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    Long time here
    Seated to enjoy

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    Go on

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    With the way chichi give the message that means everytin no dey ok

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    ANCIENT PROPHECY (A life lived before birth) -episode 3

    Hey guys, I guess am back.
    Had been very busy with school work and I had no time for writing.

    Okay,,,,, here we go

    This piece is not edited and hence it may contain some grammatical errors

    The rising dust was all that any reasonable man needed to see to stay away from her but Joel and James knew that, if what they were thinking was true, then the greatest mistake they could ever make was to let Nelly arrive first at the village and that made them increase the speed of their horses. They needed to make sure that everything was okay. But what if everything was not okay.?….………………………………………………………………………………………………..Sibusu village was located in between mountains, mount Mora to the east and mount Sara to the west. The two mountains shielded the small isolated village from the storms.

    The people of this village had never seen civilization before. For thousands of years they have remained isolated from the lest of the modern world. According to legend these people where to remain isolated until the time of the world’s greatest need.

    They had heard tales of great cities to the far north, cities that rose higher to the sky adorned with beautiful and precious stones. Cities built with splendor and beauty and all glorious but as far as the subusians were concerned such cities never existed, they were just stories for the young ears to hear and waste their youth time dreaming of seeing such greatness.

    They had heard also of wars, where some crazy sick men and women kill each other in the name of a course. As long as you don’t believe in what someone believes that makes you the enemy and disqualifies you to live. And because of these sick men and women the sibusians had be trained in the art of war. Though they never thought a day could come which will require them to use their war skills. But they say preparation is better than being taken unaware.

    Boys and girls, youths, men and women rose to became best swordsmen and great archers. A sibusian could shoot an arrow close to two kilometers and still manage to hit the target with great precision.

    But today as Joel ,Nelly and James stood hidden on top of mount Mora looking down at their small village , their eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing, the view was close to impossible. Their hearts hurt and were filled with the power for revenge. Their entire village had been burned to the ground and dead bodies covered the ground.Tears of pain flowed down their cheeks as they beheld the massacre of those they loved.

    Even from this distance Joel and his companion could agree that something extraordinary had happened down there during the fight. Tracing the dead bodies of the enemy Joel could agree that the battle was in favour of his people but something happened to change the olds.

    “i should have been here to help defend my people. We all should have been here. These dead needed us more than the aged wizard did.” Nelly spoke at last ending the silence that lasted for almost eternity.

    “our presence could have changed nothing my dear sister. If we were here , we too could have been dead too but our absence has given us an opportunity to live another day and avenge the death of our people” James replied in a pained voice.

    “but we could have made a difference” Nelly insisted

    “a dead man makes no difference, remember that every time you breath in the air.” James answered back

    The trio were hurt ,yes, but what troubled them was how they managed to maintain a calm face
    “i guess we have observed the place for a long time now , it’s about time we got down there and see what really happened.” Joel said as he stood up from his hiding place but was immediately pulled down by James

    “i think we may have company” he said as he pointed over to mount Sara, “I can see movements behind those bushes over there”

    “that is good news. As we still have a chance to kill these bastards who murdered our families and friends.” Nelly said as she checked her bow and the bag of arrows which hang behind her bag

    “fine then, I don’t want to waste time in killing the barbarians. You guys are good with bows and I love my sword, so you guys will give me support from up here while I go down and meet the enemies. Kill as many as you can with your arrows but leave some for my sword too, it needs to taste their blood” Joel said and without waiting for a reply he rushed down the mountain into the village crying out very loudly.

    His cry caught the attention of the hidden soldiers and the waited for him to get close to the village before they can come out of their hiding.Just as he was a few meters away from the main entrance to the village, an arrow zipped past him ,bringing him to a halt.
    Following the direction of the arrow, his eyes couldn’t believe what he saw. Descending from mount Sara were close to a hundred well built soldiers putting on leather black pants and jackets to match with. Some carrying battle axes, others swords, only half a dozen were carrying bows. Most mens were huge, mostly referred to as mountains of men and almost all the courage that Joel had almost failed him.

    The only thought at the moment which occupied his mind was “run boy” otherwise you are a dead meat. But as he looked around the dead, fresh tears trekked down his cheeks as he saw the how his people died. Some were skinned, all the flesh off the skin, others were cut in pieces and sawn again in a disorderly manner but mostly were cut open on the stomach and their internal organs removed. He felt like vomiting but his power for revenge took control of him. All he needed to do, was to cut to pieces these barbarians as such brutalness could never go unpunished.

