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    The story below is an exclusive work of the author, Kayemjay. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.


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    Episode 1

    It was a beautiful Friday evening.
    Time: 7pm. The streets of
    Ikorodu were busy as usual,
    different kinds of people. The
    conductors were shouting at the
    top of their voices trying to
    outdo each other in the clamor
    for passengers. People hurrying
    in opposite directions. Many
    were corporately dressed trying
    to catch the next available bus to
    their final destinations, after a
    hard day’s job. Agric Bus Stop
    arguably boasted of one of the
    highest number of people that
    lived in Ikorodu. A market
    woman screamed at a man who
    was half running to catch a bus
    that had just one more seat left,
    and in the process, scattered
    some of her fresh peppers on
    the ground.
    she screamed obscenities at the
    man at the top of her lungs. The
    culprit was already in the bus. If
    he heard the curses rained on
    him, he didn’t show it. I smiled
    wryly, bent and began helping
    the woman pick the pepper
    scattered on the floor. I washed
    my hands with the water she
    provided and continued on my
    way home. I was feeling
    particularly happy though. I had
    just experienced a wonderful
    time in the arms of my
    heartthrob. I called in sick from
    work and had spent the past
    5hours with her. She was going
    to be away for quite a while,
    studying for her Masters in
    Canada. I had a quick flash back
    in my subconscious. The smile
    grew wider.
    I crossed to the other side of the
    road. I needed to take a “keke
    napep” to the entrance of my
    street. I still had a little bit of
    distance to cover so I increased
    my pace. I wondered why there
    were so much people in this part
    of Lagos. It is the outskirts of the
    commercial center of the city and
    yet it was a host to a lot of new
    tenants every day. I dreamt of
    one day owning plots of land in
    Banana Island, having properties
    on Queens Drive Ikoyi or even a
    big Hotel in Lekki. Not this
    dumpster I had to hide in
    because of my past.
    “Owa o.” I said to the driver as I
    got to my bus stop. I paid him,
    collected my change and
    watched as he zoomed off. I
    waited patiently at the bus stop
    for the road to clear so I could
    cross and enter my street. I was
    still waiting there when all of a
    sudden, a black tinted Toyota
    camry screeched to a stop in
    front of me. The back door
    yanked open and a huge man,
    dark glasses, wearing a mafia
    suit came out of the car, gave me
    a blinding slap and then bundled
    me inside the car. The car sped
    off. All happened in seconds.
    My head was ringing; I felt blood
    on my lips. I touched my lower
    lip. There was a little cut and it
    was a bit swollen. It took a while
    for my eyes to readjust to the
    darkness inside the car. I was
    sandwiched between two huge
    men. The one who hit me was on
    my right. I could tell because he
    still had his glasses on. I studied
    my environment trying to make
    out any detail that would help
    me. The dimly lit car did not help
    matters. Two guys. I guessed
    they were thugs. The other guy
    wore a body hugging t-shirt,
    silver necklace and had a huge
    mustache. He was smoking and
    did not seem to care about me.
    The driver wore a face cap. Met
    his eyes about once or twice
    from the rear view mirror. There
    was no other passenger in front.
    I could feel the eyes of my captor
    on me. I wanted to speak but
    was afraid to. I opened my
    mouth. Nothing came out. I was
    still in a state of shock. I quickly
    said a prayer for God to forgive
    me of my sins. I was too young
    too die. Different thought
    crossed my mind. These guys
    looked a little bit sophisticated. I
    did not owe any one money. I
    did not do any bad deals. Had my
    old life finally caught up with me?
    I managed to catch a glimpse of
    the macho’s wristwatch. It was
    pure gold. Welders. Were they
    ritual killers? I shuddered at the
    thought. So this was how I was
    going to die?
    We were driving at high speeds,
    avoiding the small roads and
    sticking to the freeway. My eyes
    were accustomed to the dimly lit
    vehicle. I decided if I was going
    to die, I should at least know
    what was happening. As I made
    to open my mouth, Macho man’s
    phone rang.
