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    Angelina… Episode 36
    episode 36
    Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
    She and I clashed, we got hold of each other’s arms with full strength and truly was intense. I was
    weakening. She pushed me down and blew melting heat at me while I rolled from that side as
    quickly as I could. Nickel and Danby came to my side and helped me stand on my feet.
    Nickel was absolutely shocked as he had no idea that the Rita he though he knew as his therapist
    was nothing but some witch just like everyone whoever tried to attack him.
    ” Rita, you? ”.
    ” It is not what you think Nickel ”.
    ” How dare you try to hurt Angelina… for what?! ”.
    ” Because she’s trying to take you away from me ”.
    ” Are you mad?! Angelina is my girlfriend… what’s wrong with everyone here,and where the hell
    are we? ”.
    ” This fight is my fight, now Danny,you and Nickel has to leave this place ”. I whispered to him.
    ” But how do we leave? This is an unknown place we don’t even know ”.
    Lady Molio stretched her hand towards the lake and the water began to roam violently and it
    arose,started rushing towards me, Danny and Nickel. I used to the strength I had to grab hold of
    the it and threw it back at her,as I rolled my two arm around, the water followed my lead and also
    roamed around her and there was no way out.
    She kept screaming, I was ready for a fight. I squeezed my hands and the water turned to ice. It
    was now frozen with Lady Molio in it. She was frozen and I knew it wouldn’t take long before she
    would melt the ice with her power of heat to fight me. Buy before that,I needed to send Danny and Nickel away.
    ” She will unfreeze herself soon…you two much leave now ”.
    ” No,am not leaving you here..she will hurt you, let’s go together my love ”. Nickel said,and held
    my hand but I felt so uncomfortable and got my hand away from his,I couldn’t control my anger
    towards him.
    ” Angelina, but please…”.
    I didn’t wait for Danny to say whatever he wanted to say,I just stretched my hand at them and
    waved at their face and they disappeared from my sight.
    (Brandon’s Estate).
    Danny and Nickel, holding their hands together appeared on the estate street. They were both
    amazed that Angelina could actually send them away like that.
    ” Oh no! How can this happened. Angelina!!! Angelina where are you? ”. Nickel kept shouting.
    ” Oh shut up.. this is an estate, can’t you see it’s quiet here,you might create a crowd here…let’s
    get inside ”. Danny said annoyingly and left Nickel’s hand while taking the lad,Nickel didn’t feel
    right. He called him back.
    ” Danny wait! What is going on? Why is everyone acting strange towards me…what have I done?
    ” Meaning? ”. Danny asked,standing in front of Nickel but not looking at him,with his back facing
    ” Meaning, I tried holding Angelina’s hand but she pushed my hand away,and now you are acting
    very rude towards me and rudely pushed my hand way from yours ”.
    ” Oh,do you have realised already. Well,I won’t waste my time to explain anything Nickel. Bit just
    know that,you are the reason why Angelina is hurting herself, sacrificing herself… you are the
    reason why she is in this current situation ”.
    ” Me? ”. Nickel was completely lost,but his face was red with sadness and his eyes were filled with
    Danny walked straight to the Brandon’s door with Nickel behind him and knocked slowly on the
    door. They both heard heavy prayers going on inside, Danny knocked harder and it didn’t take
    long before Diana opened the door and let them in with joy. Mr Brandon embraced his son tightly
    in excitement and checked all over him.
    ” I am okay dad,what is really going on? Why is everyone refusing to tell me anything? ”.
    ” Where is Angelina Danny? Why didn’t she come with you? She is not safe,I feel in my spirit ”.
    ” She has decided to finish the job sir. We faced so many attacks on our way to find your son,and
    it looks like that Lady Molio is too strong for her but at least, we succeeded in saving Nickel,
    problem is that,if she leaves Lady Molio without eliminating her,she might come back to make out
    lives miserable ”.
    ” What?! And you two left her there all alone? She has a high risk of loosing her life. That sea
    queen might get there and join powers with her servants to fight Angelina ”.
    ” We know,but she’s the one who sent us away,I tried convincing her ”.
    ” We have to let our prayers be more now,else this will end up disastrous for all of us ”. Mr
    Brandon said.
    ” Can somebody tell me what is really going on here please? What is going on? ”. Nickel shouted
    and sat down. ” I have asked this question a lot of times now,am I a child that can’t control myself
    or what? Why do I feel like,I am new here,and I was asleep for a long time ”.
    ” Yes son ”. Mr Brandon said and bent down in front of him. ” Indeed, you were very much asleep.
    In fact, you have being under a love spell for a long time now ”.
