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    (season 2)

    After popping champagne, I went into my
    room, leaving the guys in the living room
    exhausted and wasted. I felt like calling the
    doctor. Guess you remembered him (the very Doc we kidnapped, who treated Patata
    back then).
    I don’t even remember his name, so I went in
    search of his complimentary card which I
    later found on a particular file of mine. I
    quickly typed his number on my phone after confirming his name to be Dr. Okowa.
    After several attempt of dialing it, the contact
    fails to connect leaving me with no other
    choice than to forget. I was in the room
    thinking on the best action to take, but was
    disturbed by the noise from the sitting room, I could hear Parcy’s voice shouting
    And talking about Parcy, that boy can be
    crazy sometimes, always talking at random
    and shouting lot of patatatata….
    I felt like calling the Doctor to come check on them before, since I don’t want anything to
    happen to my squad members, but gave it a
    second thought. Afterall they will be
    immortals soonest.
    I really want to fortify them badly, but the
    problem here is; will they be willing to go by the rules of the mother goddess? Sharon can
    be easily convinced because she’s a woman I
    thought but Parcy? Always wanting to shoot
    at anything and get money, and we’re not to
    touch any money collected till it reaches its
    owner or the less privilege, who might consider to give us something as
    I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know
    when Sharon entered into my room.
    I was so oblivious of my environment that I
    don’t even know when she started removing her clothes till she was wearing nothing (you
    know what that means), I jerked when I felt
    her hands on my shoulders messaging it
    softly with her wonderful naked bosoms
    rubbing my back. I relaxed back, only to turn
    my head and found her smiling seductively. Well as a smart guy, and a boss for that
    matter, I needed not to form for her since
    she just returned from a difficult hardship;
    ME: (Sounding weak) You know we shouldn’t
    be doing this right now
    SHARON: Why? I’ve been waiting for this moment.
    ME: You’re wounded you know
    SHARON: Spare me that, you don’t know how
    much I missed you being inside me. I almost
    lose hope of seeing you again, and having
    your hmm____ inside me again will be a thing of joy…
    ME: Really?
    SHARON: Yes na! I came to realize how much
    you mean to me, even God knows that.
    The moment she said so, the ring on my hand
    glows again but this time a little brighter, ‘making sense’ I thought to myself
    ME: So you want us to make love right?
    SHARON: Yes and now
    ME: Well on one condition… You’ll promise to
    stay faithful to me and never give your
    sharwama (literally my cockpit) to any man again even if it’s the military men for
    criers (gun)… DEAL?
    Why I said that or where that is coming from,
    I don’t even know. I guess the mother
    goddess is passing her jealousy onto me and
    I think that’s not a good thing at all… Sharon was kind of taken aback by what I
    said and seems to process it for a while,
    before deciding on what to say;
    SHARON: As long as you’ll always be there
    for me when I need your seeds… YES
    As she said that, my curve7 stood like an hungry lion that sees its prey. I pounce on
    her immediately with my hands fondling her
    boobs like they’re balloons, ‘so soft’ I said in
    my head, actually I’ve missed her very
    badly. The alcohol I took, has taken its toll on
    me but as a boss no weakness must be shown.
    Well as we were romancing, my mind
    wandered to the warning given to us by
    Babisky, ‘never get lost in love’ it echoed in
    my ears. The sentence makes sense but I’m
    still yet to get the message in there, the warning wouldn’t have bothered me if not
    the fact that I still have a soft heart
    somewhere inside, a soft space that only
    love can fill unlike Great-Khali that has a
    stone-cold heart, and will always say ‘Love
    for where?’. We were so into what we were doing,
    romancing, kissing, fondling, pressing, eating,
    fingering and all that, and was about to put
    something inside the other thing when the
    ring shone brightly again but this time it
    showed red which means a danger (I just guess actually since in most cases red is used
    to symbolize danger).
    She saw this but as a warrior she is, she
    didn’t flare up but rather gave me a
    questioning look.
    That was less of my concern, my concern is WHAT DANGER?


