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    which kind secondary skools all dis guys wey dey bang dia corpers n teachers dey attend self,,,make i go start😀😀

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    ok ooo corper tayo is is is ……..

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    lemme no talk yet

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    @ladyg wetting u de yarn sef!!
    Abeg talk make i understand

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    @Daniel Edem u d sure u b baba
    make nothing happen 2 copper

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    @daniel-edem, my bros u hear me talk anytin? Mbanu, abeg fire on, u b my correct G .

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    Tayo nd Emeka, una go bleep bleep bleep una thing e go tire, na LadyG dey tell una so.

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    Episode 46

    after breakfast we all head outside, “usman open the gate”(Mr tony shouted)as we all entered the car,junior and I sat down at the back of the car while my mum covered the front seat,daddy what school does junior go to?(I asked) as I helped junior fasten his seat belt..
    Mr tony: LBS
    chioma:meaning?(admiring his uniform which was a white top and a red suit and red trousers)
    Mr tony: Lekki British School(as he started the car engine) but wait oo usman is not out of his room yet…
    Beep…Beep…Beep(he blared his horn), usman quickly ran out of his room with his right palm stained as a result of the Eba he was eating,he pulled the gate wide open and waited for the car to pass, usman what were you doing inside all this while?(Mr tony said angrily) as he drove closer to the gate,kai oga no vex,me no know say I wan comot(he replied),you must be joking, on a monday morning?so I don’t go to work abi?
    Mr tony:anyway am off take care of the house..
    usman:oga(as he swings his hands front and back),
    Mr tony:yes what is it?(as he brought out his wallet,already knowing what he wants to ask)

    usman:oga you fine today(he said with a grin) causing him and my mum to burst into laughter…
    Mr Tony: oya take before you start to compliment everybody including this car(handling him a 500naira note)

    Usman:kai walai oga I swear nobody go enter this gate till you come back even fly…(we were all dying with laughter as he drove off)
    we reached the main estate gate that exit us out,the security saluted Mr dad like an army officer even while he whined up tinted mirror …
    he handed them a 500naira,they saluted again and open the gates,10minutes later,we dropped junior at his school and continued down third mainland bridge to my school,we arrived at my school 8:05am after students have started marching to their class..
    chioma’s mum:honey you can go from here,I need to talk to one of chioma’s friend…
    Mr tony:is anything the problem?

    chioma’s mum:no it nothing serious,just want to talk to her,she’s a friend to chioma…

    Mr tony:okay take care(as he handed me a 1000naira note)and gave my mum a peck on the on her forehead before droving off…
    my mum and I entered the school compound,walked up the stairs and we saw MJ running down the stairs to quickly get something from the cafeteria before going back to class, immediately she saw she turned to walk back up the stairs,Maryjane?(my mum called),she turned to face my mum, g..g..good morning ma?(she stammered),mj we need to talk,chioma you can go to class(she said),I quickly hurried to the class for the first period…
    I entered the the class and sighted emeka sleeping, emeka that I know never sleeps in class so while is he sleeping?, immediately I sat down Mr dotun the maths teacher walked in,we all stood up to greet,submit your assignment he said with seriousness on his face(as he brought out his cane)…
    we all came outside one by one with our assignment except 5 people which include emeka,David and 3 others…
    you again(he pointed at emeka),you fell into my trap again, today is me and you today, oya the rest of you go and sit down, 5 of you come out(they shakily walked to front of the class…
    Mr dotun:4 of you ride okada while you emeka fry dodo(which made David bursted into laughter),and he received a thunderous slap from Mr dotun,are you mad?,you think am a comedian abi,no sir(he replied as he held his cheek)..,
    while they were serving their punishment, Mr dotun was marking the notes,mj suddenly walked in with my mum by her side(holding her shoulder)..,.

