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    episode 1
    By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel).
    ” Good morning! Good morning!!! ”. That sounded like my mother’s voice. Madam strict,it is not
    even 6:30 AM yet…and yet,my mother is waking me up to get ready for school. Who would want to
    get out of this large and soft fluffy bed like mine,then go to school to sit on a hard desk in school?
    But I must get ready for daddy to take me to school, least he gets late for work.
    ” Get up now Angelina. Wake up sleepy head,am done with breakfast, be fast and come
    downstairs to eat,your dad is waiting for you ”. She said.
    ” Okay mum. But will you please shut the door on your way out? ”. I said,yawning.
    She laughed. ” Okay miss privacy ”. She said and walked out,shutting the door from behind.
    ” Oh God! ”. I said as I layed back on by bed and swung my arms and legs in bed like I was
    Anyway, my name is Angelina Jordan. And this is the story of my life. I am 26 years old now. But
    at a very young age of 13 years old,the experience and trouble I faced in life was more like an
    adult. And I guess you all would love to know what I mean. My dad was a rich doctor, who
    accomplished his riches in life before marrying my mum. And they gave birth to only me.
    My mum was a house wife and she took very good care of dad and I. At the age of 14,my body
    had developed so quick and no one believed I was I was 13. I had already started mensturating,
    my hips were broad,my breast were heavy and I was tall with a dark skin colour. As mummy had
    woken up,I immediately took my bath and got to school. I was quiet intelligent in school so I was
    always promoted. My body had grown but my brains had not. I was still childish. And I thought I
    had it all in life. I couldn’t ask for more. Life had granted me everything… Loving parents, beautiful
    me,beautiful school, beautiful mansion, great friends and teachers. I was cheerful, thinking all this
    until that same faithful day,the atomic news hit me like a bomb. We closed from school when my
    mother’s sister,aunty Okereke and her husband Uncle Tom arrived in the school and I was called
    for by my teachers.
    I took my school bag and majestically walked out of class thinking my dad had arrived to pick me
    up. I got to the entrance, only to find my aunt and uncle in black with gloomy faces. Not that I was
    any surprised because aunty Okereke is always frowning. I had never seen her smile.
    ” Where are my parents? Did they ask you to pick me up? ”. I asked worried.
    ” Oh my daughter Angelina! ”. Aunt Okereke said in tears.
    ” Tell her what has happened ”. My teacher said.
    I took a deep breath. ” Tell me what? ”.
    ” Angelina, your parents have just died in a car crush ”.
    I totally froze at that moment. ” What?! ”.
    ” Yes my child,they were on their way here to pick you up when a VIP bus crossed their path and crushed them,leading them to loose their lives ”. She said,wiping her are.
    At that moment, I didn’t see or hear anything again. When I opened my eyes,,I was back in my
    bedroom. Wow! Was I dreaming? I asked myself. I smiled and thought it was all a dream. Then I
    realised I wa in my school uniform. I was alarmed, and heard a knock on my door.
    ” Come in! ”. I shouted.
    Danby entered. He was my eldest cousin. Aunty Okereke’s first son. He got closer and sat besides
    me. I realised he was wearing black. Then the memory came rushing back to me.
    ” Are you okay now? ”. He asked in a low tone.
    ” Danny,don’t tell !e that my parents are dead,please ”. I cried.
    ” I..I sorry Angy ”. He said in tears.
    I wept my heart out at that moment. I couldn’t believe I just turned into am orphan. But I woke up
    that same day and my parents were completely healthy and alive,and now,they are dead. I’m left
    alone in the world now. My parents used to teach me to always have faith in God. So how come
    God did this to them? And to me? From that very second,a part of me loosed hope in God. A
    month after the funeral,my father’s house was now empty,quiet and lonely. I was alone,weeping
    their death,it seemed like a never ending torture to me.
    A day after being alone, my ain’t,uncle and my father’s lawyer arrived in the mansion with some
    ddocuments in hand. They refused to be offered water or anything but rather gave me a news. A
    shocking news I wasn’t expecting.
    The lawyer got closer to me in a cunning manner and held my shoulders.
    ” Angelina, when your parents were alive, they both went on an agreement that your aunt over
    here,and your uncle would be your guardians when they are no longer alive. And you will be under
    their care with any other belongings of your father,until you are 25 years of age. And when you are
    25,all your father’s properties will be handed over to you. You will then have your freedom to do
    what you want ”.
    ” What?! No way! That’s impossible! ”. I said in shock.
    ” My turned shut up there! ”. Aunt Okereke snapped angrily. ” Who are you to reject your parents
    wishes? ”.
    ” This can never be the wishes of my parents. Aunty,I know my father never liked you. You two
    never went eye to eye,so how come he left me in your care? ”.
    Suddenly, the expression on aunt Okereke’s face changed. That is when I suspected that,there
    was something fishy going on.
    ” And you this lawyer,how much have you being paid to fordge this le? ”. I asked boldly ” What?! How can a s!all girl like you,insult me like that? I am a respectable person,and
    besides,this were your parent wishes! ”. He replied.
    ” Mr lawyer, please don’t waste your time explaining things to her,wether she likes it or not,she will
    be in our hands now ”. Aunt Okereke said evilly.
    ” You may take your leave now lawyer,thanks for everything ”. Uncle Tom accompanied him to the
    ” I am not going to accept this fake wishes…..
    I didn’t finish my sentence when aunt Okereke landed a hot slap on my face,making me fall to the
    cold floor. I raised my head up,looking at her in shock.
    ” You spoilt brat! Do you think I am here to pamper you? No way! I am now the owner of this
    mansion and all your father’s properties, so now,you better respect me. Because from today,I
    control your destiny,and because of what your stupid mother,did to me many years ago,I will make
    you suffer for that ”. She spitted out with a monstrous face.
    To be continued….

