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    Pls o continue this o. Nice story weldone. But why the setup?

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    episode 5

    “Start the ignition!” Shina barked
    at the man at the wheels. He
    obeyed immediately. The engine
    roared to life, making a very
    silent and barely audible
    humming sound. Iyke and
    Francis watched Shina closely,
    desperately trying to know what
    stage of the plan they were at.
    Shina was not scared of the two
    criminals despite their menacing
    look, especially Iyke. Iyke had a
    deep scar that ran from his
    forehead through the middle of
    his eyes and stopped just by his
    left nostril. A scar he had gotten
    while in a brawl with a ‘friend’
    who owed him money. His friend
    had come at him with a matchet.
    He had just his hands. That was
    how he got the scar. He served
    four years in jail because of that
    incident. He was lucky. His friend
    wasn’t. His friend currently lived
    in a permanent wing in a federal
    hospital popularly called Igbobi.
    He was paralyzed from the neck
    down. Iyke was a brute. He did
    not fear anything or anyone.
    People shook and trembled at
    the sight of him. Even Francis
    secretly feared him. And when he
    got angry every one took to their
    heels. But not Shina. Shina
    detested him. Shina could finish
    him with just a phone call. In a
    way, Iyke knew he did not
    intimidate Shina. He did not
    know what kind of strings Shina
    pulled. He was always keeping
    his distance from him. Somehow,
    THE GHOSTS had a way of putting
    up the perfect team for an
    operation. Shina was the head
    for this mission. A smooth,
    calculating man, never under
    pressure and always with back
    up plans A – Z, no matter the
    situation. Francis was the very
    handsome and sexy serial killer.
    He loved to kill pretty women for
    fun. He was never caught. When
    he was accosted by The Ghosts
    he had no choice. They could
    give him away. They offered him
    good money, a good home and a
    family. And they were letting him
    kill once in a while. He was
    satisfied. Iyke the brute. The kind
    of thug you need when the
    situation gets tough and needs a
    deal of rough handling. No one
    does it better than Iyke.
    Iyke was getting irritated at
    Shina’s silence.
    “Oga, wetin dey happen na? You
    just keep us for silent since.
    Which ones na? Abeg wetin be
    scores? How e dey go? Time don
    reach to arrange the baggas?”
    He barked.
    Shina just smiled. A kind of smile
    that could annoy the meekest of
    “Move to the pick-up point.
    Now!” he said to the driver
    raising his voice with his left
    hand still pressed to his ear.
    He looked at the two men at the
    back, then said,
    “Beauty has got the girl. We are
    moving in to pick them up. We
    expect no incidence. This should
    be as easy as dipping a hot knife
    through butter. But if anything
    comes up you know what to do.
    Iyke, stay alert. Francis, you have
    your orders.”
    Francis was relaxing with his
    hands across his chest and his
    eyes closed. His back was resting
    firmly on d seat and when Shina
    spoke he just nodded, his eyes
    were still closed. Iyke was almost
    falling off the edge of his seat in
    his eagerness to pick up every
    word Shina spoke. The jeep
    moved slowly and turned right
    towards the waterside. It turned
    again, reversed and re-parked
    facing the traffic light. They were
    looking directly at FourPoints by
    Sheraton with the back door exit
    of Oriental Hotels to their left.
    They waited.
    Beauty, the pretty woman in
    glasses opened the bathroom
    door and entered. She moved to
    the last cubicle, entered and
    gently folded the handkerchief
    into place. She listened carefully
    as Eva stepped out of her own
    cubicle and approached the
    central mirror, admiring herself
    and adjudging the extent of
    cleanup she had done. She felt
    contented. She looked into her
    Beauty stepped out quietly and
    approached Eva from behind. She
    took four quick steps. Eva
    brought her head up from the
    bag and noticed someone in the
    mirror coming at her. She saw
    her too late. Beauty placed the
    handkerchief on Eva’s nose,
    making her inhale every bit of
    the handkerchief. There was very
    little struggle. Beauty dragged
    her into the cubicle she was in.
    She felt Eva’s pulse. Normal.
    Things were going according to
    plan. She brought out a tiny
    whitish substance and put it into
    Eva’s nostrils. She jerked as
    though she had just come out of
    a nightmare. Eva regained
    consciousness. She was weak.
