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    ashiko ben
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    in case you missed season 1 see link below

    Episode 1
    ….. Please don’t kill me Vera please, I will marry you please honey remember the good times we had in high school please please pleasssssssse, gbaaaaaaa!!!
    I woke up socked in sweat, this dream things, aaa but thank God it was just a dream.
    It was my first lesson day, I woke up and found Ugo already awake, he was in the bathroom, I prepared tea and some chapos for breakfast, I prepared too and we headed to school with Ugo beside me.
    We entered the lecture room. I saw a empty seat, sat down, students were running up and down making unnecessary noise but I don’t mind them, the lecturer came introduced himself, gave us an introduction and he left. I told Ugo we should walk around school, ooh my God, I was just deceiving myself that I have seen beautiful ladies, oooh come to Nairobi university and see by yourself, angels around. if someone is telling you that beautiful ones are not yet born, let him come to me I show him. I spotted miss university taking selfies with other girls, this girl is an angel, when I say an angel, I mean her whole body is favoured. from her toe to her hair. I went straight to her, I don’t care. she is human, I greeted them,I interrupted them.
    Me: hi angels, (they were four angels but mis uon is there mom)
    Miss uni: fine but you are interrupting us, anyway I like your courage, what is your name and your class?
    me; I am a first year, I just attended my first lesson and it is my first time in school, but you are amazing, can I call you princess.
    (she looked at the other girls and she was laughing inna mokery manner)
    Miss uni; excuse me, your name please?
    Me: okay, favour me, ladies first, start with your friends
    Miss uni; (looking at me suspiciously ) meet my sister Wambo, meet my cousin Damah and my friend Lucy. I am Eve. Satisfied???
    Me; meet me BA. pleasure to meet you,
    Eve(miss uni); pleasure too but BA means?
    me; oh sorry, but it means Ben Ashiko
    Eve; wow, great name, I like the name ashiko, your sir name right? (I nodded) so tell me what course and where do you stay?
    Lucy ;(interupting) can you eve please leave this brat and let’s move, don’t you know he is just a fresher (she hissed)
    Eve: easy Beb, enhee(pointing at me)
    Me; IT, and you which year are you?
    Eve: 3rd, anyway take my number, we be friends, I like your courage, you handsome too?
    I appreciated her and took her number, I wink an eye to Wambo, eve’s sister because she was staring at me, I walked to where Ugo was waiting for me.
    Ugo;Man, you mean you just collected miss university’s number, you are a genius, what juju do u use?
    We just laughed and went home, home for our shop.
    I opened my shop till the evening I called eve it was like
    Me; hello princess
    Voice: sorry am not eve, am Lucy eve’s friend, she is not around but who are you?
    Me; am BA.
    Lucy: wow the genius boy, you seem unique from other freshers,Eve talked a lot about you, anyway talk to you later, i will call with my number,bye,
    She hang the call before I reply, but I was like, miss uni, talking about me, now her friend promising to call me with her number?
    The next day was a free lesson, I never went to school I was in my shop, I sold good that day, but in the evening, I received a text from a new number,asking where I am, but she said she is Lucy
    I called her.
    Me: why are you asking where I am
    Lucy: I want to talk to you please it is a message from eve.
    Before she could finish, I directed her to my house, peep peep, I heard a vehicle horn, I looked at the gate its Lucy, so this girl has a vehicle, maybe it is her boyfriends vehicle,
    I took her in my house.
    Lucy: so you stay here, am happy to meet you, you lok handsome today,
    Me: thank you,what did eve has for me?
    Lucy: leave alone the Lucy thing, I just wanted to see you, I think I personally like you. Do u have a girlfriend?
    Me:(smilling small small) I have no girlfriend, but I will try miss university(eve)
    Lucy; nop she has a boyfriend, I do have but I only dish his money, I don’t love him, I love you!!,!
    continues episode 2

