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    Rated 18 plus. Contains strong language & sex.
    This story is originally and sorely written by Aderibigbe Ayomide. It is a total work of fiction and any similar event is sorely coincidental.
    Tel 08105835201. Hope you all
    enjoy my little effort.

    Episode 1

    True beauty is said to be on the inside, but I believe the real definition of beauty is on the outside. Adesewa, is just as beautiful as her name sounds. A lady of absolute beauty. A smile from her can make a thousand crush if not millions. I must admit it, God didn’t just spend an extra time on her, but he also use the penalty time on her. She’s the real definition of beauty, light in complexion, with a beutiful skin of no spot. Shes moderately tall with a beutiful sweet voice that can make a sparrow jealous . Speaking about the front and the back view of her. They are just so perfect for her . She have the perfect sets of grape fruit and her butt is perfectly firm . Careful study as proven that her attitude and behavior are of a golden oriole. What else do a guy need in a lady, she have it all. But… I wish there’s always not a “But”. But it seems there is always a “but” attarched to everything that seems good. She’s the daughter of a General, Gen Adelaja by name . A very strict man to be precise, he has his men eyes always on her . If she’s going for a shopping at least five soldiers will be to escort her. Some crazy dude that approached her, are a living testimony to the aspiring ones. Everyone know what it means to get into a soldier net. It means hell. According to both rumor and the presume truth. She’s the only daughter of Gen Adelaja, his wife died after giving birth to her first daughter but she was able to name her Adesewa before giving up the ghost. So ever since then he has been the one taking care of Adesewa, and he refused to marry another woman.

    My name is Ayo, a young dude of age 21, am not as handsome as people say, but when its gets to ladies… Am a master mind lover. I do have my ways mostly with ladies, no lady can withstand my charm, it’s not a matter of brag, you just have to know the right statics, I’ve never receive a “NO” its always a “YES”. And that makes my friends do hail me whenever its get to ladies matter. Sometimes they do seek my advice and help with issues concerning ladies. Some of my friends has even taken my word as their watchword “In approaching a lady, you only need courage and every other thing shall be added on to you” they make that their motto. I have alot of friends but only two are closer to me , which are Taiwo and Michael. But Michael prefer being called last Don. As God may have it, we are in the same institution and also the same department. That’s explains more about our closeness.

    I met Adesewa during my suiwess program at a meteorological station. It’s such a boring place for someone like me, but I don’t have a choice, if not for the grade, I would have been in somewhere else chilling out my life. The only interesting time is when am being send to either the radio station or the TV station to give an account on the atmospheric weather for weather forecast . That’s when I get to enjoy life a bit. Its normaly fun out there, sometimes I do wish am in for mass-com or English studies.

    I was on my way to a television station one morning when a car drove pass me with full speed, as a result of this, dirty water from a pot hole was splashed on me. The driver didn’t stop to apologize.
    “Goat” I cursed silently. I happens to be someone whose hate being dirty. I was still trying to get rid of the dirt when I see the car reversing back to me, well I was a bit surprise, ADESEWA was inscribed on the car plate number. The car was tilted, so that prevented me from seeing who is on the inside. The driver mirror was rolled down and a man clad on a soldier camouflage peeped his head out of the car. “Am sorry son” he said. I look at him for a while, then smile, the deed is already done, there’s no need crying over a spilled milk. “It’s nothing sir, do have a save trip” I said then made to move.
    I got to the TV station some minutes after, I was about exiting the compound when I spot a car that looks exactly like the car I had encounter with some minutes ago. I move closer to the car and check the plate number. ADESEWA was written there and that clears my doubt. Its definitely the car. I was about turning when I felt a hard grip on my trouser, I turn around only to see two military men standing before me, one is with a wirp(koboko) and the other is holding me tightly on my trouser . One of them rain some questions on me ” Hey!! Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you trying to plant a bomb in this car? ” I never knew am in a serious trouble, I was still trying to reply back with a smile ” No sir am not a boko haram sir, am only checking the car plate number ” The next thing I heard is “Gboo Gbaa” my eyes first witness a solar eclipse then I started seeing the nine planets. ‘ Now! Start doing frog jump’ one of the soldier commanded.
    (Lobatan looni, mama ayo where are you)
    My legs were at the point of collapsing, when I heard a female voice saying let him go, I quickly look at the direction the voice came from. I saw two people, a lady and a man but Due to the hot slaps. My vision has blurred but am still able to identity the man standing beside the lady. He was the one that apologize to me earlier on. On sighting him, I quickly run to him ” sir I swear, I didn’t do anything, I was only checking the car plate number and your men showed up from nowhere and… ” he didn’t let me finish talking before he cut it. ” they are not my men, we are her escort, so if you love yourself, you better get going” he said. I look at her, even if my eye were not working perfectly well, I can still feel the radiation of her beauty. “Oh… You… Must… Be… Adesewa then ” I said slowly. “Yes I am, do you know me or do I know you? She asked. “Neither of the two ” I replied. One of the military man whispered something into her ear, but its loud enough for me to hear “Adesewa, you have to go now, your father will be waiting for you” I know he didn’t meant for me to hear, but his baritone voice isn’t meant for whispering but for shouting and commanding. “Bye bye” she said and they all leave.
    I got back to my station a bit late and am being washed down with mountains of question from both the bosses and the staffs ” ayo what happen to your face? Did you fight? Why is your clothe in such a messy? Why is your shoe dirty? ” the questions are just so vexatious. Through out that day, I wasn’t myself.