    “Who…who…who are you? What
    do you want?” Eva said, looking
    at Beauty. She was very afraid.
    “Do you want to die, dearie?”
    Beauty asked rhetorically, her
    face totally hard.
    “No ma. Please I don’t.” Eva
    “Then listen to me very carefully.
    Do you inderstand me?” She
    Eva nodded.
    “Do exactly as I say and no harm
    will come to you or your uncle in
    Gbagda. We also know your
    mother lives in Ajegunle and
    goes to church by 6pm on
    Fridays. Your younger brother
    attends the University of Lagos.
    He stays in Jaja Hall, Room B212.
    We know everything about you
    Eva Makinde. We just need you to
    help us with some information.
    Thereafter you would be free to
    go. If you make any funny moves,
    we will poison Kunle. We have
    people everywhere and we are
    invisible. You would be released
    in the morning. Try any funny
    moves and the death of every
    person you love and cherish
    would be on your head. Can you
    live with that? Do you want
    that?” Beauty asked
    Eva shook her head again.
    Beauty had made her point.
    She continued, “Now you will
    follow me and make a very sickly
    face. I will do all the talking. Don’t
    say a word. Where is your
    “It’s here ma.” Eva said very
    “When I tell you, you will call
    Kunle and tell him you had to go.
    Your mum called and she is very
    sick. He won’t be too bothered.
    We have handled everything.”
    Beauty finished.
    “Okay ma.”
    “Good.” “I have got the package.
    Meet me at the pickup spot in
    five.” Beauty said to her collar.
    “Let’s go.” She commanded.
    They went through the back,
    passed a corridor and took a left.
    She held Eva’s hand as they
    moved through a maze of
    corridors and doors. Finally they
    got to the emergency exit. There
    was a Mopol with a rifle. Shiiitt!!!
    This was not planned. Beauty
    wanted to turn back but there
    was no time to. The man had
    already seen them and she could
    not risk raising an alarm. She
    decided to risk it. She
    approached the police officer.
    “Please Oga, my sister is
    pregnant. And she is feeling
    dizzy. She needs fresh air. She
    might faint any moment from
    now. We were in the bathroom
    and we lost our way trying to get
    outside to get fresh air. That is
    the only way she would be
    better.” Beauty begged.
    The police officer scrutinized
    them. They looked exceptionally
    dressed. He looked at Eva’s
    stomach. There was no bulge.
    Eva was supporting herself on
    Beauty’s arm participating in the
    “Wia una dey come from!” The
    Mopol said eyeing both of them.
    “We are from the CEO’s party in
    the hall. Please sir, help us.”
    Beauty begged.
    Just then Eva contorted her face
    and vomited on the floor close to
    the man’s feet. Beauty patted her
    and looked at the man. The man
    dropped his rifle and began to
    open the very difficult emergency
    exit. Beauty took the gun and hit
    him on the head with the butt.
    He passed out falling on the
    ground. Eva was shocked. Beauty
    smiled at her.
    Beauty spoke to her collar again.
    “I encountered some hindrance.
    He won’t be out for long. I need
    evacuation now! I’m at the
    Shina signaled Iyke and he was
    out in a flash. Iyke jogged to the
    door and inserted a duplicate key
    into the lock. He opened the door
    from outside and the two
    women stepped out. As Iyke was
    shutting the door the Mopol
    groaned. He was regaining
    consciousness. Iyke dragged him
    out and locked the door. He
    collected the handkerchief from
    beauty and emptied the contents
    of her bottle onto the
    handkerchief. He gagged the
    mopol who was writhing and
    shaking his legs. Iyke’s arm was
    around his throat while his othe
    palm forcefully pressed the cloth
    on the mopol’s nose. After a
    while, all became still. Iyke locked
    the door and threw the mopol’s
    body into the water.
    They moved to the car and all
    three got inside.
    “Drive.” Shina directed.
    They drove in silence. As they
    approached Civic Center, Shina
    nodded at Beauty. Beauty got out
    Eva’s phone and told her to call
    Kunle as planned. It took a while
    for him to pick. He explained that
    he was talking with his superiors
    and asked where she was. She
    explained that she was currently
    in a cab going to see her mother
    at Eko Hospital. She had suffered
    another attack. He felt bad. His
    proposal had to wait. He did not
    pressure her to coming back. His
    superiors were looking at him.
