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    Ride on guy.

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    ride on

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    Episode 3
    It was a sunny Saturday morning, I and my room mate were busy doing our chores. She already promised Olamilekan we’ll visit him on Saturday. Tinuke reminded me about it.
    “When are we leaving for his place” I asked
    “We can leave for 2pm” she replied
    “You and who? Inside this sun! I’m not going anywhere until the sun goes down o” I said frowning.
    “If we have lectures for 2pm, won’t you attend” she queried
    “Sure I will, I will attend lectures under the sun or in the rain, that is different and the good news is that I don’t have lectures today”
    “ I don’t know why you are even complaining sef, you are sounding like you want to trek to the place, are we not taking cab to the place”
    “Will cab carry us from this room down to his lodge?”
    “OK o, we’ll leave by 4pm then” Tinuke said
    “Carry your bed along nau, we are leaving by 5pm” I concluded
    “5pm! Don’t go at all” Tinuke hissed
    “I can decide to stay back o”
    “Anike jokes apart, you know we owe him this visit, he had visited twice fa” she said
    “You really like this guy o and I seriously pity you, because you are playing with fire”
    “You pity me? She said laughing
    “It’s not funny, I just don’t want this guy to come between you and your guy, what if he calls you when we get there, you’ll have to explain to him what you’re doing in a guy’s house?”
    “Don’t worry about me, I will switch off my phone”
    “Eh! That’s even worse, see, you are on your own. We are leaving by 5pm, agreed?”
    “Na yarda”
    Meaning? I asked
    “I agree” she interpreted.
    “Good, that’s my girl” I smiled.

    From the look of things, I can say that Olamilekan came from a rich family, he could pass for someone who had everything he wants at his disposal. I guessed he’s doesn’t like an extravagant lifestyle. He lives in a room and a parlour self contained apartment that is tastefully furnished and all electronic gadgets in place. He also has a car parked in his compound, trust Tinuke, she asked him who owns the car. I like this about him, silent rich guy.
    Tinuke and I are from rich families too and we maintained our cool, but I doubt if my own father can allow me have my own car, maybe when I get to final year, he can allow me.
    Olamilekan welcomed us, he was happy we came by.
    “Wow! You live in a palace Olamilekan” Tinuke complimented still admiring the spacious room.
    “Nice apartment” I added
    “Thanks” he said
    He asked what us what we wanted for refreshments. I told him I dont want anything, Tinuke eyed me and told him him she’s OK with any drink.
    He entertained us with some nice music video collection and served Tinuke juice and assorted Biscuits. Tinuke was about to take her refreshment when her phone rang.
    “Why are you staring at your phone? Pick your call nau” I said
    “It’s Sam”
    “I thought you said you’ll switch off your phone when we get here”
    “I forgot” she said and the call disconnected.
    “Pick the call, if he calls back”. The phone rang again and she took the call.
    “Hello dear…..
    “What happened” I asked when the line went off.
    “He hung up on me” she replied
    “What are you waiting for, let’s start going or you want him to call back and know you are still here”
    “That won’t solve anything Anike, he’s pissed already”
    “What’s going on?” he asked
    “We have to leave now, we’ll talk to you later” I inform him.
    “No problem as long as she’s OK, let me see you off then” he said. He stopped a cab for us that took us to the hostel. He also paid the cab man.

    We got back to the hostel. I tried to calm my friend because she was worried.
    “Tinuke let me talk to him, I think he will listen to me”
    “Don’t bother, trust me he won’t listen to you”
    “Let me try if I can pacify him” she said and dialed his number.
    “Hello I’m listening” he answered rudely.
    “Please, I just want to clear the air, the guy we visited is a friend of ours and…..
    “Anike can you please mind your business, this is between my girlfriend and I. I’d appreciate if you don’t meddle”
    “Excuse me!” I was shocked at his response.
    “You heard me right and I think you are a bad influence on her so please stay away from her” he said and ended the call.
    “I warned you, I know he wouldn’t listen, what did he say?” Tinuke asked
    “Nothing” I said with teary eyes, I doubt if I’ve ever been insulted like that all my life.
    “Anike are you crying? What did he say to you, did he insult you?”
    “It’s nothing”
    “It’s nothing and you are crying” she took her phone to call Sam but his call came in and she picked it up and put it on speaker.
    “Hello what did you say to her” she barked at him.
    “She didn’t tell you? Anyway I told her to stay away from you, that she’s a bad influence”
    “You told a girl that doesn’t even have a boyfriend, that she’s a bad influence? You are unbelievable! congratulations you just succeeded in making her cry, I can take anything from you, even the jealousy but you doing this to a good friend of mine…this is the peak”
    “And whose fault was that? You left your hostel to visit a guy without even informing me”
    “You know what I’m tired of you and your monitoring spirit. I’m sick of this over protectiveness of yours, see, it’s over between us”
    “Seriously! she said and hung up on him. She broke down into tears.
    “Tinuke please stop crying, you can’t end your relationship with him because of me.
    “I’m through with him, I won’t forgive him for what he said to you”
    “Seriously I’m fine, you can’t break up with him because of me, try and resolve with him”
    “That is my problem not yours. I’m very sorry for putting you through this”
    “Its OK” I said with a faint smile.
    “Oya go and wash your face” Tinuke said
    “You mean we should wash our faces” I corrected her.
    And we both laughed.