    ” Love spell? What joke is this,impossible! Angelina’s love spell or what? ”.
    ” No…the love spell of your therapist ”.
    ” Holy Christ! ”. He jumped out of the chair in astonishment.
    ” Yes,and you break up with Angelina because of that…you even slapped her and threw her out of
    the mansion ” Danny spitted out in anger.
    ” Danny,calm down…you know that it wasn’t Nickel’s fault ”. Diana said.
    ” Oh,so was it my fault or what? ”. Danny said,walking to and fro. ” Is it my fault that, the love he
    claimed to have for my sister wasn’t strong enough to resist some stupid love portion! ”.
    ” This is a spiritual matter Danny,you can’t compare both things together ”. Mr Brandon said
    ” Oh stop defending him Mr Brandon! Even Angelina knows the truth now. Nickel only pursued her
    because of her beauty,and not because he truly loved her…but it doesn’t matter now,let’s just pray
    she makes it out of that spirit world alive,and when she returns, she will make her final decision
    whether she wants to be with him or not ”.
    ” Angelina and Nickel are meant for each other, and destiny will let that happened ”.
    ” Whatever… it’s not your decision to make Diana. But knowing Angelina is wasting her life away
    for this idiot who slept with his therapist and cheated on her….. ”.
    ” What’s that?! ”. Nickel cuts in with outrage. ” I slept with Rita? ”.
    They all had their faces looking down and Nickel was weak and let himself fall back into the chair.
    His fave told a story at once. He had done a very stupid thing. He had made the biggest mistake of
    his life. He was perplexed. But it wasn’t his fault. He would never hurt Angelina intentionally. His
    eyes were filled with tears and pain and sadness.
    ” This is no time for regrets or anything, we all want Angelina back with us,don’t we? ”. Mr Brandon
    ” Yes dad,please… ”. Nickel wept bitterly. ” I want Angelina back. Dad please do something.
    Danny… I swear I have no idea what was going on here,it wasn’t my intension to hurt Angelina…
    under me ”.
    ” Let’s pray,let’s all pray for God to bring her back,and when she gets back,that is when we will
    know how to go from here ”. Danny said.
    For your data and cable subscription contact this number 09038676998 or 09026939977.
    They all stood up to pray earnestly.
    (At the strange town).
    I stood there looking at Lady Molio in the frozen ice and I felt the ice with my hand. I rolled my hand on the ice and it started melting. But I heard noises behind me in the lake and I turned to
    look what was going on and I saw the lake dividing by itself, it carried up and divided in two and I
    saw queen Marina and the six goat men with two other ladies coming out of the lake,they drove on
    wind and landed in front of me. I turned my concentration on them as I was feeling completely
    ” What do you want? ”.
    ” You two are exactly what I wanted. And I got it. Now that you are weak and can’t fight us
    alone,give up and come back to us ”.
    ” Kill me instead you b---h ”. I said in anger.
    ” Have it your way then…”. She growled in anger. ” Attack! ”.
    She screamed and the goat men came running fast towards me. As I warmed up to clash with
    them,someone held my neck from behind and strangled me,I was struggling to breath and I held
    the person’s arm and turned, it was lady Molio. The ice had melted from her body and she was
    strangling me.
    I fist my arm and gave her a heavy blow on her stomach, she screamed and spitted out blood. I
    quickly turned and the goat men were raising swords at me,I grabbed one of them and held his
    neck,I pulled him down to my knee and snatched the bottle Lady Molio was holding into the goat
    man’s mouth,making him swallow it all.
    I booted him under the jaw making him fall backwards, and I pushed Lady Molio onto the ground,
    separating myself from them all and standing at a little distance from them,and my two arms were
    fired up,I breath heavily and my eyes were lighted red.
    ” No! How dare you do this Angelina, that was meant for Nickel! ”.
    ” Well,it is your loss now witch ”. My voice had now changed into a manly voice.
    ” Where the hell is Nickel! Where are you hiding him? ”.
    ” You are never going to see him again,you know why? Because you are dead ”.
    I blotted out and gave a loud scream,running towards her with speed and clashed her with my
    bare fired hand and she was thrown above and left to hit down on the ground. She layed there
    lifeless and I thought she and died. But I had to think again. She flew into the sky and descended
    on me immediately and my back hit the ground so hard that I vomited blood and the earth crack.
    I saw her standing over me but my vision was blur. And I looked over the other side and saw
    queen Marina and the ladies and other goat men running back into the lake to escape lady Molio
    and I saw them disappearing into the water. I looked back at Lady Molio who had raised her hand
    to me to finish the job with red lightening. But someone caught her hand in mid air with a very
    strong arm.
