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    A Story Written By Benita Okafor

    The story of a prostitute…..

    Writer’s note: As you read this story, you will
    come across pidgin English in a few places.
    I’m sorry if you don’t understand pidgin
    because they were not really translated but
    I’m certain if you just follow it, you’ll
    understand the storyline and get to know
    what they mean. Apart from that, normal
    English was mostly used. Thanks for your

    Episode 1
    It was about 11:00pm and Yejide still hadn’t
    found a customer. She looked around and
    saw that the other prostitutes were already
    getting picked up in fancy cars. She began to
    get really pissed until a car drove up to her.
    She looked at the car and squeezed her face
    even more because according to her, she
    could tell what a man already had to offer her
    by his ride. She looked away and acted like
    she didn’t see the car. The man in the car
    opened the window and called out to her with
    a strong Igbo accent;
    “Hey betiful gal, omalicha, kedu? How are
    At this point, Yejide who was still looking
    away moved away from the car even though
    she knew he was trying to get her attention.
    “Betiful gal, I’m talking to you na. Business
    don close?”
    When she heard this, she got irritated, moved
    closer to the car and said her mind;
    “Omo Igbo. I no gree now. You dey chase all
    my customers. Abeg waka.”
    “Ahn ahn! Why you dey talk like dis na. I be
    new customer be dat. I get money na.”
    Yejide saw how persistent the man was and
    not angry even after she spoke rudely to him
    so she asked him a question;
    “How much you get?”
    “Beautiful girl, enter car fest na.”
    She finally agreed and entered the car. As she
    got in, he brought out some money from a
    bag he had kept at the back seat and handed
    it over to her. It was a stack of money. She
    looked at it and was very surprised to see the
    lot but she pretended to the man like it was a
    small portion compared to what she normally
    got from her other customers. Then, the man
    brought out some money out of the bag
    again and handed it to her, letting her know
    that, it was all he had. She accepted it and
    after a little discussion, they drove to a hotel
    The next day, Yejide got back home to her
    one-bedroom, self-contained house that she
    shared with her friend by around past two in
    the afternoon. She entered the house to find it
    empty as she had left it the previous night.
    She yelled her friend’s name but nobody
    answered so she locked the door behind
    before heading for the bed. As she sat, she
    took off her heels and brought out the money
    she had obtained from the previous night. She
    looked at the stack of money and smiled
    boldly but then the smile suddenly turned
    into a frown. She became sad and a little
    depressed. She had been thinking about the
    life she was living and confessed to herself
    that she hated it. She knew what it all meant
    as a prostitute but according to her and her
    friends, it was what put food on the table.
    She wasn’t a graduate from the university
    neither did she finish her secondary school.
    She had wished back then that she would
    complete her senior secondary school and
    attend a university but life wasn’t as it
    seemed. Every time she had this thought, she
    only gave herself excuses in order to avoid
    the truth or guilt that she felt. So as usual,
    she made yet another excuse and shook off
    the sadness. It wasn’t long when she saw the
    door open and in came Dupe, her roommate.
    She put the money back into her bag as a
    conversation sprang up between them.
    “Ahn ahn ashewo, you don come back?” Dupe
    said to Yejide.
    “Dupe, ah don tell you make you no dey call
    me dat name.”
    “Bet no be ashewo you be”
    “ah don tell you make you no dey call me dah
    name Dupe.” She said to Dupe angrily.
    “Oya I’m sorry. No be play ah dey play. You
    sef ehn. Yeji baby! Oya I’m just joking. I’m
    sorry now.”
    “I’ve heard.”
    Dupe looked at Yejide with a funny face and
    they both burst into laughter.
    “Yejide, you funny sha oo” Dupe said.
    “No start again oo” Yejide replied and Dupe
