Advantage (short story)

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    Episode 1

    In the year 2006………………………
    We were at work arranging scrap metals,
    when we noticed a car drove in.
    Chidi: twelve years work for here no fit buy
    that ride
    Me: Trust me bro, I ain’t spending twelve
    months here. I hope you do the same
    Chidi: Abegi! no be everybody dem do
    school for. Na by force I take finish JS 3 sef
    Me: Na you talk so
    Chidi: Me wan gather money go open my
    Me: Na now you dey talk. Ibo boy.
    A woman stepped out of the car, walking
    towards the admin office
    Chidi: Na oga wife be that o.
    Me: which of the ogas?
    Chidi: Chief Rotimi, na him get this factory.
    Me: The same Chief Rotimi the polit…
    ‘’Tattoo and Chidi, e be like say this work
    don tire una abi?’’
    Our supervisor snorted from behind.‘’If I
    catch una dey talk instead of working, I go
    show una’’ We continued arranging the
    scrap metals.
    I clocked out at five as usual. I was walking
    home when I saw an elderly woman, which I
    guessed would be in her sixties looking
    Thewoman was in iro and buba, so I
    guessed she should be from the west. I
    approached her.
    ”Good evening ma.” I greeted her in Yoruba
    with a little bow.
    Woman: Good evening, my son. Do you live
    around here?
    Me: yes, ma.
    Woman: I’m going to my daughter’s house,
    but this area is confusing. The street was
    supposed to be behind this bank, but I
    don’t seem to understand it anymore.
    Me: The bank here is new. There’s another
    one over there.
    Woman: Please take me there. God bless
    you, my son.
    Me: Amen ma.
    She easily recognized the street just the
    behind the other bank. She knocked when
    we got to the front gate. The gate-man
    opened. Just before she entered a car
    horned behind. A woman alighted and i
    could swear I have seen that face before.
    The younger woman: Mummy welcome. I
    have been worried.
    The older woman: My phone battery went
    I’m sorry.
    The younger woman: It’s okay ma. Bless
    God you’re here. But, you didn’t tell me you
    would be coming with somebody?
    The older woman: I almost got lost, but
    thanks to this my son.
    The younger woman: oh! What’s your name,
    young man?
    Me: Galacious, ma
    The younger woman: Thank you so much
    Me: You’re welcome, ma
    The younger woman: Alright let’s all go
    inside. Galacious please come in.
    Me: hmm, I’m sorry ma I have to head back
    The younger woman: oh! Not even a drink?
    Me: It’s getting late ma, thanks.
    The younger woman:: ok. I understand.
    She reached into her purse and brought out
    some notes.
