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    Hmmm …. Thrilling!

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    This Jake dey mumu o!

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    EPISODE 22


    Doctor idris was about entering the elevator when he heard screams coming out from the private room he just came out from. He was furious and ran straight to the room and met the young patient in the state of convulsion…. He quickly instructed hannah to dial a number 4899 on the line phone in the wall which was an emergency back up number. Doctor idris raised jake up while he was still jerking ,placing his mouth to one side. In less than six minutes the hospital system operators received a call representing medical back up and traced the location where the call was coming from and informed some nursing team…

    ‘’this is getting out of hand, nurse jane I need ********** , 5ml syringe, ******** quickly’’ instructed idris

    ‘’ok don’t you think *************** will also do’’

    ‘’yea… get that too’’

    Jane left and returned few minutes later with all doctor idris requested for, while he injected jake with 5ml of the first two drugs and 2ml of the last one and jake instantly came down, panting profusely. Doctor idris examined him and also gave him some medications through drip and prosponed his blood transfusion before living the room. The time was pass 6 pm , mrs madu offered to take hannah home but she refused saying that she was going to sleep over and look after jake. Mrs madu called chief andd narrated the latest on ground to him…..

    ‘’jake is putting us in much troubles’’ chief said

    ‘’I wonder where he learnt how to fight jake the weakling’’

    ‘’that’s ok I will soon be in the hospital soon with cindy she will be all alone now’’

    ‘’that’s true I will be waiting’’ she muttered ending the call

    About an hour later same attack happened to jake again,this time around doctor idris had to run some test on him for some certain reasons best known to him. Chief madu and cindy was already at the hospital when the result was out and it was confirmed that jake had ingested some sort of biochemical poison that could cause serious damage to his organ. As a well experienced young doctor idris had to use some medical techniques to flush off the substance and jake was feeling better. Chief madu later left by 11pm because he has an appointment the next day without cindy who insisted to stay.

    NEXT DAY====
    Jake was the first to wake with a runny stomach, later in the day when doctor idris resumed work he told them it was the effect of the flushing that caused the runny stomach that it wasn’t a problem

    ‘’doctor what about the blood transfusion???’’ mrs madu asked

    ‘’erm from the latest I don’t think its necessary , he would be giving some blood tonic when he is due for discharge and he should eat more of fruit and vegetables’’’ idris said

    ‘’can he eat now???’’

    ‘’not at all till I ask him to and the hospital food service will be incharge of that but the problem now is am on morning shift today’’

    ‘’so you wont be here in the afternoon??’’

    ‘’yea , I will hand his files to my collegue dr frankkay’’

    ‘’no problems am ok with that’’ mrs madu said

    Hannah and cindy later left the hospital to go fresh up while mrs madu was still in the hospital. In the afternoon a male doctor came in and introduced himself as frankkay the new doctor who would be handling jake. After going through jakes file , jake was awake so he decided to ask him some question

    ‘’how are you feeling now young man??’’

    ‘’am getting better now’ jake replied

    ‘’can you remember and list all that you eat yesterday be it food , drugs, drinks anything’’

    ‘’[clearing throat] hmmm I didn’t eat anything at home yesterday but I drank to bottles of soda and meat pie at fandrozz’’ jake said slowly

    ‘’is that all you ate yesterday???’’

    ‘’ermm oh I also took, in the barracks the soldier gave me a drug to take that it was going to heal my wounds’’

    ‘’[smiling]that’s good did you know that the drug you took had some substanced that reacted to your body’’

    ‘’what!!! Jake they gave you drug there and you collected are you mad ???? you are a stupid boy ooo’’ mrs madu shouted

    ‘’that’s enough ma, it wasn’t his fault but at least he is ok now and I think he will be discharged today’’

    ‘’thank you doctor’’

    ‘’you are welcomed, I will be on my way now’’ frankkay said leaving the room

    The day wasn’t that Interesting, mrs madu had gone home, cindy and hannah were the only one with jake. Jake on the other hand was responding to treatment but was still feeling pain in his neck and arm where he was injuried. In the evening as doctor frankkay said jake was discharged and giving some blood builder and multivitamins to take home.


    Immediately I got home , my mum had prepared fried rice and salad with lot of fruits on the dinning table for me to consume. I ate the rice like a hungry lion who caught a prey, I didn’t eat anything reasonably in that hospital they were just giving me lipton and milk with energy drink and they still included food charges to our bill. That same night my parent called me and started and advising me over implicating myself and my dad was just emphasising on me staying out of girls issue but I knew where he was driving to. I took some of their words that day while praying in the night I promised myself to stay away from any women issue or relationship.

