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    better fight these people, Don’t allow them to kill u

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    hmmmmmm,,,, y should a wolf eat one of her children

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    Marie Nkeng
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    Hmmm nabila nabila oh ok

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    this is serious, nabila u are in for it now

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    marcus Victoria
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    Episode 17

    The Ranch was as silent as a grave yard. Three days had passed and Abdul was still unconscious. Mohammed was out of town, so there wasn’t anyone to help them at the moment.
    “Please wake up…”Amina’s tears dropped on Abdul’s naked and hairy chest.
    Nobody knew what had happened to the master. He had only screamed, and passed out after that. For now, his clothes had been taken off, and a piece of white clothe was tied around his waist.
    “You do not have to cry mistress, the men have gone in search of a healer. They could be a way out.” Keerna knelt beside Amina and gave her hands a squeeze. But Amina couldn’t be consoled.
    “Allah is cruel to me…” Amina’s lips shivered. All her life, she had dreamt of love and happiness, and just as she was about to get it; something stepped in and blocked it.
    Nobody knew what had happened to Abdul. There weren’t any markings on his body; some of the ranchers speculated that he had been hit by a powerful demon. But there wasn’t any evidence. Such things had only occurred in ancient times, when the people were still loyal to the gods and goddesses of the land.
    “Do not speak that way mistress. Allah is not cruel to anyone. He has a reason for this. Where is your Iman? Where is your faith?” Keerna whispered.
    Keerna had noticed Hazim’s absence for a few days now, but she couldn’t ask anyone about it. The master’s health was priority and they had to find a way to revive him.
    “We cannot tell the Sultan or prince Fadin about this. They have more important matters to attend to. Matters that concern us all,” Amina’s lips shivered. She hadn’t seen this coming. She hadn’t known that her joy would fade away; and that sorrow would welcome her so swiftly.
    Keerna nodded and adjusted the silky gray scarf on her head.
    “We have to be patient mistress.”
    Nabila found it difficult to stay at the master’s side. Guilt washed over her, and the fear of taking his place enveloped her mind. As she stood outside his bedroom, tears stung her eyes.
    Her hatred for Amina had led her to this. The serpent of Ukdran had killed the wrong person. And there wasn’t any cure.
    “I am doomed, there is blood on my hands.” Nabila’s lips trembled as she cried.
    She couldn’t tell her mother what had taken place, for the woman had warned her about the price she had to pay. Nabila was sure there wasn’t any remedy to Abdul’s situation, and her fears increased when she thought about the invisible serpent.
    That night, when the master had fallen, all the men in ranch had searched Amina’s bedroom, but they hadn’t found anything. This scared Nabila more. The serpent of Ukdran was a mysterious creature. It could hide in the darkest places and it could stay hidden in the light as well. It only revealed itself to those it wanted.
    She had meditated and tried to find the serpent with her mind, but there was no connection. And it made her wonder, if the serpent had died in the room; or if it was waiting to strike her on an occasion