    “Hello ma. Yes ma’am, we got the
    package. Okay ma.”
    The other guy finished his
    cigarette and lit another one.
    Package? Am I the package? A
    woman was calling the shots?
    I decided to be brave.
    “Good evening sir. Please sir
    what I have I done? Where are
    you taking me? I beg you in the
    name…” I began to say, facing
    Macho man.
    The smoking thug gave me a
    powerful back hand slap to the
    side of my face.
    I passed out.

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    Episode 2

    The room was spacious and
    wide. Exotic furniture neatly
    arranged at the corners of the
    huge sitting room. The blinds
    were slightly drawn allowing a
    trickle of early morning sun into
    the room. There was a huge
    plasma on the wall and a bar to
    its left. The walls were painted
    white with an accent of blood
    red here and there in the room.
    The blinds were red, the couch,
    the reclining chair, the little table
    and even the bar was painted
    red. Every other thing was in
    pure white including the ceiling.
    Sophia paced uneasily to and fro.
    She had a bottle of Baileys on
    one hand and a wine cup in the
    other. She was restless. She was
    worried. Bruno and Marshal
    were yet to get back to her. This
    was a simple mission. Get the
    boy, and bring him to the safe
    house. She did not trust those
    fools but they had been highly
    recommended by Gambo. Now
    they were nowhere to be found.
    Her phone rang again, it was the
    General. She had this strong
    desire not to answer the phone.
    But the General always knew. She
    answered it on the first ring.
    “What is the situation on ground,
    S?” The General asked. She could
    see the wrinkles on his forehead.
    The General always knew. She
    was sure he already knew what
    the situation was. He had spies
    everywhere. That was why he
    was called the General. Everyone
    feared him. No one dared him.
    Very few people have met him.
    And the General hardly calls.
    When he did, there was trouble.
    “The situation is under control
    sir.” Sophia answered.
    “I did not ask if the situation was
    under control. I asked WHAT the
    situation is. I am going to call you
    pretty soon. You had better have
    an answer for me.” He said and
    hung up.
    Typical General. Always the last to
    speak and never failing to seize
    an opportunity to keep you edgy.
    She knew that he knew that the
    fools she had sent to bring in the
    boy were MIA. This was her first
    major assignment. She really did
    not want to flop. She originally
    wanted to take a subtle measure.
    Lure him in with some girl. But
    that would take time and there
    was a chance he would not fall
    for the bait. Force was the only
    They had been watching Sean for
    three months now, twenty four
    hours round the clock. They had
    a different agent on him every
    six hours. He had been chosen as
    the ideal candidate. Perfect
    height. Perfect age. Perfect face,
    countenance, education and
    work orientation. All that
    remained was to determine his
    lifestyle and how a typical day for
    Sean looked like. Sophia spent
    hours going over each agent’s
    report about Sean. She was
    always with her radio; the agents
    would phone in to say that Sean
    had changed routine or gone
    somewhere away from their
    jurisdiction. This was where her
    leadership came in. She would
    order them to follow or let him
    be. She had pulled her strings
    twice. Sean had made plans to
    travel out of the city. He had
    bought a ticket to fly to Abuja.
    This was going to put a huge
    hole in their plans. He had to be
    kept in the city at all costs. A call
    was made to the General. Sean
    was held back at work and
    denied leave to travel. Another
    time, his office had made plans
    for his department to travel for a
    refresher course in Kenya. Sophia
    was informed. The trip was
    terminated. They had contacts
    everywhere including the
    government. When they wanted
    something, they always got it.
    They had considered kidnapping
    his girlfriend. The General did not
    want the silly police force
    involved. They would just be
    crawling everywhere, impeding
    progress. This was going to be a
    snatch and grab operation. Very
    few witnesses, if any. Sean lived a
    reckless life. His mother hardly
    monitored him. She believed he
    was capable of handling himself.
    They sometimes went three
    weeks without communicating.
