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    Always Ready….
    Episode 1

    Long time ago (about 3 months now). I met a girl. her name is Agatha, I met her where I went to re-register my Waec because the one I had earlier, a very important subject was seized that’s not the issue. The issue is about this beautiful babe I met there. I only wanted to join the school lesson session until my father later convince me to join the school as a new intake. I felt remorse at first thinking of how I’ll cope with these students whom their classmates in my former school are always afraid of me because I don’t take nonsense from any junior student although I was not given a post but many students are afraid of me even than the head boy then. So many thought came across my mind when I later decided that since nobody knows me I would just pretend as if I never wrote the exam before so as to achieve my goal. I was among the best student with the best results in my former school as I had 5 b’s and 3 c’s while the last subject was seized,so I have no choice than to reseat.
    I later agreed to join the school as a fulltime student and will also wear their uniforms. I spent up to 3 weeks before I was able to interact freely with the student so I had some close friends who I was able to confide in. With the things were I also appeared to b one of the best in this new school as some people will tell me things like.
    ‘Enny how I wish you were in this school last term this our head girl that is forming best in maths won’t be forming bcos definitely you are better than her’
    while some started suspecting and would ask me if I have written WAEC before now which I denied that this will be my first time. This went on and some of the teachers who were not involved in the registration will also ask sane questions but I can’t lie to the teachers so as to avoid bad name. I like this new school after I’ve spent up to 7 weeks there. Agatha was my initial seatmate but I’m not too free with girls so I have to relocate to the sit directly before Agatha’s sit(i.e in her front). Life went on. I don’t talk to any girl except if it had anything to do with helping in some difficult areas of study. I was surprised at the rate of my fame within the short period and some girls will start making advances I understood it so I just keep them arms length away so as to avoid any intimate relationship between us as I was just 17 then till now I’m still 17.

    Stay in touch for next episode

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    Etz d’bramo
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    Just on time…
    Oyah fire on bro

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    Always ready…

    Episode 2…

    The experience went on stable for close to two months until one of the girls who made advance decided to confront me directly I would say semi-directly because it showed in her behavior directly but did not confront verbally. Her name is Timileyin. This girl is pretty no doubt but she’s too forward that I don’t like about her bt she has nice curves perfect shape and her beauty also compliments it. I like her but I still see them as my junior so I find it difficult to adapt to the girls especially. I noticed this a very long time that this girl have been making advances but I just decided to keep shut and pretend as if I know nothing about it. As a sharp guy you have to watch the situation very well. This observation went on 4 about a week to the extent that there was a day I was helping some girls out as usual as they have made it their habit to come to meet me and prefer me than their head girl because its obvious that she used to make jest of them indirectly. The head girl will even order me to come like she’s ordering for food, at first I will decline but one of my friend will tell me to obey that if I fail to obey that I would be asked to sweep the whole ss 3 class so I have no choice than to obey. Back to this Timileyin matter, there was a day that I was having my usual sessions with about three girls which I was even planning to hook up with one of them (Bolanle) then Timileyin came with a book so I concluded that maybe she’s interested in the lecture on her way to where we were sitting, she branched another seat so I was relieved so that she will not come and perform her usual stunt she used to so as not to spoil my plan with this new catch. Soon I look up again and I noticed that she’s coming towards our seat, this time with no book so I began to wonder what is this girl up to. I just ignored her until she came to our seat and I was massively surprised at the system she used to spoil my show that day that I became the topic of the day through out the remaining periods of school.
    What did she do?
    How did she spoil my show?
    Well find out in the next episode..

    Stay tuned for the next episode

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    Another one don nack ground

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    Always Ready

    Episode 3…

    The way she spoilt my sho this time, I was shock that chai see the system this girl uses to take over my life in the school chai. I was dumbfounded that I don’t know what to do or say bt all I did was just to laugh as I can’t find any word to express my self so I just have to accept it like thour as I don’t know how to defend myself and some people who have been noticing the advances she had been making would say things like
    ‘gbam e don happen’
    ‘I talk am say this people na husband and wife’ some even went to the extent of saying that because I used to lecture them that I’m using that opportunity to take advantage of them. But I don’t care bcos I have a lot of things ahead of me,but the thing is paining me because I’m also having plans to woo some of them secretly including Bolanle and all the people I’ve found interest in were present there. ‘chai see f--k up’ I cursed within. Just after that drama happened about two days later Bolanle started making advances also and I wonder if she was not the person that was sitting opposite when the drama happened as she would call me romantic names like
    ‘My intelligent husband’
    ‘My dearest love’
    ‘Love of my life’. Though I was not bothered as I always think that girls are deceitful. So this went on but I’m surprised that this Timileyin of a girl will not let me rest ooo. She will always force me to follow her to her house which I declined though we ply the same road but her house is trekable but mine is very far to the extent that I was given the Immunity to close 30 before the closing as to get home b4 7pm. But I have not been making use of my immunity so as to accomplish some of my plans which is now gradually crashing. When this disturbance is getting too much I decided to start making use of my immunity so as to keep Timileyin’s relationship at arms length so as to let that mentality wash off her brain but instead it was getting more intense. What am I supposed to do now? Of course I don’t know what to do so I decided to start avoiding her so as to kill that feelings she have for. Though I also have feelings for her but 60% of that feelings died the day she sat on my lap. oooh I forgot to tell you guys, that was the drama she performed that day ooo. Though she had nice curves beautiful face nice dimples but she’s too forward. So as I was saying the more I avoid her the more she comes closer and the more it get complicated, though bimpe was still acting her role which I didn’t know what she was up to. But this Timileyin is pulling weight ooo. Even Agatha will start saying things like
    ‘Enny you can’t even greet me’
    ‘Or ur wife say you should not greet any girl again’ But I don’t have reply so all I did was just laugh laugh and laugh.
    But there’s something this Timileyin of a girl did which shocked me.
    What did she do?
    Find out in the next episode

