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    ALIYAH ?
    Written By: Ayomikun Bam

    “…. What will I do without your sad mouth… Calling me in and you killing me out… You’ve got my head skipping… No kissing….I can kill you…” She sang as she washed her clothes.

    “Aliyah! Stop! Just stop! Is it a must you sing, ehn?” Her elder brother, Haq barked at her, cutting her short from the trash she was singing. “You’ll just be uttering trash! Are you a kid? I’ll stop playing music in this house now. It’s high time I buy earpiece. Olodo” He continued, angry with the way she twisted song.
    “Ahn ahh brother Haq, shebi you’ll correct me na. You know that’s my best song” She said. She Already stopped washing as she watched her brother mad at her.
    “Why would you choose that as your best song? Spoiling someone’s song with that your stupid mouth. How many times do I have to put you through? It’s “What will i do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in…”
    “Okay. Okay. Yes, I get it now” She nodded positively not letting her brother complete his words.
    Haq sighed and continued with the car he was cleaning. He had corrected her times without number but she won’t heed. “Fish” He muttered under his breath.

    Aliyah. Her name is Aliyah. She was the third born in her family. Born into a family of 4, two boys two girls. Her parents weren’t rich nor poor. They belong to the middle class. Her mother is a doctor while her dad heads as the General manager of an oil company. (We’ll talk about that later) At the age of 16, Aliyah already had the look and shape of Kim Kardashian buh everything was hidden under her large clothes and hijab. It wasn’t as if Aliyah was dull or something but Aliyah just don’t take things too serious. She’s nice, pretty (When talking bout pretty, Aliyah is beautiful. Especially when she puts on her hijab. God really took time to create her.) Brainy (Talking About Aliyah being wise and brainy, even her parents and peers found it hard to believe. They often wonder how she pass with excellent, not good grades, excellent grades in school) Naughty, popular, jovial, fun to be with and wierd sometimes.

    “What will I do without your smart mouth…” She sang and paused, turning her head in order to see her brother’s reaction. She grinned mischievously as she saw him smile. “…. Draw… Drawing in me in… In.. A beautiful card” She stammered as she tried to remember.
    “You’re cursed! Ha! Aliyah, when will you have sense bayii…” Her brother asked, frustrated. Aliyah formed a childish look, pouting her lips. “Abi what kind of human being are you? Assuming the music isn’t one of my favorite, it won’t hurt me that yah spoiling it, making me lose interest in it. Just now that i…” He continued buh was interrupted by Hameed, the last born in the house.
    “Aunty Aliyah, Uncle joseph is calling you” He delivered the message and ran inside almost immediately.
    “Joe… Joe boy don dead…” She sang as she hurried inside not making contact with her angry brother.
    “Chai! Aswear, yah gone! Let Joe boy fans hear you. You’ll find his corpse” Haq shouted at her. “Mad girl” He added.


    “Uncle, yah calling me” Aliyah said childishly, grinning. She liked Uncle Joe so much. Why else would she like him for? He gives her money of course.
    Uncle Joseph is her daddy’s brother. He came to visit em’.
    Uncle Joe looked at her, yawning. He was just waking up. “I’m hungry, Liyah”
    “Eeee! Me too o. In fact, the kind hunger wey dey yarn me pass your own.” She said in pidgin.
    Uncle joy smiled. That was one reason why he liked her, she’s always free with people. She says her mind.
    “I’m not sure your mom will be back this morning. Is there still noodles in the store?”
    “Hmm… No”
    “Okay. Take” He handed 2k to her “Go and get a pack and prepare some for everyone when you’re back”
    “Okay, uncle” She smiled collecting the money. She knew he won’t collect the change.
    “Jesus, you love me too much o…. Too much o, too much o excellence o” She sang rubbish as she went out feeling happier.
    “Where are you going?” Haq asked. He was through washing the car and was cleaning it.
    “I want to go and buy noodles” Aliyah answered, still smiling.
    “Is it out of store?”
    “Yes.” She answered “Shebi is you that even finish everything. You prepared a feast for your friends, on Friday. Shey you have forgotten?” She added.
    Haq continued with his cleaning. He knew better than to reply her. He wasn’t in the mood to start a convo with her. No one wins against her. She can argue for Africa.
    “Eh! Wait!” Haq suddenly shouted as he remembered something. Aliyah was almost out of the compound. “Who will prepare the noodles?”
    Aliyah grinned. She knew where he was driving at. “It’s me na”
    Haq spit on the floor. “I’ll rather remain hungry than eat a food prepared by you. I’m not ready to die young”
    Aliyah burst out laughing rolling out of the compound. She laughed hard as she remembered the reason why her brother won’t eat her food.