    He asked her to be safe and that
    he would be with her soon. He
    did not plan to be.
    They got to the traffic light at law
    school and took their right into a
    rough road where fish mongers
    sold during the day. They parked
    by the lagoon and every one
    came down except the driver.
    “The car was becoming too
    heavy. We need one less
    passenger. Francis, you know
    what to do.” Shina said. He
    nodded to Francis.
    Francis smiled. He brought out
    his .23 automatic. It was a
    silenced pistol. He aimed at
    Beauty and took her with one
    clean shot. He got her in the
    chest. She fell to the ground
    lifeless. Eva was shocked. Iyke
    had a grin. Iyke made to took her
    jewelry. Shina stopped him.
    “She was an undercover spy. A
    double agent. What a waste.” He
    spat on her body. Iyke deposited
    her body in the water and
    watched it float.
    He came back to join Shina and
    the rest in the car. Francis was
    caressing his pistol that had just
    carried out the hit and smiling to
    himself. He would jerk off
    tonight, thinking about the dead
    body of beauty. He was happy.
    Shina removed the earphone
    from his left ear and said to no
    one in particular
    “Let’s go home” .

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    Episode 6

    Sophia was shocked. Bruno was
    covered in dirt and mud. He had
    a small cut on his cheek. There
    was dried blood on his forehead.
    His shirt was bloody and messy.
    He staggered into the room and
    sat on the long couch. He looked
    really bad.
    “What in hell happened to you?”
    Sophia asked.
    “We got attacked. Some heavily
    armed men ambushed us as we
    entered Lokoja. I had to create a
    diversion. I made myself the bait
    while I asked Marshal to proceed
    as planned.” Bruno replied.
    Sophia picked her phone and
    made a call. She called Gbenga to
    call off the search party. She had
    found Bruno. She also asked her
    personal assistant to get her
    private doctor to come to the
    mansion. She hung up. Bruno
    looked a mess. She asked him to
    go clean up. She called the
    General and informed him of the
    recent development.
    “I want to know exactly what
    happened. Have you asked about
    the boy? Where is Marshal?” the
    General queried.
    “Bruno was badly wounded. He
    was almost passing out. My
    doctor is currently seeing to him.
    I will get him around and have
    him tell me everything.” She
    “S, you are really beginning to irk
    me! Don’t contact me unless you
    have something tangible to tell
    me. I gave you a mission. You
    had your orders. You have made
    a mess of it. I do not need
    crumbs. I need results. You have
    24 hours.” The General said and
    finished. The line went dead.
    Marshal drove like a mad man.
    Their driver had just been shot
    and he had taken hold of the
    wheels. He looked in the rear
    view mirror. The boy was scared
    as hell. The green Kia Optima was
    still in pursuit. D--n it! He took a
    sharp left. The tires screeched. He
    was driving at 100km/hr. He was
    not scared. His adrenaline was
    pumping. He needed to shake off
    these guys. He took another right
    and got on to a lonely path. His
    attackers were nowhere in sight
    but he knew they were not far
    behind. He stopped the car in the
    middle of the road, opened the
    door and got out. He pulled Sean
    out from the back and walked
    with him into the bush. He
    pushed Sean ahead of him as
    they walked through shrubs and
    bushes. Marshal heard a car stop
    in the distance behind. His
    pursuers had found the car.
    There was a chance they would
    find them if they were smart
    enough. Sean was slowing them
    down. He brought out a syringe.
    Sean was walking ahead, trying
    to find his way through the
    covered bush path. He was tired.
    Marshal quickly got close to him,
    injecting the contents of the
    syringe into Sean’s neck. Sean fell
    in a heap.
    Marshal heard voices. His
    assailants were getting closer
    and he had Sean to deal with. He
    slung Sean on his shoulders and
    walked faster, making sure he hit
    his legs firmly on the floor with
    each step. He had walked for a
    while when he felt himself step
    on a metal.