    Episode 47

    Chioma’s POV
    good morning ma(Mr dotun greeted my mum) ,and you mj,why are you just coming?,she looked at my mum to answer for her…
    Chioma’s mum:no sir she came very early, I was actually discussing with her that why she couldn’t come to class..
    Mr dotun:okay but that doesn’t mean she won’t submit her assignment…
    she walked to her seat as she was staring at me,I pretended not to notice her,she brought out her book from her bag and submitted it to Mr dotun,I quickly waved to my mum as she walked out of the class, I wonder what she might have said to mj that made her quiet like this…
    suddenly the bell rang for second period, it a free day for everyone because of exams that would be starting tomorrow,Mr dotun later released emeka and the rest as the principal called all the teachers to his office for a brief meeting…
    mr dotun:emeka take all this books and put them in my office(as he walked down the stairs to the principal’s office..)
    〇 Chioma?(mj whispered),I ignored her as I brought out a book to read,chioma? chioma?,what is it again Maryjane(I yelled),pls am very sorry for what happened,In annoyance I carried my book and bag and walked out of the class,I needed somewhere to think,I just wish my dad will just take me away from this school(I said out loud),I kept walking down the hall without location, I suddenly saw emeka coming towards my direction with his hands on his head almost in tears,am supposed not to speak with him for life but the state I saw him attracted me to ask him what happened…
    I walked to his front,he saw me and the tears pour down his face,lucky enough nobody was in the hallway that very minute,emeka why are you crying(I asked with pity on my face),chioma pls just leave me alone(he said) as he pushed me aside,emeka na,you know I don’t like to see you like this,did Mr dotun beat you again?
    emeka:why will I cry because of Mr dotun cane?,pls just go(as another tear fell down his cheek)..
    I watched him as he walked down the hall,I need to find out what happened..
    I walked to the direction he was coming from and saw two girls discussing..
    I walked closer to them to eavesdrop…
    Girl 1:so does it mean corper tayo is going to die?

    Girl 2:die?,do you listen in class at all?,you can’t just die immediately because of have HIV…
    WHAT?,corper tayo has HIV?(as I interupted them),they looked at me irritably,did anybody invite you here AMEBO(girl 1 said),don’t mind her curry curry foolish spoilt brat(girl 2 said)..
    Chioma: hey mind the way you talk to me am not your mate,(as I pointed at them), don’t point your fingers at me,(i said)then learn to always mind your business (as they wipe down my hands),are you mad(as I gave one of them a dirty slap),we suddenly started fighting as they pulled my hair,my back was on the floor as they started hitting my face and pulling my hair,I felt helpless to fight both of them,from nowhere I saw a hand pull the hair of one of the girls and threw her on the floor,I gained my balance,I pushed the girl on top of me on the floor and punch her on the nose before I started pulling her hair…
    the whole teacher were in the principal’s office so no teacher in sight to separate us,two huge seniors pulled me up from the girl,she had blood all over her face and scratches on her arms…
    another senior separated Maryjane who was already beating the hell out of the girl…
    now you girls explain to me what is going on here?(the senior shouted)

    maryjane:Could you believe I was walking down the hall and I saw this girls on top of chioma pulling her hair and beating her
    Chioma:just because I heard them talking about corper tayo oo,I now asked them what happened?,they started insulting me and beating me…
    is this true?(the senior asked the girls), they kept quiet,they looked at me angrily and twisted their fingers,YOU WILL SEE…
    and stormed off..
    maryjane:chioma let go(as we walked down to the rest room)..
    I turn on the water on the sink and started washing my face and straightening My hair,
    Chioma: thank you mj for helping me..
    maryjane:chioma you are my best friend, I can’t just watch anybody beating you like that..
    ..there was a huge silence as we stare at each other for a sec..
    Maryjane:chioma am very sorry for what happened on Saturday, I promise not to try such anymore..

    chioma:what did my mum tell you?
    Maryjane:well she asked me why I did what I did,I told her,I was expecting her to shout at me but she didn’t, she only adviced me…
    we finished cleaning ourselves…
    Chioma did you see emeka crying?(mj asked)as we walked down the hall
    Chioma:yes I was I trying to ask him but he pushed me away,do you know what happened?

    Maryjane:yes,he was crying after he heard corper tayo is in the hospital, and they did some test on her and found out that she’s HIV positive…

    Chioma:so why is emeka now crying?…

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