    Weeks later I was healed and strong again, my parent didn’t allow me to attended any summer lesson only cindy did. My dad insisted that I must follow him to work everyday which I did gladly at least he would compensate me before I go back to school. My dads working place was fun and tempting, chai my papa na bad man oo 90% workers are female and the remaining 10% are male and the worst part was that all his female workers had tempting and massive backside and frontage that I wanted to woju one of them but I maintained and respected my young self.

    Two weeks later I was set to leave lagos back to enugu since it was remaining only a week for my school to resume. My leaving was blessed, I made peace with hannah but not for relationship. My dad sent the sum of 250k to my account while my mum gave me 50k cash and lots of clothes from the boutique, in no time I was at the airport ready to leave. I hugged my mum as well as cindy, waved them bye and headed to the check in desk. I was delayed for about an hour more before we finally took off as the atmosphere wasn’t that good but finally I arrived enugu soundly but it took a little while……..


    Emeka and kimkom my number one goons helped me carried my bag till me got to where the vehicle was parked, after putting my luggage into the booth we hopped in and drove off

    ‘’jake the city boy see as you just fresh this few weeks you left us’’ said kimkom

    ‘’[laughing] abeg no whine me , I no fresh anything thank God say I no die sef if you see wetin do me’’

    ‘’ what happened??’’ emeka asked with his amazing hairstyle

    ‘’I go fight the guy come beat me hell come throw me for glass wey tear me die’’

    ‘’I no say na girl matter make you fight’’ emeka said

    ‘’normal normal jake the women fighter’’ kimkom added

    ‘’mtcheeew’’ I hissed

    ‘’wait oo emeka this one wey you were gucci from head to toe wetin happened’’

    ‘’oh I no tell you’’ he said laughing with kimkom

    ‘’you won hear???’’nkimkom asked

    ‘’you guys should tell me na’’

    To be continued……
    Written by konami…..

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    Emperor konamiEmperor konami
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    EPISODE 23
    PART A

    ‘’so guys tell me na’’

    ‘’who else if not my queen, my angel aunty shania’’ emeka said in a happy tune

    ‘’havent she told you to call her shania and remove the aunty’’

    ‘’oh that’s true shania my baby girl’’

    I felt like killing the both of them , imagine some one who is old enough to be emeka’s elder sister. Something must be wrong with this boys

    ‘’wait ooo na that woman wey don reach to be your abi our elder sister you dey call baby’’

    ‘’before nko she fit be 50 ooo that one no concern me she still be my baby’’

    ‘’ehn na so far the money dey come’’ kimkom added

    ‘’chai who do una this kind thing only God know were the money dey come from’’ I said while they all bursted into laughter

    ‘’see ehn jake that same shania don connect me with her friend nneka chai the woman sweet come see back side and she get money no be small’’ kimkom said

    ‘’space still dey oo you fit join us oooo you cant be depending on your fathers money or chasing all this small small girls that will implicate you one day’’ emeka said

    Chai in the process of repenting and leaving my old life now I have come back to this two devil children I thought

    ‘’na una sabi me am not involved’’ I said honestly .

    We changed topic and started talking of other things till we got home. Mama was very happy to see me as she gave me several hugs. That night was interesting because mama cooked special meal for me which I have eaten last in a long while, we discussed lot of things till I finally retired to bed.

    The next day the first person to wake me up was anita with her calls, I was very surprised when she asked me how was my journey the previous day , is this girl a witch I thought after long discussion with her she told me to come to her house that day since my grandma doesn’t allow visitors in our house. I accepted the offer and it was as if she should go mad , after another set of discussion we ended the call while I sat upright on my bed and quickly remembered something emeka told me the previous night
    ‘’guy did you know that since you left this village you are the talk of the town among teenages and youth’’ emeka said


    ‘’the city boy who betrayed his girlfriend by proposing to her enemy in her present’’ emeka said as the statement strucked my heart like a thunder

    ‘’wait wait guy are you serious about this??”’

