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    “Oh, I think I’m just
    going to grab
    in the DC,” she replied
    airily. Half a day at
    Valesca and she’d
    already gotten the
    acronyms down pat.
    Zack blinked. “Really?”
    “Yeah, there’s some
    interesting people
    Adriana said with an
    oddly secretive smile.
    “Not in this school,”
    Roman said, speaking
    up for the first time.
    Adriana rolled her eyes.
    “You’re too cynical,
    Rome,” she chided.
    “That’s no way to go
    through life.”
    “It’s worked for me so
    She shook her head. “All
    you need is a girlfriend,”
    she decided. “A nice
    And then you’ll be
    “And pigs can fly,” Carlo
    said loud enough for
    only Parker and Zack,
    whom he was sitting in
    between, to hear. They
    Roman stared at her
    like she was crazy.
    “Does it look like I want
    a girlfriend?” he
    Ignoring his tone,
    Adriana merely gave
    him a serene smile.
    will once you meet the
    right girl.”
    “I doubt it. The only
    thing girls think about
    my money.”
    “There goes your
    cynicism again…”
    Roman snorted.
    You’re seriously telling
    me you can find a girl in
    this town who doesn’t
    care I’m a Fiori?”
    “Yes, that’s exactly
    what I’m saying.”
    “I’d like to see you try.”
    “Oh, boy,” Zack sighed.
    Adriana raised her
    eyebrows. “That
    sounds like a challenge.”
    “That’s because it is.”
    “Fine.” Adriana looked
    inexplicably smug. “Give
    me until the end of this
    semester. If you don’t
    like the girl that I
    choose enough to ask
    her to be your
    I won’t ever bug you
    about it again.”
    “Well, that’s just one
    less thing I have to
    worry about next
    semester then,”
    said cockily.
    “You guys are
    ridiculous,” Zack
    “Well, I’m all for it,”
    Parker drawled. “My
    question, though, is
    how are you going to
    find the perfect girl
    when you haven’t even
    been here for the past
    four years?”
    Adriana smirked. “Just
    call it female instinct.”

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    reli nyc

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    plz,continue.dix story is kul.

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    You’ve been hiding,
    never letting it show
    Always trying to keep
    under control
    You got it down and
    you’re well on your way
    to the top
    But there’s something
    that you forgot
    What about love?
    Don’t you want
    someone to care about
    What about love? Don’t
    let it slip away
    ~”What About Love”
    Adriana was on a
    mission. If there was
    one thing she lived for,
    it was a challenge,
    especially when the
    challenger was Roman.
    Even though she had
    been at boarding school
    for a while, she still
    knew Roman a lot
    better than he thought.
    After all, they were
    both children of the
    Founding Four families,
    who themselves had
    been friends for
    generations. He might
    say he didn’t want a
    girlfriend, but it was
    only because a) he was
    under the impression
    girls only liked him for
    his looks and/or
    which is fair, since
    of them did, and b) he
    hadn’t met the right girl
    yet. Adriana was sure
    there had to be at
    one girl in the world
    who was right for him,
    and she was going to
    make d--n sure she
    found her. After all,
    Roman was like
    brother to her, and she
    hated seeing him so
    cold and emotionless all
    the time when she
    knew he was sweet
    guy deep down inside.
    Way deep down inside.
    He just needed
    someone to trigger
    part of him, and what
    better way to start
    search for the Perfect
    Girl than at Valesca
    The sound of her
    Manolo Blahnik kitten
    heels echoed through
    the empty halls, but
    she was so deep in
    thought she barely
    noticed. The mission
    wasn’t going to be an
    easy one, she knew.
    As the sole heir to the
    largest private fortune
    on the planet, Roman
    had been spoiled
    comparison in terms of
    material means, but his
    parents, though they
    loved him in their own
    way, were a bit lacking
    in emotional affection.
    Basically, Roman had
    never really known
    what love was or how
    people in love were
    supposed to act or,
    face it, that there
    people truly in love in
    the first place. The
    walls he’d built up
    against the opposite
    sex were layers thick,
    and whoever wanted
    break them down
    needed to be tough.
    Adriana ran through
    requirements of the
    perfect girl in her mind.
    Physically speaking, she
    needed to be attractive
    enough to at least
    capture Roman’s
    temporary interest,
    until he got to know
    better. Physically, she
    knew his type—he
    tended to prefer exotic
    brunettes over all-
    American blondes.
    That wasn’t a problem.
    What the town’s
    female population
    lacked in sincerity they
    more than made up for
    in looks.
    Perfect Girl needed to
    be able to speak her
    mind but at the same
    time not be too
    aggressive; intelligent;
    able to carry out a real
    conversation, and
    possess a lack of
    superficiality or
    Now, that ruled out a
    lot of girls in Valesca.
    Well, I’ll just have to
    focus on the easy part
    first, Adriana decided,
    changing direction mid-
    stride and heading
    towards the
    administration wing of
    the school instead of
    the DC.
    The student life office
    was pretty quiet when
    she arrived, which was
    a good thing. Unlike her
    brother and his friends,
    she didn’t particularly
    revel in flaunting her
    power in front of
    others. That was the
    good thing about
    boarding school; she
    didn’t have to worry
    about others treating
    her different just
    because she was a
    Then again, there were
    definite perks to the
    title, especially when
    she needed a favor.

