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    You must fuckk her o

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    You must fuckk her oo

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    You are in hot soup man

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    bro u are in it
    just obey d order given to u cause it au cause u wahala oooooo

    up Omo ibile..,.

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    If you walk back, it means you want to dare Mr. president, and, if you choose to walk away, it means you want to dare Amanda, either ways, you will surely DARE.


    Next episodes please!

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    what next ooo

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    Abayomi Oluwafaith
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    The president’s wife
    Episode 5

    Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

    I turned back to surprisingly saw Amanda stark naked as she pulled off her nightie before me.. Her extremely fresh body and big boobs standing like Nepa pole was doing some terrible works on my body as the junior Jason already made it pass the boxers and vividly visible in the short I was wearing and no doubt Amanda noticed as she smiled and started walking towards me while I faced down and apologized…

    Me: am,,am,, am sorr..y ma,, I didn’t m…

    Amanda: shhh… *placing her finger on my lip*

    My heart was beating loudly while I prayed to God silently to save me,, am dead if I am caught… Chaii…

    Amanda: am crazily in love with you and I’ll go extra length, I mean I’ll do anything to have you Jason.. You didn’t have to fight it or hide it, I can see it in your eyes, I know you feel sameway, truly I have been loving you since the day I set my eyes on you and I kept loving you more and more.. I can’t help it and can’t hide it anymore…

    I stared at her with my chest beating every now and then.. Tears slowly trickled down her face while I held her passionately and erased the tears and she stared at me gladly and slowly smiling…

    Me: I think I love you too but……

    Amanda: sshh,, I need you inside me now *she whispered*

    Our lip met as she suddenly grabbed my stiff joystick through the short while I placed my hand on her Heavenly boobs gently rubbing it till we landed on her gargantuan large bed while my clothes were nowhere to be found.. I don’t even know who stripped it off.. “I want you now jason” she moaned placing my extremely hard rocky-cocky at the entrance of her Kat giving me a go ahead and ofcourse I entered fully without second mind while she let out soft moans in return gingering me to attack her buffon with my Ronaldo.. I pounced on her like hungry lion while she moans and sometimes screams making me scared of getting caught…

    After few rounds with few styles, we collapsed beside each other on the bed while I was breathing heavily supporting my head with her pillow.. I wrapped her in my arm while my heart was beating danger danger… She was holding me tight not ready to let go… “I love you so much Jason” she said with a low tone and kissed me while I was caressing her hair… Oh my God I think I have fallen for this girl and am sure am playing with fire… D--n… I later dressed up and went to my room even though she wasn’t happy about me leaving.. I entered my room and exhaustedly crossed the border to wonderland…

    The nextday was very stressful as the vice president and Amanda gave speech on the alliance president went to Russia to form,, we went many other places together… I was in my room very late in the night when soft knocks landed on my door,,”who could that be” I thought to myself.. I sluggishly opened the door to see Agatha standing holding sets of shopping bags that she handed to me with a bow claiming it was from Amanda and walked off… I sat on my bed checking the sets of the expensive suites in the bags.. Chaii.. Amanda call later came in and I picked it immediately…

    Amanda: Hi honey? Have you received the package?

    Me: oh, yes and thanks ma

    Amanda: did you like it?

    Me: oh, I love it…

    We talked about few things before she hung up… I sighed ready to enter taxi that was heading to wonderland when knocks suddenly landed on my door again… “who is it this time, I hate seeing that agatha ugly face” I said in my mind and walked to the door that I later opened… Yes, I was more than surprised to see Allison standing in a sleeveless top and bum short…

    Me: oh Allie, whatsup…

    Allison: the bulb in the bathroom isn’t working and you seems to be only one available at this time..

    Me: oh, okay..

    I followed her her extremely sense making room,, I wasn’t given enough time to survey the room but I can see her pictures on the pink wall… I fixed the bulb to own surprise… Chaii, something I cannot do in normal day… “thank you” she said calmly while I smiled,exited her room, entered mine then jumped on the bed immediately..

    I was woken up next day after my epic dream with Allison, chaii..”which kind dream be this” I murmured as I sat on my bed pondering on the stupid dream, I later took my bath then clad in a simple cloth, thank God the day is free… I headed downstairs very hungry but found something else, Allison was seated crosses legs on the couch watching her yea, zeeworld, you this actresses of nowadays sef… “can I….” I said pointing to the couch referring to her… She stared at me for few seconds, she then released her Heavenly smile pounding my chest very hard…

    Allison: yes,,,,, and th…anks for yesterday night *she stammered*

    I smiled then sat beside her both watching the channel that I later get tired of… Yes, I was stylishly stealing glances at her while at times my eyes meets with her blue eyes.. I was getting more uncomfortable…

    Allison: so… Where are you from? *she broke the silence*

    Me: Sweden *i quickly replied*

    Allison: wow,,I’ll be shooting my next film in Sweden and that will be my first time in Sweden..

    Me: oh, cool,,, am also a great actor, if you can get me a role that will be great..

    She busted to laughter while I was smiling,,she stopped laughing staring me at me with her light blue eye making me feel like I did something wrong..

    Allison: you might be wondering why nobody knows am a president’s daughter… Yes, my dad career ends once people finds out and eerm, I only came home because I missed home and I missed him..

    Me: oh, am sorry

    Allison: you don’t have to, am only telling you because you helped me yesterday night…

    “you dey mad” I said in my mind na while I smiled in real life even though I noticed her phone kept ringing as were talking and she ignored the calls… Yes, our eyes kept meeting constantly and something tells me I have already fell in love with her..what? Chaii… Amanda text later entered my phone “come to my room now” was the content of the message… I bade Allison farewell while she smiled and waved at me… Chaii see smile..

    I quickly rushed to her room which she opened immediately I knocked her door and yes she was staring at me worriedly…

    Me: sounded urgent…

    “I think am just kind of missing you” she said then busted to laughter… “go get dressed I want to show you somewhere” she added holding my hand…i smiled,disengaged and was headed to the door.. “hey mr man” she called while I turned to see her standing akimbo… “and you haven’t kissed me this morning” she added pretending to be angry while I smiled once again.. . Our lips got more closer and was finally locked.. We were still enjoying the kiss when yes,,the door was suddenly opened and we quickly disengaged even though we were already caught.. This is not good….d--n



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    Abayomi Oluwafaith
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    Register oo

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