    She got weak and was pulled from me and behind her,I saw the goat man who was a victim of the
    portion. He was the one I dropped the bottle in his mouth. But I was wondering what was in the
    bottle that I didn’t think before pouring into his mouth.
    I layed on that ground, loosing my breath. I knew I was going to die at that moment as blood wa all
    over me. And the goat man gave Lady Molio a dirty slap. She was then swinging from nowhere to
    nowhere and landed besides me. I w shocked. Why would he do that,he started attacking her and
    she also fought back.
    Their attention was no longer on me so I tried my best and got to my feet and began to harness
    back my strength. I looked at this pesky creatures fighting each other and I realised it was a hatred
    portion that Lady Molio had made. I guess she though it was a love portion. I was shocked that
    Lady Molio had succeeded in putting the strong gat man down to death and coming for me. When
    she got to my side,I stretched my arm and stabbed her with broken bottle of the hate portion she
    She looked at my face and blood poured out of her mouth,I took out the broken bottle and stabbed
    her into her chest as well and ripped her heart out. She screamed in pain and black smoke came
    out of her mouth. It was her powers. It came out and went into the lake then disappeared.
    She held my shoulders tightly as she loosed her breath and fell dead in front of me. I fell on the
    ground too in weakness. And my chest was harder than ever. I closed my eyes tightly and went
    unconscious and out of this world. I opened my eyes and found myself in front of Mr Brandon’s
    mansion entrance. My hands were shaking and I hit the door with the little strength I had and fell to
    the tiled floor.
    (In the kitchen).
    ” Go and see who’s at the door Diana ”.
    ” Yes sir ”.
    She walked to the door and opened and found Angelina unconscious with blood painted over her
    entire body. She screamed out in horror, parading everyone including some people walking on the
    ” Oh my God! My sister,Mr Brandon, do something! Angelina don’t leave me in this world alone
    please ”. Danny wept.
    ” Call the doctor now Diana! Call the For Life hospital, hurry! ”.
    ” Right away sir ”.
    ” Angelina, don’t do this,open your eyes ”. Nickel tried bending down and touching her but Danny
    who bent over her blocked his way.
    ” Don’t even dare come close to her! All this ia tour fault! She is in this situation all because of you!
    ” This is not the time for this Danny ”. Mr Brandon said as he bent down and touched Angelina’s
    forehead to pray.
    Everyone around joined in the prayer,asking God to spair Angelina’s life from whatever was
    tormenting her. Some of them tried sprinkling some water on her face to revive her but it was to no
    avail. As the prayers went on,the ambulance arrived,and they carried her into it.
    (For Life Hospital)….
    To be continued….

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    Oop notin will happen to angelina

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    Angelina really tried, I hope she will survive

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    Angelina please come back

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    I pray nothing bad should happen to Angelina

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    Angelina you can’t die now o

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    episode 37
    Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel Stories).
    (For Life Hospital).
    The ambulance arrived at the hospital and Angelina was quickly rushed inside inside followed by them all. And they tried going with the nurses but they were stopped by one of them and they
    closed the emergency ward to check on Angelina. As they walked to and fro in the hospital waiting
    room,Mrs Graham entered with her handbag and she was walking straight to her husband’s ward
    when she saw Mr Brandon and stopped. She was over excited.
    ” Pastor! ”.
    ” Eunice? ”. They both embraced each other.
    ” Oh the Lord has answered my prayers. I was even praying that God should make a miracle so
    that I !EET you even before your friend dies ”.
    ” David? I heard what happened, am so sorry Eunice, where is he? ”.
    ” He is dying in that ward oo ”. She pointed at a door in front of them with tears. ” Your friend is in
    there,and paralysed. He can’t talk or even shake his body ”.
    ” Let’s go and see him ”.
    They all walked together into doctor Graham’s ward and Kelvin was watching over him. He got
    up,looking at all of them strangely and his mum got closer to doctor Graham and caressed him.
    They all stood there starring at him. He opened his eyes and when saw Mr Brandon, he tried his
    best to talk and raise his hand at the same time but the stroke pulled him back down at once and
    he couldn’t control that pain,Mr Brandon went closer to him and touched his forehead and closed
    his eyes.
    ” Hmmm…. ”. He said,shaking his head.
    ” What is it man of God? ”. Mrs Graham asked.
    ” This is not a physical problem Eunice ”.
    ” I said it! Hey….I said it ooo,my house witches are trying to ruin my family for me ”.
    ” When will he be discharged? ”.
    ” Has the nurses told you anything? ”. She asked,looking at Kelvin’s face.