    The younger woman: please buy recharge
    card with this
    She stretched her right hand towards me.
    Me: don’t bother ma
    The younger woman:: oh! I insist
    Me: I’m sorry ma
    The younger woman: Really?
    She withdrew her hand.
    The older woman: He is well brought up.
    You shall not die young.
    Me: Amen ma. Good night.
    ‘’ Good night, my son,’’ ‘’Alright. Take care
    dear’’ They said in unison.
    The next day was a Sunday—–our match
    The evening football match came up every
    Sunday evening. The street had a mini
    stadium where kids played every day, but
    Sunday evening was reserved for the older
    The game started as usual. Everything
    seemed normal till a shot was deflected and
    the ball bounced into the street to hit one
    of the young ladies walking along. One was
    Chinenye who lived on the street, but the
    other lady, whom the ball hit, doesn’t look
    Other lady: Jeez!
    Chinenye: sorry dear
    Other lady: look at my gown!
    I ran towards the ball, picked it up and
    tossed it to the field before turning to the
    Me: sorry about that ma’am
    Chinenye: Thanks jawe, Galacious.
    Other lady: thanks? Seriously, Chinenye? So
    you’re sorry comment is going to remove
    this stain, right?
    She snorted, starring at me.
    Chinenye: C’mon Princess let’s get back
    Chinenye placed her arm around her
    shoulder and they headed home.
    I couldn’t utter a word after the apology.
    Not that I didn’t know what to say, but I
    was dumbfounded by her beauty. Ne-yo’s
    ‘When You’re Mad’ was playing in my head.
    I could swear I had never seen such beauty
    in my life. I stood there like a statute and
    watched them walk back to Chinenye ‘s
    house. I was brought back to reality when I
    heard a voice coming from the pitch
    ‘’Galacious, our set!’’.
    Throughout the game there was only one
    name ringing in my head——-Princess.
    Heading back home after the game I met
    Tunji who was coming out of my building.
    ‘’Galacious, how far?’’
    ‘’ i dey . This one way I see you for our
    house. Abeg o, my sister still young o.’’ I
    accused him.
    ‘’Kai! I no be Pedophile na.’’ He protested
    and continued, ‘’na the new girl I come
    ‘’Which new girl be that?’’ i asked.
    ‘’Oh! You don’t know? Good. Her name na
    Udenme and an me dey do her parole.’’ He
    ‘’Udenme? For this house?’’
    ‘’Yes na. Na Grace’s cousin. But guy, like i
    said earlier na me dey do her parole. No go
    use home advantage for me.’’
    ‘’TJ, you? Where you keep Kemi, Angela,
    Chinelo. Rita…..’’
    ‘’Guy bone dat thing. I don’t tell you be
    that. I dey go my house.’’
    ‘’Alright bro, later.’’
    To Be Continued…

