and yet nothing was the same. Everything looked brown new, from the ceiling, to the beautiful artifact on the wall, down to the polished wooden floor. The only thing that seemed unchanged was the skull of a lion, sitting close to the window, a gift from the king, if she could remember correctly.

    “My prince, breakfast is served” Chinwe set the basket gently on the wooden stool, next to the bed where the prince lay. Until she spoke, his eyes were closed, as if in a deep sleep.

    “How did you get in here?” the prince asked. He sat up gently but his eyebrow rose when his eyes fell upon the maiden before him. “Oh, don’t answer that”

    Chinwe’s face burned red that she felt like melting into her cloth. This was her moment.

    “Your breakfast is served. Please eat it while it is still hot” The words came out so freely. That part was the hardest to memories.

    “I don’t have the appetite, just take the food and go.” Came the prince’s calm reply.

    “Is my prince sick? Perhaps, I should send for the herbalist” Chinwe could see the crease on his forehead and the patch under his eyes. Was he sick or broken with worry?

    “Tell me,” The prince elevated his gaze, the question in them made Chinwe step backward. She wasn’t expecting this. “Can those medicine men heal a broken heart? can they bring back what is lost, and can they take the misery of life away?”

    “My prince…I am but a servant in the palace…how…how” Chinwe stammered, unsure of the right words to use. She pulsed her lips now and resisted the urge to stroke her brow. Her face was burning with embarrassment.

    “I am being forced to marry a woman I don’t love. Like a horse, I could feel the rein of polities round my neck. Madness, some say is not a problem, but absolute madness, that is insanity. Now, my parent wants me to marry a girl whose attitude can drive me to absolute madness.”

    It is now or never, strike now that the iron is still hot. Chinwe seemed to hear a voice in her head.

    “But you still have me” She said, forcing her reluctant feet to sit beside him. She even dared to throw her hands round his neck.

    “I can’t imagine life without love. Even now, the love I seek is far beyond my reach” Chinwe smiled within her when she heard him say those word. This whole thing was so easy.

    “No, my prince, the love you seek is within, but you are not just seeing it.”

    “No,” The prince said and stood up. Chinwe opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out

    “You took it away, Chinwe, you took away that one happiness that kept me going”

    “Please, my prince, I don’t understand”

    “Spare the innocent face. I know how you betrayed your friend Ada, by going to report her to my father. I know you told the whole village that she had a hand in the missing Ofor.”

    “I had to” Chinwe mumbled and averted her gaze. Something suddenly began to scratch at the back of her head.

    “You knew they were going to kill her, yet you betrayed her instead. What had she done to deserve such from someone she trusted the most.”

    Ada was blind and would have ruined the plan. Chinwe said in her thought. She stood up slowly, this time, locking her gaze with the contempt stare of the prince.

    “She would have ruined my life, our life.”

    “Our life?” The prince asked.

    “Yes our life” Chinwe replied and jumped into his arms. She didn’t give him the opportunity to think as she let her lips glued on his.

    “What’s wrong with you” the prince pushed her away and made for the door.

    Chinwe fell on the bed and the guilt she had suppressed started surfacing. She was a fool, all her plans had failed, now the prince would have her head separated from her shoulders. Tears were forming in her eyes even as she lifted her head, to behold the guards that would soon flood in and behead her.

    “My world” the Prince said as he walked back into the room. “Why are you crying?”

    Chinwe wiped her eyes as a small smile parted her lips with triumph. It happened that her head, would not be leaving her body after all.

    “It’s okay my love, I wasn’t crying”

    “Hope I didn’t offend my lady? I will do anything to keep away those tears” the prince said and kissed her left cheek. He smelled almost like the nectar of a flower.

    “There is something I want you to do” Chinwe said, pushing her luck.

    “Anything my angel.” The prince repeated and picked her up from the floor. The both stood close now. Body to body.

    “I want you to marry princess Olamma and take me in as your mistress”

    “you are my mistress from this day, and I will proceed with the marriage immediately as you wish.” Chinwe could have screamed. She couldn’t believe her ears. Is this for real?

    “How about we turn the key lock and shut the world outside the door?”

    “That would be amazing” Chinwe finally screamed with joy as the arms of the prince engulfed her.

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    Am confused

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    what a weird request

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    Ride On

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    CHAPTER 17

    Mbakwe heaved and leaned on the bamboo door. He allowed his gaze escaped through the window, to behold the racing feet of the of vast land, which chased after them as the two zebras, hurried the chariot down the sandy path. The sun was high up–a matured day–but the passing air made it impossible for the heat to scorch the skin, he could no doubt tell that it was noon, and that soon the sun would start setting.