    He had no close friends. His
    girlfriend was travelling out of
    the country. She was the only
    worry. A slight worry that could
    be easily fixed.
    So they had decided to ‘grab’
    Sean. They waited patiently for
    the opportunity. A black Toyota
    Prado was parked across the
    street opposite New Inn, the
    hotel that Sean and his girlfriend
    were in. They waited for five
    hours, listening in on their
    conversation and their sex. Sean
    had been bugged. As usual.
    There was a different agent
    every day and a different agent
    for this purpose. A handshake, a
    hug, a collision, whatever
    brought physical contact. And
    they were good. The microchip
    was planted on him. The
    transmitter was live. Sean never
    suspected anything. They most
    times knew of his plans for the
    next day. So they had planned
    the smash and grab to
    perfection. They knew he was
    going home to see his mother
    that evening. They knew his
    girlfriend was going out of the
    country. They knew he would
    always wait to cross the road
    when he got down from the
    “keke napep”. That was when
    they would strike. They only
    hoped that he would not cross
    the road too soon or decide not
    to go home. If that happened
    they would have to hatch
    another plan.
    A Toyota Camry was at Agric bus
    stop waiting for the signal to
    know when they would move.
    The Toyota Prado trailed the bus
    Sean was in. It was easy. Sophia
    was listening in the whole time
    via radio communication. She
    chipped in orders here and there
    and monitored the whole
    operation. The Toyota Camry
    traced the “keke-napep”,
    increased speed when Sean got
    off and picked him up at the bus
    stop. It was done. Mission
    accomplished. She called Marshal
    to confirm if he had the package.
    He was positive. The journey
    would take approximately 8
    hours. They knew that. All
    contingency measures had been
    put in place. All possible
    loopholes were closed and taken
    care of. And if anything else came
    up unexpectedly out of the blues,
    there was Bruno. He was the
    brain. He had the ability of split
    second thinking. He was able to
    come up with ideas to go past
    seemingly impassable hurdles.
    But Sophia did not envision any
    problems. She had spoken to
    Marshal again at 2am when they
    were leaving Benin City, Edo
    State. All was going smoothly. She
    had decided to take a much
    needed nap.
    She woke at 5am and found 7
    missed calls and a message on
    her phone. All were from Bruno.
    She checked the time of the calls.
    3:19 am. She checked the
    “Mission in jeopardy. Bees on tail.
    Taking precaution.”
    She panicked. She called the
    number. Switched off. poo! Why
    wasn’t she awake? She was
    angry with herself. She did not
    panic. The ability to keep cool
    under life threatening pressure
    was one of the abilities required
    of the agents at her level of
    clearance. She took a bottle of
    Baileys from the bar and calmed
    her nerves with the creamy
    alcohol. She was pacing and
    thinking. Then the General called
    and almost made her lose her
    wits. She was not called The Iron
    Lady for nothing. She thought for
    a while.
    She called Gbenga.
    “Gbenga. Yes. Take an SUV.
    Government plates. Take the
    mission route to Benin, Edo state.
    Sniff out Marshal and Bruno.
    Keep your eyes open and you
    head low. This is a Code Yellow.
    And take Mark with you.”
    She hung up.
    She sat down and crossed her
    legs, the bottle in one hand and
    the wine glass in the other. She
    tried to think of possible
    occurences that may have made
    Bruno call her. Bruno was
    capable. He was one of the
    candidates in line to succeed her.
    She shrugged. She decided to
    ease off. She took the home
    theater remote and pressed play.
    Yanni’s attraction played from
    the speakers. Soulful jazz. It
    helped her relax.
    Just then the door opened.
    Bruno entered, covered in mud
    and dirt.

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    please update oh biko

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    Episode 3

    I woke up with a banging
    headache. My stomach churned
    and my throat was dry. I was
    very thirsty. I squinted, trying to
    adjust to the brightness of the
    room. I was sitting on a wooden
    chair, my hands tied at my back.