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    Episode 2

    It was bonding time once again. That was
    the term used to refer to every night when
    there was no power and most of the
    occup@nts sit outside their various flats in
    different sizes of benches.
    I was having a conversation with Biodun,
    who was my closest friend in the building.
    He was living with his sister in one of the
    flats. A young lady walked past us to sit
    beside Mr Chinedu and his wife, which
    bench was just few metres away.
    Biodun: Mehn! This Udenme babe tight.
    Me: you can say that again, bro. So na she
    be Udenme?
    Biodun: Ehn na
    Me: She’s really tight. Abi you self dey do
    her parole?
    Biodun: no no. You know I don’t do street
    paroles na.
    Me: I would have been surprised.
    Biodun: she fit you wella o
    I chuckled
    Me: Mr Match Maker. I feel you.
    Biodun: for real
    Me: I hear.
    There was silence for a while.
    Me: Men I saw one babe today.
    Biodun: for where?
    I narrated what happened during the game.
    Biodun: Talk to Chinenye. She’s the link you
    need to get to her.
    Me: that’s a great Idea, but you know me
    and Chinenye don’t flow that much.
    Biodun: you now have a reason to.
    Me: no kidding.
    Biodun: ok na bro. See you tomorrow.
    Me: alright.
    Biodun went in. I also noticed Mr Chinedu
    and his wife were already going in, but
    Udenme was hesitating to follow them. The
    couple went in and I was about to follow
    suit when I heard a thin sweet voice from
    Udenme: excuse me.
    Me: yes?
    Udenme: are you Ayo’s brother?
    Me: Yes. Hope there is no problem?
    Udenme: not at all. You have done a great
    job with Ayo In her mathematics.
    Me: oh! Thanks. But how do I get to know
    Udenme: I took her and Precious on the
    subject yesterday. She was good.
    More Hot Stories
    Precious was Mrs Chinedu ‘s second child,
    who attends the same school and also In
    the same class with my little sister, Ayo.
    Me: oh! You’re the new teacher on the block
    We both chuckled
    Udenme: not really
    Me: aright. You have a good night.
    Udenme: you too.
    I heard a knock on the door and sat up
    from the bed. I sat up, switched on the light
    and rubbed my eyes slowly to steal a
    fleeting glance at the wall clock. It was
    3:00am. D--n! Who could that be? I
    opened the door without asking who it was.
    I was appalled when I saw Princess
    standing right at the doorway.
    ‘’What are you doing here at this time of
    the…..’’ i couldn’t complete the sentence.
    ‘’Shhh’’, she put a finger on my lips and
    said, ‘’don’t ask questions. Just be ready to
    catch what about to throw at you’’. My eyes
    brow rose.
    She walked in like we were both living there.
    Before I knew it we were on the couch
    tearing each other’s clothes off. I climbed
    on top her and began to kiss her. I started
    from her lips and down to her jaw. I moved
    to her neck, licking and sU-Cking each
    b0s0m and making a trail of kisses down
    her stomach. I looked up at her and smiled.
    She smiled back at me. That was enough
    motivation to continue my trail.
    I placed her leg on my shoulder and made a
    trail down her leg, when I got to her inner
    thigh she m0aned in anticipation. I plunged
    my tongue into her wet Kitty-Cat and she
    m0aned even louder. That was weird
    because my mum would’ve woken up with
    the slightest sound. I began to lick and sU-
    Ck her Kitty-Cat like it was the best meal I
    have ever had.She put her hand lightly on
    the back of my head and rubbed it. I felt
    that was an encouragement to ride on.
    Shortly after, she was m0an!ng my name
    ‘’Gala………..cious, please don’t stop’’. I
    wasn’t planning to. She came few minutes
    later and whispered ‘’my turn’’.
    We switched positions and she made her
    way to the Royal Highness—–Gala. She
    licked the head in little circles. I m0aned
    softly. She grabbed my balls and massaged
    them with her hands, while she moved up
    and down my gala. I m0aned a little louder.
    She m0aned softly and took the entire gala
    into her mouth. And rapidly moving up and
    down from the head to my balls. I began to
    t----t faster and more urgently rushing for
    gala spit. I came after telling her I was
    about to, so she pulled away and stroke my
    She started to stroke gala again till it
    gained consciousness. She lay back on the
    couch. Gala was about to make an entry to
    the promise land before I felt a tap on my
    Mom: wake up, Mr man. Are you not going
    to work?
    I opened my eyes and It was my mom.
    D--n! I was dreaming.