    ‘’staay there na what they are just waiting for is to see you come back to this village and people will start pointing saying that is the heartless city boy’’

    ‘’no problem that one is their business’’ I said climbing the bed
    Back to present====
    I remembered the tigers and I smiled , looked up the roof and muttered some words ‘’anita is the causeof all this right, she wants love no problem I will give her love but I promise anita that I will spoil and destroy her life to the extend that she will regret this day’’ I said stood up and headed to the sitting room.

    At exactly 12pm I got dressed with one of my expensive clothes, called kimkom to meet me at the bustop in order to take me to anita’s house. About five minutes later kimkom arrived while we started our journey. I called anita on phone to direct me which she did with joy, in less than an hour we arrived a well built bungalow green in colour wasn’t fenced. Kimkom and I alighted while I called her that we were outside her house, anita came out of the building with a bum shot and a sleevless top….

    ‘’jake!!!!!’’ she shouted as she ran and hugged me’’

    PART B=====

    ‘’jake I have missed you a lot, wow you are looking more handsome’’ she said while I blushed and made a quick sign to kimkom

    ‘’boss I will be in the vehicle waiting’’ kimkom said and left

    ‘’who is he??’’ anita asked

    ‘’don’t tell me you don’t know kimkom my driver’’

    ‘’wow so you have a driver, I thought the guy who use to come and pick you was your uncle or relation’’

    ‘’oh no he is my driver, you are also looking splendid’’

    ‘’stop flatering me’’

    ‘’like seriously am not flattering you, I never you knew you were this beautiful’’

    ‘’hmmm now you know, lets go inside joor’’

    We went inside the well funished house, the house was really beautiful with executive interiors. I made myself comfortable by sitting in a sofa , while she went inside probably the kitchen. Suddenly my principal came out and saw me in her sitting room

    ‘’jake how are you??’’

    ‘’am fine ma’’

    ‘’hope there is no problems???’’

    ‘’not at all ma I just came visiting’’

    ‘’ok that’s good of you, am on my way to the school make yourselve comfortable’’

    ‘’thank you ma’ I said while she left

    Few minutes later jane came to the sitting room and was very surprised to see me

    ‘’ senior jake!!’’ she said in awe

    ‘’cmon call jake forget the senior stuff how are you??’’

    ‘’as you can see am doing well’’

    ‘’I can see it, that’s good’’

    ‘’ hey whats happening here????’’ anita asked with a tray of chivita and glass cup

    ‘’nothing much, you all are looking good’’

    ‘[smiling] thanks’’ anita said putting down the tray

    ‘’why do you have to disturb yourselve am ok’’

    ‘’don’t say that for God sake this is the first time you are coming to my house’’

    ‘’if you say so lets eat’’

    We ate together and at the same time gisting about different things but I wasn’t that concerntrating as I was admiring jane anita’s sister , I was already liking the girl. Could this love or lust I thought , we continued our gist until jane started giving me some seductive flash light but anita didn’t notice. At a point it was already too much so I decided to take my leave

    ‘’anita I will be on my way now’’

    ‘’but you havent stayed long’’ she said childishly

    ‘’yea I have something to catch up with but I will see you later’’

    ‘’ok let me escort you’’ she said leading the way

    As soon as we got outside the house, I called her to a corner holding her hands and looking into her eyes

    ‘’anita am so sorry for all that I have done to you in the past, am sorry for hurting your feelings… now I realise my mistakes , I love you so much and I promise to take care of you’’

    ‘’wait wait jake are you serious oh my God jake I love you I love you I love you’’ she said happily jumping on me while I carried her and kissed her passionately . I felt my heart pierced sharply and a tiny voice saying ‘’why are you betraying chioma’’ I felt very sad and heart broken but I replied the voice saying
    ‘’not intentional but doing this for a reason’’

    ‘’I will give you a call’’ I said entering my honda pilot

    ‘’bye my love’’ she said as kimkom started the engine and drove away……

    The remaining days of the week was fun and Interesting as kimkom , emeka and I were just flexing round the village , since I came back to the village guilt hasn’t allow me to visit or call chioma and I know she must have heard that am back. Finally it was Monday the day of school resumption


    The atmosphere was very tensed that morning, I was fully dressed in my amicable dark blue and white uniform . in no time kimkom arrived to take emekA and I to school while we hopped into the vehicle and drove off, we were half way gone when we came across the last person I wanted to see. I bent low to avoid the person from seeing me but my foolish cousin emeka told kimkom to stop…….


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    who be the person

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    Who’s that

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    Wu else if not chioma?

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    Hmmmm chioma

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