Adventure with the daughters of jezebel +18 ep1. By daniel wire

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    This is my stori of hw some notorious female cultist make hell of me oya listen to my stori

    i just gained admission to laspotech base on say i don write jamb 2times nd na unilag i won enta
    well sorry to say my name is daniel,d only son nd child of mr/mrs johnson,well my parents were neither rich or poor so u can call dat middle class who live at ibadan
    so on dis day i reach campus early nd look for where i can put my head under,in my thinking bump into a guy i qucikly apologise to him.What are u thinking abt?he ask me
    am just thinking where i can put up at.i replied him
    oh u are a jambite.he said
    i replied him yes
    though d tin dey pain me when they call me jambite if nt bcuz i didnt enta school early
    he told me i can squat wit him at his apartment.
    he gave me his num nd told me his name is micheal
    i tenk him nd told him my name is daniel
    well dat it for today apartment solved.i collect my matriculation num nd rush home to prepare myself 4 school……

    pls guys comment to roll d ball on

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    Adventure with the daughters of jezebel +18 ep2. By daniel wire

    2days later av arrange myself to begin d journey to lagos
    my parents are confirmed christian nd am shy to say am still a virgin.they advise me till i enta moto

    when i arrive campus gate i dialed micheal num
    hello guy i don dey for gate
    ohk wait for me am coming
    10mins later he arrive he took me to his apartment nt far from campus it is a face me i face u auz.i drop my bag.we bothe chat till even
    let get to go some place.micheal said
    ohk na.i replied him
    he took me round d school.he showed me me my faculty which is business admin
    later on we went home around 8pm

    d next day we woke up by 7am by dat time our neigbhours don wake i begin dey greet them one by one
    bt watin surprise me b say we guyz na just 5 d rest na ladies
    later on took my bathe in one of d bathroom sing happily say i don gain admission
    afta i don bathe i enta room dress finish i manover dey go lecture room tosay today na 1st day of resumption b4 dis girl wey dey our apartment caught up with me
    hello.she said
    hi.i replied

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    Adventure with the daughters of jezebel +18 ep3. By daniel wire


    pls are you a new student?she ask
    yea nd u?i ask
    yes,my name is mirabel nd u?she ask
    am daniel.i replied
    nice meeting u.she said
    d pleasure i mine.i replied
    so what faculty are u?she ask
    business admin.i replied
    woah dat also my faculty.she said
    we enta class oboi see as people plenty.everybody just dey gist till i find somewhere sit a d middle.a buddy walk up to me
    guy na only dey sit for here?he me
    b4 i could reply him mirabel walk up to us nd said she is sitting there so d guy went nd sit at our back
    5mins d lecturer came intruduce himself nd ask for our matric num.he gave us a text to b able to chose class admin
    afta d text he went.i stood up to leave aving reach d entrance i heard someone shout my name.i look back i and i saw it mirabel she ran up to me panting
    daniel pls can i treat u to lunch?she said
    ohk.i replied
    we went togeda to d canteen holding hands.just then a lady call me
    pls can i see u for a min?she ask
    ohk am coming.i replied
    i look at mirabel nd walk up to her

    ep4 loading

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    Itz Reindy
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    I hope say u be fine boy how dem they call call u

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    season 2

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    istian plus@
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    Adventure with the daughters of jezebel +18 ep4

    I went and meet the girl we talk sotey b4 i went to meet mirabel.she spoke to me angrily
    who is dat girl?she ask
    well i dont know her actually.i replied
    she left me alone saying she does not feel like go again.i begin dey think i no understand dis girl again o
    i went to d canteen eat then went back home my roomie no dey around i decide to call my mom i call her like 2 times b4 she pick
    hello mom
    how u my son?
    am good and u?
    am fine o we tenk god
    what of dad?
    oh he is here with me
    my mum gavd dad d fone we talk sotey b4 i cut d call
    i was taking a nap b4 some disturb me with a knock at d door
    yes come in.i said
    d door slightly open nd a pretty lady enta
    good afternoon.she said
    afternoon pls how may i help u?i ask
    am ur neighour i just heard we got a new neighour so i came to me u my name is rute.she said
    oh nice meeting u my name is daniel.i replied
    i hope we will enjoy ur company?she ask
    sure.i replied
    we talk sotey b4 she said she is going..immediately she is gone micheal enta
    sup niggar?he said

    ep5 loadin

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    Adventure with the daughters jezebel +18 ep5


    i dey o.i replied
    guy y u dull urself?he ask
    as how?i ask him back
    u dey auz dey sleep instead make u go catch some fish.he replied
    fish as how se dem get river for here ni?i replied
    y u dey do like jew man na u no won make school pass u ni?he ask
    make school pass u is when u graduate with flying colour.i replied
    guy no fall my hand na u know say all work no play make daniel a dull boi.he replied
    micheal sha sweet mouth me till i follow him where he won we enta one gate i some see some underage girls with pant nd bra only.i double my walk to micheal side
    micheal haffa watin we won do here?i ask
    guy chill we won com enjoy here take am easy.he replied
    everybody just dey greet micheal it look dis guy popular her he just dey press those girls ass
    one of those girls come meet me
    hello handsome.she said
    hi.i replied
    do u need service?she ask
    no bt u can gimme ur num?i ask her
    ok here is it she gave me her num.i save it then went to micheal side i found a seat there nd i sit on it
    ep6 loadin

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    Adventure with the daughters of jezebel +18 ep6

    Guy haffa watin u go drink?micheal ask
    make dem gimme malt.i replied
    y u no taste dis smirnoff he no get acohol.he said
    meself i no won make dem look me like jjc i order 4 one
    guy u no see say babe dey for here.micheal said
    yea i see am.i replied
    shey u no fit enta one ni?he ask
    i don already collect one num.i replied
    ohk na.he said
    as we were drinking our drinks some guyz came to our side with dem babes dey all shake
    miko haffa said
    i dey o baba.micheal replied
    they were all looking at me until one of then spoke
    guy who u be?he ask me
    i dont know what to say until micheal came to my rescue
    ha baba na my padi nd roomate na fresher him b.micheal replied him
    they talk sotey b4 i tell micheal say i don dey sleepy i won go auz nd i get lecture tommorrow
    go wait for me at d entrance.he told me
    ohk na.i replied
    i went to d entrance just den dat babe came to meet me
    hi.she said
    hey pls what ur name?i ask
    cinthia.she replied
    mine is daniel.i told her
    we talk b4 micheal said we shuld get going

    ep7 loading…

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