    immediately put her hands in the air in
    surrender. They smiled again before Dupe
    asked Yejide about their landlord. She asked
    if he had come around again to talk about his
    rent and Yejide replied that she just got back
    home. They talked about their day and
    previous night since they were both into the
    same business. After talking about their
    encounters and night, they both brought out
    money to contribute for their house rent and
    not long after, their landlord came knocking
    on their door. As they opened the door, they
    greeted their landlord who immediately asked
    for his rent. After giving him his rent, they
    shut their door as he left the premises. They
    continued talking until they were exhausted.
    Yejide decided to prepare some food while
    Dupe decided to go take a bath.
    While Yejide was preparing food at the
    kitchen outside her flat that she shared with
    some of her neighbors, she heard a man’s
    voice. It was the voice of oga Lucas as they
    normally call him. He was one of Yejide’s
    neighbors in his thirties who was not married
    and always had something to say whenever
    he came in contact with Yejide.
    “My wife! How are you?” he said as he
    entered the kitchen.
    “Oga Lucas, wetin you dey find?”
    “My wife, I was, I mean I am looking at….I
    mean I am looking for you.”
    “Oga Lucas, I know sey English hard but
    please I’m not your wife. Stop looking for me
    “My wife, don’t say that now. Hmm, dis tin
    wey you dey cook, na for me and you abi?”
    Yejide rolled her eyes at him before laughing.
    He was very annoying but he was also a
    funny man. He always looked and acted drunk
    even though he wasn’t a drunkard. It was just
    his nature to act stupid some times. He
    started singing when he saw that Yejide was
    trying not to pay attention to him again.
    “My wife Yeji Yeji dey make me kolo eh, kolo
    When he started singing, Yejide got really
    annoyed and frustrated so she told him to
    leave the kitchen. On his way out, Dupe was
    just coming out from the bathroom when she
    met oga Lucas coming out from the kitchen
    so she greeted him;
    “Ahn ahn oga Lucas. Good afternoon oo.”
    “Ahh Dupe, good afternoon oo. I just went to
    see my wife and she chased me away. Can
    you imagine?”
    “Oga Lucas! You sef, you’re not tired? Yejide
    no gree now.”
    “You be Yejide’s mind. No annoy me oo. Ah
    don dey go sef.” Oga Lucas said angrily while
    leaving Dupe behind. Dupe just smiled and
    retired to her room.
    After Yejide was done preparing food for both
    of them, they ate together and rested. By
    night time, they were already dressed in their
    business outfit heading for their spot. They,
    that is, Yejide, Dupe and all the others used
    to lurk around one area in Lagos. That spot
    was very populated with prostitutes and even
    though several incidents had occurred there,
    they never seemed to reduce in size. This
    faithful night, Yejide met a young man who
    she thought was very good looking. In the
    essence that, he looked rich and he was
    handsome. She had been given a huge sum
    that night by the man and she had happily
    followed the man to the hotel as usual. After
    a night of fulfilling this man’s desires, they
    slept until the following morning. That
    morning, she got up early and was dressing
    up when he woke up and spoke out;
    “Where do you think you’re going?” Yejide
    looked at him in a confused state before
    speaking up;
    “I’m going home.”
    “Not until you give me back my money”
    “Ahn ahn, see me see wahala oo”
    “Why should I give you my money?”
    “I will not ask you after this. Give me my
    “Shuoo, Oga which one be dis. Abeg no even
    start oo” she said before ignoring him,
    putting on her shoes and picking up her bag.
    As she was done dressing up and was about
    heading out the door, she received a hot slap
    on her face that made her fall to the ground.
    When she recovered from the slap, she looked
    up and found a gun pointing at her.
    “Now! Give me my money!” the man said,
    leaving Yejide in shock.
    She paused for a while, still in shock before
    opening the zip of her handbag to bring out
    the money he had given her the night before.
    To be continued…..