    Stay in touch for the next episode

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    @lexxxino please you’ll help me tag links to episode in this my new story cos I don’t know how to go about it

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    Always Ready

    Episode 4…

    Her action shocked me not that she was the one that pulled it but she triggered the action. I was in the class during economics and after the class the teacher called me to see him outside. I was not surprise cos he usually call me to help him take his note to his staff room and some other stuffs. So I didn’t put it in mind so after the class I decided to meet him as he had ordered. So when I went to meet him. I was shocked at the question he asked.
    Economics teacher: I want you to answer this question honestly.
    Me: Sure, why should I lie.
    Economics teacher: Why have you been avoiding Timileyin?
    Me: **shocked** I’m not avoiding her its just that….
    Economics teacher: just what so you have start keeping malice,when did you even resume.
    Me: I’m not keeping malice with her ooo and she’s not even in class.
    Economics teacher: Okay go and call her for me.
    Me: ***so dis gal go report me***okay sir.
    I went to her class to call her and her reaction was as if she won a lottery. The feelings I had for her is now going down as time goes on. The malice as claimed by the teacher was resolved right there before the teacher left for his office and this was how I was unable to enjoy my immunity as I have indulged some 4 days ago. Every time I try to ignore her, she threaten to report to the teacher and I was trying all my possible best not to be on any teachers blacklist as I’ve become their favorite new student. soon the visitation pestering began that same day that the malice as claimed by the teacher was resolved. This time Bolanle’s attitude was gradually going down which disturbed me very much because she’s the one I chose. soon I start planning on how to punish this Timileyin. but since my plan was not working out so I decided to forget about punishing her. and move on with my studies but she was still pestering me to come to her house. So one day I decided to follow her but I’ll they make it known to her early in the morning so that she wouldn’t end up telling people including people that I don’t want them to know. So that evening after school and lesson which ended 5pm While I was going so u decided to use my brain as planned earlier. I didn’t take cab at the usual place I used to. I was just walking on my own so that if she’s still interested, she’ll catch up with me but if she’s not then I will just stop and take a cab home. Just as I predicted I just heard someone shouting my name from behind and when I turned back it was her but she was not alone she was with 2 of her friends whom they used to go home together but I didn’t know that they live in the same area. I was so shocked that I just decided within me that I will have to postpone my appointment with her though she didn’t know about it. So as I saw that she was the one and she was not alone I decided to stop. if she was alone maybe I won’t have stopped. She ean towards my direction and her friends were not running but they increased their footsteps so as to catch up also. on getting to my position, she hugged me which I was surprised at so I have to welcome it and as I looked thru her shoulder where I rest my head Agatha gave me a thumb up while Bolanle also smirked a wicked smile which shows she was not happy with the situation. yes I almost forgot Agatha and Bolanle were the two girls that were with her. They later caught up with us and were surprised to see me trekking cos that’ll be the first time they will see me trekking. Just then we were gisting and Agatha decided to ask me what happened that made me want to trek today.
    Agatha: This one that you are trekking today hope all is well, or you want to go home with your babe.
    Me: I don’t know she lives around here ooo….
    Timileyin: Thank God you remind me Agatha, I’ve always been begging him to come to my house but he has always refused so today na today you must go with me.
    During all this conversation I noticed that Bolanle didn’t say anything, she was just forcing out laughter which shows that she was not happy. I said finally this girl don spoil my show. as we were going I noticed that Bolanle was not happy at all. Then she said bye and I was like
    Me: ain’t you going home again?
    Bolanle: I’m going to my mother’s shop.
    Timileyin: is that the road to her shop? you this girl ehn I will tell your mum that you are now having boyfriends.
    As Timileyin said this I knew that Bolanle was not comfortable anymore that’s why she just needed to spare herself the torture of witnessing how Timileyin and I was playing our love because as at that time she opted to go to her mum’s shop which was a lie, I was holding my hand across Timileyin’s waist as she was the one who put my hand there that’s absolutely not my wish. So I could read jealousy on Bolanle’s face as I pretended as if I didn’t notice her. I actually felt her pain cos it pains more than how it pained her.
    We were still on our way when Timileyin pointed to a guy coming directly from opposite us that he was his brother I was shocked and afraid that I had to remove my hand from her waist so as to avoid her brother’s wrought. but I was surprised by her action
    What was her action?
    find out in the next episode

    Stay tuned for the next episode.

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