    ” No mam ”.
    ” Mum? ”. Mr Brandon asked in surprise. ” Is that Kelvin? ”.
    ” Yes pastor, of is your own nephew Kelvin… he returned from the USA,just a week ago ”.
    ” Wow! God is wonderful ”. He turned to Kelvin. ” You were a little baby when I last saw you
    Kelvin… now look at you. You are even taller me ”.
    They all laughed.
    ” So,what are we going to do now pastor? ”.
    ” He needs to be discharged immediately, because with all the infusion they’ve given him right
    now,u won’t be able to pray like am supposed to ”.
    ” Okay,will see what I can do about that ”. Mrs Graham said.
    ” He will be fine. I am going to prepare myself for this battle ”.
    ” Why are you here pastor? Did you come to see my husband? ”.
    ” Yes I was planning to come and see him soon but it wasn’t exactly why I came here ”.
    ” Oh my God,don’t tell me you are also not feeling well…. ”.
    ” I am fine. Just that…a girl I have taken to be my own daughter was involved in a very fatal
    accident and she was rushed here that’s why am here ”.
    ” What?! ”. Kelvin was amazed. ” Angelina? Is it Angelina? ”.
    ” Yeah yeah ”. Mr Brandon was surprised. ” Do you know her? ”.
    ” Not really sir…I met her earlier two days ago,she was brought here because she had an injured
    arm and that’s were I got to know her,and she told me she lived with you….but what happened to
    her now sir? ”.
    ” It’s a long story my boy. But her condition doesn’t seem to be good at all ”.
    ” Can I see her please… I’ll help ”.
    ” Oh sure…let’s go ”.
    ” Stay here with dad mum. We’ll be back ”.
    Kelvin walked out with Mr Brandon and got to the waiting room where Danny,Nickel and Diana
    were sitting and waiting impatiently.
    ” Has the doctor checking on her come to say anything? ”.
    ” We have been waiting for,getting to 2 hours now…but no one has even come out from that
    emergency room to say anything ”.
    ” I will go in there to see what’s happening sir ”. Kelvin said and entered the emergency room.
    ” Who is he dad? ”.
    ” Oh…you won’t remember him son. You two used to play when you were just toddlers, until when
    I had to take you to the UK for your mother’s burial. But that is doctor Graham’s son Kelvin ”.
    ” Is he also a doctor? ”. Danny asked.
    ” A qualified one. He is just 20. But he does things other older doctors can’t even do ”.
    ” Hmmmm…hope he does what he can to save my sister. Because if anything happens to her,I
    will have no choice but to kill myself too ”.
    ” Shut up and start saying positive things. She will be fine ”. Mr Brandon sit and they all started
    praying silently.
    ” Today is her birthday Mr Brandon ”. Danny wept. ” Angelina is 14 years today.
    ” Oh wow…Hmmmm,this is the worse birthday anyone can ever get. I hope God can have mercy
    on us and save her,she deserves better than this ”.
    ” T… is Angelina’s birthday? ”. Nickel asked with a smile.
    ” Exactly… and now,she can’t celebrate it because of you! ”. Danny answered coldly.
    Nickel then turned to leave the hospital and Mr Brandon held his hand.
    ” Where are you going? ”.
    ” I will be back dad…please let me go ”.
    More stories @
    ” We are all in danger Nickel. Be very careful ”.
    ” I will dad ”.
    ” May God be with you ”.
    Mr Brandon said and Nickel walked out of the hospital.
    (Under the sea=In the marine kingdom).
    There was absolute chaos that the queen couldn’t control her anger but to push down all the
    marine statues away and throwing bowls of sanctification water away as well. And neither the goat men nor the other macho men could calm her down. She felt absolutely defeated and powerless,
    she had never being this humiliated and useless.
    And the goat men couldn’t do anything, she killed two of them at once,which !ade the ladies
    ” What else can I do! What else do I have to do finish off Angelina? She has taken almost
    everything from me! Now,of all the four elements of nature, am the laughing stock among them
    all,I am the queen of the sea,but the fire Lord, the earth king and the air queen are all laughing at
    me! ”.
    ” Your Highness.. let your heart relax,for I have a great news for you ”. Lady Shanty said.
    ” And what is that? You better make sure it is a tangible reason. Or else I will punish you dearly ”.
    ” Your highness, indeed.. it is a good news. Your Highness… the good news is,Angelina is in a
    very bad condition at the hospital right now after the battle with Lady Molio, so everyone’s with her
    ” So? ”.
    ” My queen,the thing is,as Angelina is now unconscious, we have full advantage of that boyfriend
    of hers and her brother, the two most important people in her life ”.