    The whole family were present at home. Aliyah’s dad and mom were watching a Tv program while Aliyah’s elder sister, Aisha and her elder brother, Haq were busy operating their phones.
    Hameed was in the kitchen with Aliyah. Aliyah was busy preparing spaghetti while Hameed gave her a helping hand. That was her first time preparing a meal for the family. Her mother had returned late from work with Aisha. They were both tired. She was the only option available in order not to sleep in hunger.
    “Aunty, is it enough?” Hameed asked as he losed the wrap of the maggi with him.
    “No, lose five more” She answered as she grilled the pepper.
    “Making 25 Maggi”

    Aroma of the spaghetti escaped the kitchen. It filled everywhere. Aliyah’s parent had lost interest in the movie. Aisha and Haq couldn’t concentrate on what they were doing. Each and everyone stomach rumbled like thunder. The worms in their stomach fought angrily waiting for what they perceived to come in. Mouths watered. If only they knew.
    Few minutes later. Aliyah announced that food’s ready. Haq was the first to reach the dining table.
    Aliyah served all. It was as if the whole family had been starving. They devoured the food hungrily, losing all table manners.
    “Yummy” Aliyah’s dad said.
    Aliyah smiled.
    “Aliyah… To be honest, this is the best thing you’ve ever done ever since you were born” Haq praised.
    “Awwwwn…. Thanks big bro”
    “My sister is growing big” Aisha said, smiling. “Wife material o”
    Aliyah blushed.
    Mrs. Ridoh, Aisha’s mother was silent. The food was way too delicious and she could perceive nothing buh too much ingredients. She smiled and stared at Aliyah. “At least, she filled their empty tummy.” She muttered.
    She stopped eating and cleaned her mouth. Haq assisted her in consuming it. Everyone was through with their meal. Haq was even asking for more.
    Now, the hunger had totally subsided. Everyone sat still, taking a breath. Suddenly, the air changed from good aroma to bad scent. Someone had pollute the air.
    “And who’s that demented numerated miscreant?” Mr. Ridoh fired as everyone ran out of the dining space to the sitting room.
    “I’m sorry” Hameed apologized.
    Everyone burst out laughing as they tried to catch their breath.
    “I want to go and poo poo” Hameed added.
    “No o, I’m going in first” Mr. Ridoh said “Go to your brother’s room and use his toilet. “I think I’m too filled up”
    Mr. Ridoh said and moved upstairs to his room while Hameed followed.
    “Hameed!” Haq called out “Wait! Is like I want to poo poo too o” Haq said as his tummy rumbled in anger.
    “What’s happening?” Aisha asked. She wasn’t feeling comfortable. She felt pain in her stomach.
    Mr. Ridoh stopped in his track. All eyes turned to Aliyah who was busy laughing. She stopped immediately as she saw them glaring at her. “What?”
    “What did you put in the food?” Mr. Ridoh asked knowing Aliyah is always up to something always.
    “Nothing oo.” She answered, shaking her head.
    “Aliyah, how many Maggi did you use to cook the food?” Mrs. Ridoh asked as she had been suspicious the ingredients were much.
    “Just 25 Maggi o and…”
    “Haaa!” The whole house screamed. “25!”
    “Walahi! Aliyah have kill us” Mr. Ridoh lamented as he quickly ran up to his room before he mess up.
    “Aliyah, why? Two spaghetti twenty five Maggi” Haq said as if he was about to cry. He held his buttock with his two hands tightly and ran up the stairs.
    That day was one of the days the Ridoh’s family won’t ever forget. Everyone except Mrs. Ridoh who ate little and used drugs immediately almost had their intestine purged out. No one dared to eat her food again. Not even a tea prepared by her.


