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    *Episode 26*
    Just as he had promised,I started my counselling the next day. He would always pick me up from the house and take me back home,then after my session,he’d come and take me home.
    The session helped a lot as I also saw different girls whom their cases are a lot worse than mine,they were already acting like they were crazy. They avoided physical touch and would scream whenever someone approached them.
    I watched videos and listened to audio messages which were made to strengthen victims and get them back on their feet. I swore never to give up on life anymore. I swore to fight whatever it was that happened to me.
    I had the session for three weeks before my own time was up. That afternoon, Hillary had come in his car and was waiting downstairs for me to finish signing up. A lot of my mates who were doing the session with me congratulated me and prayed for my success. I ran down the stairs and into Hillary’s awaiting arms. We embraced like we were long lost siblings. Someone who had seen us wouldn’t know he was the one that brought me to the place that morning.
    Hillary: I’m happy for you sweetheart.
    Me: You made it possible. Thank you very much dear.
    Hillary: So where do I take you?
    Me: Before we go out,get into the car and I’ll tell you something.
    Hillary: Now?
    Me: Yes please.
    We both entered the car and he turned on the AC, staring at me like my face would give him the answers he needed.
    Me: I’m sorry but please,I have something to tell you.
    Hillary: That’s why we’re here. Tell me.
    I cleared my throat and started talking. Telling him about my conversation with Gospel the day he had come to the house for lunch and dinner, including what he had said about not letting any other person have me. He maintained a straight face throughout the period of my explanations.
    Me: Baby I’m scared.
    Hillary: I know. Nothing will happen to us. We’re meant to be and nothing or nobody will change that.
    Me: But honey…..
    Hillary: Sshhhhh. I don’t like the way you sound sometimes. You always sound discouraging and you have to stop it.
    Me: I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m scared that he might do something bad to you.
    Hillary: He won’t touch a strand of my hair. He’s just whining and talking trash. I won’t leave you the way he did. I’ll take care of you with all my life, with everything that I am.
    Me: Thank you. I love you so much.
    Hillary: And I love you more than life itself. So tell me where you wanna go for lunch and we’ll be there in 20 minutes.
    We spent the rest of the day visiting places of interest and eating lots of junks.
    Sometime around 6, he took me home and after a passionate kiss at the gate, I went into the house after I watched him drive off.
    I had finished from the bathroom and rubbing some ointment on my face when my phone started ringing.
    I looked at my phone and it was Hillary.
    Me: Hi baby.
    Caller: Please don’t be upset. Come to St. Patrick’s hospital at the moment. The owner of this phone was rushed here and his phone read that you were the last person he contacted.
    I looked at the screen of my phone and of course it was Hillary’s number. What was this guy saying?
    Me: What do you mean by he was rushed to St Patrick? What happened to him?
    Caller: I’m sorry ma but you need to come and know for yourself. St Patrick please.
    He hung up before I could speak further. That was when I let my throat loose and screamed on top of my voice
    Back at the Okoye’s residence, things haven’t being going down well with mother and daughter;
    Mum: For months, we’ve not cooked in this house, always eating out. If we continue this way, we’ll go bankrupt before Christmas.
    Nenye: What? Mum don’t even say that. Dad left a huge amount of money for us. You’ve got your business and Amanda’s money too. How can you think of that word, bankruptcy?
    Nenye said, filing her nails without looking up at her mum.
    Mum: Look how it’s easy for you to say it? The weekly allowance I give you? The things you order online? You go to school, see something Amanda puts on and you come home and cry on my head that I get it for you. You insisted on a car and I bought you one. I must confess, you’re the one lavishing the money.
    Nenye: Of course I’m your only child so you’ve got to do things to make me happy. Imagine that Amanda, if you see her phone, or the kind of clothes, handbags and jewelries she puts on? I think that’s why that classy Rose became her friend, a girl I’ve wanted to befriend since last semester.
    Mum: I’m saying something else and you’re here talking balderdash.
    Nenye: Mum?
    Mum: Get your useless self up from that chair and go to the kitchen. From today, we’ll do the cooking in this house.
    Nenye stood up quickly but instead of going away, she dusted her short and placed her left hand on her waist.
    Nenye: When I wanted to learn how to do all these things, you stopped me, you called it suffering. I won’t touch a thing in this house, I won’t lift a finger. If you want someone who’ll do the cooking and household work, kindly get a house help, but if your pocket is too small to contain her, better do them yourself.
    Mum: Nenye!
    Nenye: Its the truth mum. I can’t do anything and please,don’t make me do any. Anyways, today is Thursday, my allowance is tomorrow, hope you’ll still give me that. I deserve it you know.
    Mum: Get out. Money is the only thing you care about.
    Nenye: Fine. I’m sorry for the way I just spoke to you. You started all these you know.
    Mrs Okoye raised a hand to slap her but stopped in mid air.
    Nenye: Chei. Mumsy, you bin wan slap me? I’m not Amanda o. I’m not Amanda that you treated anyhow. I’m not the curse of your misfortunes so no just try am. She’s gone now and you wan transfer that your wickedness to my side, no just try am.
    Nenye walked away while her mother stared in shock. Did her daughter just talk to her in that manner? She sat down heavily on a sofa and the tears started flowing. Her daughter had just insulted her, using foul words on her? She carried her weeping self to the room and lay down, crying her heart out and wondering where she had gone wrong(imagine)
    We were on our way to St Patrick with Ken behind the wheels. Kamsi and I were sitting at the back and she was rubbing my shoulders.
    Kamsi: He’s fine. Trust me.
    Me: We just came home few hours ago. What must have happened to him? Jesus!
    Kamsi: At least, I’m glad you’ve got a grip on yourself. Let’s get there first.
    Me: Let nothing happen to him God. Please save him for me.
    Kamsi: Nothing will happen to him. Trust God.
    Me: I wonder where……
    I was interrupted by my phone. It was an unidentified number so I picked it.
    Me: Hello.
    Caller: Baby.
    That voice was familiar. I knew that voice. Where have I heard that voice before? I….
    Me: Hillary!
    Hillary: Yes baby. I…
    Me: Sshh. We’re coming to the hospital to see you. Keep quiet and be still. I’m happy you’re okay. Your voice is….
    By now, Ken had packed to a corner of the road and they were both looking at me with expectant eyes.
    Hillary: Hospital? Who’s in the hospital?
    I frowned my face immediately. So even in his Ill health, he loves to crack jokes?
    Me: Now don’t play smart with me. We’re coming to that hospital.
    Hillary: But I’m at home. I’m calling you with a friend’s number.
    Me: At home? Have you been discharged?
    Hillary: I wasn’t even in a hospital. We were together through out today nau so when did I get admitted?
    Me: But baby, someone called with your number, saying you were rushed to the hospital. What then is that?
    Hillary: Oh i think he got wat he deserved
    Me ; who

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    I think its Gospel

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    please clear this air of mystery

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    who could this be

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    the evil stepmother is beginning to reap the fruitssssss of her evil deeds

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    AvatarAyoola Olaoye
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    I think is Gospel

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    Who now called with Hillary’s number?

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    this is suspense ooooo,,,, who is that? I also wanna know

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