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    Episode 2

    When Yejide gave the man the money, she
    begged for her life to be spared and
    fortunately for her, he let her go. She wasn’t
    still herself even after she left the hotel that
    day. She couldn’t wait to get back home to
    tell Dupe about her encounter. As she arrived
    at her compound later that morning, she
    quietly walked into her flat, shutting the
    doors behind. She sat on her bed, sighing in
    relief but almost in tears. In a period of
    twenty-four hours, she had given herself to a
    man who cheated her and almost sent her
    early to grave. All through her reign as a
    prostitute, she had never had such encounter.
    She stayed awake, just sitting up in bed until
    she heard Dupe open the door from outside.
    “Dis one wey na me dey always meet you for
    house. Wetin dey happen?” Dupe said as she
    walked in but Yejide didn’t respond.
    “Yejide! This one that you’re looking like they
    stole your money. What happened?” Dupe
    said again as she walked over to Yejide and
    sat on the bed beside her.
    “Dupe! You no go believe wetin happen. They
    did not only steal my money oo. You for don
    dey mourn me.”
    “Ahn ahn Yejide! Wetin happen now?”
    Yejide sighs as she tells Dupe about her
    encounter with the young man she met the
    previous night. When she was done narrating,
    she paused and waited for Dupe’s response;
    Dupe burst out into laughter before talking.
    “Na so you keep your face like shit? Cheer up
    now. Wetin don happen don happen. But
    thank God you’re okay sha.”
    ‘I know….” Yejide was about to say something
    before she was cut short by Dupe.
    “Bet come oo. So you still no collect the
    money? You messed up oo”
    Yejide looked at Dupe who said it with all
    “Dupe! I’m saying I was about to die and
    you’re talking about money. If I die, who go
    use the money?”
    Dupe just laughed and stood up from where
    she was seated.
    “You’re funny oo” Yejide said, while watching
    Dupe who didn’t even look like she was a bit
    affected by the story or even scared that it
    may have happened to her.
    “Ahn ahn, wetin now. No be true I talk. Okay
    if you live without the money wey dey buy
    your food, pay your bills, explain how you
    wan survive.”
    “Ahn ahn, you’re acting like you haven’t seen
    worse. God go provide now.”
    Dupe laughed as she continued, “Ashewo, God
    know you?”
    But as she saw the look on Yejide’s face, she
    kept a straight face and apologized.
    “Sorry, I don dey go.”
    Dupe who had taken off her clothes with a
    towel wrapped around her body left the room
    for the bathroom with Yejide still sitting down
    on the bed. Yejide kept thinking about the
    situation she had found herself in earlier that
    morning. She didn’t even report to the hotel
    management nor did she say a word to any
    other person because she was scared and
    thought it would also be embarrassing if
    people found out that she was the cause of
    the incident since she was a prostitute.
    After about a few hours, around the hour of
    their normal departure time for the streets,
    Yejide still hadn’t gotten dressed. Dupe was
    almost done dressing up and Yejide hadn’t
    put on her outfit yet. She sat on her bed
    feeling very worried. Dupe saw this and sat
    down close to her before saying;
    “Yejide, C’mon girl. All because of what
    happened yesterday night. It has only
    happened once now. Don’t worry, nothing will
    happen okay? Na dis small tin dey make you
    tink like dis. Nor worry.”
    Yejide only looked up and smiled at her
    friend. She knew she was trying to cheer her
    up but she couldn’t stop thinking about it.
    She later opened up and told Dupe that she
    wouldn’t be going out with her that night.
    Nobody stressed it, so Dupe got dressed and
    left the house without Yejide.
    Into the night, around 11:00pm, Yejide who
    had been sleeping woke up panting really
    hard. She had a worried look on her face with
    her palm resting on her chest. She had been
    sweating in the darkness and hotness of the
    room since there was power outage and she
    and her roommate couldn’t afford to maintain
    a generator. She relaxed back on the bed and
    whispered to herself that it was just a terrible
    dream. She had just dreamt about Dupe
    getting into some sort of trouble. She almost
    called Dupe but refused to let what she called
    her anxiety spoil everything for Dupe. She
    managed to fall back to sleep and had a less
    disturbing sleep throughout the night.
    The next day, Yejide woke up at around
    10:00am and decided to do the house chores.
    Dupe wasn’t back yet and Yejide didn’t
    expect her to be back at that time either since
    she normally returned home past midday. She
    finished her house chores and even met oga
    Lucas when she was on her way to the
    bathroom. They both greeted each other and
    oga Lucas made his funny remarks as usual
    before waving her bye as he said he was on
    his way to work. After Yejide was done with
    taking a bath, she went into her flat, put on
    some clothes and took the leftover food from
    yesterday to go warm it up in the kitchen. She
    put the food on the stove and went back into
    her room to do a few things before siting
    down on the bed to use her phone. After a
    few minutes when she had completely forgot
    that she put something on the stove, one of
    her neighbors from outside her flat which was
    coming from the kitchen shouted;
    “Na who dey cook oo? Your food don burn
    At the point, Yejide jumped when she got
    back to her senses and realized that she had
    just allowed the only cooked food they had to
    burn. She dashed out of her room and into
    the kitchen to meet mama ejima (a nickname
    usually given to a mother of twins).
    “Mama ejima. Thank you oo. I don forget
    finish.” Yejide said as she entered the kitchen.
    “No worry. I don commot am. Pele.”
    Yejide thanked her again and left for her
    room with a kitchen towel tied around the hot
    pot of rice in her hands. As she got into the
    room and dropped the pot, a call immediately
    came in. She looked at the caller id and saw
    Rita, one of she and dupe’s friends who were
    into the same business with them. She picked
    it up and greeted themselves. Their
    conversation was as thus;
    “Yejide! You never hear?”
    “Rita wetin happun?” Confused Yejide asked.
    “They have arrested our girls oo. Just
    yesterday night for prostitution they say.”
    “What? Including Dupe?”
    “Ahn ahn Dupe no be the same? She dey
    there na.”
    “Oh my……so how you con escape?”
    “Me I no go yesterday. I heard from a
    “Do you know what police station?”
    “Yes I have the address. I’ll text it to you.”
    “Okay thank you.”
    “Wetin you wan do?”
    “I want to try to get her out of there now.”
    “Ahh okay good luck sha.”
    “Yes please don’t forget to send me the
    “Okay no problem. I go send am now. Bye
    “Yeah bye”
    To be continued…..

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    Nice Story

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    Lets see how it sails

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    Am right here…

    Nice story

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    am going to follow this
    v interesting

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