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    AvatarDavid E Odoemene
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    (season 2)

    The ring shone red (danger?), I wasn’t afraid though but anxious to know what it is, I was waiting when I heard a voice in my ears…
    VOICE: Babisky knocks permission to open.
    (I was amaze but I didn’t show it, I knew Sharon didn’t heard the voice but she might suspect since I paused from the action we were into. I responded as we chatted through our mindset)
    ME: Open
    BABISKY: You’re amazed, I see, the red light didn’t mean danger but someone is trying to communicate with you…
    ME: What now signifies danger?
    BABISKY: Yellow light, you’re omitting a warning but that’s for you to figure out, I contact for something else
    ME: Hope it’s not serious
    BABISKY: Not really, it’s about the ring.
    ME: What about it? (I asked perplexed)
    BABISKY: Never use it to touch a woman’s private part, or better still take it off before having fun with your woman
    (Hearing this, I thanked my star for not using the hand to finger Sharon)
    BABISKY: That’s all I want to say, have a nice f.sexcion and don’t forget to get those guys up here tomorrow as early as possible, they need to be cleanse immediately..
    His voice disappeared from my though, and I became aware of my surrounding. Sharon still stark naked waiting for me to finish whatever discussion I was having with the unknown and she was still with that ‘I need an explanation’ look.
    Well I was too h---y to explain anything that I pounced on her like a hungry wild cat, It was so weird that I got her surprised (where the strength came from, I dunno).
    I woke up from a deep sleep after the f.sexcion like Babisky called it, and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
    When done, I wore a short with an armless Man U jersey and headed to the livingroom but didn’t meet the guys. I was about turning back when I sighted them in the dining;
    ME: Una dey craze oh… Una dey chop forget me (shouting at them playfully)
    GREAT-KHALI: Bros nor vex ehn, we didn’t want to disturb your sleep..
    SHARON: He’s right we’re sorry
    (Parcy was just eating like say tomorrow no dey, he didn’t even render an apology though I don’t need any from him. What I wanted at that time was food, and food I got when Sharon went into the kitchen to get my own share).
    ME: Great-kali we need to talk after eating, likewise Parcy and Sharon
    GREAT-KALI: Babisky already contacted me about the warning, and as for this guys (pointing to Parcy and Sharon) I already told them about everything and they gave in without second thought.
    (Great-kali explained while I just kept on smiling, it seems things will go easier than I earlier thought.)
    ME: We teleport as early as possible then…
    BABISKY: Welcome Parcy and Sharon
    SHARON/PARCY: Thank you..
    BABISKY: Hope your boss has told you about everything, including the warnings?
    SHARON: Yes he has… (She was looking at me when answering)
    BABISKY: Parcy you have two questions on your mind, ask now or never (he talked authoritatively)
    PARCY: You see Big Bros Babisky (B3), the name sounds good… first question be say “how are we going to make money?”
    BABISKY: Hahahaha, You’re smart with this your age, the mother goddess will provide you with wealth that no living being has ever had, just be watchful..
    PARCY: Wow! You’re the best B3, all the girls dem don enter one chance for my hand, I go patatatata their pussies (B3 just laughed)… The second question be say “aren’t we gonna shoot guns anymore?”
    BABISKY: You will shoot guns but you must shoot on good course, to defend yourself or the needful, those being cheated or any other way you think is good… That is just it, Since I have answered your questions it’s time to do the cleansing.
    Parcy and Sharon moved to where Babisky was, he asked them to walk on the hot coal like we did and later they proceeded to the coffin…
    Parcy was the first to wake up, he was so clean, so clean and handsome that you’ll know he’s not a mortal again but a handsome human-god. He laughed wickedly when he got out of the casket, he came towards us and hugged us.
    We were all so happy but it remains one person Sharon, she didn’t come around… after a while Babisky spoke up, when he noticed we were worried;
    BABISKY: She’ll come around but I need to tell the three of you something before she wakes…
    What do you guys think he’ll say?
    Why is she taken that long?