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    Episode 3

    My supervisor asked me to give a receipt to
    a secretary in the admin office. I got to the
    admin office but the secretary’s seat was
    empty. I waited for few minutes before she
    came. I handed over the receipt to her
    stating who sent me. She appreciated it.
    I opened the exit/entry door to the admin
    office when I met a familiar face about to
    enter the office.
    Me: Good morning ma
    Woman: Good morning, my dear.
    The look on her face showed she was trying
    to remember where she might have seen
    me. Well, I didn’t let her think too long
    before helping out.
    Me: I helped mummy locating….
    Woman: Yes! Galacious, right?
    She Interrupted.
    Me: Yes ma
    Woman: What a name! I’m Mrs. Williams.
    What are you doing here?
    Me: I work here, ma
    Mrs. Williams: Oh! Really?
    Me: Yes ma
    Mrs. Williams: Ok. Hmm, when do you
    Me: 5 ma.
    Mrs. Williams: Good. Why don’t you stop by
    tomorrow after work at my house? We need
    to talk.
    Me: Hope no problem ma?
    Mrs. Williams: At all, dear. Grandma would
    be glad to see you, and I also have things
    to discuss with you.
    Me: Ok ma.
    Mrs. Williams: Take care and be careful.
    Me: Ok ma thank you ma.
    I wondered why Mrs Williams would want to
    see me at her house. Probably to have a
    drink as an appreciation for the assistance I
    rendered to her mother. I wasn’t expecting a
    reward for what I did. Albeit I have been
    curious on how the inside of the Mrs
    Williams house would look like. I had to
    wait till Tuesday evening to figure that out.
    It was past six in the evening later that
    day. I was in the parlour watching TV. Mom
    went for a church program with my Ayo. I
    heard a knock on the door.
    Me: who’s there?
    Voice: Udenme
    Udenme? What could she be looking for?
    Ayo is not at home. I thought.
    I barely opened the door. My right hand
    was on the door and the other on the wall.
    Me: hi
    Udenme: hello
    Me: Ayo is not in
    Udenme: I know.
    Me: oh ok.
    Udenme: won’t you ask me to come in?
    Me: oh sorry. Please come in…… and have a
    I opened the door a bit wider and held the
    door while she walked in and took her seat.
    Me: what should I offer you?
    Udenme: Really? Somebody is becoming
    Me: Well, don’t blame me. Almost all our
    visitors are mom’s. I don’t really have
    friends that visit.
    Udenme: not even your girlfriend?
    Me: Na na. Don’t have one.
    Udenme: Really?
    Me: yeah
    Udenme: well, then I will like fufu with afang
    okazi vegetable soup with……
    Me: huh?
    Udenme: yea. I’m not done yet.
    Me: I’m sorry we don’t have that.
    Udenme: I know you won’t, but since you
    asked what you can offer Instead of telling
    me what you have and I’ll choose which
    one I prefer.
    Me: ok ma. We have….
    Udenme: don’t bother.
    Me: you sure?
    Udenme: of course I’m sure. I live next door,
    if I need something I can get In the house.
    Me: alright then.
    I sat down. There was silence for awhile
    before she continued the conversation.
    Udenme: You know I haven’t spent a week
    yet and I’m already missing Calabar
    Me: Well that’s Inevitable, where you have
    been for…..
    Udenme: Since I was born.
    Me: You can imagine. I’m sure Grace and
    my sister have been keeping you company
    Udenme: Yea. You know isn’t It awkward
    how close your mom and my sister are.
    I chuckled
    Me: my mom is very tolerant. I took after
    She chuckled.
    Udenme: It goes both ways.
    I heard mom’s voice. She was exchanging
    pleasantries with one of neighbours.
    Udenme: Isn’t that your mom?
    Me: Yea. She’s early tonight.
    Udenme: Ok. Lemme take my leave then.
    Me: c’mon she’s not going to complain
    Udenme: don’t be so sure, she might not in
    my presence. You know I’m not my 12 years
    old sister.
    Me: hmmm
    Udenme: Na so. Thanks for the company.
    Me: Anytime
    Udenme: So I can check in around 1 am?
    We both chuckled.
    Me: Well, I’m cool with that.
    Udenme: I hear. Later.
    Me: Ok then.
    I helped with the door, while she stepped
    out. Several thoughts filled my mind. Is she
    hitting on me? Or perhaps she just felt like
    talking to someone? Whatever it was, time
    would tell.