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    ride on dear @chimmy

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    this is serious

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    episode 2

    (Jordan Mansion).
    As I saw the angry look in my aunt’s eyes, I quickly got on my feet and took to my heels into my
    bedroom and locked myself up. Uncle Tom came from outside and looked at my aunt with a smile.
    ” Where’s she? ”. He asked.
    ” She went upstairs..”. She replied, looking relaxed.
    ” So now what? When are we moving in to take over? I hope you know that we have to keep our
    promise and pay the lawyer the rest of the money ”. Uncle Tom whispers.
    ” Yes yes. You never mind. We will move in tomorrow with the children, and we will sell one of my
    late brother in-laws shops to pay the lawyer to keep his mouth shut ”. She replied.
    ” Okay,that’s a good idea ”
    ” Now,shall we go around the mansion and check it out? ”. She laughed.
    They both majestically went around the mansion in happiness, and checking things out for
    themselves. They were now the owners after all. I couldn’t stop thinking, how could my parents do
    this to me. So upon all the good friends they had,they left me with no one but this woman? My life
    is surely over.
    The next day,the entire family moved in. My aunt,uncle and three cousins. Danny,Ellen and
    Joshua. I was still locked in my room when I heard the many noises and jubilations downstairs. Truth is,I was very hungry by then. And today was Saturday, which !means no school. So I got up
    and unlocked my door and went out to the steps. I saw how my cousins were relaxed in my
    father’s house. The only one I liked and was close with was Danny. He was a good guy. Buy Ellen
    and Joshua, gosh they were so arrogant. No wonder mum never allowed me to play with them.
    Danny was 16,Ellen was 14 and Joshua wa. 12. I looked at them down the hall and took a deep
    breath. My aunt saw me and called me down. As I remembered the slap I got yesterday, I kept my
    mouth shut and quietly walked downstairs with my hands at my back,their bags were all over the
    ” Won’t you welcome us here? ”. Aunt asked.
    ” You are welcome ”. I replied silently.
    ” so hungry now! ”. Ellen mummers.
    ” Oh my daughter, I am so tired from all the packing, I don’t think I can cook right now ”
    ” The let Angelina do the cooking! ”. Ellen said in an arrogant tone.
    ” Who? Me?! ”. I shouted.
    ” Who else?! Do you think you are still the daughter of this house?! No young lady. I am! ”. Ellen
    thrown back.
    ” But this is still her father’s house! ”. Daniel said.
    ” Hey idiot!!! Who’s father? Don’t mention that ever again ”. My aunt scream at him. ” If anyone
    asks you who thii house belongs to,mention your father’s name,is that clear?! ”.
    ” But mum….
    ” Is that clear ”. She snores in anger.
    ” Alright ”.
    Uncle Tom goes to the fridge and opens it but it was empty. He turned back,looking at me.
    ” Why is the fridge empty? Where is all the expensive drinks you and your parents have being
    enjoying? ”. He asked.
    ” I don’t know ”.
    ” We will fill the fridge by tomorrow Tom,your children are hungry ”. Aunty said.
    ” What is Angelina here for? ” He asked lazily.
    ” I don’t know how to cook aunt ”. I said.
    She raised her hand to slap me but Daniel stands in the way.
    ” Is this how you are going treat an orphan mum? Why are you so heartless?! ”. He shouted.
    ” God of my father’s,is it my own son,asking me this thing? ”. She shouted in astonishment. ” If
    you don’t get out of my way now,I will boot you into the swimming pool. What nonsense! ”.
    ” Danny please, don’t interfere ”. I whispered and he stood aside.
    ” Now Angelina, go into the kitchen,and make rice and egg stew now! ”.
    ” Aunt, how can I cook it please? I don’t know the steps ”.
    ” You don’t know how to cook,but you know how to spend money right? If you don’t get out of my
    sight now and what I say,you will star walking with your head! ”. She shouted at me,pointing to the
    This was such a sad day for me. I knew I wa now a slave for this people. I slowly walked to the
    kitchen and took a saucepan. I remembered my mum once cooked an egg stew. But how many
    kilometers of salt,or pepper? Jesus,come down and deliver me now.
    I put the saucepan on the stove and started cutting an onion, after,I chopped the tomatoes and
    poured a little amount of oil in the saucepan and fried my vegetables. The rest were in God’s
    hands,by 30 minutes, I was done.
    They all gathered at the dinning hall and I served them. I thought I had done well because it was
    my first time cooking. I stood there watching them,when I hadn’t got a bite myself. Aunty Okereke
    took a first bite and spit the whole food out of her mouth,so did everyone else.
