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    ? Amaya ?

    ?The girl in my imagination?


    His name is Alexander Smith…

    Just like any other person, he’s in love ?

    But his love life is very weird.

    He is in love with his imagination ?

    Yes! Who does that?

    He keeps insisting that his imagination is real…

    Everyone thinks his insane for loving someone that doesn’t exist.

    Well actually he met his imaginary love when he went for a cruise.

    She saved him from drowning….

    He only knows her name and her face and nothing more.

    Her name is Amaya..

    He is determined to find her.

    He wouldn’t give up no matter what.

    His wealthy parents termed him crazy but that wouldn’t stop Alexander.

    He must find Amaya…

    Now the question is..

    Does Amaya really exist? ?

    Who is she? ?

    Where could she be? ?

    Do you think Alexander is fighting a lost battle?

    Will he find true love?

    Find out in this intriguing story ?

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    ?The girl in my imagination?

    ?Episode 01?

    Alexander’s Pov:

    I quickly picked up a pencil and started sketching….

    She has pointed nose ?

    She has a very long hair….

    Her hips are so wide and…. Sexy ?

    She’s really an epitome of beauty.

    But where the hell is she?

    Amaya… Where are you?

    Thoughts kept running through my mind as I continued sketching her picture in the paper.

    Though I don’t think she looks exactly the way I drew her.

    Am not even sure…

    I glanced at the wall clock…

    It was 2pm.

    I didn’t go to the office today.

    I lied that I was not feeling too well but am actually feeling fine.

    I quickly got up and kissed the picture I drew.

    “You are not my imagination Amaya… I know you really exist” I smiled.

    I got into the bathroom and took a shower ?

    I hurriedly came out of the bathroom and wore my clothes.

    And today am going to find her.

    At the beach where she saved me.

    I walked downstairs in my expensive attire….

    And straight to the garage I hopped into my car and drove off holding the picture.


    I looked straight into the sea as the strong wave kept rushing.

    I watched the wave calm…

    “Amaya please come back! Come back so that I can prove to everyone that am not insane” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

    I really love Amaya and I wish she will just come to me.

    I know you are confused and you are wondering what am talking about.

    This is my story….


    It was summer and I thought of going on a cruise.

    For fun….

    I got into the boat and rowed the boat in excitement.

    It was so nice as the cool breeze blow all over my body.

    Suddenly, the wave became strong…

    I couldn’t row the boat anymore ?

    I couldn’t control the boat… I fell into the sea as the boat turned upside down.

    I fell right inside the sea ?

    When a soft, mild… Tender hands helped me up.

    That was all I could remember.

    Until I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful lady beside me.

    She already helped me to the beach sand.

    “Are you OK?” She asked as I stared at her pretty face.

    I couldn’t see her clearly…. My vision was blurry.

    “Who… are….are… you?” I managed to ask still looking at her.

    “AMAYA…. I am Amaya..” She said as I heard voices from afar.

    “Am Alexander….” I said as my head ached badly.

    “Amaya let’s go home already… Mother won’t be happy if she hears that we’ve gone so far” A tiny voice said.

    Amaya quickly got up and let go of my hands.

    “I have to go Alexander…” She said and ran off.

    Before I could gather strength to get up, I couldn’t see them anymore.

    And it’s been six years ago but it feels like yesterday.


    My cell phone rang aloud….

    It was Stephanie.

    I forgot to tell you…

    My parents thinks am just imagining things whenever I talk about Amaya.

    And Stephanie’s family happened to be a friend of my family.

    So they wanted us to get married.

    But I know who I want.

    It’s no other person but Amaya.

    I quickly hung up the call and switched my phone off.

    I just wished I could see her again.

    I took off my eye glasses and sat on the beach sand hoping for a miracle to happen.

    Nina’s Pov:

    “Goddammit! His phone is switched off mommy” I said as I scratched my head.

    “Where could that hot headed brother of yours be? What the hell is wrong with him?” Mom said as she throw the glass of wine she was holding.