    To be continued

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    I Landed,nice 1

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    Nyc Tori. Continue Boss

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    Episode 4

    I knocked Mrs Williams’ gate and a man,
    which obviously was the security man,
    ‘’Good evening Sir’’ I greeted with a little
    bow. ‘’Evening my son’’ He responded.
    ‘’Madam asked me to come’’, I quickly
    explained myself. ‘’Ok, wait here. I’ll be
    right back’’ He said and shut the gate.
    Few minutes later he was back.
    ‘’oya come’’ he instructed and led me In.
    The second I got in the Air-conditioned
    nearly blew me off my feet. The parlour was
    massive with large paintings on the wall.
    There was a picture of Mrs Williams, a man,
    which I assumed was Chief Williams, and
    their children (two females and a male).
    One of the ladies in the picture looked
    familiar. I could swear I’ve seen that face
    before. Wait a minute! It was Princess. I
    could not believe my eyes. I wouldn’t need
    Chinenye to get to her after all. I thought.
    ‘’That’s my family picture’’ a voice
    whispered from behind. I turned around and
    it was Mrs. Williams.
    ‘’I thought as much. Good evening Ma.’’
    I greeted with a little bow. ‘’Evening my
    dear’’, she responded. ‘’That’s me, my
    husband……your boss’’ she narrated
    pointing at the picture frame and smiled
    after the last word. I nodded and smiled
    She continued, ‘’right here is our son, Kola.
    Here Is Tola and the princess of the house,
    ‘’Wow! It’s not just the house that’s
    beautiful, the people living in it are as well’’
    ‘’Thank you, dear’’
    ‘’Please have your seat’’. She offered and
    sat on one the sofas. I gladly accepted the
    offer and sat on the opposite one. She
    called out a name and a lady came to the
    Looking at my direction Mrs Williams said
    ‘’She’s here to get you whatever you want’’.
    Whatever? I’ve never been that lucky.
    ‘’water will do’’ I ordered. The lady left to
    get the water.
    ‘’How is mummy? I asked referring to her
    mum—–Princess’ Grandma. ‘Mummy is
    fine. She went out with Princess. They
    should be back very soon’’
    The lady brought Eva table water with a
    glass cup in a tray. She placed it on a
    table. Just in front of me.
    ‘’Thank you’’ I said to her. ‘’you can go
    back to your room. I will call you if I need
    you’’. ‘‘Okay, ma’’ she responded to Mrs.
    Williams and left the parlour.
    ‘So Galacious, since when have you been
    working at the factory?’’
    ‘’After my WAEC, ma. Trying to gather some
    funds to ease the bill off my mum when I
    get admitted.’’
    ‘’That’s so thoughtful of you. How much do
    you think you can gather from your
    earnings at the steel company, and how
    long will it take to gather enough for your
    years In school?’’
    A car horned and we could hear the sound
    of gate opening.
    ‘’Actually ma, I don’t really know how much
    that will be enough through my years in
    school, but I believe what I will gather
    within these few months at the factory
    should suffice for my first
    semester….covering the school fees,
    accommodation and feeding. I can also
    work at the end of each semester.’’ I
    ”Nice! You have really planned it all out.
    Well, do you know why am asking these
    ‘’Not really ma’’
    ‘’Hello everyone!’’ Grandma greeted
    cheerfully, standing at the door way. ‘’Hello
    mummy’’ ’’You’re welcome ma’’,
    myself and Mrs Williams responded
    ‘’Where is my …..’’ Mrs Williams was about
    to ask a question but couldn’t complete the
    sentence before she was interrupted.
    ‘’Right here mum’’, Princess walked into the
    room, sat on the cushion beside her
    mum and side hugged her. ‘How was it?’’
    Mrs. Williams asked her daughter. ‘’ superb
    mum’’ she responded
    cheerfully.’’ ‘’Good. You will gist me later
    when I’m through with my guest’’.
    Princess nodded and stood to her
    feet. ‘‘Hello’’ Princess waved at me as
    she made her way out of parlour. ‘‘Hi,’’
    I responded with a smile. ‘’Galacious, this is
    my daughter Princess you saw in the
    picture.’’ Mrs. Williams Introduced. I
    Grandma and Princess left us.
    Mrs Williams explained how she was willing
    to support me through my school. She
    advised me to stop the factory work and
    also request to meet my mom for further
    discussions. I agreed. Who wouldn’t?
    It wasn’t the academic discussion that was
    on my mind that moment, I could not just
    get Mrs Williams’ daughter out of my head.
    Did Princess even recognize me? I asked
    Her mom must have noticed I was lost in
    thought when she asked ‘’Galacious, are
    you still here?’’ while I was sitting opposite
    her. ‘Yes ma.’’
    ‘’Call me tomorrow. Let me know what she
    thinks.’’ ‘’Thank you, ma.’’
    ‘’Okay dear. Good night’’ Mrs Williams
    ended the discussion and headed for the
    I was about to turn and take my leave when
    I heard Grandma’s voice. ‘My son, I heard
    you’re leaving without eating?’ ‘I’m sorry
    ma, maybe next time. I’m running late’’
    ‘’Okay, dear. Please extend my greetings to
    your mum.’’ ‘‘I will ma.’’

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