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    Arrrrhh Jason you are in for it

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Chaii,see gobe!!!
    I can see blackmail n betrayal about to be unleashed!!!

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    Better comply with her – give her what she wants and use it to get that video stylishly

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    Fweshex heritage Mob
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    Abayomi Oluwafaith
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    The president’s wife
    Episode 8

    Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

    Yes,,I watched the video with surprise and fear written all over face..she paused the video and looked at me with her evil smile…

    Agatha: you must be wondering how I have the video,, simple… Don’t try to think of a way to get rid of it cos I think I have the videos of your previous sex escapades with the First Lady so I think you should get on with it now…

    Me: what? No Agatha I can’t do this… I can’t…

    Agatha: you can do it with the First Lady but not me,, I have all she have for Christ sake.. I have been giving you signal even though you barely look at me,, this is my chance… Let’s see what the First Lady is trying hard to protect *laughs*

    She cartwalked to where I was standing and started rubbing my chest continuing from where she stopped… But no I wasn’t comfortable, junior Jason wasn’t even responding… “stop it agatha” I said removing her hand…

    Agatha: oh I see, you are a difficult fellow, anyway I’ll leave you to rest tonight, you know where you must come when I call you and you clearly know the consequences if you fail to come…

    I quickly exited her room even though I could hear something like “sweetheart” before my exit… “sweetheart kill you there” I murmured then went to my room… I sat on my bed thinking about the issue… What if she release the video, Amanda and I will be done for and I’ll fail my mission….do I have to tell Amanda?,no she will spoil everything..what to do… I was still on this when I drifted to wonderland…

    Yes, next day came so fast.. We set out a bit early just to visit few girls saved from Harams in the hospital… Yes, we moved in convoy, I was in the car with other three people in our usual formation, Amanda,agatha and the driver… Amanda was stylishly playing with my left hand and Agatha was winking at me through the car mirror making me more uncomfortable than ever..d--n… After few pictures with the saved girls we then went back to aso rock… Not more than 10minutes later while I was lying on my bed,, a call from Allison struck my phone at exactly 11:23am and I quickly picked it…..

    Allison: hey bro

    Me: Morning Allie…

    Allison: are you free?

    Me: yes why?

    Allison: ho…w about going out with me? *she stammered a little bit*

    Me: oh… Sure…

    Allison: see you in 10minutes *hung up*

    Just few seconds later my phone beeped of a new message… “I’ll be waiting for you in my room tonight, don’t come late, love you” that was the content of the message from Agatha… I hissed then heaved a sigh.. I was still choosing what to wear when my phone started ringing..”who is it again” I murmured angrily but smiled to see it was Allison..oh am in love with this girl…following conversations ensued:

    Allison: hi,, ple…ase can you come to my room? *she stammered greatly*

    Me: now? Why?

    Allison: I don’t know what to wear…

    Me: *smiled* so how may I help?

    Allison: I’ll wear what you choose…

    Me: on my way… *hung up*

    But is this kind of a trap?… why will I choose for her?… Only one way to find out…. I exited my room and headed hers… She opened the door few seconds after knocking…yes she tied a white towel designed with Rose flowers revealing her fresh body which was giving junior Jason a great signal.. “calm down” I said in my mind referring to junior Jason as if the idiot will hear me…

    She smiled, held my hand to my surprise and took me to her enormous wardrobe…yes too many clothes that I myself can’t pick anyone…a glance to the left side took me to a silver gown designed with many golden dot-like stuff… “this is cool” I said referring to the cloth while she picked it out,thank me and once again pecked me to my surprise… I later exited her room with my heart beating different drums.. Chaii…

    We went to many places and everything was great,, yes the reporters asked us if the rumour about us dating is true and I was surprised when Allison said the rumour is true…what?..I can’t keep wondering why she did that… It will be a disaster if people were to find out she is the president’s daughter… Our pictures surfaced online with the tag “the cutest couple”…in no time my followers on instagram increased greatly thanks to Allison….

    I was smiling to myself sitting on the bed in my room late in the night as I was reminiscing the past events… Agatha call then came in spoiling my mood,,, I ignored it at first but picked it at the third ring… “it’s time” she said and hung up… I hissed then headed her room thinking of a way to deal with her.. Yes, she opened the door immediately I knocked while I enter… She was already naked and her black curvy body was just irritating me… She pushed me on her bed and started rubbing my stomach to the junior Jason side… “wow I see why Amanda is doing enough to shield you” she said as she grab hold of junior Jason that have already wake up from it sleep….

    Yes, I angrily pounced on her and we both laid on her bed exhausted…”I’ll be leaving now” I said, dressed up then exited her room with different thoughts on how to deal with the witch… I entered my room to surprisingly saw Allison sitting on my bed…. She smiled as she saw me and my heart beat returned with increase in volume…

    Me: w..hat are you doing here? *I stammered*

    Allison: of course I came to see you,, where have you been?

    Me: I w…as downstairs watching TV *i lied*

    Allison: am sorry for what I said to the reporters…

    Me: oh it’s okay…

    Allison: *smiled* shall we have a drink?

    Me: sure… Let me get us a wine

    I rushed downstairs… I retrieved two glass cups from the kitchen and a red non-acoholic wine from the fridge… I entered my room to see Allison eye glued to my phone…something isn’t right.. her attention was suddenly diverted to smiling me,,no she wasn’t smiling back,,she was staring at me confusingly and angrily… What’s wrong with her…. “who are you” she asked still staring at me waiting for me to answer…”who are you and why are you here?” she asked again with a cold stare and a calm angry tone I have never seen and heard before… Chaii.. It’s over….




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    Ibrahim abiodun
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    You have blown your cover

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