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    ashiko ben
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    Episode 2
    Me: you are beautiful but, I can’t date you cos you have a boyfriend,? (deep inside, i was admiring her, she is sexy)
    Lucy:I understand but what can u say about the love I have for you, do you want it to just die like that BA? Can you please do me a favour, i want you to be satisfying me, i really like you, i want to be close to you but let this be between me and you? please be a man, dont say no please, i will be giving you money from my boyfriend if you want, please ben
    me; so what exactly do u want from me Lucy
    Lucy; yeah I want us to have love affairs but let no one know this, I will be giving you everything but let you be available when I need you
    Me;then you must do me a favour, I want you to connect me with Eve, I will be available for you but just make sure you play cool, so deal?
    Lucy: deal, but let the deal begin now,
    She came close to me, we started kissing madly, I took charge and i pounced on her. She gave me a condom i f----d her for one hour, she was not tight but she enjoyed my D, she promised me heaven and earth, she was just smilling she later told me to feel welcome to the university of Nairobi, she said that was just but a beginning.
    she left at 10 pm at night after she gave me 5k, I was happy, this is small heaven, just ladies chasing for men.
    This deal was good, or what do u think my readers??
    The next morning I went for a lesson, I forgot to tell you that Ugo slept in his new catch room. Although he told me he was on process of getting his own apartment, although he depended on his mum for money but i also used to give him money. He was my brother from another mother. After the lesson that day, I went to my shop and later in the evening, I closed and and i was relaxing on my bed, an i dea came to me, as ussual i had a conversstion with my minds
    Evil mind; ben, this is your time, you only live once and thats a slogan. I want you to make sure you f--k those four girls before you move the next girls. Now one girl, three to go.
    Me:Yes you talking men, yes. Although i like Wambo more than Eve, although i still like eve, enhe, what about, her cousin Damah, although she I a silent one but still beautiful.
    Good minds: bro let me help you, just look for one girlfriend and stick to her, I think Wambo is a better one,
    Me: yes that’s a better idea, but wait, i need to test this pusy man it is my youth.Atleast i taste different pusy. but i understant you good mind, let me f--k them all first then i later stick on wambo, she is young and humble. Although they are three sisters, eve,wambo and their cousin damah, who should i start with.
    I woke up on friday that week, went to school, i met lucy after my lecture, she told me Eve wanted to see me in her house, we entered her boyfriend’s car, headed to Eve’s house,
    We reached in a big Estate, it was located in Runda,Nairobi the house was so big to be owned by such students, I was doubting, I thought this ladies were devil worshippers, but Lucy explained to me before we came out of the car, she said that, Eve and Wambo are the daughters of the current Senate Speaker of the government of kenya, i was surprised, all my plans for f-----g all the ladies vanished, i wanted to run away, i didnt want troubles, if i get into troubles,no one will help me out, the only helper i had, Mercy was dead, Lucy insisted and we walked in the big flat house, that house was just like a ministers house, anyway i understand, senate speaker is a big chair here in kenya, he is the number 3 after the president and the vice president, i entered the sitting room, lucy told me that was not the main sittingroom, we moved the upper flow and i saw a big sitting room i have ever entered, the girls were dancing Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, they were laughing and shouting, they both came to hug me, I felt like a king, but the moment I hugged Wambo I felt her heart beat increasing. I knew she loves me, Eve was looking her in an evil manner, they were 5 girls in the house, that is, Eve,wambo,damah, lucy’s sister i was introduced to and lucy herself, i was entertained with drinks and food, we later gathered in the sitting room,
    Eve:we arranged this meeting because of you Ben, I wanted to introduce you officially to Wamboi,my younger sister, the girl says she loves you, i personally loved you ashiko the first day but since i have aboyfriend and my sister here loves you too, because she has no boyfriend, i want you to take her, please dont heart my sister, eeeh, please just dont.
    I gladly accepted although Lucy was winking at me reminding me of our deal with her, damah and lucy’s sister were just quiet, although they were freshers, including Wambo, we later danced because they arranged a small house party that day, I went to the toilets to ease myself, after I had finished, I heard a voice calling me, it was Eve, I went to where she was in a corridor, she took my hand and pushed me in a room next and she closed the door behind her.
    Eve; I enjoy staying close to you, if not my sister I would be the happiest girl dating you, i truly love you ben, i want us to make a deal, you know my sister is a virgin, she has never been in conduct with any guy, she tells me that she will only give her virginity to her husband after marriage, i want you not to f--k my sister till you marry her if my dad accepts, but.. but.. i will be satisfying you sexually so that you dont play my sister with other girls for sex, please, just look at me, a speakers daughter, miss university of nairobi can you resist me, i am serious, just say yes and you will have me in your room tonight??
    Should i accept this offer??
    your opinion please readers

