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    The story below is an exclusive work of the author, ADEBIYI Deemola, the writer of that popular story, DIRTY GAME.

    All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a
    retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

    Note that this story is a fiction; the names and locations used were fictitious. Sequel to that, any resemblance is coincidence.

    You can contact the author via:
    08038195562 or schedule42012@gmail.com

    ******(EPISODE ONE)******
    “Hello, Tina. Where are you?” Shade asked on phone.

    “I’m on my way home. I just left my boyfriend’s house now. How was your exam?” Tina replied.

    “It was fine jawe. See, let me block you at home because I don’t have much on my phone.” Shade said in hurry to drop the call.

    “Alright. No problem.”

    Shade dropped the call and joined Tina at her place after some minutes.

    Tina was one and only daughter of a police. She lost her mother at the age of fifteen before her father was later transferred to Olodo town where she later completed her secondary school.

    She was a bossom friend of Shade who she couldn’t do without. They attended same secondary school together, but different courses. And they both got good results. In fact, almost same grades in each subject.

    Shade has taken Tina as her lord ever since she was being saved by her when a guy attempted to rape her then in lower class.

    Tina was only beautiful, she was also strong and courageous. She fear nothing but sway easily by emotions.

    “What’s is the matter? This your face looks pale. I could notice a glint of depression in your eyes. Is it that you didn’t write your post utme well or what happened?” Tina asked curiously, searching Shade’s eyes with full sense of concern.

    “Tina, I don’t think I will be able to continue with Tunde any longer.” Shade said sadly, looking away.

    “What? What happened? Did you catch him with a girl or what?” Tina asked anxiously.

    “No, I just don’t seem to understand him anymore. It seems he has gotten another lady and as a result toying with my feelings.” Shade replied.

    “Why did you say that? Could you just cut out the chase? Please, tell me something. What exactly is the issue?” Tina inquired, eager to know what exactly the issue was.

    “Could you remember I told you he demanded for sex some years back which I told him to let me finish my secondary school studies if at all we gonna do such?”

    “Yea. Vividly.” Tina replied and readjusted herself on her seat, then folded her arms across her chest, listening attentively.

    “Ever since then, Tunde never made any other attempt. Though, he shows me love and cares for me most especially while in public, with his friends, but whenever we are together in his room, he keeps distance away from me and always afford touching me. In fact, his today’s attitude pissed me off.”

    Shade paused. Her eyes were saturated with tears.

    “What did he do to you?” Tina asked nervously.

    “He showered me with love for the two days I spent with him during my stay for the examination. We even came home together from the School. His caring attitude during those two days couldn’t be overestimated which loosen my heart to receive his love. And I was expecting him to make the move when we finally got home today since his roommate was around at school which I thought it was the obstacle for him to touch me, but unfortunately, he just turned moody when we got to his house even when I was ready in my mind to keep my promise. Or was he expecting me to make the first move? Hell no! I can’t just do that.” Shade lamented bitterly.

    Tina took a deep breath and kept mute for like a minute, then forced a smile out before she spoke out.

    “Shade, do you believe that it is dangerous to be afraid of taking risk than taking risk? I was once a victim of this type of circumstance. That was exactly what happened between that my guy I lost his contact and I.

    “Only that what works for Taiwo might fail Kehinde. It is all about risk. What I did then was that I tried to challenge him and when there was no positive result, then I made the first move myself which brought our relationship back to normal before we were later separated by inevitable bitter circumstance.” Tina said, and heaved heavily and then closed her eyes for a moment which got Shade lost.

    She looked down and buried her head in her palms. Her eyes were saturated with tears. She felt like crying, but held her emotion.

    Shade was totally lost, confused and couldn’t know next line of action to take. She felt like asking her about the story but her instinct held her back. She was interested in hearing what rendered her helpless, but she thought that was not the right time for her to ask. She stood up from her seat and walked towards her sluggishly, then lifted her face before consoling her.

    “I’m very sorry to tender you a case that takes you back to a sad memory lane. I never saw it coming. We never discussed anything about your past before. I’m very sorry in case I’ve hurt you. You just have to let go your past and focus on the present for better future.” Shade rendered her words which calmed her down.

