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    This story is rated 18,
    Coolcontains strong language and se.x.


    I was just lying down in my house watching sonymax channel on our gotv. smoking gun world dumbest was blaring in the television set, i was not concetrating but yet my eyes were glued to the television set, i had someone call my name but didn’t even bother answering.

    Within a short while our door opened and my friend Nze walked in, he lives in my yard too but was much older than me at almost 27 and just graduated from d university, he was short from my own perspective standing at 5″5 in contrast to my 6″9ft freaky tall height.

    “John how far na” he blurted out.
    “bros am fine oo, how your girl na wetin deh?” i replied

    “i came here bcus of her oo i wan make u help me write waec for am she has tried it like 4times now which u know she didn’t make it, please john i need you to help her out” he said almost pleadingly.
    “guy so you love that girl too much reach like this?” i teased.

    we laughed it off as we normally do other stupid teases we indulge in.
    H knew i would do it, i was barely 21 but he saw me as his best friend not minding the age gap between us.

    everything was arranged i even got my own uniform and all that. lied to my dad that i was going to my uncle’s house for a while, but i told mum the truth cus i knew she would oblige.

    the day to travel arrived and i got my things ready and went down to the lesson center where we registered for the waec exam cus the owner of the lesson center was to provide transportation and accommodation for every student that registered with them.

    “See girls choi!!! ” i almost said out loud as i got to the lesson center, girls littered everywhere, some gisting while others were eating snacks , guys were there too but the ratio of girls to guys was 4:1.. its gonna be enjoyment ooo’ i mischievously smiled to myself, bundled myself to a corner and sat down while we all waited for the bus to arrive.

    ..Continued in next episode..

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    Episode 2

    it took like what seemed like forever for the stupid bus drivers to arrive with 12 toyota hiace buses. i was tired already and my face looked dull from the tormenting hours of waiting. it was already 3pm and we had a long journey ahead.

    I tiredly dragged myself into d bus, the front seat to be precise cus of my height i cant stay comfortably at the back. a gul sat at the middle chair on the front seat, i climbed on the bus, threw a weak greeting at her which she just waved in reply. i no even mind i was too weak to send anybody at that time and i seriously needed this stupid bus to start moving already.

    I relaxed on my seat and closed my eyes i needed to rest, i was hungry like mad but wasn’t in the mood for any snack.
    after what seemed like an eternity to me, the whole students were all sorted into the buses and the journey started.

    The atmosphere was filled with much anticipation and anxiety, i could make out
    most of these girls were going away
    from home for the first time, i smiled at myself
    its all better shaa.

    the journey was smooth traffic-wise cus we didn’t encounter even one traffic
    jam on our way except for the girl that led the prayers in my own bus, she went on and on for more than one hour until i lost
    interest in the prayer.

    i covered my ears with my ear-phone as Shania twain song
    filled my ears, i closed my eyes “if this yeye girl want make she pray till Jesus come again e no even concern me again”…

    I stayed like this for like 30 mins when someone tapped me on
    my shoulder, i turned and it was the girl, sitting beside me at the front seat. i did a very quick scan of her ; she was fair, her bossom was quite
    large, looking down to her waist line i could see how her huge ass rested on the soft seat, she had a beautiful face but was not the slim type neither
    was she fat.

    Could make out her massive laps from the tight leggings she wore. wow those lustful glances almost gave me a hard on down inside my trousers.

    I managed to look squarely on her face “What is it” i blurted out. part of me angry cus i was hungry, some cus of the rude way she responded to my greeting.

    “Tallest please can u give me one ear-phone, this girl is still praying o” she said almost laughing… i look surprisingly at her, shrugged, didn’t utter a word just removed one ear-phone and gave her, Senorita by don williams was playing through the ear-phone, she came a bit closer so the wire would be enough.

    Her boobs was crashing against my left arm but i tried my best not to think about it. the journey continued till 8 in the night we were still on the road, the exciting chats and songs students were making have now gone down most of them were now just sitting wearily, wearing hungry gloomy faces looking out of the window, you could tell they were all tired and needed this journey to end quickly. me on my own part was just resting my head on the seat with my eyes closed and the girl beside me now had her head resting on my shoulders as she slept or so i thought. and by the way she already told me her name it was chinwe.

    To be continued


    episode 3&4 (SCROLL DAWN)

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    epsode 25&GRAND FINALE

    Link to season 2 >>

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    Great storyline

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    Good start!