    Someone shared my story titled’Wrong Number’on this website.I want to thank everyone who read my story. I read all the comments yesterday and I was happy at the feedbacks. Thanks, God bless.

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    Toyin Taiwo
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    Episode 4
    Olamilekan called me in the evening, but I refused to pick the call, our visit to his house led to all this problem. Tinuke picked the call instead since I refused to pick up.
    I heard Tinuke telling the guy that he’s free to come to our hostel anytime.
    “You invited him over again?” I asked when she ended the call.
    “Yes, do you have a problem with that” she said with a straight face.
    “No, I just thought that’s the last person you’d want to see, after what your visit to his place caused you”
    “He has nothing to do with what happened today”
    “Tinuke! I can see you badly need a male friend, the one your boyfriend deprived you from having for a very long time now”
    “Whatever” Tinuke gestured with her hand.
    Olamilekan came to the hostel on Sunday afternoon. Tinuke told him everything that happened on Saturday, I also informed him that Tinuke broke up with her boyfriend because of me. We both pleaded with Tinuke to make up with her boyfriend.
    I couldn’t believe I spoke freely with him this time. He also said it himself before he left that he was so happy that I finally spoke to him freely. He really enjoyed our company and he returned back to his lodge in the evening.
    One week was gone already, Tinuke and her boyfriend are still not talking, I was feeling guilty about this, I knew my friend was doing this because of me, this is not their first time of having issues but they always resolve it.
    “Friendship, I think you should talk things through with your boyfriend” I adviced.
    “Noted, thanks” She responded sharply.
    “Tinuke, stop forming super woman, please end this fight for all it worth”
    “Ok…..I’ve heard you. If he calls next time, I’ll pick it”
    “Promise” she raised her right hand up”
    I went to the salon to make my hair, I asked Tinuke to follow me but she said I should go alone that she can’t be following me everywhere so I went alone. I returned to the hostel only to meet her friend crying.
    “Tinuke why are you doing this to yourself? I know you miss him but you refuse to pick his calls, he sent several messages which you ignore as well. He even sent you your monthly pocket money which means he’s not fighting you.
    I picked my phone and dialed Sam’s no.
    “Hello please hold on for her I think she’s ready to talk now” I said and passed the Phone to Tinuke. I left the room to give them privacy, clearly I’m still pissed with the guy myself because I did not even allow him talk before I handed the phone to Tinuke.
    “Hope you guys have settled” I said as I entered the room.
    “Yes we have, nagode(thank you) in fact Sam could not believe you could call him to make us settle our fight. He said he’s really sorry for those hurtful words, he’ll call you himself to apologize” she said with a brightened face.
    “That’s not necessary, once you guys are good, then I’m fine”
    “Haba Anike you talked me into forgiving him and you have to do the same too ‘Dan Allah’ (please).
    Sam called me minutes later but I refused to pick the call. Tinuke told her boyfriend to give me time to come around.

    Olamilekan and I became good friends. He asked me out but I was concerned about the difference in our level at first. 100 and 400l, he’ll be graduating soon.
    But after so much pestering especially from my friend, I agreed to date him. I told Tinuke about it.
    “I decided to give the relationship a trial. I told Olamilekan today that I’m in, we are now dating” I informed her.
    “I’m happy for you, I really like that guy for you. He’s a nice guy you know. Team Olamilekan any day, anytime.” she screamed.
    “And I guess you’ll do thanksgiving in church for this because your wish has finally been fulfilled” I said
    “Yes o, thank God it didn’t take you so long to figure it out, I’ve always known he had eyes for you, I wish you guys the best” she said and hugged me.
    Exams started and two weeks later, we were through with our exams and preparing to travel home, we’ve both booked our flight tickets.
    “I’m eating dinner tomorrow in my house by God’s grace unlike some people who will eat theirs in their boyfriend’s house” I teased
    “Na you sabi o, I’m spending just two days at his place.
    My boyfriend’s call came through. He asked when I was going I told him the next day. He said he’ll drop me off at the airport. I told him my flight is 8:45am. So he had to come very early. And he promised to come on time.
    “You guys are traveling together, so it’s now association of lagosians abi? Tinuke asked.
    “No o, he just want to drop us off at the airport, he’s travelling a day after tommorow. But we’ll see in Lagos”
    “Me! I don’t like that your Lagos for anything”
    “We don’t want you sef, go to that your boring Abuja”
    “At least its better than your noisy Lagos”
    “If I carry you go banana island you go love Lagos…o” I sang teasing her with the song.
    “See you, you don’t like Pawpaw island”
    “Thank you…..Eko state! here I come” I said throwing my hands in the air.

