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    Just hope the pay for your new to be work is enough for you to solue your family problems and ur own problems

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    u will get the job, imagine what her daughter said because you are poor you should go through pain abi even if you are not the one that steal the money,, next pls

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    AGE( it is just a number)
    Written by Princess Juliet
    Episode 2
    Castillo mansion
            The sound of  my phone ringing disrupted my sleep
         hissing , i covered my ears with the pillow but it was of no use as the ring tone of my “old phone” was so loud………
          Opening my eyes, I flung the pillow on the wall and then rubbed my eyes to get rid of the sleep crust …..
           Won’t you pick your  call? my little sister Alexia asked  as she walked into the room naked
         I scoffed
       Can you at least tie a towel around that plain body of yours? I asked with an eye roll and she gave me a playful glare ……
         Just pick your call. She repeated, walking over to the old worn out wardrobe…..
          I stretched and sat up , reaching for the phone and just as I was about to receive it , it stopped ringing…….
        Oops! I guess he will have to call again!
      Who was that? Alexia asked , searching through the wardrobe for clothes
        Mike! I answered and she turned sideways to face me
      Are you both dating? She asked with a straight face
    Hell no! I blurted out
    Then why is he always calling you? She snapped at me and I shrugged
    I don’t know!!
    I dragged myself up from the bed and was about leaving for the sitting room when my phone rang again ………
    I trust it is your Mike calling . Alexia drawled But I chose to ignore her…….
    I picked up my phone from the table and on checking the caller , it was Mike
    I received the call
    Hello Mike. I greeted first
    Hi Hazel, how are you? he asked
    I am fine , what about you?
    Fine Hazel! So are you still interested in the job? he inquired
    Sure , I will be going over to the house as soon as I am done. I told him
    Okay dear! Just let me know how it goes . he said and my face flushed
    Erm Alright. I agreed and ended the call….
    I stared at the phone for some moment and then sighed
    Did he just call me dear? … well! It doesn’t mean or does it ?
    I dropped my phone back on the table and then headed to the sitting room ignoring Alexia mockery comments…….
    Getting to the sitting room, My mum was still sleeping so I tiptoed into the kitchen so as not to disturb her ……
    I plugged in the tea kettle and then opened the cupboard to bring out the tin of milk
    Opening the tin , I was about scooping a spoonful of milk into a cup when I heard a loud bang on the front door ….
    Who could that be?
    I switched off the socket and rushed to the sitting room , I got there just in time to see my mom open the door …….
    The noise must have woken her up!
    Mr Peters! I heard her call and I froze
    Oh God!the landlord! what excuse is my mom going to come up with again?
    Please Just give us a little more time . My mum pleaded and I heard the man scoffed
    I am tired of hearing this all the time , you have until ending to pay up your debt or else I will throw you out of my house . The man threatened and then left
    I sighed in relief, at least he didn’t threaten to beat us all today?
    Mum! I called , moving closer to her and she slowly shifted her gaze to me
    Hazel! She called softly, I could tell she was worried
    Don’t worry mum, I will try to raise the money . I said trying to make her smile and it worked
    She smiled lightly
    Thanks baby! So when will you be going over to the Castillo mansion? She asked and I gave her a puzzled look
    Castillo mansion! What is that? I asked staring intently at her and she chuckled lightly……
    It was written on the flyer or didn’t you see it ? She asked and before I could say anything, she answered her question herself
    I bet you didn’t notice it !!!!
    And yes she was right , I didn’t notice it …………
    And what didn’t she notice? Alexia asked , coming out of the room we both share …….
    Nothing! I answered, seizing her up
    She was dressed up in a faded red gown with a white sneakers…
    I smiled lightly
    What do you mean by nothing! I heard you both clearly, why are you even here by this time ? Ain’t you suppose to be at work? She fired at me and I stared blankly at her not knowing what to say
    Enough with the question Alexia or you will be late to school . My mum butted in and I smiled inwardly , she just rescued me from Alexia questions…..
    Alright mom, see you later. She bade and then gave me a curious look before running out of the house …..
    She should be a reporter! I retorted and my mom laughed
    Don’t mind her , she is only being childish!!!
    Taking few steps to the kitchen, my mum called
    I turned to face her
    And where do you think you are going? She asked and I shot her a confused look
    The kitchen , obviously!
    I know , I am trying to ask why you are going in there? She corrected herself
    To prepare breakfast for you . I answered but she shook her head
    Go and get ready , I will take care of myself !!!!
    But mum that is …. I tried to say but she cut me off
    You have to go there on time before someone gets there before you . She said and that was it .
    I dashed into the room , pull off my clothes and then rushed into the bathroom to freshen up….
    I really need the job and I must get it !!!
    I returned to the room when I was done and hurriedly dressed up in my best gown , a black straight gown with a turtle neck …..
    Putting on a white sandals, I grabbed my bag and then walked out of the room ……
    My mum was already eating breakfast so I placed her drugs on the low stool and then scurried out of the house to the taxi station…….
    Getting to the taxi station, I brought out the flyer out of my bag to study the address…..
    And just like my mom said, the name “Castillo mansion was written at the top of the address”……..
    Castillo mansion!the name sounds so classic!
    I flagged down a taxi and got in
    ” Castillo mansion at Petra block “. I told the driver and he zoomed off …….
    The driver stopped in front of a very huge house and I was lost staring at it ……
    Is this the place? I asked to be sure and the driver nodded
    Opening the car door , I alighted from the car and then paid the driver
    I walked slowly to the huge gate and knocked
    Who is there? a husky voice asked and I exhaled deeply