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    “Hi!” the office
    assistant simpered,
    immediately standing
    up when she saw who
    just came in.
    “Hi.” Adrianaa was
    careful to keep her
    voice neutral. She
    glanced at the
    assistant’s name tag:
    “What can I do for you
    today?” Teri asked
    “I need a draft of this
    year’s yearbook,”
    Adriana said
    authoritatively. Zack
    had filled her in on how
    yearbooks worked
    The students’ pictures
    were taken over the
    summer by a
    photographer hired
    either personally or, if
    they want, by the
    school, to eliminate any
    potential of bad
    poor angles, or garish
    makeup. All the
    were to be sent to the
    school at least two
    weeks before classes
    started, and the
    yearbook committee
    would slave over a
    mock-up of the
    yearbook until
    everything was
    finalized. The official
    draft was supposed to
    be top-secret and seen
    by only the yearbook
    editor until another
    draft was created.
    Luckily, Adriana had
    studied up on every
    aspect of her new
    school, and she knew
    the drafts happen to
    locked in the storage
    room of the student
    Teri blinked, not looking
    quite as eager now.
    well…” She swallowed
    hard, obviously
    “But only the Director
    Student Affairs has
    key to the storage
    room,” she admitted
    Adriana didn’t even
    blink. If there was one
    thing she learned from
    being around the Scions
    so much, it was how
    get what she wanted
    the least amount of
    time. “Well, then, I’ll
    have a chat with her,”
    she declared, trying not
    to sound too imperious.
    She didn’t enjoy being
    so commanding most
    of the time but a girl’s
    gotta do what a girl’s
    gotta do.
    Without waiting for a
    reply, she stepped
    around the front desk
    and made her way to
    the back, where the
    DSA’s office was
    located, leaving a
    speechless Teri behind.
    Thank god Zack and
    Parker had given her an
    all-access tour a few
    days ago.
    AFFAIRS, the bronze
    plaque mounted on the
    door read. Adriana gave
    one quick knock before
    twisting the knob and
    stepping inside.
    Dr. Wollensky looked
    obviously startled. With
    her short silver hair and
    sleek black Prada suit,
    she looked
    like Meryl Streep in Devil
    Wears Prada.
    “Can I help you?” she
    asked, somewhat
    rudely. She obviously
    didn’t appreciate
    Adriana just barging in
    like this.
    Wow, she even has the
    same British accent,
    Adriana thought
    fleetingly, before she
    snapped back to the
    task at hand and gave
    Dr. Wollensky a polite
    but warning smile. “Of
    course,” she said
    smoothly. “I would like
    draft of this year’s
    Now Dr. Wollensky
    looked at her like she
    was crazy. “A draft of
    this year’s yearbook?”
    She let out a short
    laugh. “That’s not going
    to happen.”
    “I think it will,” Adriana
    countered, her voice
    The administrator
    narrowed her eyes.
    “Now listen here, young
    lady, I don’t know who
    you think you are,
    barging into my office
    like this in the first
    place, and now you
    want me to hand over
    confidential document?
    That’s not going to
    happen on my watch.”
    Adriana almost laughed
    out loud. Confidential
    document? Jesus
    this was a yearbook
    they were talking
    about, and not even a
    finished version at
    It didn’t exactly contain
    a threat to national
    “What is your name?”
    Dr. Wollensky
    demanded, pen at the
    ready. To scribble out a
    detention notice, no
    Adriana leaned casually
    against the doorway.
    “Adriana Perry,” she
    replied, her tone
    conveying the idea she
    could not be more
    with the whole thing.