    “Nabila?” A soft voice called her, and she jerked out of her thoughts.
    Keerna had stepped out of the master’s room to get some warm water for Amina’s bath. She had found her friend weeping silently. Though they weren’t in speaking terms, Keerna was moved by Nabila’s tears.
    She knew why Nabila was crying. It showed that she really cared about the master. Her love was pure and true, but misplaced.
    “Why is everyone weeping in this ranch? By Allah, I will lose my faith as well.” Keerna moved towards her friend and pulled her in for a hug.
    Nabila clung to Keerna’s shoulders and cried softly.
    “Forgive me Keernahaza. I am a wrongdoer.”
    “It is alright my friend. You were blinded by love and passion. You love the master, which is why you cry so hard.” Keerna patted her back and kissed her cheek.
    But Nabila’s tears were for another purpose. She knew she would pay the price, but she didn’t know when.
    “I must go see my mother, maybe there is a way to avert the curse of Ukdran,” Nabila thought. She had to find away to appease the serpent deity. Abdul had abandoned her for a Shuwa woman; even after all her years of faithfulness.
    Maybe he deserved what befell him. Now that he was doomed for death, she could move on with her life. She would fall in love with another. But Amina would be doomed forever, and this was what she had always wanted. Amina would be in greater pain, for the rest of her life.
    “I must leave for the outskirt, I must see my family.” Nabila pulled away from the hug.
    “This isn’t a good time Nabila, what if you wait a few more days? We need each other…” Keerna wasn’t comfortable with her friend’s plan.
    Nabila was about to cook up a reason, when two cowboys stepped into the ranch, with an old woman. She wasn’t of Islam. She wore a dress with glittering pearls upon it. Her dusty black hair wasn’t shielded from the eyes of men. Her neck was long and scrawny; and her eyes were like two little pebbles. They were sharp as an eagle’s, and deadly as a mamba’s. She was blind. But her third eye was open.
    “The healer of Neferti comes…”one of the boys announced.
    “Why did they let her in here?” Nabila whispered to Keerna. She was a pagan!
    “We must do everything to save the master.” Keerna replied in a soft voice.
    As the woman was led towards the master’s chambers, she turned her head sharply and pinned her eyes at the spot where Nabila stood.
    A strange sensation ran through Nabila, the woman was a child of Ukdran!
    “There is evil in this ranch. We must first drive it out.” The healer mumbled, and continued on her way. A devious smile played on her lips as she discovered what had happened to the master. A child of Ukdran had used dark magic; it would backfire.
    “I must go, I must leave…” Nabila rushed towards the room she shared with Keerna. In a matter of hours, the healer could cure Abdul and that would mean her death.
    Keerna wouldn’t let her go, “No, you have to stay!” Keerna rushed after her.
    Amina was still crying, when the old woman stepped into the room.
    “Wipe your tears daughter, your husband was destined for many years. He cannot be allowed to cross to the Vale of dark shadows. His mind is trapped within his own body. His soul is lost and his spirit is wanting.”
    The woman snapped her fingers, and the little girl she came with, dropped the basket of potions.
    Amina was surprised to see her.
    “You can help him?”
    “Yes, but at a cost…” The woman nodded.
    “What cost?” Amina was prepared to give the woman all the expensive things Abdul had gotten for her.
    “A life, but not yours,”
    “My life?”Amina’s brows joined together in surprise. She was ready to lay down her life for Abdul.
    The healer shook her head, “No. You both are meant to be. You will grow old with your children, but a wolf would eat one of them…”
    Amina cringed at this dark prophecy. The woman sensed her fear and bit her lips to silence.

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    marcus Victoria
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    Episode 18

    You will have many happy days. The sad ones cannot overshadow the happy ones.”
    “What price shall you accept?” Amina ignored her prophecies. She wasn’t a believer in the old religion.
    “A life but not yours,” the healer repeated.
    “Whose?” Amina wondered.
    “The one with the fire of Ukdran.”
    Before Amina could utter one word, the healer collected a vial with golden designs. She spilled the black liquid in it over Abdul’s hairy chest.
    She closed her eyes, and searched deeper with her mind. A surge of energy arose within her; her fire was ignited by the magic of Ukdran, that swirled within her. She spread her slender fingers over Abdul’s body. The poison of the serpent would meet with the serpent oil. It would be over soon.
    “Release him Ukshal. Release his soul from the well of death, mother. Release his mind from the grasp of fear. Release his healing from the great serpent, Ukshal…”
    She chanted the words twice. On the third count, she grabbed Amina’s hands and held it.
    “You must repeat after me. With my magic and with your love, shall your husband return.”
    Amina licked her lips nervously and nodded. She wasn’t used to the practice of the old ways, but she had to learn.
    “Release him Ukshal. Release his soul from the well of death, mother. Release his mind from the grasp of fear. Release his healing from the great serpent, Ukshal…” The women chanted in unison.
    On the third count, a loud and ear-shattering scream hit the ranch. It was a woman’s voice.
    Just in time, Abdul’s eyes cracked open and he found a stranger, a little girl and his beautiful wife in the room.
    “What is happening?” He whispered in a weak voice.