    Episode 5
    The next day Tinuke and I were already waiting for Olamilekan at the common room with our bags. He got there few minutes to 8am and joined us in the common room.
    “Hope I’m on time?” he asked.
    “You are right on time” I replied.
    “Shall we” he said helping us with our bags.
    We got to the airport, trust me good bye is the saddest words. Olamilekan watched us with amazement when Tinuke and I was shedding tears when Tinukes flight was announced. I’m sure he was wondering if the semester break has been extended from four weeks to a year. We said our good byes and she left.
    I start down quietly missing my friend already.
    “Will you miss me, the way you’ll miss her?” he asked.
    “She’s my friend, room mate, course mate, fellowship mate, everything. You should understand. I’ll miss you too. Remember we’ll still see in Lagos unlike her”
    “Sure, but still Anike you need to grow up, you are an undergraduate and not just that ‘Daddy’s little girl’
    “I’m a big girl”
    “Say that to yourself, anyways what are your plans for the break?” He asked
    “Plans! I don’t have any plans, I will spend most of my time at home, I’ll just visit one or two friends in the neighborhood”
    “And you won’t be bored, staying at home alone?”
    “No I won’t, I’m an indoor person and I’m used to it. Mum too will be around most time…full house wife” I shrugged.
    “Wow! That’s rare this days”
    My flight was announced. We hugged and he kissed me my forehead before I left the departure.
    Home sweet home, it’s so good to be home. I met my mum at home who had prepared delicacies for me. My Dad was so happy to see me when they got back from work. My two siblings were all over me. I’m much older than them. Adekemi is 14 while Okiki the baby of the house and the only male child is 11.
    Tinuke had called me earlier when she got to Abuja. I returned Tinuke’s call later in the evening and I spoke with Sam as well. She was happy I spoke with her boyfriend. He actually called me back and apologized.
    Olamilekan’s call came in immediately, we talked briefly and he promised to Check on me once he’s in Lagos.
    Olamilekan payed me a visit some days later when he arrived Lagos. He was dressed in blue jean and grey polo shirt, looking charming as usual. I led him into the house. He met my mum. I introduce him as my friend, then I rushed to my room to change. I wore a knee length Ankara gown, it was friday.
    He stayed for a while before we left for the cinema in his car. We got to the cinema, bought drinks and popcorn and watch an action thriller movie and a romantic comedy.
    After seeing the movies we sat in the park discussing the movies we saw and other things. He took me back home in the evening.
    Trust my friend she called me immediately I got home, I wondered if she put a tracking device on me to know I was home already.
    “ Monitoring Spirit! Did you put a tracking device on me? Because I just got home now” I asked playfully.
    “ I’m monitoring you in spirit ni, hope you had a nice time with him?”
    “Yes I did”
    We talked for a while, she asked after my parent, I asked after hers before ending the call.
    I started preparing for school. We are to resume the following week. I called Tinuke and we both agreed to return to school on Monday, because in my school some lectures will go to class on that very resumption day to give lectures and trust me they’ll take attendance if not test.
    Olamilekan called and want me to visit him before we resume so I could know his place. He sent his address and I went the following day.
    I got to his beautiful abode, I met his younger sister and He introduced us.
    I stayed for like 30mins, I already told him I had some errands to run for my mum. We left his house for a nearby eatery.
    We chatted while eating, I told him I’m going back to school on monday. He said he’s traveling on tuesday which means we can’t travel together.
    We left the eatery and he drop me off at the bus stop where I took a cab. He gave me #5k for transport.
    I was so happy to see my friend. ‘Miss’ is an understatement, we hugged, pecked and hugged again giggling and smiling.
    “You’ve added wait o, see your cheeks” Tinuke said wheeling her box to one side of the room. I smiled at the kettle who’s calling pot black.
    I came in earlier, so she met me cleaning the room. So she joined me.
    After the cleaning and arranging, we took our bath. We were so exhausted from the enviromental sanitation.
    “I’m tired Anike, maybe we should just eat bread this night, I’m so tired to cook and you are tired as well”
    “I brought some soup from home, I already envisaged that we’ll be tired to cook, after the cleanup. I’ll just boil rice” I said.
    “Anike you are a life saver, that’s so thoughtful of you, she rushed to the pot of soup and was amazed to see meat, fish and pomo gracing the soup. “This is a good definition of ose igberaga” (week of enjoyment) she said jokingly. We slept immediately after eating.
    Olamilekan came to the hostel the next day. He brought a carton of noodles with him and handed it over to me, he said it’s for Tinuke and I. We both thanked him.
    I saw him off to the packing lot where he parked his car and handed over the plastic bag I carried to him. It was a gift I bought for him. He thanked me, opened his car and gave a plastic bag also. He also got me a gift too. He entered his car and I watched him zoomed out of the parking lot.
    I went to my boyfriend’s lodge on a Saturday after my practical classes. Tinuke did not follow me this time.
    I got to his logde and met him watching a movie.
    I heard the movie is interesting, I don’t have enough time to watch the movie at his place, so I told him I’ll copy it on my flash drive before leaving.
    He cooked for me and I ate to my satisfaction. When I was ready to leave I took his laptop so I could copy the movies. The laptop was passworded, I told him to come enter the password and he said the password is Anike mi. I entered my name and the system came up. I smiled and promise myself to do the same.
    I copied the film alongside with the interesting ones he told me to copy. He dropped me off later at the hostel.