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    (season 2)

    ME: What is it about? (Perplexed)
    BABISKY: It’s more like a warning, Sharon being the only girl among you will become a goddess after waking up from the coffin while you 3 are gods, her powers wouldn’t supersede yours but she’ll have the ability to do something none of you can’t do..
    PARCY: What’s that B3?
    BABISKY: She’s the only one that can bring your squad down, she’ll have the power to convince you to go against the rules and she will be fast to anger
    GREAT-KHALI: What is the solution here..?
    BABISKY: Only one solution… You three must not let her know what she’s capable of, meaning you must not tell her what I just said
    We all nodded, just then Sharon came around looking so flawless and beautiful. She opened her eyes and they were bloodshot, so red that the black (pupil which is surrounded by the iris) almost turned invincible, but It only lasted for few minutes before they become clear.
    We thanked Babisky after he gave Parcy and Sharon their rings. He promised to always be in touch with us when something is needed to be done, before giving us the go ahead to depart his temple.
    In a twinkle of an eye, we teleported back to our house landing into our sitting room, Sharon who was overwhelmed with her present form, ran into the kitchen and came out with a big cake. We all gave her a questioning look;
    SHARON: Relax guys, I got this cake 3days ago when I went out to buy food ingredients, I guess you guys never noticed me taking it in (nodding toward Parcy and Great-Khali)… Well I bought it for a purpose, to celebrate our new born day since our old self has already
    died and we’re now reborn as gods and goddess
    ME: So thoughtful of you, you did well
    SHARON: Hmmm that’s why I love you (Winking at me)
    GREAT-KHALI: (cough cough) Let’s begin the celebration, shall we?
    Parcy didn’t wait for him to finish his word before he dashed towards the bar to get red wine and champagnes. He came with them only, leaving the cups behind, he said we’re drinking from the bottle not with cups and glasses.
    At that moment, I knew that’s not a good Idea because we’re gonna be too drunk, well I’m
    not a drunkard but what choice do I have? We proceed joyously and celebrated until we were all wasted.
    I didn’t even know how Sharon and I got into my room and stripped each other naked.
    I woke up with new strength and happiness, life of a god is sweet so I thought.
    I stood up and headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth and had my bath, after that I selected one of my best outfit with one destination in mind… which is my family’s house to have some fun with them, and perhaps bring them down to know where I am living.
    I decided to go eat my Mum’s food, so I didn’t bother to eat anything when leaving home. I informed my goons of my movement and they bid me bye and promise to arrange the house in case I bring my family like I said.
    In comfort I headed out with my car, listening to ADEKUNLE GOLD – TEMPTATION, shaking my head to the beat and following the lyrics with my mind. I knew signing a new deal with my life is a great task but still believes all will go well, since Babisky has given us his words. I was lost in thought while driving and at the same time thinking about what our next operation might be.
    I dropped by a shopping mall to get my family some things though they might not use them, I just want to make them happy, I don’t want them to lack anything as long as I still lives. After getting few things I left and within minutes I arrived at my destination, with my siblings so happy to see me;
    JOY: Welcome brother (she jumped on me, smiling uncontrollably as I carried her inside)
    ME: You don’t know you’re getting to an adult abi? (She just eyed me and remained clung to my body)
    MUM: Welcome my son… you and this your sister won’t kill me
    ME: Thanks Mum, how are you doing today?
    MUM: Am fit like a fiddle…
    LUCKY: Give me your car key to go get what you brought for us (I threw the key at him and off he went to get them, I was even surprise how he knows I bought something)
    JOY: Brother Eli, hope you still remember you promised to take us to your house, we’re going together today right?…
    MUM: Yes its today or never (she jokingly said)
    ME: As your lordships pleases…
    We all laughed to that. Lucky came inside with what he went to take from the car, and feeling the content made them thanked me almost immediately.
    I told them am hungry and coincidentally they too were about to set the dining when I arrived, we ate together happily and chatted away time.
    We were still having fun when a call entered into my phone, I checked it and found out its from Great-khali, I excused myself and went out to pick the call;
    ME: Hello whatsup?
    GREAT-KHALI: There’s a news going round…
    I adjusted myself in anticipation to hear what
    the news was;