    continues in episode3 sn2

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    ashiko ben
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    Episode 3
    Me: Okay I also crushed on you the other day I saw you, but I will do as you say madam cos if not you i wouldnt meet wambo, but please dont let anyone know this even your friend’s, please,
    She put a deep kiss on my lips,, it was so sweet, I responded, we kissed for 5 mins before I ran back to the party, we found the girls taking amarulah, i took two glasses and walked towards Wambo who was sitting and i gave her the drink, she told me she never take alcohol, i told her i too dont take but today we can just taste it, we were chating
    Wambo: so tell me about your past.
    i narated to her how i met mercy, and how she died although i never told her about the f--k in the mortuary, she felt sorry for me, but she promised to be with me by my side in the rest of her life cos i was her fast love, but she warned me not to stay close to her sister Eve because her sister always takes what she wants, and also that her instinct was not at rest when i talk to Eve. We kissed like hell with Wamboi, i love her but i must give this girls a Doctor ring ding injection before i settle with wambo.
    She later drove me to my house, she gave me 10k, she hugged me and went away, it was already 8 pm night when she left, imediately she left, someone knocked on my door, i opened the door guess who??

    you guessed right, Eve was there looking at me, she was tipsy, she was high on alcohol but not too much, she could understand what she was doing. She hugged me,kissed me,
    Eve: I was following you right behind when my sister was driving you, that’s how I knew where you stay, now let the deal start tonight, ashiko I want you inside me,
    I mediately she said that, my d--k was hard already, it was saluting as usual, I took her to the bathroom, she took of her mini dress, she had no panties nor bra, only a dress on her, her boobs were amazing the girl is indeed an angel, a princess, I took off all my clothe, she looked at my d--k, the first question she asked me was, are you a Luhya guy, because she said the size of my d--k was too big, only Luhyas got that size, Yes that’s true, try a luhya guy, and remember she was the one saying not me, guys please don’t judge me.
    She grubbed it, she was playing with it, I was just standing like a Kenya soldier ready to fight the Al Shabaab in Somalia. She was s-----g, one thing about me I never c-m easily, she s----d, I saw her pusy turning watery, she bend in a doggy stingo and the journey started, we did it in the bathroom, went to bed still doing it. That night we did it 5 times till morning that was our breakfast because it was a sartaday, she prepared breakfast, by that time I was watching some Kenyan songs on my laptop. I was watching bablas by the kansol
    I heard a knock on my door, I knew it was Lucy,I was worried, I knew am doomed, I went to the door to open it but not wide,
    Me:(wispering) what are you doing here Lucy, you know my friend is around please he will tell Eve if he sees you with me, remember you promised to play it private, please just go before he notice you.
    Lucy: okay but expect me tonight,
    Me: not tonight please make it tomorrow?
    She agreed and kissed me before she went away. I went back inside
    Eve;who was that??
    Me; it was Mary, a girl who supplies us with vegetables, I told her to go cos I wasn’t ready to buy it today.
    Eve:okay I thought it was Lucy cos am smeling her perfume, I was worried but am okay, come lets take breakfast. We ate and later we went another round before she left. But she also gave me 10k. Am making money ooh, I won’t go to my shop today
    I later went to Ugo’s house where he stays next to the neighbouring rentals, I gist him the whole story about the girls, He told me to be careful, although I should not spare their money and pusy.
    I spend the whole day and came home in the evening.
    The next day was a Sunday, Lucy came, I sex her, she left me with 5k, I continued my game, with Lucy and Eve. Days were moving.
    I was now charting with Jane , yes Jane is the younger sister to Lucy, she used to ask me to look for any job for her because she was tired of staying in Eve’s house. I told her to come to my house the folowing day because I wanted her to help me in my shop. She readly agreed, I will be paying her, she came and we discussed about her salary and she told me to rent a house for her in Bahati, I did that and she was free from those girls, although Lucy warned me but I assured her that nothing is gona happen between me and her sister.
    Damah, Eve’s cousin was Jane’s best friend, they sometimes spent time in my shop and also in Jane’s new house.They had also became my best friend,
    My love life with Wambo went on well although I didn’t want to f--k her.I was now a second year in the university although I was still enjoying the pusy’s of eve and Lucy,
    One day after my lecture, I went straight to my shop, it was doing well, I found Jane busy selling, she told me that the electric lights in her house were not working well, we closed the shop at 4 pm we went to her house, I repaired them for her and she was happy, She cooked food and we ate together. She was waring a micro mini skirt and whenever she bend down moping her house,I was admiring her small small, her ass was so round and attractive. I lost control and I just hold her ass, I thought she will resist but she turned back and she told me she was doing it intentionally that she always like me, she promised never to tell anyone about what is going to happened, I continued and put her on her bed, I was busy f-----g her when the door widely opened and Damah(Eve’s cousin) walked in,

    continues in episode 4

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    ashiko ben
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    Episode 4

