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    (season 2)
    EPISODE 14

    ME: Mr. Simon, it took us sometime to get you and I wouldn’t mind playing with few more time with you before I end your miserable life here in front of your family (I paused to look at his face)
    I looked at them (His wife and children) and saw the fear on their faces, I couldn’t help but pity them. They didn’t know the kind of man he is or what he does to other people, I guess he’s good at masking his character at home. He has two kids, a boy and a girl (twins) his wife is beautiful and a full housewife, he doesn’t allow her to work, “A sword-man can cut someone’s head but can’t allow his head to be cut off” I thought;
    MR. SIMON: Please don’t kill me.. I’ll give you anything you want
    ME: Why is it that big men like you always volunteer to pay anything for lives? Like I earlier said, we’re not here for your money because we aren’t armed robbers and when it comes to cash, we got plenty of it
    PARCY: We are here to teach you some lessons, real lessons man
    ME: He’s right, do you know this person (showing him a picture on my phone)…
    The photo is not Alicia’s but for a lady he raped as of recent and got her fired by lieing against her that she was having sex with one of their staffs in the office after closing hours, I wonder how the board of directors could be fooled not to know that he was lieing against those girls.
    MR. SIMON: Y..Y..Yes, she was once my secretary
    ME: Well am happy or should I say sad to tell you that what you did to her has made her loose her mind, because she hasn’t being able to say anything or remember anybody since then, I guess you’re a good soul breaker.
    With that I stood up in anger, my blood was really boiling that I thought my skin will melt from its hotness, I felt like strangling him to death or better still choke him by grabbing his testicles till his face turn grey and life slowly slip away from him. But I didn’t want to
    kill him for I was seeing the apologetic and fear face his wife and children are giving me.
    I concluded he’s just a lucky bastard because if it was back then wen Anini dey collect money with guns and explosives, I go don dash ahm one bullet for his head and another at the middle of his chest. The guys begged me to calm down and go on with the earlier plan;
    ME: Oh..I remember… our findings made it known that you’ve done almost the same thing to numerous ladies that worked under you, especially the secretaries.
    MR. SIMON: (Trembling) sir please forgive me, I’ll change, in-fact I have already changed this moment, please spare my life, I’ll do anything you want me to
    ME: Sure you’ll do it even if you don’t want to (Turning to Great-Khali)… Please get the camera…
    Great-Khali did as told and he positioned the camera in a way that it’s only Simon that will be captured. I asked his wife to sit beside me while we listen to her husband’s atrocities, I commanded him to start confessing ranging from Alicia to the last girl.
    After the confession session, we made him write a resignation letter which he read every single word out for us to avoid him playing a fast one on us though he surely wouldn’t dare. From step to step, we finally accomplish the mission successfully.
    Sharon sat patiently on the bed with her legs crossed, throwing daggers at me with her eyes. I guess she was keeping her anger in check; I stood beside the bed with wrapper tied to my waist while some trail of water drip down from my body as I just finished having a shower.
    I waited patiently to hear whatever she wanted to say, but yet I was uncomfortable with her stare as I saw her staring at my bare chest, the look on her eyes was a mixture of lust and anger. She closed her eyes and breathe in and out before speaking up;
    SHARON: It was about her right?
    ME: (Confused) Who?
    SHARON: Alicia
    ME: What about her?
    SHARON: The mission was because of her, and the thought of what he did to her made you that much angry
    ME: (Silent)
    SHARON: Are you loosing it? You barely even know her, someone you met just few hours ago and you’ve started making decisions and conclusions because of her, you may think you know her now but you might be wrong
    ME: (The words got to me, but I pretended it didn’t) ok ok…I’ve heard you, are you done?
    SHARON: What have I done wrong to you?
    ME: What do you mean?
    SHARON: (Her voice breaking) why are you treating me this way?
    I moved closer to her and sat beside her, I wrapped my hand behind her shoulders and drew her against my chest, as she let tears flow freely from her eyes;
    SHARON: Do you know how much it hurts to see you talk to another lady? Do you know how horrible I always feel whenever you’re not around? Do you know how full I feel whenever you cuddle to yourself when we sleep?