    “Mommy you have to calm down! Alexander is my elder brother and he’s not a toddler” I said

    “Nina it’s 11pm already… I think we should inform the police about this” Mom said as she picked up her cell phone.

    “Mommy that’s too early… It’s not up to 24 hours” I said as mom burst into tears.

    “That brother of yours is going to give me hypertension” Mom said as I patted her hair.

    The door throw open and Alexander came in.

    He reeked of alcohol.

    “My goodness Alexander… What is wrong with you?” Mom screamed as Alex collapsed into her arms.

    “AMAYA…” Were his last words before he passed out….



    But wait oo ??

    Does Amaya really exist? ?

    Me am even confused ??

    we will see….. ??

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    ?The girl in my imagination?

    ?Episode 02?

    Nina’s Pov:

    I gulped down a glass of wine and stared at mom who was burning in rage.

    “Seriously mommy.. This is getting out of hand! Don’t you think so mom?” I asked breaking the silence.

    “Honestly Nina I think your brother needs to be taken to the asylum” Mom said in annoyance

    “But mommy I don’t think he’s insane… He’s just in love mom” I said

    “In love? In love with his imagination? That Amaya of a girl doesn’t exist at all” Mom blurted

    “What if she does mommy?” I asked

    “Then she would have shown herself Nina…” Mom said as she sipped her wine.

    “Yeah right… Just look at the way my brother is treating Stephanie” I sighed

    “And just because of his crazy imaginations, he had to drink himself to stupor and even had the guts to mention that stupid name” Mom said angrily

    “I don’t know what else to do or say to Alex so that he can forget about his dream girl” I said

    “What dream girl? I won’t condone this… Alexander is going to get married to Stephanie or no-one else” Mom said angrily as she stood up and rushed upstairs.

    I breathed heavily.

    I wonder what’s wrong with Alexander…

    Who is Amaya?

    Which planet is she from? ?

    I want Stephanie for my brother…

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Alexander to be happy but I know this isn’t going anywhere.

    I once helped him search for Amaya at the sea shore to no avail.

    Probably he was hallucinating….

    I don’t want to doubt him but I have to… ??

    Alexander’s Pov:

    The sun rays directly from my window’s glass straight to my eyes.

    I quickly opened my eyes…

    My head ached badly…

    I yawned tiredly, I feel really very stressed out.

    It’s probably because I had a lot to drink.

    I managed to get up from my bed.

    I picked up my cell phone.

    I had 15 missed calls and three text messages.

    I wish it was from Amaya.

    If wishes were horses…. I sighed loudly.

    The messages and missed calls were all from Stephanie…

    I thought as much.

    I sighed loudly as I walked into the bathroom.

    I took a quick shower ? ?

    Brushed my teeth….

    I wore my very expensive suit and walked downstairs with my suitcase.

    I walked straight to the dinning table.

    I met my mom and sister Nina on the dinning eating.

    “Good morning mom! Good morning Nina!!” I greeted.

    “Good morning Alexander” Nina smiled at me but mom didn’t reply.

    She just eyed me angrily.

    “Hmm… ” I shrugged it off and sat on the chair.

    I quickly dished out the rice in to my plate.

    “What did you do to Stephanie yesterday Alex?” Mom said as she glared at me.

    I rolled my eyes….

    “I can’t remember doing anything to Stephanie” I said as I dished some chicken and sauce into the rice.

    I ate hungrily as Mom fumed in anger.

    “What do you mean you can’t remember what you did to Stephanie?” Mom asked anxiously.

    As I shook my head and gulped down a glass of juice.

    “I don’t know” I said

    “Didn’t you have a date with Stephanie? Did you show up? You made her cry the whole night!” Mom said.

    “Oh that? I was actually down last night… Am sure she understands” I said as I spooned some rice into my mouth.