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    Toyin Taiwo
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    Episode 6
    Everything was going on smoothly between us, we find time to hang out once in a while, I got to meet Olamilekan’s friend Jude. I love his choice of friends, they have so many things in common. Olamilekan also gave me a copy of the key to his room. He said I can always come around any day, anytime, he said I should onsider it as my second room.
    We were really getting serious and Olamilekan was a sweet guy to be with.
    Tinukes got a call from home. Her mum called and informed her that her grandma passed on and she said she has to join them in ogbomosho her home town, this weekend for her burial.
    Her grandma who died at 85 already instructed her children before she died that they must bury her immediately when she died, she hated the morgue”
    “Can you sleep in the room all alone?” she asked
    “I doubt if I can sleep here alone, I’m not used to it” I said
    “I have an idea, maybe you should spend the weekend at his place”
    “And by his, you mean olamilekan right? No way”
    “I don’t want you to be lonely while I’m gone, you know how dry hostel is on weekends and that’s the only place that can assure me that you’ll be fine without me. I’ll give him a call, because I know how stubborn you can be sometimes”
    “Please don’t call him, at least I have a room to myself at home, its just that this place will be empty without you, but I’ll be fine”
    “I’m calling him, watch me” she took her phone and put a call through to him.
    She called Olamilekan and told him about her grandma and trip to ogbomoso. “Please come pick her up on Friday evening, because I’m sure my stubborn friend won’t come on her own and that’s why I’m calling you personally” She said and ended the call.
    I thanked her for planning my weekend for me without my consent.
    In the evening, I was busy preparing dinner and gisting with Tinuke while she on the other hand, lay on the bed. We were discussing about the fight that happened in class that day between two girls that fought over a guy, inside the lecture theater
    “That reminds me. Anike, have you guys talked about sex?”
    “I’m serious o, you guys need to make decisions on what you want in this relationship”
    “Please just stop, I can’t believe we are having this conversation. I’m not a baby, spare me the lectures”
    “You are a baby, because you are new in this game. I’m a year older than you and I still have experience than you, this is the first relationship both of you are having, so shut up and listen.
    First, both of you have to know your HIV status, then in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, you have to use protection. Now as your friend I’m asking, what do you want?”
    “Tinuke, honestly, I want to remain a virgin till I get married. I just wish we are on the same page”
    “It takes two to tango you know, hence the reason to talk about it and remember you are spending the weekend at his place”
    “We’ll talk about it, thank you. Counsellor Tinuke”
    “You are welcome” she winked at me.
    Lectures ends by 12pm on Fridays, we headed straight to the hostel after lectures. Tinuke pack some few things for her journey, I saw her off to the park, I waited for the bus to move before I left the park .
    I got back to the hostel and most of the rooms were locked.
    By 4pm, the hostel was almost empty, especially the rooms in our wing.
    I thought about everything Tinuke said and it got me scared. Maybe I should just stay in the hostel, I’ll survive” I said trying to encourage myself.
    Olamilekan called me later around 6pm, he said he’ll be in the hostel in 20mins. I told him not to bother but he said he had already promised Tinuke.
    I packed everything I knew I’d need for the weekend, Olamilekan came by to pick me. I was already set, he grab the bag and felt the weight.
    “If I may ask, why is this bag heavy Anike? its just two days”
    “I know, its just that I packed everything I’ll need along with me”
    “Like what ma?” he asked with sarcasm
    “My personal things including some fast food”
    “What?” he shouted placing his hand on his temple.
    “ I’m sorry I only took beverages, cereal and noodles”
    “Jesus! Anike”
    Olamilekan sank into the bed and turned the standing fan to face him, because he suddenly started sweating.
    “Please hold on a sec, I think I need some air”
    “Why are u sweating all of a sudden, is it because of what I said?”
    “Anike! Please just keep quiet, I don’t want to raise my voice at you” he paused for a bit then continued.
    I have never been humiliated like this all my life, you packed foodstuff? You know I’m still trying hard to comprehend this”
    “I’m sorry, if you don’t like it, I don’t want to inconvenient you, I don’t like been a burden to people….”
    “Anike! Stop talking”
    “I can see you are angry, I’ll leave them behind”
    “You will leave everything behind “ he said firmly”
    “What! including my clothes too” I said trying to pick my clothes from the bag. You know what I’m not going again”
    “Fine, then stay because if you are coming with me then you are not taking anything with you and I mean it, imagine you even pack your cover clothes, you are just so unbelievable. I doubt if I can put up with this your childish attitude ” he said throwing his hands into the air.
    That was the first time we argued, Olamilekan was really pissed off, I looked into his eyes, and saw that part of him I never saw before and it’s not nice at all. I had to change my mind. He left the room and I followed after him after locking the door.
    Inside the car, I was thinking of how I’ll spend two days with him without clothes, or did he except me to wear his clothes. I looked up and realized he was taking another route.
    “Olamilekan, this is not the way to your house” I said breaking the silence.
    “Of course, I know the way to my house”
    “Its like you are still angry” I said and he didn’t say a word.
    He parked in front of a shopping mall, he alighted from the car, went to the other side of car and opened the car door for me. He held my hand still not smiling and led me into the mall.
    “Pick everything thing you need for the weekend” he ordered
    “Must you do this” I asked
    “Yes, since you think I’m not capable to host you for two days, then I think its high time I flaunt my riches, so start shopping, girlfriend” he commanded and I obeyed.
    When I was through, he paid via POS and went straight to the car. I followed him back to the car.
    “The only thing you can’t get in my room is a ladies wears” he said and drove off.
    That was the only statement he altered throughout the drive. And that silence made me boiled within me.