    He didn’t bother to close his wide mouth as he yawned for the second time since he woke up. He had eaten two slice of yam with palm oil and a little wine to compliment. The aftermath had been an uncomfortable sleep. So, he wasn’t hungry, not that the food had satisfied him but, it was enough to keep the hunger at bay. His bones were weak and were crying out for rest, all he needed right now was a cold shower and a good bed to lay his weak brain.

    The thought of comfort, made him bite his lips, because, from this point, he knew that neither of the two–the bed and the shower–were within his reach.

    A small smile parted Mbakwe’s lips as his thoughts drifted with the blurred vision of the trees outside. The gods of the land had been faithful and true. All the sacrifices he had offered before embarking on this journey were yielding good result. It shows that the gods hadn’t eaten his chicken and goat for nothing. Yes, they had sent the very thing that would lead him to his destiny. They had given him the heart wire of the Ofor. He wasn’t sure yet but he was persuaded that they had sent Ada to him, a girl who legend says is a hundred years old.

    Something bubbled inside his stomach, a sweet sensation, which crawled towards his heart, turning the small smile on his lips into laughter. If the legends were true, then the girl would lead him to the Ofor eventually, at least, it was believed that she was drawn to it. Mbakwe closed his eyes and said a silent prayer, he promised the gods more cows should everything work out perfectly.

    “How long have you been awake?” The yawning voice of Nnamdi reclaimed Mbakwe’s attention.

    “A few minutes, I guess”

    Nnamdi stretched himself after yawning again. He reached for the cup–made from a cow horn–and filled it to the brim with a white liquor. He offered the cup to Mbakwe, who rejected it politely.

    “That leaves me to the wine then” Nnamdi chuckled as he gulped a good portion. “I like you Mbakwe, you make me feel safe. I know you are still in training and all, but, can I buy your muscle to be my bodyguard? You know, I travel a lot and one can hardly tell the dangers that cripes under the birth of each day.”

    “How much can you pay?”

    Nnamdi paused when he had that. He raked his head–Which had no hair on it–as if that would put words in his mouth.

    “10 bags of cowries.”

    Foolish man. 10 bags of cowries can only buy a donkey and few bread? You must be joking. Do I look like a thug? Should I abandon my destiny and start picking up your shits? “I don’t think am interested” Mbakwe grumbled between his teeth. It took all of will’s power to calm himself. The man was a fool, the fact that he offered him few pieces of yam shouldn’t give him the leverage to order him around. He should be thanking the gods that he was still alive.

    “Ah, what about thirty?”

    “Make it sixty” Mbakwe replied and returned his attention back to the window. His gluteus maximus was beginning to lack its sensation, causing discomfort, and he wondered how long before they get to the land of Dota.

    “What? Sixty is too much, it will take a good deal of hard work to get that in eight market days.”

    “Then forget it?” Mbakwe said. The motion from the other side of the seat made him avert his gaze back inside. He watched as the girl–whom he claimed was Ada–stretched herself and rubbed her eyes weakly. Smooth skin, brown like the evening sun. Eyes, as bright as copper. The girl was blessed with beauty.

    “You are awake. Good.” Nnamdi finished the wine with one last sip and refilled it. “Perhaps you will share this fine wine with me” he handed the cup to the girl who also rejected it.

    “Sorry, a cup of water will do” she said gently. The man frowned, mumbled something under his breath, before stretching behind to get the water skin that lay inside a closed rack.

    “Dalu (thank you)” The girl said softly and collected the cup from him.

    “So, you never told us your name or where you are from?” Mbakwe asked, careful to keep his voice neutral so as to hide the eagerness. He really wanted to be sure that the girl was who he thought she was.

    “My name is Erima” The girl said “From Umuagu village”

    Mbakwe smiled knowingly. She had avoided eye contact when she said that, and that was an indication that what she just said was an outright lie.

    “Erima? But the people of Umuagu don’t bear such name.” Nnamdi added thoughtfully.

    “Yes…I mean no…my mother was…was”

    “Don’t be nervous, we won’t bite” Mbakwe added. “Anyway” he said turning his attention to Nnamdi “I think what the girl meant was that her mother was married into Umuagu village. Is that right, Erima?”

    “Absolutely” came Erima’s soft reply. Mbakwe could see the sweat breaking her brow. The girl wasn’t good at lying.

    “Okay, so why are you traveling this path alone and what’s your business in Dota. You don’t look like a warrior” It was Nnamdi who asked again. He had finished the content in the cup and was refilling it for the third time.

