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    pheranmmie041 (pastor)pheranmmie041 (pastor)
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    purity help z near ok..jst relax..jeremy act fast nah

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    AvatarLoveable Ify
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    Admin Morning…But dis one is short y..

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    nawa with all this kind abduction

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    Hmmm…… What can i say? Keep your cool purity, ur gonna be out soon.

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    hmmm… Kip postinq 4 d show 2 continue.

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    Avatarbro success M.I.E
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    keep the tape rolling

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    Episode 101


    His smirk could be heard, it filled the entire room. “Always Jeremy Broderick. Why did you choose him?”

    Purity s----d in a breath. The voice – she had never heard it before. “Who are you? Why don’t you show your face?”

    He wasn’t going to, not yet. He’d remain hidden in the dark till he was satisfied. “Don’t you think its too early to start questioning me?”

    She scoffed. “I don’t think so. I’m outta here. Can’t speak to an invisible person.”

    He had no reply to her taunt. He only watched as she began to head for the door. She tried opening it, it wouldn’t respond. He smiled pleasingly as she continued her struggle with the door.

    “Stupid door,” she cursed and stamped a foot on the marble floor. “What do you want from me?” she demanded, turning to face the direction of the voice.

    “I love your guts,” he complimented, still in the dark. “You are just as I imagined.”

    She was getting impatient. “What do you want with me?” she demanded, standing akimbo.

    “Its simple,” he felt it was time to come out of the dark.

    She heard his footsteps coming at her direction. Her heart began racing. Was she ready to face the man who had locked her up with him? Only time could tell. She took a deep breath.

    “I only want revenge,” he admitted, completely facing her.

    Purity scanned him. He was hefty and tall. He had brown hair, grey eyes that never stopped staring at her with lust. The Armani suit he was clad in matched his eyes. He was somewhat attractive. She rolled her eyes. Disappointment. That was the feeling she got. She’d expected a different person. One who smelt dangerous. But this guy didn’t look like it. “I’m astonished.” She chuckled. “A guy like you wants revenge? Hmm. Totally unbelievable.”

    “This is my house,” he reminded her, getting upset.

    “So?” she folded her arms. “Doesn’t give you any right to prison me in here.”

    “I guess you haven’t changed.” he pocketed his hands. “Your ordeal with Ernest didn’t that teach you anything?”

    “It didn’t,” she answered moving backwards. “I was unharmed. And that gave me more guts.”

    “Hmm.” he sighed. “He failed then.”

    “It was you behind it?” it was more like an accusation that a question.

    “Are you surprised?” he was smiling. “Then I’ve amazed you.”

    “Just tell me, what do you want me for?” she demanded again. She wasn’t moving.

    He took a step forward, and another and another, he was advancing towards her. “I just want my revenge.”

    Purity walked backwards till she was pinned to the wall. “What f-----g revenge do you want?”

    “Hey,” Ernest confidently greeted.

    “What is it you want?” the guard asked, holding a frown on his face.

    That disapproved face wasn’t gonna intimidate him. “Uh… I’m Ernest. Remember?”

    “I remember you,” the guard replied, still frowning.

    “Jayden wants to see me. We had an agreement. We have to see eachother.” Ernest sounded as sincere as he could, looking very harmless.

    “He doesn’t wanna be disturbed,” the guard insisted.

    “I’m gonna call him right now and let him know what you just said,” Ernest threatened.

    “All right. I hope this is true.” He gave way for Ernest to pass through.

    Ernest made his way into the compound swiftly, smiling devilishly.

    “What?” the guard was alarmed. “You didn’t tell me there were three of you. I’ll-”

    And there was a punch from Darren. It made the guard shut up and was sent to the ground. He was knocked out.

    “Quick! Hurry in,” he whispered to Jeremy.

    Jeremy hurried in. In no time, the guard’s body was pulled into his little home. All three were in there.

    “This is the control room.” Ernest informed Darren.

    “And why would a control room be in here?” Jeremy asked.

    “Jayden’s too smart. One would never suspect. Its right there,” Ernest pointed at it.

    “Really smart,” Darren concurred. “You talk as if you know all about his Jayden. You know much about him?”

    “Yeah. My buddy. Till he betrayed me.”

    “He’s gonna wake up any time soon,” Jeremy said, referring to the guard.

    “I’ve got this,” Darren held up a bottle and administered it on the guard. “Cyanide. He’ll be unconscious for long.”

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    pheranmmie041 (pastor)pheranmmie041 (pastor)
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    ah aaaaah u wan kill pesin ni suspense yii po ju…nd too short

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