    Olamilekan helped me carried my things from the car into the room, we got back around 7:30pm. From the mall down to his lodge, none of us talked to each other. I called Tinuke to ask after her journey.
    “I’m missing you already” I said to her while we were talking on phone.
    “Don’t miss me too much, don’t worry your boyfriend will fill in for me”. Little did she know that we are not on good terms.
    We talk briefly before ending the call.
    “What do you want for dinner?” he asked
    “Nothing” I replied
    “Anike for the love of God, why are you making a mountain out of a mole hill”
    “I said I don’t want anything, in fact I want to go back to the hostel” I bursted into tears.
    Olamilekan was sad when he saw me crying, he quickly rushed to my side to comfort me.
    “Anike mi, please stop crying”
    “Let me cry, you refused to talk to me, if you are still angry with me, then let me leave”
    “I’m not angry at you believe me, though I don’t like what happened earlier, I just gave you the piece of my mind and it has ended right there in your room”
    I stopped crying because of what he said. He asked what I wanted for dinner but I told him I was not hungry that all I want is a good sleep. I slept without taking dinner.
    I woke up in the middle of the night, I checked the time and to my surprise its 1:00am, I recollected everything that happened that night. Unknown to me Olamilekan was awake too. I woke up hungry so I told him I was hungry. He went into the kitchen and made noodles for me.
    After eating, I went back to sleep. I woke up early that Saturday morning because of the physics practical class I have by 9am. I was about to enter the bathroom to take my bath, when he called out.
    “There is towel, toothbrush and toiletries in the bathroom, and they are all new”
    “Thanks, I’m using yours except you don’t like the idea” I said teasingly.
    “Really! Are you sure?”
    “Except your toothbrush” I said smiling.
    “Come here” he said pulling me into an embrace. My Anike is growing up”
    “So I’m a baby right”
    I showered and joined him in the kitchen, He already boiled yam, and I fried the egg. I served the food. “We are eating together” I told him.
    “Yes ma” he said.
    After breakfast I left for my practical class after.
    I came back around 4pm, I met him watching a football match. Guys can bore you with their weekend football matches.
    “Welcome, how was the practical class?” he asked, he’s eyes fixed on the game.
    “A bit stressful, I had to fill in for Tinuke too, but it’s fine”
    “Do you mind us going out later, I don’t want to bore you here with football”
    “Let’s stay indoor, you can continue with your match. I’ll freshing up and join you later”
    Later in the night, we were about to sleep, then I remembered the issues I want to discuss with Olamilekan.
    “Olamilekan, Are you sleeping already?” I asked to be sure since his eyes was closed.
    “No, you need something?”
    “Not really, there’s an issue I’d like us to discuss” Olamilekan sat up.
    “What issue? I cleared my throat.
    “I want us to discuss about sex as regarding this relationship”
    He smiled. “Anike, for the record, this is not you talking, that’s your friend talking”
    “And how do you know that?”
    “Trust me I sure know what Tinuke is capable of saying”
    Anyways, He was right. I told him I want to keep my virginity till I get married and he agreed. I was happy and I counted myself lucky to have that kind of a guy.
    I returned to the hostel on Sunday, I had already called my friend and she informed me that she’s on her way. I tidy up the room and did some washing, I also cooked for my friend, so she could eat something when she comes back.
    “Welcome” I said and help her with her bag.
    “How was your journey?”
    “Fine, I bless God”
    “And the burial?”
    “It went well, all thanks to God”
    Tinuke called her parent and boyfriend to let them know she has gotten to school. She showered and went straight to sleep. I persuaded her to eat before sleeping but to avail. She woke up after two hours, now she looked refreshed.
    “Can I serve you food now” I asked
    “Not now, maybe later, thanks. So how did your weekend go with Olamilekan, please I don’t mind hearing details” she said teasingly. I downloaded the movie that played during the weekend between my boyfriend and I.