    “Yes, I am not a warrior, but that doesn’t mean that I am a kid. Umuagu is just a day walk from here.” Erima corked the water and returned it back to Nnamdi. “Well, I’m going to meet my mother’s sister, Nneka.”

    “What? You mean the greatest swordswoman on the earth is your aunty?” Nnamdi exclaimed. A different expression lined his dark skin. A surprised one.

    “Yes she is” Erima replied.

    “Master, we are here” Izu announced.

    “Finally” Mbakwe whispered. Despite the driver’s announcement, the chariot did not slow down, it continued on for a while before coming to stop under the canopy of palm trees.

    “Where are we” Erima asked

    “This is the market square, but warriors camp is on the opposite side” Nnamdi said.

    “I guess you are not travelling that road.” Mbakwe was the one who spoke. He was already picking up his things.

    “Yes, but you can find me anytime, just ask anybody of Nnamdi the merchant”

    “I will try not to forget that” Mbakwe said

    “Thank you so much for your kindness sir.” The girl Erima, was already on her feet, making it for the door.

    “You are welcome, extend my greetings to your aunty.

    “She will hear. Ijeoma (safe journey)”

    “Amen Erima, Amen.” Nnamdi nodded.

    “Thank you” Mbakwe said and extended his hands. Nnamdi held it and shook it gently.

    “In case you change your mind for thirty, I will be waiting”

    “Okay” Mbakwe said. He gathered the girdle of his sword and hurried out, hoping he had not lost the girl to the crowd.

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    CHAPTER 18

    Ada tried to swallow, but the viscous liquid failed to lubricate the surface of her coarse throat, it took several struggles to draw a little quantity from the drying pool of saliva. She broke away from the main road, into a narrow sandy path, where she turned to the right and was saluted by the site of a dead palm tree—standing by the grace of an orange tree supporting it—just as the description of the village boy had directed. She sauntered down the alleyway, whose floor was neat despite the orange tree lining both ends. It was midafternoon now and soon the sun would start dropping its radiance.



    Ada froze in her wake and turned. She sheltered her face from the dust of the whirring wind, which whistled as it swerved past and disappeared into a thin air. A haggard face man was walking towards her. Broad shoulders and bulging muscles, with a warrior’s crease, under a skin that looked almost like a deer’s.

    “For a moment I thought you were ignoring me,” The man said. His deep hoarse voice flaunted in the air, ringing a familiar bell in Ada’s eardrum.

    “Oh, sorry, I never knew you were behind me,” Ada responded. She tried to flame her face with a weak smile, hoping it would hide the surprise in her voice. Was the man tailing her?

    “The wind must have been drowning my words, making it difficult for you to hear me.”

    “I guess so. Thank you again for saving my life back there” Ada curtsied. The fatherly look on the man’s face was welcoming. But, something about it made her uncomfortable. The kindness on the face looked surreal, like a glamour, coating a hook underneath.

    “You are welcome” Mbakwe licked his dried lips “So this is the place huh?”

    “Yes…my aunt’s place” Ada mumbled and nodded uneasily. “Your training camp, is it close?”

    “Mba (No), about a day’s walk, deep into the village”

    “This is goodbye then”

    “Yeah, it is. But, before that. Emm—” The man scrambled into his goatskin bag and brought out a gold trinket. “I want you to have this”

    “Wow, thank you so much sir, but I don’t think I can accept that. It looks expensive, and I presume you might need it more than I do.”

    “Yeah, it’s expensive, a gift befitting for a young beautiful girl like you. Come, try it on.”


    “Hey, c’mon child, I insist, and besides, this trinket is known to bring good luck.” The man took hold of the girl’s hand and clipped the trinket around her wrist. His palms were like the surface of a rock, and the dry harmattan wind made matters worse.

    “Are you sure?” Ada felt her stomach sank as the man’s arid skin touched her. It was rough, like the teeth of fine pieces of gravel stones on the bank of a seashore.

    “Beautiful” The man stepped back and examined his handiwork.

    “Thank you so much” Ada forced a smile. The trinket was beautiful, but she would remove it as soon as possible, she wouldn’t receive a gift from this strange man, even though he saved her life.

    “Always put it on”

    “I will, Ijeoma (safe journey) sir” Ada finished and turned, hoping to get as far away from him as possible. He had saved her life but he looked dangerous. The way he dragged his feet when he walked, the way he talked, and the ease to which smile appear or disappear on his face.

    “I will see you around, Adaeze”

    An icy pin strung the back of Ada’s head when she heard that. The only person she ever heard using that name on her was the diviner. And according to the diviner, that was her full name. But how did this man—

    “What!!” She turned behind, only to find that the man was nowhere in sight. 

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    Following Sucksexfully

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