    “Oh really?” Mom snorted

    “Yeah!” I said simply

    “You were down? But you drank yourself to stupor last night and that wasn’t enough you went to the beach to look for your stupid imaginary girl” Mom said annoyed

    “Mom? Don’t refer to Amaya like that…” I said

    “I don’t care Alexander… I want you to bear this in mind, you must get married to Stephanie else you won’t like my reactions… Enough of your stupidity!” Mom screamed

    “Whatever! I just lost my appetite” I said as I got up, picked up my suitcase and headed out of the house.

    “Alex! Alex!! Come finish your breakfast!” Nina called but I paid her a deaf ear and walked away.

    “Let him be” Mom said angrily

    “But mom that was harsh of you” Nina said.

    ? ?

    I drove out of the compound…..

    I just don’t understand my Mom at all…

    Why is she finding it hard to understand that I don’t love Stephanie?

    Well, my dad is actually late so it’s just my mom Mrs Leah Smith, my sister Nina Smith and I left in the family.

    Mom just wants me to marry Stephanie because she is an only child.

    And her family owns a lot of shares in the company.

    So she’s bound to inherit all of the family’s wealth and my Mom thinks it will make us richer.

    She doesn’t even consider my happiness.

    I wonder what’s her problem…

    I can’t stop looking for Amaya though…


    I walked into my office.

    Surprisingly, it was dark.

    who could have turned my light off? I thought.

    I quickly switched on the light and gasped.

    “Baby..” Stephanie smiled as she sat on my chair with her legs crossed.

    “What are you doing here?” I managed to ask as I kept my suitcase on the table.

    She scoffed…

    “Really? Is that a good morning or is that the apology you owe me?” Stephanie said with a frown.

    “Listen Steph! This is work hours OK!” I said as I exhaled slowly.

    “I don’t believe you Alex! After what you did to me yesterday, this is what you have to tell me?” She said starring at me.

    “Not right now Stephanie!” I said as I walked out on her.

    “You’re so unfair….” She screamed.

    Her Pov: ?

    I searched roughly for the basket….

    “Where the heck is my basket? Does this mean Lucy is going to leave me alone and go to the sea with the canoe?” I cried

    “AY! AY!! Where the hell are you Ay?” I heard mother’s voice

    “My goodness! I can’t let mother find out am looking for my basket… I bet she’s gonna conclude that am careless” I scratched my head.

    “Yes mother! Am coming!!” I said immediately

    Well my real name is not AY but mom calls me that.

    I was about to leave the store when I saw the basket.

    “Oh there you are” I heaved a sigh of relief as I picked it up.

    Suddenly, something fell out of it….

    I quickly bent down and picked it up.

    It was a necklace ?

    Memories rushed back into my head and tears roll down my cheeks…..



    To be continued….

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    ? The girl in my imagination ?

    ?Episode 03?

    Stephanie’s Pov:

    I burst into tears as I hugged aunt Leah weeping.

    “Baby what’s the problem Steph?” Aunt Leah asked anxiously.

    “Aunt… He doesn’t love me” I cried as we settled down in a chair beside us.

    “Why are you crying? What happened to you Stephanie?” Aunt Leah asked hugging me.

    “Aunt Leah am sick and tired of all this… As a matter of fact, I want a breakup! I can’t bear this anymore” I wailed bitterly

    “What in particular are you talking about?” She asked as she took off her glasses.

    “Aunt Leah am really tired of forcing myself on Alexander, it’s obvious am not wanted” I cried

    “No! Don’t say that Stephanie… You are the only one for my son” Aunt Leah said and I shook my head.

    “He hates me aunt… You need to see how he treats me just like a piece of trash” I cried

    “Dint say that sweetheart… I’ll talk to him! You are the only daughter in law I have and I want for my son” Aunt Leah said as she pecked my forehead.

    “Aunt when is this going to end? When will Alexander start treating me like his wife to be? When is he going to start seeing me like his fiancee?” I asked in tears.

    “He will definitely realize that you are the only one for him” Aunt Leah said as I shook my head.

    “No Aunt! He loves his imagination… He’s so much in love with Amaya his dream girl” I cried

    “Oh come on Stephanie… He will come around, Amaya or whatever he calls her is just an imagination in his head so you are the real one for him” Aunt Leah said as I nodded.