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    Panic immediately
    washed over Dr.
    Wollensky’s Botoxed
    face. “The daughter of
    David Perry?” she
    slowly, visibly gulping.
    “Yes.” Adriana couldn’t
    help a note of
    smugness from
    creeping into her tone.
    She did not mind lording
    her ‘power’ over Dr.
    Wollensky at all, though
    she did feel a bit bad
    about the assistant.
    “Oh, well.” Dr. Wollensky
    hastily stood up. “Of
    course. I’ll go get what
    you need right away,”
    she promised.
    Barely two minutes
    passed before she
    came back, a thick,
    bound stack of paper
    tucked discreetly under
    her arm. “Here’s the
    copy,” she said. “I’m so
    sorry about earlier. I
    no idea…”
    “Of course not.”
    took the book and
    tucked it into her bag.
    “Well, I appreciate your
    With that, she
    sauntered out of the
    office at the same
    moment the bell
    signaling the end of
    lunch rang.
    “Dang,” Adriana
    muttered under her
    breath. She’d been
    hoping to go over some
    of the pictures before
    fourth period, but that
    was obviously not
    happening. Unlike Zack,
    she tried to miss as
    little class as possible.
    She would just have to
    continue her ‘mission’
    “Gosh, I always love
    food on the first day of
    school,” Venice said,
    spearing a piece of
    salmon so fresh it was
    practically still quivering
    on her fork and bringing
    it to her mouth. She
    closed her eyes in
    gastronomic delight. “If
    I ate like this every
    I’d be 300 pounds by
    “You do eat like this
    every day,” I pointed
    out, unscrewing the
    of my Voss. Trust
    Valesca to even have
    fancy water.
    “I’m not talking about
    the quality, I’m talking
    about the quantity,”
    Venice explained. “Not
    that my mom would
    me eat so much
    anyways.” She rolled
    Venice’s mom is a
    former model and even
    though she hadn’t
    worked in over a
    she’s still super
    conscious about her—
    and her daughter’s—
    “Oh.”I took a sip of my
    water and glanced
    around the DC. It had
    been spruced up over
    the summer, and
    more like a high-end
    restaurant than a
    cafeteria. It was also
    noticeably lacking one
    The Scions’ table, the
    closest to the slanted
    glass wall overlooking
    the campus’ lushly
    landscaped grounds,
    was empty.
    Their lack of presence
    was obviously felt by
    everyone else in the DC.
    The girls looked glum
    they couldn’t throw
    themselves at the
    four’s feet and the
    guys looked both
    relieved and
    disappointed that their
    idols weren’t here for
    “Oh, I almost forgot!”
    Venice leaned over the
    table excitedly, her
    eyes sparkling with
    excitement. “What are
    you doing this Saturday
    “Why?” I asked warily.
    Things never turned
    well whenever she
    asked me that
    with that look in her
    “Just answer me,” she
    Definitely not a good
    sign. I was about to
    I had promised my
    family I’d go to dinner
    with them when she
    added, “And don’t
    bother using that tired
    old family dinner
    In case you’ve
    forgotten, you told me
    your dad’s away on a
    business trip until next
    D--n it! This is one of
    those moments when
    definitely regret telling
    her so much. “I guess
    I’m not doing anything,”
    I admitted grudgingly. I
    hadn’t realized how
    hard it is to come up
    with a believable
    on the spot until today.
    “Good.” Venice beamed.
    “Stan Hoffman’s having
    a party at his house
    you’re coming with.”