    This story is solely written by Toyin Taiwo

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    Hmmm…Anike’s future boyfriend
    Ride on

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    Episode 7
    Things were going smooth between Olamilekan and I until one fateful day, he was in 500l then, while I was in 200l.
    My phone rang I checked the caller ID it was an unknown number.
    “Hello, please who I’m I speaking with?” I asked.
    “This is Jane on the line, now listen and listen good. I don’t want to ever see you with my boyfriend again….”
    “Sorry I think there’s a mix up here, I can’t date your boyfriend because I have mine, I think you called the wrong person….”
    “Wrong person? She laughed, are you not Anike,200l microbiology student, you stay in providence hostel”
    I was shocked this person really knew me.
    “This is the last time I will call to warn you, the next time, I will send touts to spoil that your beautiful face for you, you this little boyfriend snatcher”
    I tried to calm herself down before speaking.
    “Please can I know the name of this boyfriend of yours” I asked”
    “You want to tell me you don’t know Olamilekan right”
    “Ola what?” i exclaimed and the line went off
    If there’s anything I hated most, this is one of them, to be caught up in a drama like this. I picked my phone and dialed Tinuke’s number.
    “Hello where are you?” I asked
    “I’m on my way to the hostel, hope all is well, why are you sounding like this….
    “I will tell you everything later, you won’t meet me in the hostel, I’m going to Olamilekan’s place.
    “What’s going on Tinuke, you sound tensed”
    “Yes I am, an insane girl just called me now threatening me. She told me to stay away from his boyfriend and guess who her boyfriend is? Olamilekan, so apparently my boo has a boo”
    “What kind of a joke is that”
    “Trust me she did not sound like someone joking”
    “Please, don’t jump into conclusions, just hear his side of the story”
    “OK, I’ll see you later”
    I did not even bother to knock, I forced the door open.
    “Anike you scared me, what’s the matter” He asked
    “Who is Jane” and how did she get my number?”
    “And don’t pretend as if you don’t know who I’m talking about”
    “You know what Anike, just calm down and sit”
    “Oh! You think I came all the way here to sit, boyfriend you better start talking”
    “The only Jane I know is just a friend, my course mate”
    “Your friend my foot. She threatened to beat me up, if I don’t leave you and you stand here telling me she’s just a friend!”
    “I’m confused, how did she even get your number in the first place?”
    “Are you seriously asking me that dumb question, its obvious she got the number from you”
    “Just take it easy baby, we’ll sort this out”
    “You and who? Who is she to you”
    “I already told you”
    “Friends with benefits right”
    “I beg your pardon!”
    He was upset too, but he had to calm down. “Anike trust me there’s nothing between that girl and I” He moved towards me to touch me.
    “Please don’t, in fact stay away from me” I picked my purse and dashed out of his room.

