ALIKE (short story)

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    episode 1-2
    I have gone to live with grandma for the meantime, Because no one ever notice me if am around or not even my parents doesn’t… sometimes I don’t blame them, having so much kids and am just the 7th and older than four and how to get us fed and sheltered is enough trouble for them,
    we are eleven, nine are from my both parents while the other two came from my mum, before she got married to my dad..
    So the house is always busy and we sometime wish some people can just disappear so that we can feel important, seven girls and four boys is big enough plus mum and dad making it thirteen… so if some people can just go away …the house won’t be so crowded and no one has to feel he or she is more or less important or most favorite.
    I like going over to grandma who lives in the village at least I will be far from competition, noise and crowded house. No one will notice am gone or even miss me because back in the house everyone is busy with their business so that you don’t get into another person’s trouble, thank God my parents put a ban for fighters like my tiger and Tigris sisters and brothers,
    you will be starved for 2days after which you will pay a fin, everyone avoids this because nobody want to be starve for a whole 2days and still pay after been starved, the only thing we do is to shout at each other and write down offences in a book which we present to dad ones he comes back he will be the one to carry out the punishment accordingly, we avoid getting into anybody’s book but ones in a while we fall into a set trap… well there are some things you can’t escape when you have siblings like mine
    Dad is a civil servant and mom owns a big buka, where she sales food and drinks, which she runs with the help of my other three siblings, they made it clear to us that ones we graduate from college the rest is up to us, to do whatever we want to do with our lives, learn a trade, work or even furthering of education, it becomes our responsibility not theirs, but they will strive hard and make sure we complete our college education, put food on the table, pay bills, cloth and shelter us, that’s where there strength stops.
    If possible they will support us in any way they can but nobody should put hope on them.
    They tried to keep to their word. Sometimes my two elder siblings assist with some things at home but the rest only thinks of themselves, I also assist sometimes when I have.
    Only one of my elder sister is married, another one is engaged… I sometime wish I will also find that special someone who can make my heart skip, I will marry him and that will be the end of my sibling war, but I’m young and still have a lot to achieve
    After my college I tried doing a lot of things so that I can return to school, but nothing was working out, I worked in two different places but I just can’t save up.
    I will be 20 by October and we are still in July, i cant wait to be 20years, the years are too slow, i wish it can be faster, maybe if am twenty years things will begin to fall in place for me
    The last place I worked was in a factory, the factory engine almost chopped off my hand if not that i was saved on time …
    so after the incident I have to resign from there and since then I haven’t had much things coming my way,
    I was becoming bored, staying at home and searching for job,
    I needed something to keep me busy,
    I ones had a boyfriend who was never serious, neither was I, I was actually trying to see what having a boyfriend feels like, it was never love… the relationship looks unserious so I stopped seeing him. And haven’t dated after then, I imagined what love could feel like, sometimes I like being on my own, to just fantasies on my dream man, what he will look like, the kind of occupation he will fits into, how romantic he will be, how many kids we will have. The imagination I planted on my head is always beautiful, sometimes I just love being in the future with the dream man I created on my head but whenever my siblings disturbed me while I’m enjoying a happy moment with my imagination man, I will get so angry with them,
    I Try to make meaning out of my life… I guided my heart with all diligent so that I don’t fall a victim to love and end up loving the wrong person, i don’t believe in heartbreak, I don’t believe any man can break my heart, if it doesn’t work out I will peacefully walk away, love is not by force,I cannot be heartbroken for any man, is not worth it …
    it has been like that for me until I visited my grandma…
    So it was on this day I met him,
    grandma has been having waist pain… so she sent me to the chemist to get some drugs for her and this particular guy was at the chemist I have being seeing him and anytime I saw him my heart always skip… I was like his secret admirer but he never noticed me..
    Right there at the chemist my heart started skipping so fast because I can smell him… he smells of sweat… I was standing close to him deliberately… I liked him right from the first day I saw him playing football with his friends I watched him and also saw him at the market place I intentionally moved close to him but he still did not notice me.
    Right here at the chemist, I was happy he came and was close to me… I kept inhaling his smell like a dog, as crazy as it may sound I was enjoying myself… But he never turned to looked me, he was very handsome, and have fine body built, he was really cute,
    I was admiring him until without any atom of shame or shyness he asked the chemist to give him 2 packs of condom. The chemist smiled and throw jokes at him…
    “it looks like you have a match to play in bed this evening …?
    Yes oo.. Big match… there’s one naughty girl I want to arrange tonight and I need a lot of protection…. Hahahahaha… Because it will be all night match…
    they both kept laughing as i kept thinking of what he want to do with the two pack, I was frozen.. My smile dyed off and my leg began to shake.. I held onto the wood close to me in other not to fall.. the chemist noticed my discomfort and stopped laughing he gave him sign to stop laughing…he quickly turned to me and looked at me as if I don’t exist… just a mere look he gave me I felt goose bomb all over me, I begin to wonder what is it about the guy that gives me so much discomfort, that makes me want to go crazy
    “na wetin you dey look, na Virgin you be..? Abi you never see codom before… You be fine girl sha…na your type I dey like… But you no fit give me the style I dey like for bed…you go dull my moral… See as you dress as if na you holy pass…
    I felt so disappointed as i listen to him talk to me in that manner, I didn’t reply him, He left after paying for his stuff. I looked at my Long skirt and see there’s nothing wrong with my dressing,
    The chemist man cleared his throat and asked me what i wanted to buy but I can’t remember what I wanted to buy again as I stood thinking of the drugs grandma has sent me to buy…