    ” Chineke!!! Jesus! (Coughing)… Jesus Christ, this girl wants to kill all of us! ”. She said sweating.
    At that moment, I started sweating and shaking.
    ” Salt and pepper! ”. Ellen said,drinking a glass of water immediately.
    ” Oh Jesus,this is funny, that’s what you get when you are so lazy! ”. Danny said laughing.
    ” Hey,come over here! ”. Aunty shouted, fuming in anger. ” I said,come here!!! ”
    I slowly walked towards then and before I could say sorry,rice and stew was thrown all over my
    body. What hurts me most is the fact,she painted my fave with the stew. Danny was helpless, he
    wanted to defend me,but it was impossible now. I screamed in horror as I couldn’t see anything at
    the moment, my whole face was itchy and the pepper had entered my eyes,so I had it closed.
    ” Please help me ooo!!! ”. I cried in pain.
    ” Now,with those close eyes,clear the table and go to the kitchen,wash the plates and make there
    clean! ”. She said and went upstairs with the whole family.
    I tapped the dinning table, searching for the water jag and I found it,I quickly raised it up and lured
    it all over my face,wearing the stew off. I still couldn’t open my eyes,but in some minutes time,the
    itchiness went away,and whenever I opened my eyes,water came out. I took all the plates and
    washed it clean,and I cleaned the kitchen as well. After this,I sat on the compound for a while and
    mourned my misfortune.
    When my head was back to reality, it was already dark and the entire estate was quiet. I stood up
    ad went upstairs,I was weak and exhausted as I had not eaten for two days.
    I went to my door and tried opening it,but it seems it was locked from the inside, I was confused,
    and I began to knock violently, until finally the door was opened and I saw Ellen holding her waist
    in a night gown.
    ” Yes? What do you want? ”. She asked disrespectfully.
    ” Hey,God give me heart. You are in my own room,and you are again asking me what I want! My
    friend get out,make I come and sleep! ”. I said as I tried to enter,but she pushed me out.
    ” Madam,where do you think you are going? From this day onwards, this room,belongs to me,not
    you,is tat clear? ”.
    ” What?! ”
    ” You heard me right ”.
    ” My friend, get out of my way ”. I said angrily and pushed hr away with all my strength.
    I entered my room,only to find the shock of all my things taken out from my bed and wardrobe,
    most of my new clothes were packed in Ellen’s bag and the old ones were lying on the floor. The
    bedsheets were changed and I was infuriated at once.
    ” Ellen, what is this? ”.
    ” What do you think it is? ”.
    ” Ellen,get out of my room now! ”. I said and tried pushing her out but she bit my hand so hard
    that,her teeth was drawn on my wrist and got me bleeding.
    Everyone gathered in the room with the whole noise.
    ” What is all this noise?! Can’t I sleep in peace?! ”. Aunty asked angrily.
    ” Oh Jesus Christ, Angelina, what has happened to your hand? ”. Danny asked,tending to me.
    ” She bit me ”. I said,crying hard this time.
    ” Mum,she tried to throw me out of the room,she said I was from a poor background so didn’t
    deserve to be in her royal room! ”. Ellen lied.
    ” That’s not true! ”. I screamed.
    ” don’t care what’s true or not Angelina! Keep in your mind that,this room is not yours anymore.
    Go straight to the guest room! ”. Aunt said.
    ” But there’s no light over there! ”.
    ” Mum,why don’t you allow both Elln and Angelina share the same room,they are cousins after all
    ”. Danny suggested.
    ” Never! I don’t want her in my room ”. Ellen frowned.
    After everything, I ended up in the dark guest room that night. Only God knows how I felt in the
    (NEXT DAY).
    I don’t know what woke me up this morning, but I woe up before anyone else. At least that’s what I
    thought. By the weather, I could tell it was 6 AM. I got out of bed and opened the window louvers. I
    opened the door and found a mountain of dirty clothes in front of the room. I was quite confused.
    But I could tell,my aunt dropped the clothes there for me to wash. But it was Sunday. I was hungry
    too. I bypassed the clothes and walked to the hall,no one was around, I won’t believe they’ve gone
    to church because of how devilish they are. I went straight to the kitchen and found cooked
    plantain with cabbage stew in the saucepan. I wouldn’t dare touch it until I know who it belonged
    to. I kept starring at the food when suddenly..someone pressed my breast from behind me…
    To be continued…

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    have been praying for such a wicked aunt all my life but haven’t found one..

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    and she has started landing her slap in the first day of being her guardian?

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