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    Tee dak Wong
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    @others pls u are invited okay.
    Coolval for life.

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    Tee dak Wong
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    Well make I Neva talk too much because na thunder go fire any senseless and useless parent wey go say make I come marry one stupid nonentity and bastard of a thousand father untop say una be close pal haaaaaaaaaaa make the parent take pepper for in yansh..

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    Thanks Thanks Thanks (especially Mray) for the invite

    I'm here now, you can proceed.....

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    Tee dak Wong
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    tanks sweetheart miiii@mray… Tdak ur head dae dere tanks

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    hmmmmm i don sidown

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    Episode 2.

    “Papa, papa,” Purity called as she climbed out of her car. She half walked and half ran into her father’s massive duplex.
    There was a beech decidous tree in the middle of the large compound. Carnation flowers were planted around it, decorating the tree. The sweet scent of the carnation flowers filled the air.
    Purity sniffed in the air, oh how much she loved the scent, this wasn’t the time for that. She got to the doorstep and flung the door open without knocking. This is my papa’s house. The rotound figure of her father came into view. He was dressed in a grey Armani suit, a glass of champagne on his left hand. He was handsome. The figures of others in the sitting room with him was now clear. There was a party or something like that. Her father had guests. Purity didn’t bother looking at them or greeting them, she just sternly gazed at her father.
    “Papa, we need to talk!”

    “How rude, Purity.” Theodore reprimanded his daughter, “I have guests.”

    “Now, papa!”

    Purity dragged herself into an inner room. Her father was right, she would have said hi to the guests, she wasn’t willing to. She’d have to show this man that she was a strong headed woman.

    “I’m sorry about my daughter’s insolent attitude,” Aaron apologised, “She must have something on her mind. She doesn’t usually act this way. Please, excuse me.” He handed the glass of champagne to the bar tender and turned to leave his guests.

    He met Purity in on of the interior rooms. He wasn’t pleased with her. “What has gotten into you?” he questioned.

    She rolled her eyes, “Papa, you promised me, you said you’d never decide for me anymore; I’d make my own decisions. Why did you do this?” her vision was beginning to get blurry.

    Aaron Theodore remained silent for a while.
    “That’s the reason you couldn’t even greet your papa? Purity, where are your manners?”

    “I sent them to hell the moment you told me you’ve chosen a partner for me!”

    “You promised to behave.”

    “You promised not to do it.”

    “I’m sorry, Purity. I had no other choice.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “We have some little problems. You know that. Our merging with the Broderick’s will do a great deal of help.”

    “You want me to marry an old man?” she asked almost in shock.

    “Nope. His son. His heir.”

    “Papa, you are close to this man, right?”


    “Why not let him help you. You can merge the companies without this marriage.” Purity suggested, hopefully.

    “I want the marriage. It has a lot more advantages then just merging without it.”

    “Papa,” she cried out, “You hate me! I’m like a toy to you, right? You want to use me as an instrument to save your business?” the tears fell.

    “No, no. Purity, its best for you.”

    This man had made up his mind. D--n! This tears can’t even make him change his mind.
    “What’s his name?”

    “Jeremy Broderick. His family and ours once lived in the same neighbourhood.”

    “What? Jeremy? No, papa, no! I refuse to marry him.”
    Jeremy, she never liked him for once. He almost took advantage of her when they were much younger and now he was to be her husband? Never! If he thinks he’ll he her now, he must be hallucinating.

    “He’s the right guy for you,” Aaron answered innocently.

    “I hate him. Never will I marry him.”

    “You didn’t like him then, you will now.”

    “No! Never!”

    “I’d disinherit you!” Aaron warned.

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    @ewomazeal u hv a nice story here

    thanks for inviting me

    i hail u
    grab popcorn and suya mix wit eva juice ride on my girl

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