    She heard her name being called, jolting her out of her thought. She looked back and saw her best friend, Tife running towards her.
    Tife had been her friend since childhood. Tife was also an epitome of beauty but nothing compared to Aliyah’s. Even though she puts on tight fitted dresses, aliyah was way more pretty than her. Tife is also slim buh had little body curve. Fair and tall. She wasn’t as mischievous as Aliyah neither is she as brainy as Liyah buh she was okay on her own. They had other friends buh they weren’t that close to them.
    “What are you thinking?” Tife Asked after meeting up with her “Or you’re in another trouble?” She asked again
    Aliyah eyed her. “Later, they’ll say I have bad mouth o. Your mouth like something that they use to s--k d--k”
    “Ehn. Which one is “Or you’re in another trouble?” Is like wire want to shock you for me.” Liyah continued jokingly.
    Tife hit her jokingly and ran.
    “Ha! Werey. Wait for me o” Aliyah Smiled as she chased Tife.
    Tife stopped, trying to catch her breath. Aliyah was meeting up with her. She now held a small stone with her. When she saw Tife, she smiled and threw the stone at her. It missed as Tife dodge bending down and the stone hit a mad man.
    “Yeeeee! Oiii! Onamenamename yoo!” The mad man shouted ranting rubbish. He turned and saw them. He took a step forward, slide sideways, took another step while pointing at Tife who was backing the mad man while Aliyah watched. Without warning, the mad man raced towards them.
    “Tife! Ruunnn!” Aliyah screamed as she took to her heels.
    Your likes and opinion will determine the next episode. Follow me for more updates. Thanx.

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    ALIYAH ?
    Written By: Ayomikun Bam

    “The day is bright… It’s bright and fair… Oh happy day….” Students chorused as they marched into their classes respectively.
    The day was truly bright and fair. The students uniform made up of white and green shined bright making the day looks almost perfect.
    Tife and Aliyah laughed as they entered their class. They were discussing about the chase by the mad man. They’d split up when the mad man who seems like he was enjoying the race didn’t stop.
    They both settle down in their various seat and continued their discussion. The class was noisy. Who are you to blame them? It was a Monday morning and each student has one gist or the other.
    “Good morning sir” A voice greeted. There was disorder amongst the student as they tried to sit down in order while those who were on seat already searched for who was greeted.
    It was a prank played by Tife. Even Aliyah was surprised when she saw no teacher enter.
    Some students hummed, some hissed, some laughed while some were angry cause they fell for it.
    “Don’t mind her, please. She forgot to use her drug” Aliyah joked. The students laughed and continued what they were doing.
    “Birds of the same feather” A girl by the name Folakemi said, referring to Aliyah and Tife.
    Students who heard what folakemi said glanced at Aliyah. They knew she was always ready. This was one of the moments they like.
    Aliyah said nothing. She was so engrossed in the gist. She shunned her and faced Tife, laughing hilariously.
    That got those who were waiting for a show to happen surprised. They quickly continued what they doing.
    Folakemi wasn’t expecting that either and it seems Aliyah’s action hurt her. She thought of what to say again. A smile ran across her face. She stood up and walked towards the white board and wrote on it “GIST HOUR: ALIYAH AND BOLUWATIFE WERE CHASED BY A MAD MAN” She walked back to her seat smiling as students laughed, while some waited for aliyah’s reaction.
    Someone tapped Aliyah and pointed to the writing. They were surprised to see that.
    “Who wrote it?” Tife asked boiling with anger.
    “Folake” Almost all the class answered.
    Aliyah stood up and stood in front of the class. She bowed down in a funny way, smiling. The whole class burst into laughter.
    “First of all…” Aliyah started
    “Introduction!” The class chorused
    She smiled and stated narrating the events. The whole class was now rowdy. Students laughed out loud, some rolled on the floor, tears rolled out as they listened to Aliyah’s gist or Better still call it her experience over the weekend. Even Tife who was angry was laughing.
    “…. But little did i know that Abandoned project saw us that day. Abandoned project, thanks for creating the show” Aliyah ended the story, referring to Folakemi probably because she was short. She bowed again.
    The students couldn’t help themselves. Even the corridor was filled with some students listening to Aliyah’s gist. It was as if everyone present there inhaled laughing gas.
    Folake wished she didn’t start this. Not only did she make Aliyah a source of joy to students that morning buh she had also gotten a bad nickname from her. She knew that’s the name she’s gonna get tagged.
    The students noise attracted the school staffs who were busy praying. The principal told a teacher to check what was happening.
    Few minutes later, everywhere was in order. The teacher assigned prefects to each class. Everyone settled down. Sounds of notes being flipped and little tones were heard.
    “Who wrote this?” The senior assigned to Sss2 Almond asked, pointing at the white board.
    “Na Abandoned project o” Chukwu, an ibo guy answered in pidgin. Rounds of laughter followed.
    “Come and kneel down here” The prefect ordered chukwu for speaking pidgin English. The students laughed again at Chukwu’s fate.
    “And who’s Abandoned project?” The senior asked.
    Fingers pointed at Folake. Folake slowly stood up. She wished she didn’t come to school that day.
    “Come here and clean this”
    Folake sluggishly went and cleaned it.