    “Thank you Bruno.” He said to
    He put Sean down carefully and
    opened the metal lid. It opened
    into a small hollow tunnel that
    led to a secret outlet across
    town. He descended the ladder
    into the tunnel, carrying Sean
    with him on his shoulders. He
    closed the lid shut. He locked it
    with a huge padlock that had
    been there and continued away
    from the place. He did not expect
    to be followed. It was the perfect
    detour. There was a car waiting
    for him when he got out of the
    15minute walk out of the tunnel.
    He was exhausted. He had been
    through a burdened night and
    early morning. He dumped Sean
    at the back of the car and got
    into the passenger seat. He
    pulled the lever by his seat and
    the chair moved backwards. He
    relaxed on it and heaved a heavy
    sigh. He tried to call Bruno.
    Switched off. He sent a text.
    “Package secure. Took the
    detour. Heading towards safe
    He closed his eyes and drifted
    into a much needed sleep.
    Bruno woke up to find Sophia
    staring at her. He got up painfully
    and sat up, caressing his head.
    He felt much better now and
    hungry. He looked at Sophia.
    “How long was I out?” He asked.
    “Six hours. How do you feel?”
    Sophia asked, getting up and
    pouring herself some wine.
    “I feel better. Can I have some of
    that?” He asked pointing at the
    bottle Sophia was holding.
    Sophia poured another glass and
    handed it to him.
    “I need to know what happened.
    Everything.” Sophia said. She
    settled down in a chair opposite
    Bruno and crossed her legs.
    Bruno cleared his throat.
    They were driving in cruise
    control when they saw a car
    parked in the middle of the road.
    It was a blood red Toyota Quest.
    As they slowed down, a bullet
    pierced the windscreen and hit
    the driver on the forehead.
    Perfect hit. The windscreen
    cracked. Blood splattered
    “Duck!” Bruno whispered as the
    three of them huddled beside
    each other at the back. They
    heard footsteps approaching. A
    gun was cocked in the distance.
    Bruno signaled to Marshal that
    he was going out of the car to
    meet the three men who were
    almost at the car. Marshal was to
    get the wheel, start the ignition
    and drive away with the package
    as fast as he could. Marshal
    nodded. Sean was about to
    throw up. Marshal looked at him
    with a cold stare. Sean
    swallowed the phlegm that was
    in his throat. Bruno opened the
    door and came out of the car, his
    hands stretched out.
    “I’m unarmed.” He said, crawling
    out of the car and assessing the
    From the corner of his eyes he
    could see Marshal moving
    stealthily to the driver’s seat. The
    three men approached. Heavily
    “Where is the package?” One of
    them asked. He was almost near
    the car now. A few yards away
    from the driver’s side of the car.
    In one swift move, Bruno put his
    hand at his back and pulled out a
    pistol. He shot the approaching
    man on the leg as he ducked and
    rolled on the ground into the
    bushes. At exactly the same time,
    Marshal started the engine,
    shoved the dead driver out and
    drove wildly at the other two
    assailants. They did not expect
    this sudden surge and left the
    road in time. Marshal drove into
    the push, passed the car that
    was parked in the middle of the
    narrow road and back onto the
    road. He was pursued by the
    other assailants who entered
    their car and followed him. The
    man Bruno shot was cursing and
    looking for him in the bushes.
    Bruno was at a vantage point. He
    could see the man approaching.
    He quickly sent Marshal a text on
    the location of a secret hide-out.
    He also sent another text to the
    driver who would pick Marshal
    up. The driver replied his text.
    Marshal hadn’t. The man was
    getting closer, cursing as his left
    thigh oozed blood. He said a
    quick prayer and hoped Bruno
    would read his message. His
    phone rang. It was Bruno. The
    id1ot had given away his
    location. He cut the call, put off
    his phone and slipped it into his
    socks. The man looked in his
    direction and moved faster
    towards him. The man saw the
    weeds move. He shot rapidly in
    the direction of the movements
    where Bruno was trying to
    escape. The bullet got him in the
    arm. He groaned.
    The man stumbled forwards.
    Bruno saw him just in time. He
    aimed carefully and shot the man
    in the head. His brains splattered
    as he slumped on the ground.
    Bruno was in pains. He took of
    his jacket and tied it around the
    wound. He tried to crawl out of
    the bush until he got tired and
    decided to rest. He slept off till
    the very early hours of the
    morning and found his way to
    the mansion.