    ME: I’m sorry (I was short of words, I don’t even know what else to say)
    SHARON: It’s crazy to say this but I LOVE YOU…
    Bang! My head felt like it was hit with a sledgehammer, I was like “this is not good”
    I didn’t even know how to reply what she said because it took me off guard, yes I knew all along that she has a thing for me but I don’t expect it to be love and for her to say it out, mehn its really something. I held her to myself and let her cry while I think of my life.
    She slowly reached for my chest when her cry subsidized, stroking my chest slowly and her long nails tickling me, I looked down at her and she give me small smile, she slowly brought her lips to mine and we kissed passionately, our tongues tackling each other like they’re on a battlefield, well they’re on a battlefield of lovemaking.
    I went for a re-bath. I was so exhausted from the lovemaking sexton we had, if I could remember vividly, Sharon was saying things unconsciously when we were having sex, at a point into the pleasure, I became afraid that I thought of getting off her but she held me firm to herself.
    She made some *bad* revelation of what she was thinking in her head. She planned to kill Alicia so that I will feel how it hurts not to have someone you love by your side, my head was thrown into confusion because I don’t know if I should take the matter serious or not.
    I was so confused that I don’t know if I should still have something to do with Alicia or not. I don’t even know what I’ll do if any harm comes to her, I might go crazy or become a monster. I can’t deny myself of the truth again because I already fell in love with her, what I have for Sharon was just attraction which might later turn to hatred if care is not taken.
    I came out of the bathroom, I toweled my body and wore something simple because it’s already late in the evening and I can’t go anywhere again. I gave my Mum a call to know how she’s fairing and asked her about my siblings, that was when she told me that she’s coming to the village the next day to sympathize with the king’s family.
    I was not comfortable with what she wanted to do, so I asked her why, she told me she received a call from the third wife to please come at least am a chief in the village, if I’m not chanced to go then she should be able to have time to come.”D--n” I thought, this people are on it again, what is my own or my family problem with the bad king’s death.
    I told her to come that I want to tell her everything that happened when I met with the evil king and the elder. She blessed me over the phone, and told me to extend her greetings to the others; she ended the call and I sighed deeply. “Why is things happening like this?” I asked myself.
    I was so lost in thought that I don’t know what to even think again, I decided to call who I think can make me happy and that person is no other person than Alicia, I dialed her number and she picked at second ring;
    ME: Hello beautiful!
    ALICIA: Hi handsome
    ME: How are you doing today?
    ALICIA: Fine and you
    ME: Kind of bored
    ALICIA: Uh sorry dear… (Excited) guess what?
    ME: (Anxious) What?
    ALICIA: Guess na?
    ME: (Smiling) you hit a jackpot of million dollars?
    ALICIA: You’re a bad guesser but you try sha (I can bet she was rolling her eyes playfully)
    ME: So, what’s making my queen happy?
    ALICIA: First, Mr. Simon, hoped you remember him?
    ME: Yes
    ALICIA: He was made to confess all his atrocities by some unknown gunmen, he was also recorded confessing and they asked him to go turn himself in, at the police station
    ME: Wow! That’s nice; he deserved it, what’s the second one?
    ALICIA: There’s this company that I went for interview few weeks ago, I received a message from them yesterday that they’ve finally decided to give me the job
    ME: (Happy) Woa! What a good and great news, this call for celebration
    ALICIA: Yes, we need to celebrate
    ME: So, when are you starting work?
    ALICIA: Next tomorrow
    ME: That means we can celebrate tomorrow
    ALICIA: Yep, I’ll be expecting you
    ME: See you tomorrow then
    ALICIA: Bye dear…
    I hung up and flung onto the bed, I was very tired and at the same time having a terrible headache. I called for room service and ordered for salad and a packet of Panadol Extra, hanging up after making the order and laid my back on the bed thinking about nothing in particularly.
    I was about drifting off when I heard the door bell, I asked who it was and he said He’s the room service, I ushered him in and he served my requirement, I thanked him before he left.
    In duration of no time I ate and took the drug, before I knew what was happening, I drifted off to the dream land.


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    (season 2)
    EPISODE 15

    The sky looked dark with a red cloud. The
    clouds can be what you call Blood Ocean; an
    ocean which you don’t know where it came from or where it’s going to, the sky has no
    limit likewise the Blood Ocean. The thunder
    rumbled loudly like the heaven is angry at
    creatures on the earth.