    Tina also felt like spitting her mind out at that very moment but she couldn’t just say it.

    After some minutes, Shade left for her house when she received an urgent call from her mother.



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    This’s cool, ride on.

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    “What could have been the problem? How did she even know I’m now around? This is unusual! Something must be wrong”

    A lot of thoughts filled Shade’s head while she was on her way back home. She would have taken a bike to fast track her movement but none was available. She paced very fast as her legs could carry her and got home after some minutes.

    Shade met her mother in the sitting room with her arms akinbo, wandering around. Her heart beat increased geometrically while looking at her mother’s stances.

    “I’m here ma.” Shade finally spoke out with tremble in her voice.

    Her mother turned around. The look on her face dragged out happiness out of Shade’s life. She looked helpless like a wounded lion that has lost its claws and teeth.

    Shade was the Apple of her mother’s eyes. Words only couldn’t express how much her mother loved her, but yet, she never tolerated any act of indiscipline from her. This was so because she was the only female and last born of the family. And also, she happened to be the only brilliant one. Her two other older brothers were dullards. They couldn’t get their O’ level results completely let alone of furthering.

    “Where did you go to since you came back from Ibadan and where are you coming from?” She asked, searching Shade’s eyes, expecting her to lie.

    “Emm, Tunde’s house ma.”

    Shade was panicked. She wished to say the truth but she has been warned by her mother not to mingle with Tina again.

    Shade’s mother stopped Tina from coming to her house and warned Shade from going to her when she suspected her sons were having crush on her. And she believed Shade could be an intermediary between them.

    Sequel to that, Shade had no other alternative than to mention somewhere else if she didn’t want to experience excruciating punishment. But where would she say she was just coming from?

    Shade’s mother eyes bulged out of there sockets like that of a dragonfly when she heard Shade’s response. She couldn’t believe her ears.

    “Eeen! Where did you say you went to? Tunde’s house or where?” She interrogated while looking at her disappointedly.

    Shade was sorted of words. She stood shamelessly, scratching her own neck with left hand while her eyes blinked like that of analog wristwatch. She knew her mother knew the truth, but she just had to say something.

    “Can’t you talk?” Her mother barked at her.

    “So you too have cultivated the habit of lying, en? Eni to ba paro ma jale ( whoever lies will definitely steal ). Haa, Shaaaaade! Now, tell me where have you been since you left Shola’s house?”

    Shade couldn’t withstand the pressure mounted on her any longer and she decided to say the truth so as to set her mind free.

    “Em, en, Ti , Ti, Tina.” She said stammeringly and took some steps backward, preparing herself to flee in case her mother made any attempt to catch her.”

    “Eeen! Despite all the warnings? Did you grow your ears for decoration? I pray you don’t implicate yourself with your adamant attitude.”

    She paused a bit and was a bit calmed. She felt like beating her initially, but she later gave it second thought, after all, she said the truth. Aside from that, she has been warned by Shade’s father not to lay her hands on her ever since the day she fainted and later woke up on a hospital bed after two days when she was been beating by her.

    “Now, listen and listen good, never and ever in your life, I repeat, never and ever in your life do you go to Tunde and Tina’s house again. But you can just try me if you have two heads.

    Move to the kitchen and prepare what to eat tonight jare. Oni ranu.” She warned emphatically.

    Shade quickly found her way to kitchen within a tick. She placed her left hand on her chest with her eyes gently closed and heaved heavily. She was relieved and happy for not got beaten by her mother, but sad with her condemnation.

    “Why would mum stop me from visiting Tunde? What could have been the issue? Even her reactions when I came around was suspicious. Something must be fishing.”

    She pondered over the issue. Her mind was not at rest and she became restless as she engaged herself in the cooking. When her mind couldn’t resist the worry any longer, she dialed Tunde’s number… And she got more worried when there was no response from the other end after several attempts.

    “Oh my God! Where did he drop his phone now? Or is there anything wrong?” She asked rhetorically.

    She decided to dial the number for the last time before given up and fortunately for her, her call was picked up, but by a woman.


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