    GREAT-KHALI: There’s a news going around town, it was earlier confirmed today…
    ME: What’s it about
    GREAT-KHALI: They said ”There’s A Rumor
    That The General Manager Of Samson And Co
    Ltd, Mr. Clement Refuse To Give Their Retired
    Staff Their Pension. Claiming There’s No Money For Now, But The People Claimed He
    Has Already Collected The Money Meant For
    Their Payment”
    ME: Sounds like a foul play (He yelled in
    GREAT-KHALI: Yeah and you know what that means
    ME: Yeah, we need to do something about it
    before the week runs out..
    GREAT-KHALI: We’re going to plan our attack
    when you come back tonight, the guys are
    already prepared. Let’s just help this people
    ME: Ok, I trust you… See you later
    GREAT-KHALI: Ok na, later things…
    I ended the call and went back inside to meet
    my Mum, Lucky and Joy who were already
    prepared for the outing, to go know my house.
    We left the house in my car because they said
    they’ll spend the night, I have to say
    ‘NO’ to that because There’s no enough
    room for everyone to sleep, but they
    objected making me have no other choice than to succumb.
    We arrived at my house (Lion’s Den) in no
    time. The team welcomed my family
    warmly, and my mother was so surprised to
    see Sharon in the house but all the same they
    got used to each other in duration of no time, they chatted like they’ve known each other
    for long.
    Sharon and Joy took each other inside, for
    some ladies talk while leaving us in the living
    room, I don’t know if I should be happy or
    sad, I felt Sharon will teach my kid sis some bad things. Well what will I do, only time
    shall tell.
    It’s getting late already and the Lion squad
    haven’t got the chance to have a discussion
    about the attack on the greedy manager Mr.
    Clement. When its night and There’s no hope of having
    any meeting with the squad due to full house,
    we decided to have it the next day when my
    family would have gone back home.
    I just gave Great-khali the task of finding out
    about the man’s house, and security measures.
    The lion squad are already seated, ready to
    make plans for the attack. Great-khali placed a house map on a white board that stood in
    front of us all, he was explaining how the
    house is and the amount of security guard in
    there. ‘There’s a gateman at the gate,
    6security guard standing at alert in the
    compound and 4 extra inside. Mr. Clement always leave his work place by
    6:30PM, he’ll get home by 7:30PM due to
    traffic. He has a wife who is a nurse and
    have 3kids (2male and a female), the only
    female happened to be the last born.
    He’s someone who loves to club on weekends, he’ll be drunk before he returns
    leaving his wife and children worried… But
    what baffles me most is the fact about the
    security guard, Great-khali explained;
    ME: I sense something suspicious here, why
    will a general manager have that much security guard?
    GREAT-KHALI: Same here, it seems he has
    being involve in this fraudulent acts for a
    very long time
    PARCY: It’s time to stop all that, “let the
    gods visit him and punish him for all his atrocities” (He smile)
    ME: Yes, tomorrow is Friday and I think it’ll
    be interesting and entertaining to pay him a
    visit tomorrow night
    SHARON: We’re gonna pop some champagne
    with him before we make him do our biding. ME: Wait a minute, why is it that we love
    champagne? Nor be lie sha that one dey… We
    are using Parcy’s car for the operation,
    leaving by 6PM so that we’ll be waiting for
    him in his house already. (I said conclusively)
    GREAT-KHALI: Sounds good boss, I bet he will be surprise when he sees us, I can’t wait to
    see the look on the thief’s eyes tomorrow
    (Laughing devilishly)
    PARCY: I can’t wait to send some bullets like
    patatatatatata on all his security guard..
    ME: Well, the plan is set, all that remains now is for Sharon to go get us some better criers
    before the stipulated time, remember we
    lost some criers in our last operation (looking
    at Sharon).
    SHARON: Oh you just reminded me of what
    we passed through, chai!!!! I am always at your service sha, Let me check what we
    have in stock so I can know what to add…
    ME: I trust you.
    We concluded the conversation and everyone
    finds their way out of the room to do their
    different endeavors. I have nothing doing so I decided to take a nap and promised to go get
    us a better outfit later in the day…


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    Wow it relli awesum lot of supention

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    landed… coded… more fire

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    I’m in of it

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    I want the story

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