    “I hope so aunt” I said wiping my tears.

    “Of course sweetheart! Cheer up!! Let’s order for coffee” Aunt Leah said as I forced a smile.

    I just hope Alexander falls in love with me.

    I hope he will realize that there is no Amaya.

    And that she was just his imagination and nothing more.

    AY’s Pov:

    Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I stared at the necklace.

    I’ve been looking for this necklace for the past six years.

    It’s been a very long time and this is a very special necklace.

    And I have been hiding it so that my mother won’t see it.

    “AY! AY!! Don’t keep me waiting… Let’s go already” Lucy screamed from outside.

    I quickly put the necklace into my pocket and rushed out with my basket.

    “Sorry am late” I said softly as Lucy rolled her eyes.

    Having Lucy as a big sister is quite difficult.

    She’s so strict but lovely anyways…. ☺

    She walked to the beach and entered the canoe.

    “You are such a lazy ass! Get in the boat… Let’s go!” Lucy said as mother smiled.

    I pouted my mouth and eyed her childishly.

    “Mother! I don’t like fishing with Lucy” I said jokingly.

    “Then stay at home” Lucy teased as I gulped.

    I quickly hopped into the canoe and Lucy row.

    “Good bye mother! Don’t worry we will catch big fishes” I yelled as mother waved at us.

    You might be wondering the kind of people we are.

    Right? ?

    Don’t worry I will introduce myself.

    As you know am AY…

    We actually live in an island…

    In the middle of the sea, I do wonder why but I have no choice.

    The only people I know is my mother Mrs Loretta and my only sibling Lucy.

    Am 21 years old while Lucy is 25.

    I never knew my father cos mother said he died after two months of my birth.

    I used to ask mother why she chose for us to live in such a secluded area but she always avoids the question so I thought maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it.

    So that’s how my sister and I ended up as fishermen or fisherwomen rather.

    All through our lives, we have been so close to the sea so we could swim very well.

    To top it all…. We eat everything that comes from the sea.

    But mother forbid us to go to another beach.

    She warned us never to stop or go to another island.

    I wonder why she doesn’t want us to communicate with other people.

    Well my sister and I once disobeyed mother.

    But that was a long time ago roughly six years ago.

    When I saved a handsome man from drowning so we helped him to the other shore.

    That was how I got the necklace.

    it was actually his and I still wonder how I got it.

    “Lucy! Can we go to the other shore again? I miss that” I said convincingly.

    “What? AY do you want mother to get mad?” Lucy asked

    “Uhmm… Not really! I just want to view it from afar” I said

    “No AY….thats dangerous! We don’t know why mother is against it” Lucy said.

    “Please Lucy….” I begged

    Alexander’s Pov:

    I kept driving and suddenly flinched.

    My heart started beating fast ?

    What’s happening….?

    I can feel her!

    Something is telling me that she is very close to me.

    Amaya…. ?

    Amaya is right beside me!

    I quickly reversed my car and headed to the beach.


    I stood right in front of the sea with my arms folded.

    I just wish she could appear….

    ? Where are you Amaya? ? I thought as tears rolled down my cheeks.

    I wiped my tears off with a handkerchief.

    Just then, I saw a boat rowing close….

    My jaw dropped as they got closer….





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    Oh so after all it wasn’t just ur imagination, ur Amaya is real,I was even thinking she was a mermaid sef,I pray u meet her soon!!!

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    ? The girl in my imagination ?

    ?Episode 04?

    Alexander’s Pov:

    I saw the boat row closer…

    My jaw dropped.

    I saw a figure from afar….

    Is that my Amaya? ?

    I kept thinking and suddenly, my cell phone rang aloud.

    I quickly brought it out.

    It was Dave my friend…

    I looked out again to the sea and to my greatest surprise, I didn’t see the boat again.

    I became so disappointed.

    “Amaya…… Amaya!!” I screamed in pain as I fell on my knees.

    When is she going to come back to me?