    I knew Olamilekan would come to the hostel, so I went straight to a restaurant when I left his place.
    I checked the time it’s 8pm already, visiting time is over, so definitely Olamilekan would have left the hostel by now.
    I took a cab to the hostel, I checked for his car at the parking space and it’s not there. I was about entering into the gate of my hostel when I heard my name and I froze because I recognized the voice.
    “Anike!” I turned and it was Olamilekan standing in front of me.
    “So you stayed out till this time just to avoid me right? I purposely stay here by the gate to confirm this, you thought I would have left since it’s past visiting time, right? Good night” he said and left.
    Two weeks gone and we weren’t still talking. Olamilekan did not call, I too refused to call him, though I miss him. Tinuke is pissed at the way I was handling the issue. She gave me the piece of her mind.
    “Anike, I don’t know if you know how much I love you, I love you like my own blood sister. I’ve learnt so many good things from you. You are smart, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, caring, humble, honest, straight forward. You are a friend anyone would wished for and I’m grateful to God for giving me the privilege of having someone like you. Despite all this qualities you have a ‘But’and a big one at that. Do you know what that but is? You get angry at the slightest provocation and you are stubborn
    Anike, You and I know that this Jane or whatsoever she call herself is not dating your boyfriend, it’s just a false accusations, you know that deep down in your heart, but instead of you to give him the chance to explain himself, you shut him out completely. You decided to punish him, for what? You are really lucky to have that guy, I know you two deserve each other but good guys are few out there and you are lucky to have one of them.
    We ran into your boyfriend in school area and you pretended not to see him. You better fix your relationship problem before it’s too late” she adviced
    By the time Tinuke was done talking, her words hit me like a blow.
    I thanked her and promised to make amends.
    I went to Olamilekan’s apartment. I met Jude his friend
    “Hi” I said
    “Hi” Jude replied. I’ll be on my way Olamilekan I’ll see you later” he said and left. We were both alone in the room.
    “I’m not going out with Jane, there’s nothing between us”
    “I know”
    “So why did you make us go through all these, when you know her accusations was false”
    “I was upset and angry”
    “That girl wanted to date me and I said no, so she decided to get back at me. You did not even allow me explain myself, You walked out of my room and told me to stay away from you, that’s bad Anike, I can never do that to you”
    “I’m sorry for everything, I was just angry. I hate dramas like this, I can’t start fighting a girl because of a guy”
    “So you can’t fight for us” Then you are the dumbest girl on planet earth”
    “Really! Do you just call me dumb?”
    “Bitter truth, but that’s the fact”
    I remained quiet.
    “Anike I’m sorry about what Jane said to you, I’ve put her in her place, trust me”
    “I’m sorry too”
    He hugged and kissed me. He later took me out, that was how the fight ended.
    Ever since that day we’ve been good. I had a swelled time with him in school till he graduated. He was a perfect boyfriend but sadly we had to end things between us.
    Olamilekan graduated and after NYSC he travelled out of the country. One problem he had is that he never had a say on his life. His parents are the controlling type. They planned everything for him without consulting him first.
    He travelled abroad to further his education. We had to break up on the basis of distance, we both know ourselves and we know we can’t handle a long distance relationship. Also he’s parent’s plans for him is to stay abroad permanently, since the whole family has relocated abroad.
    The break up was not easy for me but with Tinuke by my side, I moved on with my life. He calls once in a while and we chat online as well. We ended up as friends nothing more.
    Fortunately for Tinuke, she got admission into a university in US to study medicine that was 300 level second semester, I was happy for her but at the same time I know I’m not going to get over her leaving me easily. It was a tough time for me, I wondered why everyone I cared about left me.
    Olamilekan left, now Tinuke, I wept uncontrollably. I tried to concentrate on my exams.
    I was glad we are going on end of section break at least going home to my family members we help me forget my runaway friends. Little did I know that missing Tinuke was the least of my problems.