    I got back home late in the evening, I was too weak to cook, I lay on the bed reminiscing the scenario I had during the day. A message entered my phone, I check the sender, it was from Becky , one of my side chick. ‘Ayo what’s up, am f-----g so h---y here, text me back if you are home’. I smiled then I replied back her message.
    ‘ am gonna f**k your ass-hole really bad’
    In less than ten minutes, she knock on my door. I wasted no time in welcoming her in, she was clad on a tight fitted gown . immediately she enters, I grab her breast then pin her on the wall. I raise one of her leg up and walk my hand to her p***y. She’s wasn’t wearing a pant and that makes the job very easy . I inserted two fingers into her p***y. She gasp has she let out a soft moan. I use my other hand to free up her breast from the so called bra. I bury my face on her breast as I increase my fingering tempo, I can feel her p---y cream driping. I position her on my reading table, then spread her leg wide apart she must be expecting me to go directly into her, but I take my time as I give her a f-----g head. I place my tongue in between her p***y lips then oscillate it. She let lose a moaning sound as I continue giving her a head. All of a sudden she pushed me on the floor and hurriedly unzip my trouser, she entwine my d**k in her mouth and began to s--k it as if her life depends on it. I played with her nipples as she continue s-----g me hard. I turned her over then insert my d**k in her p***y. She let out a cry and position herself very well for a deep penetration. I bang her very fast, and she began to make some unpleasant sounds. But very pleasant in such a situation. After some time we change position, she climb on me and began jumping on my d**k. This lasted for some time before I carried her up, I inserted my d**k into her p***y without taking her down, then I f**k her this way for another 20 minutes. I drop her down when my hands are tired then I turn her ass towards me. I appy olive oil on her ass-hole then I slowly put in my d**k . She scream as my d**k enters her ass hole. Her ass-hole entwine my d**k and the feeling was great. I later release into her ass after a long banging. “Ay you’ve damage both holes ” she said naughtly. I look at her then reply ” I told you, didn’t I? ”

    The following day was Saturday, no work on Saturday so I pay my friends a visit. They were cooking beans when I entered, I know they must have added weed to the beans, they can’t eat any food without adding weed. After the beans was done, we ate together then we engage in some conversation.

    Me: guys you no go believe wetin happen yesterday oo.

    Tawio: baba kilo happen?

    Me: guys, I suffer oo.

    Michael : alaye tell us wetin happen to you.

    Me: Na soldier slap me ooo, just because I dey check ordinary plate number.

    They both burst into an uncontrollable laugh, its takes like 15 minutes before they could stop, I can see the effect of weed on them.

    Tawio : wetin you too dey find? You be mechanic?

    Michael : Abi you dey sell spare part?

    Me: you can’t understand, na the name wey dey write for the Plate Number drew my attention .ADESEWA, I guess

    Both: ADESEWA!!!

    Me : yes wetin happen.

    Both : OMO GENERAL!!!

    Me: e be like say you sabi her wella.

    Michael : who no go sabi her

    Tawio : thank your star say na only slap you chop ooo.

    Michael : the day wey I approach her, na hospital I take open eyes oooo.

    Me: guys stop, I didn’t say I have an eye on her, mark my lips, which one una come dey talk.

    Tawio : Ay I know say you be baba for girls, but that girl na no go area ooo.

    Me: What if I win her heart.

    Both : IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    ME: Did you just say impossible?

    Tawio : I repeat am, its IMPOSSIBLE. I even use my head bet am.

    Me: Aye mi !!!

    Michael : Ay forget it, you can’t have her.

    Me: very well then, we’ll see about that.

    To be continued…

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    @jummybabe tanx for the I V

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    Continue the ride on

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