    Sophia sighed.
    “Where is your phone?” She
    He brought it out and put it on.
    He saw Marshal’s message. He
    showed it to her.
    She smiled.
    She called Shina.
    “Shina. Beauty has spilled as we
    suspected. She is the mole. She
    took the bait. Take care of her
    after the operation.” She hung
    Just then she felt relieved. As she
    got up to refill her glass, Bruno’s
    phone rang. It was Marshal.
    “I am down. Package jumped me.
    He is on the loose. I am at the
    safe house.” Marshal said.
    Bruno got up to leave.
    “Where are you going?” Sophia
    “I have got to take care of
    business.” He said, relating
    Bruno’s message to her.
    “The boy knows you. He might
    jump you too. I guess this is
    where I step in. I’ll handle this.”
    Sophia said and smiled.
    She grabbed her car keys and
    headed towards the safe house.

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    Na wa ooo

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    Episode 7

    Detective Ahmed Haruna woke
    up startled. His phone had been
    ringing nonstop. He felt his head
    banging. He picked the call.
    “Hello. What? When? How?” he
    asked with a very croaky voice.
    He listened for about two
    minutes then replied,
    “Oh my God!” He said sitting up
    and continued, “Keep a
    perimeter around the crime
    scene. No one takes or touches
    anything till I get there. You
    understand? I will be there in
    twenty minutes.” He hung up.
    He took his wristwatch from the
    bedside table and checked the
    time. 6:37 am. He looked behind
    him. Rita was fast asleep, covered
    up under the duvet. They had
    had a wild night, getting high on
    weed and alomo bitters before
    engaging in different s3x
    positions. She came twice riding
    him while he later turned her
    and came into her from behind.
    They slept off thereafter. She was
    his tonic after a very hard day’s
    job. They always met in her
    house every Saturday night. She
    looked so angelic. He did not
    want to wake her but he had no
    choice. He tapped her gently. She
    stirred but did not wake. He
    tapped her again, adding a little
    more force this time around. She
    turned, opening her eyes slowly.
    “Hmmm…what is it honey?” Rita
    “Do you have some aspirins in
    the house?”
    “Yes I do. In the Kitchen.”
    Ahmed got up Unclad and went
    into the kitchen to get the
    aspirins. Rita began to get h0rny
    under the sheets. The sight of
    Ahmed’s perfect round as5 and
    great body always drove her
    crazy. He returned with the
    aspirin and a glass of water. She
    licked her lips at the sight of his
    huge d1ck and his perfect abs.
    Ahmed took the drugs and
    accompanied it with water. He
    sat on the edge of the bed, his
    back to her, his muscles ripping.
    She touched his skin. He did not
    move. She continued, tracing her
    hands to the side of his chest
    and caressing his nippl3. He
    turned to face her. Then he
    kissed her on the lips. She
    responded, moving close to him
    and wrapping her arms around
    his neck. He disengaged the kiss
    and pecked her on the forehead.
    He moved away from the bead
    and got his briefs from the floor.
    He wore them.
    “What are you doing? Where are
    you going?” Rita asked, a frown
    appearing on her very pretty
    “Duty calls honey. I have to go.”
    Ahmed replied. He was wearing
    his jeans now.
    “Should I make breakfast for
    you?” She asked.
    “I can’t tell. Looks like a serious
    case. I will call you baby.”
    He finished wearing his clothes
    and gave Rita a light kiss on the
    lips. He got his car keys and left
    Rita’s house.
    He got to Law School Bus Stop to
    meet a small crowd of people
    already at the scene. He made his
    way through the curious crowd
    shoving his ID card in their faces
    as he screamed “Make way.
    Excuse me, leave the road
    please.” Even if he did not have
    his ID card on him, his
    intimidating stature and his
    rough face was enough for any
    sane person to leave the way. His
    face was harsh and strong with
    his forehead having permanent
    wrinkles. His voice was throaty
    and hoarse, his lips black from
    marijuana smoking. He had very
    broad shoulders with rippling
    biceps. He stood at 6ft. 5inches
    and always wore very tight black
    He bent and got into the yellow
    tape area. The medics where
    talking to a few pressmen and
    some other officers where
    huddling around the crime scene
    looking for more evidence. There
    was a body by the lagoon in
    white cloth. He moved close to
    the body and bent down. He
    pulled away the white cloth. The
    white, lifeless and decaying body
    of Agent Mercy stared him in the
    face. He removed his dark shades
    and looked at the body closely.