    When am I going to set my eyes on her ever again?

    Thought kept running through my mind.

    I wonder why she doesn’t want to see me.

    Amaya’s Pov:

    I yawned tiredly as I sat by the sea holding the necklace.

    “Where is the owner of this? I really need to return this expensive necklace to him before mother sees it” I thought staring at the moon.

    I just wonder why of all places, mother will want us to live here.

    In such a lonely place.

    With sea surrounding the house.

    Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen the handsome guy.

    But I really need to find him before mother sees this.

    “Amaya! AY!!” Lucy’s bold voice yelled as I quickly hid the necklace.

    “What’s that Amaya?” She asked as I gulped nervously.

    “What? What are you saying?” I asked stammering

    “What were you hiding behind you?” Lucy asked as I quickly covered her mouth with my palms.

    And placed my index finger in between my lips.

    “Shh…” I hushed her and she gulped.

    “What is it?” Lucy asked with a tiny voice.

    I brought out the necklace and showed her and she chuckled.

    “Wow! This is so beautiful” Lucy almost screamed

    “Keep your voice down Lucy! I don’t want mother to find out… She might suspend us if she do” I said and Lucy nodded.

    “How did you get that?” Lucy asked anxiously

    “From the guy I saved” I said

    “That handsome dude… Aww ?” Lucy said as she held her chest.

    Closed her eyes day dreaming.

    “That’s enough sis… We just have to return this to him” I worried

    “Come on Amaya… You can keep it! Haven’t you been keeping it for six years now?” Lucy asked as I scratched my head.

    “You never can tell Lucy… Mother can see it anytime” I added

    “Oh please….” Lucy sighed.

    But I really need to see the handsome guy!

    He’s every woman’s dream.

    “Don’t worry… We will go to the beach tomorrow” Lucy said and I jumped for joy.

    “Really? Thank you Lucy!” I rejoiced as I hugged her tightly.

    Stephanie’s Pov:

    “I gulped down a glass of vodka.

    “This is what I’ve been going through girl…. All my boyfriend sees or think about is nothing but Amaya his imagination” I said

    “What? I don’t think the girl is just an imagination” Sonia my friend said

    “What do you mean Sonia? Even his mom confirmed that there is no Amaya” I said

    “And you believe that?” Sonia scoffed

    “What do you expect me to do girl?” I asked confused

    “I don’t think she is just an imagination…. I mean with all you have told me, I think your boyfriend loves her” Sonia said and I laughed.

    “Loves her? Who is she?” I mocked

    “You better be wise girlfriend” Sonia said as I scratched my hair in confusion.

    “How do you mean?” I asked anxiously.

    “I think you have to act fast or do you want to lose him?” Sonia asked as I shook my head in disagreement.

    “Good! Then pin him down” Sonia whispered and laughed aloud.

    “How am I going to do that?” I asked anxiously.

    She drew me closer and whispered into my ear and my eyes widened in shock.

    “What? Are you sure?” I asked

    “Definitely girlfriend” Sonia said as smiles escaped my lips.

    “Cheers ?” We shouted and jammed our glasses together.


    I quickly rushed into the kitchen.

    I brought out a wrap from my pocket.

    I quickly added it into the glass of orange squash.

    I smiled mischievously as I rushed out of the kitchen.

    Alexander walked out of the room and entered the kitchen.

    Actually the glass of orange squash was his.

    He picked up the glass and walked to me at the sitting room.

    I watched him gulp down the drink.

    I smiled within me.

    My plans are gradually falling into place.

    Well I added some drug into his drink.

    Some minutes later ?

    I watched him battling to stay awake.

    He became drowsy and weak.

    I laughed hysterically….

    And soon enough, he became dead drunk and staggered.

    I walked to him and gave him a hot passionate kiss.

    “I love you Amaya” He said squeezing my butt.

    D--n it!

    I hate those words but I just have to accomplish my mission.

    Gradually we fell on the bed and….



    ? ?

    Stephanie….. ?

    What? ??

    Now that Amaya is coming back to him ??

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