    episode 2
    ALIKE, Episode 2.
    “Buy okro we Will mix it with that small ogbono that is left, then buy smoked fish, pepper, onions and maggi from the market, we have every other thing… Go and get paper and write it down so that you won’t forget like the other day I send you to the chemist to buy me drugs, you came back with something else..totally different from what i sent you to buy…because you forgot which made you to go back twice… Alike go and write the list of item you are going to buy in the market… And please keep the money safe, So that you won’t forget again or end up buying another thing… Or even losing money ..I won’t be happy if you do such mistake again…I don’t have money to be sending you on an errand twice for same thing.. Go and write it down now…
    ” ah ah grandma I’m not a child na…I will remember everything…I don’t need to write it down when is just 5 items, they are very simple to remember… I can’t forget this one grandma… Even if they are up to 10 items I will still remember all.. I’m not forgetful.. I use to be one of the best in my class when I was in school…I was very good in cramming things into my head… So you see grandma this items are even very small for me not to remember, Let me take bag and be on my way…
    I left for the market happy, I put the money into the bag I was having since my cloth does not have pockets, I was cramming all the item into my head, wanting to prove to my grandma that I’m not forgetful, what happened with the drugs was unexpected and it won’t happen again, that boy that even made me to forget what I was sent to buy was a stupid boy, he Even insulted my dressing.
    I don’t even know why I liked him at first… Maybe because he fit into my dream Man, he was cute and the Man that i imagined myself with must be very I thought that boy was going to be the man..and I was so disappointed…
    I was still in my thoughts when I heard somebody whistling behind me from a distance, I turned and he was the one again, my heart Skip, he beckoned on me to stop, I looked away and started working so fast, as fast as my leg could carry, my heart was beating faster, I looked down on my Long skirt and begin to wish it was shorter, I wish I wore a short skirt because he mocked my Long skirt at the chemist place the other day, maybe I would have also applied small makeup to look more beautiful, if I try to adjust my skirt now he will see me, I robbed hand on my face to smoothen it, just within a second he was already walking beside me
    “Hey..i was calling you to stop… You no hear me dey whistle?… All this town girls wey dey like to form nonsenses…na village you dey now.. no be town, so you better behave because na we dey run things for here.. Wahala no dey sha… So na wetin be your name..
    I looked at him and rolled my eyes before making a loud sigh, he was still smelling of sweat, he hard a mischievous Smile tug at one Corner of his mouth, he sounded so authoritative and he was already pissing me off, i continued were I was going…I wanted to tell him my name but I wanted him to asked me politely,
    ” I dey ask you question you dey give me attitude, you know who I be?…this girl….you dey take me play o..
    He was surprised as I turned and answer him, his nonsense was getting too much for me
    “Who are you, ant abi na cockroach, which one are you exactly, because you are nothing, just some village boy that can’t speak common English ..? Eeehn…I don’t want to say my name is it by force… Why are you trying too hard to be what you are not… Leave me alone please, I don’t have time for village boys like you..
    “Ah ah…you too dey vex.. na play I dey play na, calm down, your blood too dey boil, abeg no be fight… I can speak English only that I prefer the pidgin, especially when I’m with my guys, I’m use to it through, baby you are too harsh, I only speak pidgin when I want to show myself, Okay let me get serious, I like you.. My name is Huna, I’m sorry to disturb, but you are new around here that’s why you don’t know me, I’m very popular in this village, girls are always tripping for me, i don’t approach girls, they approach me, but I really like you that’s why I came up to you because you are special, what is your beautiful name… Where do you live and where are going to
    ” whatever ”
    “Is whatever your real name…
    I boast out laughing and he joined in, I was already feeling special as he said I was special for him to have approached me, and even happy he can even speak English not only pidgin.. I smiled shyly before saying
    ” how can whatever be my name, I’m Alike, i live with my grandma and I’m going to the market..
    Huna walked with me to the market, I forgot all my worries about him and felt relax as we talk and laughed, he even helped me to carry my bag, I was already loving him and his company, I forgot all about the incident at the chemist, I laughed at things that was funny and things that was not funny, I was enjoying the moment with Huna my crush.
    as we got to the market, we were touring the market, I have forgotten the things Grandma sent me to buy, just being in Huna’s company can make you forget everything,
    he handed the bag to me and said he was going to somewhere he will check me up later, he left quickly,
    I started listing things that I was sent to buy on my Head, but stop after three items, I mentioned crayfish, Maggi and dry fish, Wait…is it dry fish or smoked fish, I can’t remember again, then I remembered the fourth item, was it ogbono or okro Grandma sent me to buy, I remember she mentioned ogbono and okro but which one I’m I going to buy among the two,
    if i know I would have written it down,
    so I went ahead to buy the items that I remembered, as I bought crayfish and deep ma hand inside the bag to collect money to pay, I did not see any money, the money was all gone, I scattered my bag and search my cloths but there was nothing, the woman collected back her crayfish from me as I was searching for money,
    I was confuse, the bag where the money is does not have a hole, so how did the money fall off without me and Huna noticing, I don’t have any money to replaced it, Grandma has already warned me of not having another money to waste, what I’m I suppose to do, I can’t go back to my grandma empty handed with the excuse of losing money, how can this happen when I’m not a child,
    I decided to go back to the road I came from probably I will see it before somebody picks it, if I don’t see it then I will wait for Huna to come and see if I can borrow money from him, I Will beg him and will pay him back as soon as possible, but what if is Huna that took the money without me knowing, if he stole the money then he has crashed my heart for the second time,
    Well I don’t think he will stoop so low to steal the little money that my grandma sent me to the market with,
    I went in search of the money, my grandma will kill me if i don’t find it because she warned me very well before I left for the market….


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    Mumu girl…he stole ur money
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    Seated here bring it on

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    This mumu don get degree. How can you be so foolish?

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    Get ready for your grandma. You will tell her what you were thinking

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