    The bell rang indicating it’s time to go for break. Students cheered as they trooped out but it was an entire different story for Sss2 Almond. They were stucked in the biology laboratory. Their teacher had ignored the bell and continued teaching. The students were fed up but couldn’t express it.
    The biology teacher, Mr. Daomi was a strict man. Students feared him and respect him. A no nonsense man entirely.
    Tife rested her head on Liyah’s shoulder. She was Fatigued. Aliyah was hungry and at the same time angry. She wished she had listened to her mother and ate breakfast. She had refused cause she didn’t want to get late.
    The whole lab echoed only of Mr. Daomi voice. The students only responded by nodding weakly. Aliyah glanced at her friend who was already sleeping.
    “Tife… Tife” Aliyah whispered.
    “Um mm…. What?” Tife answered weakly.
    “I have a plan”
    Tife face brightened. She gathered up her remaining energy.
    “What’s the plan?”
    “You’ll vomit”
    “I’ll vomit?”
    “What do I want to vomit?”
    “I don’t feel like vomiting na”
    “I’ll deep my hand inside your throat”
    “My throat? Is like your head is Paining you?” Tife hissed.
    Aliyah grinned. “Why is she out of idea?”
    “Hunger no good for body o” She didn’t know when she voiced the last sentence out.
    “Who is that?” Mr. Daomi roared.
    All eyes turned to Aliyah. That was when she realized she’s in for it.
    “I ask again, who is that idiot?” He thundered again.
    Aliyah lost it all. The hunger had lit up a fire of anger in her and Mr. Daomi was fueling it.
    “Sir, point of correction, I’m not an idiot.” Aliyah muttered.
    Mr. Daomi heard it. Students gasped in shock. An unknown aura filled the air. Tife couldn’t believe Aliyah couldn’t control her anger and had voiced out.
    Mr. Daomi walked towards Aliyah. He didn’t believe he heard that. Aliyah waited not and moved sideways taking enough step from the reach of Mr. Daomi.
    The more step Mr. Daomi took towards Aliyah, the more step she took faraway. Mr. Daomi shouted at her to stop but Aliyah refused.
    By now, the students were laughing loud as both of them were moving round the lab room.
    Mr. Daomi got exhausted. He stopped. He glanced at Aliyah while trying to catch his breath.
    “You… Meet… Meet me…in… The” He finally said. “Go” He added using his hand to direct the students.
    They cheered happily. Noisily as the talked about what happened while some felt sorry for Aliyah cause she had to meet the principal.
    “What are you going to do now?” Some of her friends asked her, gathering.
    “Biko, make i chop finish. As i dey so, my brain dey vacation” She answered, not even as Bothered as they were.


    “Now, young woman. Tell me, is it true?” The principal asked.
    Mr. Daomi had came to report her and they’d sent for her.
    “Yes sir, but it wasn’t intentional” Aliyah said in a calm tone. She had formed up a childish look, forming tears in her eyes.
    “Why did you do that?” The principal asked staring at Aliyah. He knew there must be a reason why. She looked so innocent to act like that. Moreso, he already checked her record and found out that she was a brilliant girl.
    “Sir, why would you ask her? She have no excuse to give. She’s a tyrant! An indefinite…” Mr. Daomi barked buh the principal interrupted him by raising his index finger.
    Aliyah went on to narrate what happened. She also added to it that she is suffering from ulcer and her eyes were almost shutting down. Tears rolled down her eyes now.
    The principal fell for that. He felt sorry for her. “Mr. Daomi, is it true you lectured them during the period they were supposed to rest and eat?” The principal asked making sure he wasn’t rising his tone.
    “Yes sir, I..”
    “It’s okay. Aliyah, you can go.”
    Aliyah stood up, knelt down and thanked the principal not after glaring at the biology teacher before leaving.
    “And make sure you don’t skip breakfast. It’s bad for your health” The principal added.
    “Mr. Daomi, what you did was wrong. Thank God you didn’t get the chance to scold her like you wanted to. She might give up right in your hands. Break time is essential….”
    Aliyah eavesdropped after shutting the door, listening to what the principal was saying. She smiled mischievously revealing her white set of teeth.
    “What a lucky day for me!” She almost shouted but quickly composed and left the Staff premises.
    To be continued….