    It was a tiny room. The only piece
    of furniture was the one I was
    seated on. My shoes had been
    removed. I raised my head and
    looked around. There was a pile
    of plywood to my left. A water
    dispenser was by the iron door.
    There was a tiny bed to my far
    right which could only take one
    person comfortably. D--n, I was
    hungry. I tried to recollect what
    happened and how I got here. It
    was all fuzzy. I tasted the dry
    blood on the cut on my swollen
    lower lip. I silently cursed the
    Macho man who hit me.
    I had to get out of here. With the
    tip of my fingers, I felt the tape
    used to tie my hands. Masking
    tape. I looked around for any
    shred of metal I could use to
    loosen myself. None. I tried to
    force the masking tape off me by
    pulling my hands apart. I
    groaned and struggled. It did not
    come off. The 100 watt bulb was
    blinding my eyes. There were no
    windows and the fan was
    blowing at a very irritating low
    rate, making funny noises. Tiny
    drops of sweat formed on my
    What time was it? Where was I?
    Was this where I was going to
    die? Is this the slaughter house?
    All these questions ran through
    my head in milliseconds. I started
    crying. I was weak, hungry and
    afraid. I was not going to die
    here I told myself. I looked round
    the tiny room again. This time I
    looked very slowly and very
    carefully. As I looked past the
    door, something shiny caught my
    eyes. There was a part of the
    door which had a little
    protrusion. It looked sharp. It
    was very small, like a design of
    some sort. This could work I told
    myself. I had watched The
    Avengers where Black Widow
    was held captive in a similar
    situation when a call came
    through to her. Her deft mastery
    of martial arts helped her escape
    and defeat her captors. I wished
    I knew martial arts. I prayed
    quickly and silently. And I lifted
    myself up with the chair. The
    wooden chair was not heavy
    after all! I hopped and hopped
    and hopped. Finally, I got to the
    position of the shrapnel looking
    protrusion on the door and
    turned my back against it. I tried
    to locate the shrapnel by trying
    to feel the door, my hands still
    tied behind the chair.
    “Fvck!” I cursed. The shrapnel cut
    my finger. I felt the warm fluid
    trickle out. I wanted to s--k it to
    stop the bleeding. I could not. I
    continued, trying to trace the
    shrapnel and get it to where I
    could successfully pierce the
    tape. I found it. I tried to pierce
    the masking tape with the
    “Ahhhh..Fvck! God!” I cried as the
    shrapnel cut my palm. I could feel
    blood oozing out. I smiled. The
    masking tape was loose. I quickly
    freed my hands from the chair
    and got up. My palm was hurting.
    I cut some foam from the bed on
    the floor and tried to clean the
    blood. I cut more foam and
    cleaned the drops of blood on
    the floor too. I scrutinized the
    area to see if any changes could
    be easily noticed. It was not.
    I bent my neck at the dispenser
    and opened the tap. The taste of
    cold water was soothing. I had
    my fill and let out a loud belch. I
    saw the bed and a huge desire
    to just lie down on it came over
    me. But a lot of work was yet to
    be done. And if I was found
    unbound and on the bed, the
    next restraint they would put on
    me would not be a masking tape.
    I carried the wooden chair back
    to the exact spot it was kept
    initially and sat on in. I paced the
    room, deep in thought and trying
    to work out a plan. I can’t die
    now, I told myself, shaking my
    head. I was just 27. In my prime.
    I meant so much to my mum. My
    girlfriend would break down if
    anything happened to me. The
    office would freeze for at least a
    week before they could get
    themselves back up. I had to do
    somwthing. But what? I put my
    head on the dispenser bottle and
    tears trickled down my eyes. I
    prayed to God to forgive me my
    sins and that I would dedicate
    my life to him if I ever got out of
    this alive. My nose ran. I dragged
    it in.
    Just then I heard footsteps. And
    then the footsteps got closer.
