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    episode 69

    I stood and headed to the sitting room while she called; “Amaka, you’re a naughty girl”.
    I smiled back at her. That night my uncle found every means to have a private time with me. He has been giving me the signal since I returned home. I found a way to clear the air while everybody was busy watching TV. I told my siblings to retire to bed early that we have a long Journey to make in the following morning. They need to do shopping. Hearing this, they were full of excitement, the unmeasurable joy made them rushed to bed with the hope that the day will break within an hour. Now, I still have to deal with my aunty who cannot wait to f_ck me inside, and my uncle who cannot leave to bed until he c-m inside me. “Sir, I promise to give you your request tonight, but you’ll need to give me time. Let me stay with aunty till she sleeps off because I wouldn’t want anything disturb us”. He made himself more comfortable on sit, “pls hurry up to her, in fact, you can pet her to sleep or you sing her lullaby” he whispered.

    I took my leave and joined my aunty who has been waiting anxiously for my arrival. She was half naked: no pant nor bra but her unbutton night gown which only covered the nipples and left the center visible. “Pls lock the door” she retorted. I have lust seen the hairy below her Navel, “ma, do I need to shower? I requested. The h_ney look on my aunty turned me on. “Pls quickly go in and wash your sweat away” she said. I put off my cloth, turned on the shower, bathing when I felt a gentle touch at my back. “I can’t wait any longer” my aunty said romantically. We began the fellowship inside the bathroom. She was surprised when she got to my downstairs, “your whole is big, how….” I cut in and replied “the cucumber is…. ” she sealed my mouth and told me to keep silent while she kept on eating my p_sy. We stayed together for 30 minutes before we returned to the bed where we also spent another half an hour. I ate every part of her p_sy, f_ngered, s_cked and f_cked her like never before. After she has c_me several times. She gave me a kiss and said she would need to sleep because there will be fasting and prayer in the next day which she needs to do, so I left her to sleep and returned to my uncle who has been awaiting me.

    There is always time for everything under the sky, right now it’s the time to play my uncle, we started the marathon there in the sitting room. S_cking, romancing and enjoying ourselves. He turned me naked while the TV is on: partially lightened the room. I slept on him as I was busy feasting on his er_cted d_ck while I widened my p_sy across his face, eating me down below angrily like his life depends on it. We moved on, turned me to ground while He injected his c_ck into my p_sy slightly, I felt the first inch slide into me and relaxed. It felt so nice. He pulled his hips back then t----t them forward fast and hard ripping through my v_ginity while his mouth was not still on my n_ple.

    He leaned down and s_cked one of my n_pples back into his mouth and started s_cking the way he knew would make me crazy. The s_cking soon made me as crazy as thought that I began to moan louder. I didn’t actually care if my moan could be heard or things turned up bad. I knew everything I have ever needed has already been completed – my siblings are back, my apartment is ready, even now that our junior pastor has been exposed might even complicate the whole matter, so why hiding again? The s_cking soon made me crazy again and I started to move my hips. I nearly c_m as the movement of my hips pushed me further onto his c_ck. “YESSSSSS…” I moaned as the feelings began to take control of my mind and body “HMMMM I’m cumming…” I panted, “YES! YES! YES! Give me big!! Aaaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiii” he disappeared on me and I felt him again eating the sweetness of my p_sy.

    I know he wanted me c_m in his mouth. He gave me the strange and best s_ck of my life. I could not hold it but shout out loud. I didn’t know when he disappeared again, I thought he would return with his c_ck back inside me, I couldn’t help but rubbed my G-point, preparing for his return.
    “Amaka!!!! What the hell is going on here?” A voice demanded.

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    episode 70

    He gave me the strange and best s_ck of my life. I could not hold it but shout out loud. I didn’t know when he disappeared again, I thought he would return with his c_ck back inside me, I couldn’t help but rubbed my G-point, preparing for his return.
    “Amaka!!!! What the hell is going on here?” A voice demanded.

    I got confused hearing the voice, but decided to ignore because I was no more on this planet. I felt a slap on my tight, “are you mad? ” the voice asked again. It was now I knew something bad has visited my door. I widened my eyes and saw my aunty flashing torch at me. “What is actually happening here? She asked. I looked round and could not see my uncle anymore. “Gush!” Me too was confused, could all this have been dream, I don’t quite understand. “What exactly are you looking for? She asked me as she pointed the torch round the room if anyone was there with me, but to my greatest surprise, my uncle trace could not be found. I wondered if he has turned to a ghost. “Hello lady! You still don’t give me response, what are you doing here and have you forgotten this is my house, oh! Now, you have the audacity, naked in my sitting room, touching yourself with such an exoteric moan when you know my husband is around. Now I get you, I think you have done with me so it is turn to lay hold on my husband.” She never stopped her long narration, I could not even say a word but nodded in disagreement. She continued, “everything we had in my room not quite long was actually not enough for you, the next thing you need is my husband’s d_ck. Please get up from here and back to your room before I open my eyes. I quietly stood up, packed my clothes and walked away embarrassingly to my room.

    The following morning was the day of the devil. I woke up, the atmosphere of the house was unpleasant. Everyone minded their personal life. It wasn’t like the abode I once lived. I began to wonder even my little just arrived siblings noticed but could not ask because of unfriendly moods. Both my uncle and aunty were walking round the house like cat and rat. I then went to my room packing my things, thinking my stay is already over. My sister asked why I’m packing but could not give her a response. I was nearly done packing when I heard an angry voice calling my name from downstairs. O! It finally happened I told my self. I quickly ran to answer the call, there I saw the whole family – sister Margaret with her husband, aunty with uncle. They all sat down round, their eyes were like fire. I didn’t know how to greet. “I… Good… I’m sor…” I stammered. I tried to compose myself but the load in my heart was too much.

    “What happened yesterday, can you come here and explain?” A male voice asked. Before I could turn to see who asked and merge my words for reasonable response, A dirty slap landed on my face. Geez! It was my aunty. They never allowed me say a thing, she came back to give me another one, uncle rose in my defense. “You see, he still want to f_ck this useless for nothing girl” she alarmed. While our junior pastor told her to take it easy. Sister Margaret too after hearing her husband, flare up in anger. Roaring like a lion. They all poured out their minds. Each person facing their husbands. It was then I knew my uncle heard my aunty last night how we f_cked and sister Margaret too has told them about our junior pastor and I.

    After they all had a long quarrels, they finalised what to do about me. But before that, I have already returned to my room, packed my things and got my siblings ready to set out. They all came and told us to leave the house with immediate effect. I began a sermon before I left the house. I preached to sister Margaret to always keep to her husband and use her experiences with me because her S.U only tears her marriage apart on bed. “It will be better you f_ck, s_ck and romance your husband as you always do than sleep like a dead during your inner fellowship” I said. I also advised my aunty too and left the house.

    So right now, the only question in my mind was “what will I be doing in my new apartment, like source of income?” Part of me thought to use the money I got to start a business while in the second thought, to go out with my much experiences, use my body to earn by sleeping and f_cking both male and female that come my way. My question is WHO IS READY TO F_CK ME?
    Well, I cannot still express how joyous, and excited I am as I finally free with my Long suffering plans to set, bring and unite my family after demise of our parents. New house, new life, new things.
    The End.

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    This your anuty safe

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