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    Nice one

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    Ride on!!!

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    Ride on

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    Episode 2

    Wow do you see all that?’ Amanda murmured.

    ‘I certainly see a lot of h---y males seeking me’ Alex laughed.

    ’ I feel out of place’ Amanda released the breath she held.

    ‘That’s because you wouldn’t listen and wore that tacky dress. I gotta go now’ she announced, after placing another coat of lipstick on her thin lips.

    ‘I thought you were gonna help me locate Mr Shultz?’ Amanda wished her friend would stay.

    ‘No, I wasn’t’ Alex patted her shoulder and jumped out of the car.

    ‘Alex! Come back’ Amanda called out to her.

    ‘Sorry honey, I gotta boogie’ Alex grinned mischievously and rushed into the hall.

    ‘Shit’! Amanda swore. She stared at the mirror and shuddered at her reflection. Maybe Alex was right, she should have done better with her clothes.

    ‘Whatever, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this’ she muttered the words to herself and stepped out of the car.

    Amanda walked unsteadily towards the building. She spotted a group at the entrance. They seemed to be paying attention to a man in a tux. She noticed they had tags so she hurried over.

    ‘Hi, I’m waitressing’ she said breathlessly.

    ‘Name please?’ the man asked.

    ‘Amanda Atkins’

    ‘Ok ‘there was a pause as he checked the list in his hand. ‘Third floor’.

    Loud music blasted in the background as she found the stairs. She found Mr Shultz.

    ‘Honey why aren’t you dressed?’ he asked in dismay

    Her lips moved but nothing came out. He signaled one of the other girls.

    ‘Brenda, show her the changing room, fix her up,. Brenda gave her a friendly smile and led her away. Moments later she emerged wearing a mini red dress and fishnets , her blond hair was folded up in a loose bun. She had looked at the mirror in dismay wondering where the real Amanda went. The lipstick was outrageous; she was sure she looked ten years older.

    She joined the others as they picked their trays. The bartender was in his elements, mixing, pouring and singing along at the same time. She watched the others carefully as she gingerly picked up her tray filled with glasses. She basically had to walk around and offer guests the drinks.

    ‘Hi there, I need some drinks’ Amanda smiled at the young man, feeling nervous.

    ‘Obviously’ he murmured and continued filling the other glasses. He didn’t return her smile.

    ‘So which table ordered this’? He pointed at her tray.

    ‘Table’? She rolled her eyes in confusion.

    ‘You don’t just walk in here with a tray. You take their orders’ he pointed at the dancers.

    ‘Oh, I never knew, I was not told’ Amanda shrugged and swirled round. There were a lot of tables without drinks; where would she start from?

    Her eyes fell on a table with three young women; they were all smoking and they kept laughing loudly, even the sound of the music, couldn’t drown their laughter.

    ‘Excuse me’ she set the tray on the bar and moved towards them.

    ‘Good evening, please I’d love to take your order’Amanda fiddled with her hands.

    ‘Fu#k off b---h’! One of the girls screamed at her.

    ‘Oh, Fergie, you didn’t have to be so rude to this poor Bambi’ another laughed.

    ‘Just get us martinis, dirty’ the least drunk one stuttered.

    ‘Okay’ Amanda was visibly shaken by their outburst. This was the first time she was around drunken people.

    She released a breath and turned to leave, but she wasn’t fast enough to see the man that approached.

    ‘Geez, I am so sorry’ she murmured a dozen apologies as she bumped into a guy.

    ‘No problem’ he smiled kindly at her.

    It was as if something clogged her throat, her mouth felt dry as she stared into the most beautiful set of green orbs she had ever seen.

    ‘Nathan’ he offered her his hands.

    ‘Amanda’ she smiled shyly and took it.

    ‘Um, I have to go now, I have drinks to serve’ Amanda pulled her hands away and hurried to the bar.

    ‘If you’re done flirting, there’s a note for you’ the bartender guy said to her.

    ‘A note’? She wondered who would send her a note.

    ‘One of the ushers dropped it here, she said it’s for the blue eyed blonde’ he replied.

    ‘Oh’ she fetched the piece of paper that was stuck in between the glasses, this had to be interesting.

    ‘What is this’? Her features contorted into a frown as she read the note. Why would someone send her something to so rude and obscene?

    ‘What does it say’? The bar guy noticed her discomfort.

    ‘It doesn’t matter; did the girl tell you which table this came from’? Amanda swallowed.

    She hated it when people disrespected her; she needed to find the writer of this obscene note and deal him a heavy blow.

    ‘Um, table 26’ he lifted his brow.

    ‘Thanks’ she shuffled the note into her jean pocket and scanned the room for the table.

    Once she found it, she drew a deep breath, feasted her knuckles and trotted purposively towards it.

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    ooh i am late again
    but why na?

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    please dont hit anybody,this is a mega event

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    What are you going there to do Miss

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    Tag Me For Next Eposide Please

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