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    Episode 3

    The journey finally came to an end at exactly
    10pm after so many lost minutes driving
    around the remote village trying to locate
    our supposedly accommodation.
    I was so tired and so was the other students,
    i noticed it was a huge compound with two buildings
    one was a duplex and the other a bungalow
    and all of us are supposed to be shared evenly in the rooms
    but it was too late for that, they were students from awka
    who were already there before us and just as usual
    the girls were more than guys. ‘wow more girls!!! i heard
    my self say. nawa ooo i don deh fear oo.
    i took my backpack and headed to one room just to
    get some sleep my body needed it more
    than anything now.
    The next morning, the rooms were shared out
    5persons in one room, nze and i already paid
    the owner of the lesson center who by the way
    was named o-mpa to give me one room all to
    myself cus it was part of the conditions i gave
    him on accepting the task of writing the exam.
    after the shuffling and sorting out students to their assigned rooms, we were only 11 guys that didn’t get a room cus the rooms were not enough.
    so o-mpa had to hire an isolated bungalow
    just a stone throw from the main compound.
    he shared the rooms among the boys and gave me
    one room. woow this is sure gonna be the best days
    of my life.
    we named our little isolated lodge THE NEW YORK LODGE
    i took time to arrange my room well, washed, cleaned,
    bot a carpet, a little mattress dat culd accomodate
    two comfortably, got pillows, plates and pots. after all
    said and done i made sure i pimped it to my taste
    obviously the best among the rest tho.
    the next day exams started in Ernest, it was
    practical chemistry, we went to school for the first time,
    it was a mixed school but girls too were obviously
    more. the day’s paper went by uneventful and the day ended.
    The next exam was on thursday, physics. i woke up
    by 8am hurriedly took my bath and skipped breakfast
    hitched a bike and rushed down to school,
    names were already been called out as i entered
    luckily enough they havent called me yet, UZOMMA EZE
    the invigilator rang, “present sir” i shouted raising my hands as i
    scrambled thru the maze of studens eagerly waiting for their names
    to be called. the invigilator took a questioning
    look at me and re-adjusted his specs, he probably knw
    i was impersonating someone, a gul for that
    matter but who cares.
    the exam kicked off, i hurriedly went thru my
    paper i needed to finish up so i can help
    write for more people inside the hall to get
    more money, nobody should blame me
    am an igbo guy…lol.
    i did my thing wrote for a couple of guys and got ready
    to go home. someone tapped me on my back
    i turned sharply only to see chinwe looking
    squarely into my eyes with a pinch of sadness
    “tallest pls help me out” she managed to say with her
    answer sheet on her hand, i didnt need any soothsayer to
    tell me she was desperate. i said nothing, collected her
    books sat down and started writing for her, she just stood there
    looking as i wrote as fast as i could. within a short while i wrote
    everything down for her , handed it back to her with a smile and
    headed out of the exam hall, av had enof of thr books
    for one day.
    the exam ended and i waited for my lodeg-mates
    to come out from the hall when i saw chinwe walking towards
    me with a broad smile accross her face.
    “Tallest thank u very much” i smiled and tapped her .
    she offered we walk home together and i obliged.
    we talked abt many things, told her abt me n she told me abt her
    in getting to the main lodge i was about diverting to
    my own lodge wen she called me back.
    “I want to cook for u today to thank u” she said blushing.
    “hahaha noo u dont have to thank u ” i heard masef say.
    u deh madt?? my hrt countered common shut up and
    invite her.
    “Just tell me anything u want i will bring it to u” she cintinued
    “ok just get me anything u like ” i said just to close the talk.
    alright i will be at ur place this evening, sheey na im be dat house over there? she asked pointing at my lodge which was clearly visible from d main lodge. i nodded and we said our goodbyes with radiant smiles across our faces…

    To be continued

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    Episode 4

    I got home tired and hungry, was too
    tired to cook but i needed to eat something.
    i went straight to my cupboard took some
    cornflakes and milk. hurriedly took a cold
    shower and slept off.
    i woke up by 4pm still feeling more hungry
    than ever, i was still on my bed was too
    weak to get up, i went straight for my phone,
    logged on to 2go and chatted for a while with
    some friends who were like asking me where
    i have been. i heard a knock on my door, i stopped
    what i was doing and took a sharp long gaze at
    the door not getting up to open. “who is dat” i asked
    in a commanding tone. the door slightly opened
    and a female face popped in with a smile. “chinwe”
    i blurted out standing up immediately to wear a
    trouser cus i was wearing just a little boxer. she
    stepped into the room while i was struggling Wit
    the trouser, her eyes broadened as i noticed a
    naughty smirk on her face. i managed to slip into
    the trouser and faced her wif a smile. “how are u na”
    i managed to say. “am good, can see you were
    sleeping before? she replied with a question. i smiled
    glancing my eyes all over her; she was wearing a little
    knicker that can easily pass for a bum-short with
    a pink top. her bossoms were resting on the top heavily,
    her ass was round as i brought my eyes down on them,
    it was round and firm. wow her face was radiant with
    her pink lip gloss and a beautiful smile adorning her lips.
    i was a bit speechless as i sub-consciously rested my
    eyes on her. “tallest! here take” she said jolting me off
    my state of oblivion. i smiled as i took a polythene bag
    from her, hurriedly opened it to reveal a stainless food
    flask which i opened, my mouth watered as i was faced
    with a plate of well prepared egusi soup with enough meat
    and fish with yellow eba. chai where this girl take get money
    to cook this kind delicacy na’ i thought.. anyway na girl she be
    na for her pocket.

    I dove into the food with much gusto, no time
    to form jaree i was very hungry. she was sitting beside me
    on the bed smiling as she watched me devour the food
    with relish.

    To be continued

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