    The great danger to the life of a soldier during a battle comes from a man having a bow. And Joel knew that if his companion don’t take the archers first then his life will be put in a great danger.
    A voice brought him back to reality, “ I am Nathan, the third in command of the heralds army of emperor Jan Sahr, the god of the world. We came to this small village to bring the gospel of our god emperor but these dead did not welcome us as the messengers of the true god neither did they acknowledge the divinity of our emperor saying there is only one true God, whom they called the Supreme One. Their behaviour was a heretic one punishable by death. And this village has been set as an example to the fate of all those who don’t honor our god emperor Jan Sahr. The death of these people was an atornment for all their sin of heresy.” commander Nathan spoke in the most dangerous voice Joel has ever heard.

    Commander Nathan was a well trained soldier. He was of mid height, round face and dark brown hair. His hands and legs were big, like those of a small giant. All his life he trained in the school of the heralds, a sect that was responsible in murdering all those who opposed the divinity of emperor Jan Sahr, such that his mind became diseased with the Sahr dogmas and he could stop at nothing in punishing the unbelievers. But he was also a merciful commander. Once you don’t accept his gospel, you all out of his mercies will be slaughtered so that you don’t go out and poison the minds of others against the god emperor.

    “today boy you stand on the boundary, the other side is life and on the side death but what you choose today determines where your poor soul shall be. Put down your sword as you are outnumbered a hundred to one. Don’t waste you life foolishly as there is a place for you in the empire of our god.”

    “you killed all my family, relatives and precious friends. What assurance do I have that you are not going to kill me the moment I put down my sword?” Joel spoke in a surprising calm voice.

    “because your life is at our mercy, we can kill you in any way even with that sword of yours. We are giving you a chance to live here, acknowledge the divinity of our emperor god Jan Sahr and worship him ,the you shall live. Or your can hold on to this your Supreme One and suffer the same fate as these. You have your life in your own hands but I challenge you to choose life that you may live to see another day.” this was it. The young boy has been given a chance to choose life that he may live but if he couldn’t acknowledge the divinity of the emperor the he was not worthy to breath the air. His choice was to decide his fate.

    “am afraid I can’t enter into an agreement with my enemies who murdered all the people I knew in the name of heresy. The truth is Jan Sahr is no god. You should have read history. He is nothing but a rebel wizard who did what he was not suppose to do about two and half thousand years ago and the fact that he is immortal doesn’t make him a god. The man is nothing but flesh and blood, he is no divine. And cursed is he who bow down before him”

    Immediately Joel finished talking an arrow was four arrows were zipping toward him. The heralds could not tolerate such level of heresy and only his blood could atorn for his sins.

    Then without thinking , Joel’s sword was moving up trying to defend himself from the arrows. He cut to arrows, blocked one by his sword. But as he was trying to bring back his sword into a defensive stance, he missed a step and the arrow found an opening. It was the tilting of his head that saved him as the arrow zipped past him, cutting through his right ear. And within the twinkling of an eye, it was all over.

    “ take him down,” commander Nathan shouted as he removed his battle axe from his belt. “we cannot let a heretic live” and the all the enemies were moving toward him with bloody thirsty battle cries.

    As if reading his minds Nelly and James took down all the enemy archers with their arrows in a split of a second and Joel was great for that. The greatest danger to his life was eliminated and all he needed to do to remain alive was to dance with the sword as he has be trained for the past fifteen years without fear of being shot by an arrow from the enemy.

    As the enemy soldiers were closing in on him, though most of them fell down from the arrows of Nelly and James, Joel saw there were still all too many of them to kill with his sword and then he remember the words often spoken in the training grounds of the Sibusians,”when you are outnumbered a hundred to one in a real battle, remove all fear and don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal,” to survive”,put your trust not in your comrades but in your sword alone. Dance to the turn of death but when you cut an enemy ,cut to kill, for the death of your enemies guarantees your survival.” then he knew to survive this encounter was only possible if he danced in the circles of death. He lifted his sword and spoke to it in a soft tone,” my trust in you, see me through this crisis today.” and then he was ready to kill…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. tbc

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