    Designer shoes. Maybe cowboy
    boots. It could also be a woman
    in high heels. But from the
    sounds I heard, I knew that there
    was a corridor of some sort
    outside this door, which was
    either tiled or very smooth. I
    made to resume my prayers on
    the dispenser when I heard the
    jangle of a bunch of keys and a
    key go into the lock. I
    immediately rushed to the chair,
    sat down and put my hands
    behind the chair, in the position I
    was left making sure I didn’t
    make a sound. The Iron door
    opened and someone stepped in,
    closing it behind him. The door
    made a soft thud when it closed.
    I kept my head low, my heart
    was pounding so hard in my
    chest I was afraid he would hear
    it. There was a moment of
    silence. I could feel his eyes all
    over me, trying to survey me. He
    kicked my legs gently. He kicked
    again. Then he came closer.
    “Hey” He said tapping my chin. I
    kept mute.
    “Hey! Boy!” He said louder, this
    time tapping my chin a bit harder
    twice and lifting my face up.
    I pretended to be waking from
    sleep. I opened my eyes slowly. It
    was Macho man. My heart beat
    faster. This brute of a man was
    so merciless. I still remembered
    the ringing slap he gave me
    hours ago. I groaned.
    “We are leaving” He said.
    I dropped my head again as if I
    was fainting. He stooped to look
    at me, a certain worry in his eyes.
    That was his mistake.
    I don’t know where I got the
    courage or the idea. I felt this
    sudden rush of adrenaline and I
    was not even thinking about my
    actions. Even I could not believe
    it. As he stooped to look at me, I
    freed my hands from the back of
    the chair and gave him two
    heavy slaps on each eye. I put all
    the power and force I could get
    into the slaps. I was afraid I had
    blinded him. He screamed and
    held his face. I pushed the chair
    back and landed a huge kick to
    his ball5. He fell on the ground
    gasping for air. I made for the
    door but he held my leg. I turned
    and kicked his hand with all the
    might I could muster. He was still
    gasping for air. I got to the door,
    turned the handle and bolted.
    The corridor was long, with
    doors left and right. The floor
    was tiled and clean. It looked like
    an apartment in progress that
    was nearing completion. I got to
    the end of the corridor and
    opened the door. The Toyota
    Camry that picked me was
    parked neatly inside the
    compound. It was not a very
    huge compound. The floor was
    interlocked with bricks. I dashed
    to the gate, got out and
    continued to run. I had no idea
    where I was going.
    I was on a small pathway that
    could barely take two cars. There
    were bushed all around. No trace
    of civilization. I looked farther
    ahead. Nothing. Just a lonely
    pathway with bushes
    everywhere. I was getting tired. I
    had been running for a while. I
    had no phone. My wallet was still
    with me, but it was of no use. I
    looked behind me a few times,
    trying to see if Macho man was
    coming after me. No sound of a
    car or anything of the sort. I
    stopped to catch my breath. After
    a while I began walking slowly,
    tired and hungry. I was fatigued.
    I sat down on the floor beside
    the road, praying to get help. I
    began to cry again.
    I hear d the sound of a car
    coming from the direction I was
    heading. I quickly stood up and
    listened. It was approaching me
    now. Any help would do at this
    point. I flagged down the car but
    it ewent past me. It got a few
    meters away from me, then
    reversed. I thanked God.
    It stopped beside me and the
    driver’s window wound down. It
    was a woman. Thank heavens.
    “Please ma’am. I would be
    extremely indebted to you if you
    could please give me a ride
    anywhere out of here. If I can get
    a bus anywhere, I would be very
    grateful.” I begged.
    She looked at me as if assessing
    me and deciding whether to give
    me a lift or not. When it seemed
    like she was going to zoom off, I
    begged her with tears falling
    from my eyes.
    “Please ma. I mean you no harm.
    Please” I begged.
    “What happened to you? What
    are you doing here? And why are
    you looking so tattered?” she
    “It’s quite a story ma.” I replied,
    my tears refusing to stop.
    My tears seemed to give her a
    change of heart. She nodded her
    head to the side of the
    passenger seat.