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    Loving the story,bring it on

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    Continue pls

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    Episode 3

    ALIYAH ?
    Written By: Ayomikun Bam

    School was fun throughout the day. If not for anyone buh it was for Aliyah. She cracked jokes, made fun and gist.
    Soon, the bell rang signifying closing period. Students arranged and packed their stuff.
    Tife and Aliyah including some of their friends walked home together. Their gist seemed not to end.
    Soon, the sun grew hotter. They felt exhausted. Once they see any tree, they’d stop and rest.
    Aliyah wished she hadn’t spent all her money but she had to. Some of her friends were hungry and she had to pay for them.
    “Aliyah, you don tire o” Grace, one of her friends said.
    “Ajebo no dey get strength like that” Another one, Gift, said before Aliyah could say anything.
    “Na your papa wife no go get strength, werey omo ibo” Aliyah fired jokingly.
    They laughed and continued walking.
    After some minutes walk, Aliyah sighted a mango tree. She smiled mischievously.
    “Una see wetin I dey see” Aliyah asked
    “Your glory?” Gift asked
    Aliyah glared at her.
    “Wetin you see?” Tife asked
    “Una no see that mango wey dey inside that compound” Aliyah said, ignoring Gift.
    “Mtcheew… Shuu… See this one o” Gift said
    “Wetin happen?” Aliyah asked
    “No blame am. She no dey follow us trek na” Grace said
    “E be like say God wan confuse Una papa. Wetin happen na?”
    “Babe, na old soldier compound be that. The man stingy. E no get joy at all. The day wey we go beg, na whip im comot use chase us” Gift explained
    “Una don try to climb the tree, pluck am” Aliyah asked
    “Babe, forget that. Who wan try that? Make we waka joor” Gift said, pulling her hands.
    “This mango wey I see, I must taste am o” Aliyah said
    “Devil get mansion for your heart o. You wan die” Gift said, frustrated
    “Tife, grace, if I pluck this mango, Una go lick?”
    “Yes” Tife answered while grace nodded positively. They were exhausted and also needed something to replenish their energy. Passers by stared at wondering if the sun had no effect on them.
    “Even the mangoes sef dey call us” Tife added.
    “Death in mango form” Gift muttered.
    “Werey, shey you dey with us?” Aliyah asked
    “Ah no get choice na. 3 against 1” Gift surrendered.
    Aliyah smiled knowing she won and would taste the mango.
    “Make I check the building premises first” Aliyah said as they walked towards the building.
    The fence wasn’t that large and branches of the mangoes were outside, hanging on the fence but one would have to get on the fence first.
    After doing her survey. She took off her bag and gave Tife.
    “Tife, go stay across the road. If yawa gas, pick race” She said to Tife who collected her bag and ran across to stay at the other side of the road.
    “Grace, stay for the gate dey peep through the hole. Werey, dey pick the mango. First of all carry me for your shoulder make I climb the fence” She said “No lick am o” She added as she sat on Gift’s shoulder.
    “Girl, you get weight o. Wetin you dey chop?” Gift grunted
    Aliyah smiled as she got on the fence. She looked inside the building. It was large and beautiful buh not as large as theirs.
    “Babe, wetin you dey look na?” Gift asked
    Aliyah got hold of the branches and swing like a monkey. Gift was surprised. She never knew she could be so flexible.
    “Monkey o” Gift hailed
    Aliyah sat on the tree comfortably and took a breath before she started plucking the mangoes as fast as she could. She threw it down as she plucked it. The tree was full of leaves thereby blocking her from view. Only her could see clearly from above.
    “My bag don full o” Gift said but Aliyah didn’t hear. “Make I comot my book?” She asked but Aliyah didn’t hear her.
    “The man don come out o!” Grace raised the alarm and ran. Gift resounded the warning, carried her bag and took ran. Tife also heard them and ran. No one bothered to look back or wait.
    Meanwhile, Aliyah heard them buh she couldn’t escape quick as she was caught unaware by red ants. She had tried not to scream and was busy killing the ones that’s on her body. She felt a pain and whimpered. An ant had found it’s way under her hijab and had bitten her on the neck. Another one. Another one.
    “F--k shit!” She cursed silently as she removed her hijab. She gently, without letting the tree shake change her position. Now, she had a clear view of the whole compound.
    She could see the man sitting on a chair reading a newspaper. He doesn’t look old. Though he’s old but doesn’t look old. His beards were dyed and his face was plain.
    “E be like say this man don fight Biafra war o. See as him face stone.” She thought.
    “Chai! How I go comot here now? Evening don knack o. This girls no even get liver. Dem no fit wait for person” She lamented staring at the man who seemed to be enjoying his paper and wasn’t going in anytime soon.
    “And I never even taste the mango o. E fit no sweet Gan sef” She said as she plucked one and started peeling it making sure the peel doesn’t drop on the floor.
    “God no go shame us o”
    What’s going to happen next? Yawa don gas. .

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    Even for such dangerous situation you still get mouth lick mango

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    hmmmm getting interesting

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