    He saw the gunshot wound. He
    looked at her hair, her face. He
    was looking at her arms when
    he noticed something. All her
    jewelry was not touched. All
    except her wristwatch. He called
    for a forensic agent.
    “Get me a UV torch and some
    gloves.” He commanded.
    He took out two white gloves
    from the pack handed to him
    and collected the UV torch. He
    put it on and scanned her wrists.
    There were distinct finger prints
    on her wrist where her wrist
    watch has been.
    “Where is Tunde!!!?” He
    screamed at no one in particular.
    Tunde came out of the police van
    parked beside the ambulance
    inside the crime scene. He had
    been making a phone call.
    “Let me call you back please.” He
    hurriedly hung up.
    “Good Morning sir. Seen anything
    spooky?” Tunde said bending
    beside Ahmed.
    He ignored the greeting.
    “Do you notice anything?”
    Ahmed asked pointing the torch
    at her wrist and using his finger
    to show him what he meant.
    “No sir.” Tunde said.
    “Look harder, dumb head.”
    Ahmed said angrily.
    “Oh, I see them now. Finger
    prints.” Tunde said animatedly.
    “I want you to do this yourself.
    Get me those prints by 12 noon.
    Do not give this to your boys to
    handle. This is a sensitive case. If
    you do, I will find out and I will
    have you controlling traffic by
    Monday. Am I clear?” Ahmed
    “Crystral clear sir.”
    Tunde waved at one of his boys
    and they brought him a small
    white plastic bag. He handed it to
    “This was found while the boys
    were looking for evidence at the
    bank of the lagoon. Seems like
    the bullet that did the job.”
    Tunde said.
    Ahmed took the plastic bag,
    opened it and put the bullet in
    his palm, rolling it over.
    “This bullet was fired from a .23
    automatic pistol. Out of
    circulation. Silenced. You can tell
    from the charred edges. I will
    keep this.” He said to Tunde,
    putting the bullet back in the bag
    and into his pocket and
    continued, “Comb the entire
    perimeter. Let me know when
    you find anything.” He finished,
    getting up and pulling off the
    He walked away from the scene,
    got into his car and dialed a
    number adding *4567# behind
    it. It was a secure line. Only he
    and 3 other agents could call the
    line. It was the direct line for the
    Head of Intelligence Operations.
    “Ma, it was Agent Mercy. She had
    been compromised. I have some
    leads. Give me 8 hours ma. Thank
    He hung up.

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    Episode 8

    We drove in silence for a while,
    navigating bends and going
    through bushes. I felt Sophia’s
    eyes on me as I looked far ahead
    in the distance, eagerly hoping
    that we burst into a busy major
    road. We turned left for the
    umpteenth time and I began to
    feel nervous. Where was this
    woman taking me? I was sure
    that we were going in circles
    now. We should have gotten to a
    major road by no because we
    had been driving close to twenty
    minutes. I wanted to question
    her but I thought twice about it.
    After all if not for her help, the
    Macho Man may have caught up
    to me and who knows what may
    have happened.
    “Can I make a phone call on your
    phone ma?” I asked
    “Sure. Why not?” She replied and
    handed me her Samsung S4. I
    tried to make a call on the phone
    and for some reason the call was
    not going through. I complained
    to her and she said that it was
    because of the environment we
    were in, assuring me that once
    we got out of the bushes, I
    would get better reception. She
    asked who I wanted to call. I told
    her I wanted to call the police. I
    noticed a very brief flicker of fear
    in her countenance, but she
    quickly hid it. I may have seen
    wrong though.
    A few minutes later we hit the
    freeway. I relaxed a bit. I was
    glad that we were on a busy
    road and we were at least seeing
    other cars. I asked her where we
    were. She said we were in
    Kubwa, Abuja. She offered to
    drop me at a park where I could
    board a bus back to Lagos. I
    could not thank her enough. We
    slowed down suddenly and
    parked the car away from traffic.
