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    *I’m in Love?*

    Being a handsome dude or cute guy does not really means that you have experienced love or you have sometimes know the feelings of Love,neither having many girlfriends can make you describe how you feel about love Because to me if i was asked that how can i define *LOVE* i would rather get you a seat and tell you “come and read my true life story………..

    ***Phone Beeps***
    “Hello mummy”i responded after waking up from my bed just to see that i’ve missed some piles of calls from my mum
    “Hello my king,where have you dropped your phone since the time i have been calling you”She replied me with a fustrating sound
    “I’m sorry mum,i came back late from class yesternight because i have a lot of assignment to finish”i replied her while still yawning which one can still tell that i’m just waking up
    “Okay no problem,i just want to tell you that your sister will come to your school today to deliver some food-stuffs to you”she said in a command tone of those yoruba mothers
    “(Supriser and excited) Okay mum,i will be waiting”i replied her while stuggling to have a stand-up from the bed
    **Oops,i’m sorry,i forgot to introduce myself ….My name is *Penorat*,my mum and dad calls me *my king* but my friends love to call me *Pen* in a short form and asides that fact,they also call me *Pen-Brain* because my friends knows that i’m the one leading my department and also every ladies’man
    I’m a kind of guy that does not have interest in ladies right from my secondary school days (not because i’m forming good boy but)because i don’t have money to spend on ladies simply for the fact that i’m not an *O.B.O* ( *olowo boy*),and you know that these yoruba ladies can s--k your money die
    But my case was opposite to that of my friends,Daniel,Wilson,Perry,e.t.c who also happened to be my room mates,they can have ladies laid (s*x) almost four times in a day especially my closest friend *Ekony* fondly called *Ekun* by those who knows his attitude towards ladies on campus
    **Ekony entered**
    “Ogbeni,won’t you go for today’s class?”Ekony said as he came in seeing that i’m just getting up from bed
    “I will man” i answered with stressed look on my face
    “Well you efikos need not to read sha”Ekony jokingky said while he gets dressed up for the day’s class
    “Iwolomo,anyway where is Wilson?”i asked him
    “Shey that bahd guy?”
    ‘I don’t know,but where is he and Daniel?” I asked suprisingly as i made way to the bathroom
    “They both escorted janet and Mellina out”Ekony said as he packed up his books
    “**Suprised**”so you mean say those girls slept in this room with us yesterday night?” I shouted suprisingly
    ” ***gives out a wicked laughter*** see you,you are campaigning after election cant you see that?(he points to the pack of Cds left on the bed)”Ekony said as he continue giving me a kinda gestures
    “Oh my Goodness!!!!!,you guys are bad mehn”i shouted jokingly letting out a smile on my face….
    “Well,man na you dey dull yourself,f**k girls you no go f**k,and here you are saying someone is a bad guy”Ekony said as he opened the door to make his way out of the room
    ” *story for the gods*,none of your business”i said to him while he was heading out
    Within some minutes,i’m set for the class,so late for lecture that i discovered that i need to baord a bike before the time runs out
    “Ehnnsss bike,”i called to the bike man who has carried somebody before me,but as the bike was getting closer to me,i realized it was a girls sitting on it
    On seeing this girl on the bike,my heart melted,i found my eyes glued to her own,unable to move away them from her,asides from flattering,i knew that down me there that she is so beautiful,looking at her long curled hair touching her back,her lips are just almost perfect,seeing her on the bike approaching me
    “To where?”the bike man asked
    “Block 6″i replied with my eyes focusing on her
    “How much?”
    “Fifty naira”the bike man replied
    “Okay but will….”i said to the bike man while my face was still clinged unto this damsel infact i have not admire any lady like this in my life,
    “Mr man will you stop looking at her and tell me if you are going or not?”the bike man snapped at me
    **oh my goodness,so i was caught** “i’m sorry sir”i said while making attempt to climb on it
    “Hello dear will you come down so that i can come in first”i said as i noticed that she seems not to come down quickly
    **No reply***
    “What’s wrong with you,are you going or not because i don’t have time for this early morning”She shouted at me angrily
    “Oh! I’m sorry if that offends you”i said feeling embarrassed as i climb behind her
    Through out the fifteen minutes i spent on the bike with her,my mind was just meditating on her as the perfume on her body kept filling up my nostrils,mehn!!! This girl is a gem
    **but how could a beautiful girl like this have such a harsh attitude like this**i kept wondering amidst my pool of thought
    At last i got to my destination (class),dropped,looked at her face but she did not return the look as her eyes shows she is depressed,
    “Baba,take”i paid #100 making a signal to the baba that the second should be for the lady sittinf before me on the bike which i never knew or met except from today although we are on the same campus
    Immediately after this,i rushed to the class seeing that the lecture has been on for the past thirty minutes
    “Pen,why are you just coming now?”Wilson whispered to me with a quarelling face
    “Sorry bro,i woke up late and moreover you guys did not call me when you were going”i replied him with a different look
    “You are not serious,do you expect me to call you while i was escorting mellina and janet abi?” He said while writing
    “Isshh,free me man”i shut him off with an “i don’t care” look
    “You shunning me off right?,dont you know that the attendance has been taking,you better go and meet the class rep”He said in order to scare me
    “No prob,i will”
    After the day lecture,me and my friends were heading towards our hostel when we saw a figure coming towards us,it resembles that of the girl i boarded bike with in the morning
    **What she come to do again? did she come to abuse me again for paying her *T-fare?*** i kept on thinking fearfully….(To Be Continued)

    Vocabulary Meanings:-
    Gem:- A very precious thing
    T-fare:-literally means Transport fare

    If you feel moved by this episode,kindly forward to other groups and contacts on your list

    Story Author:- *Tycoon* *(0703 523 1619)*

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    Le’ Chris
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    Wow, i like this story already..

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    Love dis

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    Wow i love thz story

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    Loving this

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    nxt pls

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