    “Come in.” she said.
    She opened the door and I got
    in. The refreshing AC, the comfort
    of the leather seat and the safety
    in the hands of a good Samaritan
    were all welcome developments.
    We drove at some speed and
    when we passed the house I
    was held captive in, I glanced
    and looked inside. The Camry
    was still there. I was relieved. I
    “So what is your name?” the
    good Samaritan asked me after
    an eternity of silence. She spoke
    very good English. Gold earrings,
    gold bracelets and a gold
    necklace. She smelled of class.
    What did I expect? She was
    driving a Honda Civic 2012.
    “My name is Sean ma.” I replied.
    “Nice. I am Sophia.”

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    Ha…. am happy for Sophia wheeew…

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    Haaaaa gobeeeeee

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    Episode 4

    She felt good to be at the CEOs’
    Awards dinner. Her boyfriend
    was Regional Manager at one of
    the top banks in the country and
    she felt so happy to be privileged
    to be a part of the event. There
    were a lot of distinguished
    personalities from 12 different
    countries around the world. It
    was a dinner that admitted
    people strictly by invitation. She
    knew she looked stunning. Why
    wouldn’t she be? She had been
    preparing for weeks. Kunle had
    told her a month ago about the
    very huge dinner and award
    night and that she would be
    going as his partner. She had
    carefully searched the internet
    and viewed catalogue after
    catalogue of dinner gowns. She
    saw a design she liked on a
    show on Dstv and had her
    designer make something
    gorgeous for her. From the
    moment she walked into the hall
    in Oriental Hotels Lekki, she felt all
    eyes on her. Kunle beamed a
    wide smile. He looked handsome
    in his Tuxedo as he strolled to his
    designated seat, hand in hand
    with his adorable girlfriend. He
    knew she was stunning. This
    could get him a raise, a
    recommendation or best of all a
    She was dark skinned and very
    beautiful. She measured 5ft.
    7inches without the heels. Now
    donning a 3-inch heeled shoe,
    she was almost the same height
    as Kunle. They had been dating
    for almost 7 months and already
    looked the couple. She was busty
    and a little chubby with an as5
    that made heads turn, both male
    and female alike. Kunle was in his
    mid30’s. Already climbing the
    ladder of successful banking
    business, he had very little
    worries. He saw this as an
    opportunity to invest, market,
    show his class and get to meet
    his superiors whose only contact
    with him had been via emails. He
    also hoped he would have the
    courage to proceed with his
    plan. He wanted to propose. For
    her it was a night of pictures for
    updates on instagram and bbm.
    It was a night to flaunt her
    beauty and her body. It was a
    night to make her boyfriend very
    proud. She knew it was a long
    shot, but she did not mind being
    whisked away by one of the
    money bags present. She was
    amazed at the caliber of people
    she saw. She knew it was a big
    night. She did not envisage that it
    would be this big. He followed
    her to her seat, pushed back her
    chair, waited for her to settle in
    and helped her tuck in before
    going to his seat opposite her.
    The table already decorated with
    assorted wines and drinks had
    his name and designation
    already written boldly on a fancy
    looking cardboard: MR KUNLE
    seated in the middle of the hall,
    close enough to see the activities
    happening on stage. She smiled
    at him. He smiled back and held
    her hand across the table. She
    was so happy to mean this much
    to him to be brought here. He
    wanted so much to pop the
    question to her right there and
    then. He felt the ring casing in his
    pant pocket.
    “Soon,” he said to himself
    tapping the pocket with his free
    Outside Oriental Hotel, the venue
    of the party was a parked dark
    Nissan Armanda jeep. Shina was
    in front in the passenger seat.
    There was a white earphone in
    his left ear which he held in place
    with his left hand. Iyke and
    Francis were at the back
    smoking white London. Francis
    wound down his side of the
    glass and threw away the butt of
    his finished cigarette. He wound
    up and closed his eyes. Iyke hit
    him playfully with his elbow. He
    dipped his hand into the insides
    of his faded brown leather jacket
    and brought out a silenced .45
    revolver. He smiled wickedly as
    he brandished it before Francis.