    She turned off the ignition. We
    were in the middle of nowhere.
    Cars were zooming past us at
    light speed. I became
    apprehensive. She looked
    worried. I was scared. She pulled
    a lever beside the steering wheel
    and got out of the car. I followed.
    She opened the bonnet and
    hooked it with the metal to
    support it. Everything was
    sparkling new. No dirt, dust or
    oil. I wondered what could be
    wrong. Her arms were akimbo as
    she scanned the cars that
    zoomed past us. She did not
    make any move to stop anyone.
    My hands were on the edge of
    the bonnet trying to look for a
    fault that was invisible.
    She walked up to me.
    “Did you find anything?” she
    asked me.
    “Still looking ma’am” I replied,
    trying to find the solution. I knew
    absolutely nothing about fixing
    I was still looking for the fault
    when I heard her say,
    “This would only hurt just a
    I tried to turn but it was too late.
    She tweaked an artery around
    my neck with her thumb and
    forefinger in one deft perfect
    That was all I could remember.
    Detective Ahmed sat in his large,
    heavily furnished office, the
    blinds drawn. He put the fan at
    the highest and made sure the
    air condition was blowing at the
    lowest temperature. This was the
    only way he could think. He was
    still shaken at the death of his
    most trusted colleague and
    friend. He was disturbed. Agent
    Mercy was the best undercover
    agent the academy had ever
    produced. She was recruited into
    the Intelligence Operations at 19
    and had successfully carried out
    4 undercover jobs. Even in the
    last one where they thought her
    cover would be blown, she had
    successfully maneuvered her way
    and got out unscathed. She was
    under cover as one of the
    strippers in the joint owned by a
    Mafia Boss. He was wanted for
    drug trafficking and child abus3.
    There was no single evidence
    against him, but the Agency was
    sure he was not innocent. So
    they sent in Mercy and she did a
    wonderful job.
    The Ghosts had been a mystery
    for many years, even before
    Ahmed and Mercy came into the
    Agency. However, three years
    ago, James an alleged member of
    The Ghosts was said to have
    come out publicly to say that he
    wanted to confess his crimes
    and demanded 24-hour police
    protection. That was his mistake.
    He should have confessed when
    he had the chance. He was
    murdered in his sleep, in a house
    protected by four trained agents
    at his bedroom door, other
    agents on the roof, in the
    opposite holuses and scattered
    everywhere around his house,
    protecting him. Yet they still got
    to him. He was found dead the
    next morning.
    Mercy’s death meant only one
    thing: This was not a matter to
    be handled lightly. He logged
    onto his computer and entered
    the encrypted password. He
    clicked on the Mercy file. Her
    picture popped up, alongside her
    personal details and
    achievements. He was not ready
    for this. He closed the file and
    logged off, shutting down his
    He locked his office door and
    pressed the conmbination codes
    to permanently lock it. It was
    8pm. Rita had called him a
    hundred times but he had not
    picked. He dialed her number.
    “I am coming home. Okay. I am
    fine. See you soon.” He finished
    He got on his power bike and
    sped off towards Ajah. He loved
    speed. It helped him clear his
    head. He did not notice the blue
    truck speeding towards him in
    the opposite direction. But he
    always had very sharp instincts.
    He was a second quicker. He
    quickly slowed and jumped off
    the bike into the nearby shrubs
    before the truck made impact.
    The noise was deafening.
    Ahmed rolled far away from the
    collision into the shrubs. He could
    not feel his left leg. He pulled out
    his phone and dialed a speed
    code. It sent a signal to
    headquarters, informing them
    that he was in trouble and they
    could track his location. A team
    was sent to his location
    immediately. His eyes were
    closing; he barely heard what
    was going on around him.
    The last thing he heard from the
    crowd confirmed his fears, the
    driver of the truck was nowhere
    to be found.
    Sophia’s phone rang. The General
    was calling.
    “This is code Amber. Gather all
    Super Agents and the Tactics
    team at the Watch Tower. We
    meet at 21:00 hours.”
    She panicked. There was trouble.

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    hmmmm interesting

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    Who is d brain behind dis story???? Dis is awesomely superb…. (if dere is any wrd like dat)….. Beautiful write up

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