    ” She is no longer interested in Nickel, so killing him wouldn’t be any interesting… is this the idiot
    thing you called a good news? ”. She roared angrily.
    ” Wait your Highness. There is something else. My queen,we have forgotten that woman who
    hated Angelina so much ”.
    ” What woman? ”.
    ” Her aunt. The one they called Okereke. Remember, Angelina threw she and her family’s out of
    her parent’s house ”.
    ” Oh yeah… The woman behind the reason Angelina joined this cult… what has she got to do with
    all this? ”.
    ” Your highness, how about we looking for that woman? She is Angelina’s aunty after all. And we
    can use her to finish Angelina once and for all. How about, we look for her? ”.
    ” Hmmm…what a great idea lady Shanty…you are right. So am leaving this job in your hand. Do
    what Lady Molio couldn’t. More or so,you will have to leave your powers behind, just like we did to
    Lady Molio, actually… I just want Angelina to come back to the cult,but before I can do that,the
    pastor and his son must be eliminated. I have put this task into your hands okay,and I promise you
    that,when we succeed over them,I will make sure you get the promotion to be my right hand witch
    They all laughed and celebrated because even if they were defeated, there was still hope.
    (For Life Hospital).
    The family was still waiting and finally some doctors come out of the theatre followed by Kelvin wo
    had a sethescope around his neck. The two doctors he came with,left to tend to other patients. He
    stood in front of them and they all got their feet.
    ” Now? ”.
    ” Relax…we examined her,she has got so many injuries around her whole body sir ”.
    ” So what is your conclusion now…is she fine or not? ”.
    ” Well,not really. But she’s stable now…when she regained consciousness, she was in so much
    pain and she was about loosing her breath…but thank goodness she’s kinda okay ”.
    ” Ooooh…glory be to the most high God. Can we see her please? ”. Danny asked.
    ” I’m sorry…she has to rest now ”.
    ” I am her brother, I won’t stress her at all. Please, let me see her face at least…to wish her a
    happy birthday ”.
    ” Today is her birthday? ”. Kelvin asked,being surprised.
    ” Yes…please can we see her? ”.
    ” I am sorry..but no. It is against the hospital rules. We have performed surgery on her because a
    spinal cord was affected due to a heavy blow. So she’s still in a critical condition… just relax. I
    suggested you go home for today and come back tomorrow. This is what you can do now ”.
    ” He is right Danny,but Kelvin.. who is going to watch over her? ”. Mr Brandon asked.
    ” Leave that to me sir,I will make sure to examine her through the night ”.
    ” Okay,we understand. But please doctor, can I make some food for her when we are coming
    tomorrow? ”. Diana asked.
    ” Of course,sure. With any luck, she might open her eyes tomorrow, make sure the food is
    nutritious, and add lots of fruits too ”.
    They all left and some minutes later,Kelvin stood at the waiting hall,walking to and fro. His mother
    got out from doctor Graham’s ward and got to him.
    ” Are they gone already? ”.
    ” Yes mam. They will be here tomorrow morning ”.
    ” That’s good,and how is the girl? ”.
    ” She is responding to treatment ”.
    ” What are you doing here? I am on my way home…I need you to look after your father ”.
    ” Yes I will..take care and drive carefully. And bring some clothes to me tomorrow ”.
    ” What?! ”. Mrs Graham was surprised. ” Are you not coming home tonight? Were you not the
    same person who told your father and I that you hated hospitals? So what changed now my son ”.
    ” I will explain later mam…just go ”.
    ” Hmmmm okay. May God be with you ”. She said and left.
    Some few minutes later,Kelvin took out his phone and dialled a number to make an order.
    ” This is Kelvin Graham from the For Life hospital… yes I am an adult. I hope am not mistaking
    that,this is the best flower shoo ever in the country. Yes,I found your number online, so I called to
    make an order for the most expensive flower. I will make payment once your workers deliver it to
    me here ”.
    ” What kind of flowers do you want sir? ”.. An unknown voice asked.
    ” Eeerr…what kind? White flowers,mixed with pink and red I guess. Add a birthday card to it make
    it special.. and add chocolate as well. Just add anything that makes birthdays special.. and I will
    pay for it ”.
    ” Okay sir…please what time do we deliver? ”.
    ” Tomorrow morning will do. Make sure you come early, I want it to be a surprise so be here at
    exactly 6 am ”. He said and hanged up with a smile. ” Don’t worry Angelina… I am going to make your birthday so special that…you will forget your pain and smile at me….
    To be continued….

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    Kelvin is falling already

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