    Damah;so this is what you guys have been doing. Jane you are my friend i trusted you, why are you doing this to our friend Wambo, what do you have to say about this ben??
    I stood from the bed to the floor, i was unclad, my D was just hanging in the air, i saw Dama staring at it. All her minds were carried to the size of my D, I looked at Jane and she wink at me, i knew what she meant. I moved close to Dama, i planted a kiss on her lips she was hot, she responded. I went on and unclad her, she was wet already, i f----d her harder and roughly for 15mins, she c-m thrice, she was satisfied, at this time Jane was just staring and admiring. I took Jane and we continued from where we left. I f----d her for 20 mins and i was tired. She was also tired. I looked at Dama and she was in deep sleep. Jane also claimed that she was tired. She also slept off. I wore my cloth went back to my House i also slept off..
    I was sitted in a church, i looked outside from the back door in church. I saw Mercy calling me, i went to where she was.
    Mercy:Stop!,!Stop!!! Stop,!! stop ben what you are doing with ladies, please just stop, you know i am your saviuor i also have your gift. Look for me after you graduate, bye byeee byeeee, she was disapearing
    Me: mercy please dont go dnt goooo!! I woke up and realized i have been dreaming. I looked at my watch and the time was still 2:00am someone was knocking on my door calling my name, the voice somehow was familiar I thought it was Ugo, I opened the door and the first thing I saw was gpaaaaaaa
    a slap landed on my face and i was on the floor, they were thieves, they took my tv, laptop, and the money i had withdrawn over two hundred and fifty thousand cash were stolen, they told me to remember to lock my door before I sleep and they thanked me before leaving. This thieves I cursed them cos they took also my phone. The following morning I went to Bank, I withdraw all the money I was left with I paid my whole school fees up to my forth year and the remaining money I bought new things that were stolen. I was now broke, I only depended on my shop and also I depended on Eve and Lucy’s money after the f--k, my lungula life with Lucy,Eve,Dama and Jane continue up to when I was in the forth year, I was still f-----g eve and Lucy, they used to visit me because they were no longer students, only Dama and Jane new that I was f-----g them both, I never f----d Wamboi, I used to feel guilty when we slept together, she would want it but I also pity her, she was innocent, she also resembles me as friends told me but I knew we played good couple.
    In my forth year things started to fall apart in my shop, I was encountering losses, Jane was telling me that customer are taking goods on loan, it was getting worse day by day. After my final year in the campus, my shop was no more, I can’t even pay the shops house rent, Jane was gone with the remaining money,she ran away I don’t know to where. I finished school without anything, I had nothing with me, that evening, Eve called me.
    Eve: am pregnant for you thank you for your child, I am happy but I won’t tell wambo,
    I was shocked because Wambo needs to be my future wife, how could I impregnant my wife’s sister,
    ting’ ting’ a message on my phone, I checked it was Lucy, she said the same story, that she was regnant for me but she is coming to stay with me as a wife so that we can take care of our child, I cursed her, I shouted at her telling her never to call my number again, she wanted to destroy my only last hope Wamboi, she just laughed and promised me that I will see her soon, nkt I was now a hopeless guy, my friend Ugo was the only one who was giving me hope with his advice’s, atleast I felt I have a brother, a family, He was still staying in his house, he never wanted to go back to Nakuru. I went back to my house, I was resting on bed thinking about my past.
    I later log in my Facebook, I was looking at my former girlfriend, I saw Vera’s photos, but she was having a child, almost a six year old girl, I was wondering what happened to her. I think she never joined university. I also saw her Facebook status that cought my attention “devorced” meaning she was married and now a divorced one.
    I checked Flora fb and the Facebook was active, I was also admiring her photos she was posting, I never wanted to message her because maybe she moved on. As I was missing her from photos, I saw her post that cought my attention,
    a photo of almost a four three year old girl, she wrote there “proud of my flesh and bones, mum love you baby”
    What a heck!! so she has a child or this kid is mine, but if the kid was mine, she would have told me, so she was pregnant for the other guy that’s why she went silent. I got pissed off, I hated her abruptly.
    I was searching mercy’s old facebook account when someone opened my door..
    Guess who???
    continues in episode 5

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    Tell Us asap please

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    Ride on bro

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