    “Baba, relax. As long as this baby
    dey here, no shaking.” Iyke
    “Shhhh!!!!” Shina said from the
    front suddenly looking sharp and
    continued. “Brenda is going in.”
    he finished.
    All three men were suddenly very
    sharp and alert. The two at the
    back were looking at Shina and
    watching his facial reaction. If he
    felt or heard anything he did not
    show it. He was the best at
    masking how he felt, no matter
    how good or bad. That was why
    The Ghosts hired him.
    Inside, an announcement was
    made for everyone to order
    appetizers. Kunle and his
    girlfriend picked up the menu in
    front of them and chose their
    appetizers. There was an
    attendant for every table. When
    they had made their decision,
    Kunle signaled the waitress.
    When she was close to them, he
    looked at her name tag. BRENDA
    “Brenda, could you please get
    item 17 for my beautiful princess
    and item 3 for me?” Kunle asked
    “Fantastic choice sir” she said
    scribbling on her pad. “I’ll be just
    a minute please.” She finished
    and left.
    She got into the kitchen area and
    presented the piece of paper
    where she had written the
    couple’s order to the chef. She
    quickly went to the side of the
    room and whispered into the
    collar of her suit.
    “I’m going in.”
    Three minutes later Brenda came
    back with a tray containing the
    ordered meal. She placed Kunle’s
    in front of him and then the
    girl’s. She opened the red wine
    and poured two wine glasses
    half full. She straightened up.
    “Is there anything else you may
    need sir?” she asked smiling at
    both Kunle and his girlfriend.
    “No, thank you Brenda.” Kunle
    “Your fiancée is really beautiful
    sir. Lovely gown too.” Brenda
    said smiling wider.
    “Oh yes she is. Eva is the queen
    of my heart.” Kunle said.
    “Have a good evening sir and
    ma’am. And please feel free to call
    me if there is anything I can get
    you.” Brenda finished.
    “Thank you Brenda.” Eva said.
    As Brenda made to turn around,
    she deliberately used the tray to
    hit the wine bottle such that it
    spilled on Eva’s dress. She made it
    look like an accident. She had
    rehearsed this move for days.
    She was a pro. A few eyes turned
    to look at their direction. But the
    gazes did not last for long.
    “Oh my God! I am so sorry. Please
    forgive me. Please, let me get u a
    napkin.” Brenda said begging
    and apologizing as the liquid
    made a little stain on her dress.
    Eva looked horrified. Kunle was
    worried but calm. She quickly
    composed herself and accessed
    the damage. It was not much.
    Nothing a little dab could not
    clean up. She asked for the rest
    room. Brenda pointed at the
    ladies, apologizing as she
    directed. As Eva got up, Kunle
    tried to get up too but she gave
    him the “I’ll be fine my love” look.
    “Please excuse me baby, I will be
    right back.” She said to Kunle
    Brenda led the way as they took
    a door to their left, went behind
    the hall and entered a corridor to
    the rest room. Just about the
    same time, a fair skinned lady
    with glasses got up from her
    chair in the hall, kissed her
    boyfriend lightly on the cheeks
    and headed in the same
    direction as Eva. As she stepped
    out of the hall, she tapped her
    collar and spoke softly into the
    “I’m making my move.” She
    walked towards the ladies.
    Brenda was still begging Eva. Eva
    was getting irritated and asked
    her to leave, saying that it was
    okay. She could handle herself,
    she told Brenda. Brenda
    apologized again and left the
    bathroom. As she left she passed
    by the fair skinned lady in glasses
    and winked at her. The lady in
    glasses just nodded. She did not
    smile back.
    The bathroom was deserted, just
    The lady in glasses took out a
    glass container and sprayed the
    contents on her handkerchief.
    She opened the bathroom door
    and went in.

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