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    “What? No way!”
    “Why not?” she pouted.
    “You already said you’re
    not doing anything.”
    “Because…what if I
    have a lot of
    due or something?” I
    argued feebly. It
    sounded lame even to
    my ears.
    Venice gave me a cross
    look. “Maya Lindberg,
    you are a healthy, 17-
    year-old teenage girl.
    You do not need to do
    homework on a
    Saturday night and
    the school year’s first
    “But the Scions might
    be there,” I pointed out
    a bit desperately. “Like
    you said, it’s the first
    party, and they’re
    bound to be there.”
    “Uh…not really. They’re
    super picky about
    parties they get seen
    at, remember? They’re
    probably not even going
    to be there, sadly.”
    Ok, so truthfully, it’s
    not just about the
    Scions. I just don’t like
    parties. Don’t get me
    wrong, I’m not morally
    opposed to them or
    anything, but I’ve been
    to a few last year and
    they just seemed to
    consist of people
    getting drunk and
    hooking up with each
    other so others will
    gossip about them the
    next day. Not exactly
    my idea of a good time.
    “Pleeeease?” Venice
    I shook my head
    “Pretty please? With a
    cherry on top?”
    When I steadfastly
    refused to reply, she
    out an exaggerated
    and leaned back in her
    chair. “Fine. But then I’d
    have to go alone, and if
    I end up getting so
    drunk I have sex with
    some random guy and
    get knocked up you
    better become the
    “Venice France!” I
    shouted, the use of her
    full name not nearly as
    intimidating as I might
    like it to sound thanks
    to the sheer silliness of
    it. “Don’t even joke
    about stuff like that!
    Haven’t you ever seen
    16 & Pregnant?”
    She shrugged.
    “Technically, I’m 17.
    Besides, who knows?
    Things like this
    “How about if you don’t
    go instead?” I gave it
    one last shot.
    “Do I really have to
    answer that?”
    I scowled. Even though
    knew the chances of
    Venice drunkenly
    hooking up with a
    stranger were slim to
    none—the girl couldn’t
    even stand the smell
    beer, much less drink it
    —I still didn’t want her
    going to Stan’s party
    alone. The football
    player was a renowned
    womanizer, second
    after Parker, and his
    parties seemed more
    like giant SinParties
    actual parties. “You
    should be glad I’m such
    a good friend,” I
    Venice smiled cheekily.
    “Oh, cheer up, Grumpy,”
    she said cheerfully. “It’ll
    be fun. I promise.”
    Carlo deftly dribbled the
    ball around Zack and
    passed it quickly to
    Roman, who managed
    to break through
    Parker’s formidable
    defense to slam-dunk
    the ball into the net,
    breaking the 80-80 tie.
    “Whoo!” Carlo gave his
    partner a high-five,
    grinning as they
    continued their
    consecutive winning
    “Man, you guys always
    win,” Zack complained
    good-naturedly, pulling
    up the hem of his shirt
    to wipe the sweat off
    his face and revealing a
    chiseled six-pack that
    bore no hint of the
    thousands of calories
    he shoveled into his
    mouth every day.
    “Sorry, man, we can’t
    help being better than
    you,” Carlo joked,
    draping a friendly arm
    around Zack’s
    “Uh, you are not better
    than us.”
    “I think our record more
    than speaks for itself.”
    “Hmm…yeah, you’re
    right,” Zack said
    thoughtfully. “Or not!”
    Abruptly turning he
    grabbed Carlo in a head
    lock, laughing as his
    friend let out a
    surprised grunt.

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