    Hazim launched forward and pierced his sword through the first man who sliced him.
    “That is for my horse!” Hazim withdrew the sword, dripping with blood and pointed it at the second man.
    “You either surrender, or you end up like him,” Hazim pointed the sword at the man.
    The guard sneered and spat on the ground, “I’d rather fall on my own blade, than surrender to a half breed!”
    Hazim chuckled, the guard like Idris, was a Shuwa and they considered themselves superior to other tribes. They were filled with ambition and power lust.
    “Good, you have chosen!” Hazim screamed in a loud voice and jumped closer to the man, but the guard escaped the blade. He outsmarted Hazim and gave him a kick that unsettled him. Hazim found himself on the floor, and at the mercy of the guard.
    The silver blade had fallen out of his palms. He couldn’t defend himself now.
    “I told you Kanuri man, I do not surrender to anybody! I only answer to Mallam Idris!”
    Without hesitation, he raised his sword and was ready to plunge it into Hazim, but he wasn’t quick enough. A sharp arrow pierced through his chest, and found his heart. Blood oozed from the orifices of his eyes, nostrils and mouth. The sword he held fell out of his hands. The man staggered and fell.
    Hazim couldn’t believe what had just taken place. Someone had saved his life!
    He quickly grabbed his sword and waited for the arrival of the man on a horse. His face was cloaked. Hazim couldn’t deny the fact that the man was a handsome archer. From the distance he stood, he was able to kill Idris’ guard.
    “Idris’ men are good fighters! It was foolhardy to come here alone!” The cloaked man bellowed.
    Hazim said nothing. There was something strangely familiar about the voice. He couldn’t wait to see the stranger’s face.
    The horse swiftly covered the distance between Hazim and the man.
    “Is this any way to appreciate your life saver?” The cloaked man asked.
    Hazim scoffed, “how am I sure you aren’t one of Idris’ men?”
    “Hazim’s men don’t save, they destroy!”
    At once, the man pulled the cloak away from his face and Hazim’s eyes radiated with shock. The man was the last person he had expected to see in Dafa.
    “Mohammed? What are you doing here?”
    Mohammed laughed, “I work with Idris. Prince Fadin told me where to find you. Idris thinks I am loyal, but I am not. We must ride back and warn the Prince and everyone. Idris would attack Kanem Dazau in two days and with full force.”
    Hazim couldn’t believe his ears.
    “How did you get Idris to trust you so much?” Hazim sensed Mohammed was hiding something.
    Mohammed replied with a dry laugh, “that my friend, I cannot tell you. It has been my plan with Prince Fadin all along. To defeat an enemy, you must get into his camp.”
    Hazim slowly understood that the Prince hadn’t been working with just him and Abdul. He was working with the information seller as well.
    “What did you do to win Idris’ trust?” Hazim repeated.
    Mohammed sighed, he knew Hazim wouldn’t let this one go.
    “The Sultan was dying from an ailment. I promised Idris his head. When I approached the prince and told of him of my plans, he agreed to work with me. We made it look like one of Idris’ men had sneaked into the palace. This was the only way I could convince Idris that I am for him.”
    Hazim felt a cold chill running down his spine, “you killed the king? To what end, what purpose?”
    “Idris is more powerful than you and Abdul think. He killed my parents when I was just a child. This is the only way I could honor their memory. This isn’t the time to do what is right, we do what must be done.”
    Hazim was confused. Prince Fadin had made his father’s murder very believable. He couldn’t wait to tell Abdul all about it. For Mohammed to risk his life by working with Idris, he was really very powerful.
    “Where is Idris now?” Hazim asked calmly. He had known Mohammed all his life in Kanem Dazau; the information seller wouldn’t have a reason to betray them now.
    “A Hausa village to the south; he intends to take their horses and rape their women. We must hurry back to Kanem. If he finds me here, I will be in trouble. I told him I will be returning home.”
    Hazim nodded, “thanks for saving my life Mohammed.”
    “It’s nothing. I trust you would have done same, if I was in your shoes.” Mohammed bowed his head.
    The men were about mounting Mohammed’s huge stallion, when they heard a loud voice.
    “What is that?” Mohammed raised a brow.
    “It seems someone has been in there, all these while…” Hazim grabbed his sword and rushed into the ranch. He was right. Tukur had been captured by Idris’ men. He had heard the clashing of swords; the screams of death and the silence that followed. He wasn’t prepared to die like a coward. He had to cry out for help.
    “Hazim!” Mohammed called in a sharp voice.
    “What is it?” Hazim paused.
    “I don’t think you should go in there. Idris could return anytime. I don’t want him to distrust me. I have enough information about his army. If he senses that I am no longer with him, he’ll have my head.”
    Hazim understood that Mohammed was in a hurry, but his conscience wouldn’t let him return to Kanem, without checking the captive out.
    “I promise to be quick about this.”
    Hazim followed the sound of the groan, till he reached an empty barn. It smelt of animal dung and dead grasses. Little insects and maggots danced in the dung; lizards crawled on the floor. Hazim felt sick.

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    Little insects and maggots danced in the dung

    eeww!! that’s one thing about rearing animals

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    that’s how nabila lost her life bcos of possessive love,,, and takur should thank his star

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