    I need to see the owner of the house. I answered with a loud voice
    I waited for about two minutes before the gate was opened up by a tall man in a security uniform
    Good morning sir! I greeted
    Morning! how can I help you? he asked with a calm voice and I cleared my throat before answering
    I saw this erm I mean a friend of mine gave me this flyer and I am interested in the job . I stuttered , showing him the flyer
    He looked at the flyer and then back at me
    Are you sure you can do it? he asked , seizing me up and I laughed nervously
    I mean you look too beautiful to be a maid . he added and I grinned showing off my white dentitions
    I can do it! I assured him
    If that is the case , come in .he said , opening the gate wider
    I walked through the gates to the big compound
    Jeez! The house was so beautiful!
         I looked towards the opened garage and stared in awe at fleets of cars parked inside it!! !!!
    Come this way . The gate man said as he led me to the a very beautiful sitting room…….
    I tried to stop my self from looking but couldn’t as everything in the sitting room caught my interest including the beautiful woman seated on the expensive leather Sofa …..
    Good morning ma! I greeted
    She looked at me and then at the gate man
    Who is she? She asked him
    She is here for the Job . The man answered and she shifted her gaze to me
    And why would a beautiful girl like you be interested in a maid job? She asked fixing her gaze on me
    Erm it is because I need the money . I answered truthfully and she smiled lightly
    What is your name? She asked
    Hazel Dakota . I answered
    Hazel! She repeated and I nodded
    How old are you Hazel? She continued
    I am twenty one ma. I replied and her eyes widened in surprise
    21! You look like a teenager! She remarked and I bit at my lower lips not knowing what to say
    Let’s leave that aside , I need a ” Personal maid” for my son and I don’t know if you will be able to handle him …
    I will ma. I blurted out and she chuckled
    Of course you will! So you should know , I have interviewed more than 20 girls for this job but they were all lacking in one way or the other.
    My heart skipped a little, what is she trying to say? I wondered
    I like you Hazel . She added and my skin tingled
    Are you trying to say I have gotten the job? I asked picking my words and she laughed softly
    Only if you can assure that you can take care of my son !
    Of course I can , how old is he? I asked
    I7 going on 18. She answered and I shrugged
    I can handle a teenager!
    She stared at me for a while and then said
    he is not a normal teenager!
    Not a normal teenager! What does she mean by that? I wondered
    He is a very stubborn kid and is quite selective. She explained and I nodded slowly
    So can you handle him? She asked and I nodded again
    Good! So he will back to the country tomorrow and I will be needing you to live here with us. She stated and I scratched my hair confusedly
    But ma I have a sick mother to attend to and living here will be a little out of it . I tried to explain but she just stared blankly at me
    I hit my head trying to think and an idea suddenly popped up
    What if I take a weekend break? I mean I will stay in the mansion during the weekdays and then stay with my family at weekends. I suggested and she titled her head a little as if trying to think
    Fine! She agreed and I grinned from ear to ear …..
    So about the payment , I will be paying you $500 weekly. She said and my eyes almost popped out In surprise
    With $500 weekly I will be able to settle bills , take care of Alexia tuition fees, take mother to the hospital and also save up for the scholastic examination test (SAT)
    Is that okay by you? She asked distracting me from my thoughts and I nodded sheepishly
    It is more than okay ma! Thank you so much ma. I said in appreciation and she smiled lightly
    Since we have seal up our deal , have your seat . She offered and I did
    What will you like to take? She asked with a smile
    Anything ma. I answered shyly
    I knew I was supposed to decline her offer but I was so d--n hungry!!
    Rebecca! She called with a louder voice and a chubby girl rushed to the sitting room
    Get her soft drink and snacks . She instructed the girl who rushed out of the sitting room the same way she rushed in ……
    Strange! Why would she need a “personal maid ” for her son when she already got a maid ? I wondered
    And as if reading my thoughts, she shifted her gaze to me and said
    Like I told you , my son is quite selective and need extra attention
    Oh yeah! he must be a spoilt brat !!!!
    The chubby girl soon returned to the sitting room holding a tray
    She placed the tray in front of me and then took her leave
    And without wasting time , I munched on the snacks and drink as I watched the beautiful woman make a call
    Yes! Hardin will be fine . I heard her say
    I thanked the woman when I was done eating and stood up to take my leave ….
    You will be starting work tomorrow. She reminded and then exchanged numbers with me ….
    See you tomorrow ma. I bade and walked out of the sitting room
    I was about leaving the big compound when my phone rang and on checking the caller , it was Mike
    I received it
    I got the job . I squealed in excitement and I heard him sigh in relief
    Thanks goodness Hazel , I was so worried!
    I smiled
    Thanks for everything. I said in appreciation and he chuckled
    If you are really thankful, then you should grant me a favour?
    And what is that? I asked eagerly
    Allow me take you out on a dinner. he said and I agreed
    But it won’t be possible this weekend! I retorted
    so when will it be possible? he asked calmly
    Uhm …. erm …. i will let you know . I said after giving it a little thought
    Alright Hazel! Talk to you later. he said and ended the call …
    A dinner! … well! That is not a bad idea…..

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    mike is in love
    if to say he no love you you for still dey waka for street

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    This is getting interesting, please continue.

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    He likes you

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    Hmmm mike is in love oo

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    Dela Cruise
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    Someone should better tell MIKE to be calming down because this journey he is about to embark on is a slurpy one

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