    Episode 8
    I got back home, and I saw all my extended family members sitting in our living room, my mum was wearing black all through same with my siblings.
    “What’s going on here” I screamed. I looked everywhere I didn’t see my dad. Where is my daddy” I asked facing my mummy whose eyes had turned red.
    “Your daddy is dead Anike, we hid it from you so that you can concentrate on your exams” she wept and I hugged her, crying bitterly, my siblings joined us, the wailing was much and some family members came to calm us.
    My immediate younger sister, Adekemi picked my traveling bag and I followed her to my room.
    “What happened, was he sick, accident or what?” I asked her.
    “ He left for his office in the morning, that was three days ago, the next thing mummy was called that he was dead. He didn’t even make it to the hospital” she replied me
    “Did the doctors carried out autopsy?”
    “Yes they did, the results was out this morning and it says he was poisoned”
    “They found some substances in the tea he took in the morning”
    “They should arrest his secretary!”
    “Our uncle said the secretary did not make tea for him that morning”
    “Then who did?”
    “Mummy made tea for him in the morning before going to work”
    “We all know mummy can’t poison daddy” I gestured with my hands.
    “Our uncles didn’t think that way o, they all said mummy poisoned him”
    “What! Are they all insane, this is conspiracy”
    “Real conspiracy and Uncle Friday is the ring leader.
    Uncle Friday is my father’s half brother and only brother. After my father, he is the next in command. My father so trusted him that he entrusted his company in his hands.
    Tomorrow is the burial, we are all waiting for you to return”
    “God if this is a dream I want to wake up” I said and cried the more.
    The next day, my daddy was buried in the cemetery, Uncle Friday refused to let us bury him in the house, we never knew he had plans.
    The next day after the burial the family members arrived, Uncle Friday the ring leader stood in the middle of the sitting room to address everyone.
    “As we all know that my brother was poisoned by his wife….” I rushed up to him and attacked him.
    “You bastard you killed my father and pinned it on my mother. I will make sure I have you arrested, you will rot in jail”
    Some people rushed up to me and made me sit beside my mum.
    “Anike, what’s the meaning of that do you want them to kill you too, just leave them,please….”
    Uncle Friday adjusted his clothes.
    “As I was saying before that bastard interrupted me….”
    “Friday you are a bastard, you this animal in human clothing” I shouted at him.
    My mum and my sister held me down again…”Anike! You think you can fight him, let God fight for us o”
    He adjusted it clothes again. “We are supposed to press charges against her but I let it slide, because who will take care of her bastard children if she’s in prison. So this is our decision we give you seven days to vacate this house with your children at least we’ve tried enough”
    “You are joking, my mummy spoke to him for the first time. “Friday I don’t need to exchange from you, you’ll hear from our lawyer”
    “Which lawyer? my friend sit down, husband killer. He barked at my mum. The lawyer will come tomorrow to read the will” He said and adjourned the meeting.
    The next day the will was read in favour of Uncle Friday.
    He said he wouldn’t give us a dime from my father’s property because my mother killed him.
    He said in exchange of pressing charges, he’ll let us go instead.
    They all left and I asked my mummy where the documents to all my father’s properties were, but she knew nothing about it, even the pin code to his ATM card, my mummy knew nothing.
    Speaking of ATM Uncle Friday has packed everything, they already swept daddy’s room clean.
    “Your father is secretive he doesn’t tells me anything, he believes once I and the kids are OK, I don’t have to pry into his business” she explained
    Why will a husband not open up to his wife, your wife should be your confidant for God sake” I said to my self.
    To make matters worse, my mum is a full time house wife, my father did not allow her to work. My mum is jobless, she only had few money in her account. My father drops cash for her everyday, so she never thought of saving for the raining day.
    True to my Uncle’s words we were ushered out of our house, seven days later, we moved in with one of mummy’s friend. My mum got a lawyer and we took the case to court, my mummy started spending her little savings on legal fees.
    She remembered I’ll be resuming school in some weeks time and gave up.
    School resumed, the only money my mum could afford to give me is my school fees and transport fare I dare not travel by air. I joined a bus from Lagos to minna.
    My younger ones who attended an expensive private school couldn’t go back to school, Even Adekemi who is in SSS3,that needs to write WAEC couldn’t go back to school. Mummy just enrolled her in a tutorial for WAEC class for now.
    With that we exhausted all the money my mummy had on her.
    I got back to school, luckily for me I got an accommodation in the hostel, it’s a rare opportunity, the school hardly gives 400l students hostel because we are staying in school for only one semester, we are going for IT in 2nd semester. They only give 400l students who has legs I mean connection, and mine is just God’s favour. We were just two in the room and that is how I met Happy.
    Happy is also in 400l, she’s tall, slim, fair and beautiful. She smells money, I guess she’s from a rich family and she has a car.
    I really missed Tinuke, we talked earlier and I explained everything to her. She wished she was around.
    Happy noticed I only moved into the hostel with just my clothes, she sensed I’m not financially buoyant, so she gave me access to her food stuff. Since she owned the food stuff, I started cooking for both of us and she appreciated the fact that I cooked for her.
    One day she asked after my family and I told her everything about me. Since the day I opened up to her, she started giving me money, which I used to buy handout, make photocopies and all. She also bought me some clothes, I later knew she had a boutique off campus.
    I noticed she doesn’t spend her weekends in the hostel. She travels on Fridays and come back on Monday morning.
    My sister called me in the evening while I was busy making dinner for myself and my roommate.
    She was crying on phone, Adekemi what is it?” I asked
    “Mummy’s friend has started giving us attitude in the house, she has even stopped giving us food, to eat is even difficult for us now” she lamented.
    “God will stand up for us and send help to us in Jesus name, please don’t cry, you need to be strong for mummy. You know I can’t be with you for now, I had to be in school” I pleaded with her.
    I ended the call and called my mum.
    I asked how they are faring and she lied to me, she said things are OK. She asked me how I was faring too and I told her about my room mate who had been of great help to me.
    After the call, I wept, my mummy lied so as not to get me worried.
    Happy came back from lectures and met me crying. I told her about the call I got from home.
    “Anike please stop crying and clean your face” She said and I wiped my tears.
    “Anike do you know what I like most about you? You are not the nosey type, you don’t pry into other people’s affairs and I really like that about you. But I’ll open up to you since you don’t ask questions. I’m into runs.
    I was like it’s a lie, runs! how! Then I remembered she never spend weekends in the hostel, that explains everything.
    Anike, I can help you and finance you till you graduate. she continued. That is not a problem, but Anike I can’t help your mum and siblings that will be too much of a burden for me but you can help them”
    “How” my face lit up.
    “For your person it’s not going to be easy cos I know you are a church girl but it’s just an offer, you can turn it down and mind you, that will not stop me from helping you till you graduate”
    “It’s not about me alone Happy, my family is suffering. I can’t be enjoying here in school when they could hardly feed at home not to talk of having a roof over their head”
    “Are you the first child”
    “You have responsibilities then”
    “How can I help my family?”
    “I can introduce you to rich men, you can get enough money from them to help you take care of your family”
    “I can’t do it, I can’t sell my body, I’m a Christian, a child of God, Happy!”
    “I’m not saying you should decide now, just think about it”
    “There’s nothing to think about, thanks you for your help” I said sharply and left the room.

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