    I looked at the sky, fear gripped my heart, and I stared into the air where I saw nothing
    but a thick fog, not an ordinary fog but a thick
    reddish fog. I looked at my feet and found out
    that I’m standing on sand mixed with blood
    soil, I was thrown into fear and confusion at
    the same time. I started walking, going straight without
    destination. I walked slowly, rotating my
    left and right in searching mode, maybe I’ll
    see something to satisfy my curiosity. I have
    walked for like 15mins and am yet to see or touch anything, I wanted to turn back but I
    decided to give it a second thought so I kept
    on walking and the more I walked the more
    the fog become clearer.
    I finally got to a stream, blood flowing
    stream if I may say, I felt tasty but I can’t in anyway
    even in my wildest dream drink blood, I was
    even more confused with what I’ve seen
    earlier, I need answers!.
    It was just as if the water/blood heard my
    voice as it started boiling up with a strong hot
    smoke emanating from it. Standing close to if
    felt like am in hell, I felt as if it was on my
    body that the hot water was boiling.
    a dead human body came out of the boiling surface, I stared intently to identify the
    person and to my greatest fear the body
    belongs to___
    Suddenly I sprung up from the bed, my body
    was as hot as hell, my clothes wet with
    sweat, I looked around me to found out am still in
    the hotel room,” I was having a nightmare” I
    yelled curiously, as I stood up to go take a
    *************** ******************
    My mum came the next day and I went to
    meet her at the village with the guys but
    before we set off, I went to Alicia place in the
    morning to spend some time with her to
    celebrating the good news. She was so happy to see me that I wonder what the reason
    might be.
    I got to meet Cynthia’s boyfriend there, he’s a
    cool and nice guy, friendly and fun to be with
    but he has some kind of strange aura around
    him that I can’t place my hand on, so I ignored it.
    He said we should go out to town to
    something like a date but I declined telling
    them my reason and that I wouldn’t stay long
    there. When it was around 12PM, my mum called to
    tell me that she’s already in the village and I
    told her to give me some minutes because
    currently not at the hotel. I took Alicia to
    somewhere private to inform her of me departure, she felt bad about it but got no
    choice than to let me go.
    We got to the village in a jiffy and went
    straight to the palace, I was very happy to
    see my Mum in good health, I consoled the
    queens who were surprise to see me
    they didn’t expect me to come or they
    I don’t want to come. After that I went to meet the other chiefs to
    have some words with them, the palace was
    looking pure, fresh and cool with no dark
    energy around it again.
    We spent less than an hour there before we
    took our leave, I was about to enter into the bus we came with when a maid started
    my name, I looked at her and gave her a
    questioning gaze. She pulled me to one corner
    and said she saw what happened that day,
    she started to explain but what she didn’t know was how I escaped.
    I looked at her with a smile and cooked up
    some lies for her, I gave her some change
    discharge her before joining my guys. They
    noticed something unusual about me as I approached them, but I told them to go back
    to the hotel that I have something to discuss
    with Mum which they oblige.
    Mum came back after like 2hrs, I was taking
    a nap when she came, she woke me up and I
    wasted no time in sitting her down. I explained everything to her omitting the
    gruesome killing of the King and elder, she
    was very angry but all the same she thanked
    God for keeping me alive.
    She prepared something for me to eat. I
    wasn’t really hungry but I ate it like tomorrow won’t come, it’s been a while
    I taste homemade food.
    I was about to sleep at night when I made a
    statement that threw Mum into confusion…”In
    days to come, things might never be the same
    again” I said…
    We left the village 2days later, taking my Mum along to save her the stress of waiting at the garage for public transport.
    When we got home, we decided to branch at the family house before going home. Lucky and Joy were so happy to see us, and hastily prepared something for us to eat.
    Sharon and Joy went inside to discuss as usual and I noticed Sharon’s gloomy look when they were going. I was just thanking my stars, because Mum was so tired to notice it or I would have received some scolding from her. At this junction, I was really confused on what to do about Sharon, ever since Alicia came into our lives, things has never been the same though we were never into any relationship.
    I asked Lucky about his school processing, and he told me that he has gained admission into the University of Ibadan. The joy in me knew no bound because that’s what I’ve always dreamt of, for my siblings to go to standard university.
    A thought came into my mind as we were chatting, which engineered me to take Lucky to an empty room just to have a private discussion with him;
    ME: What preparation have you made?
    LUCKY: I’ve made some necessary preparations, all that’s left is for the school to resume so I can finish the remaining procedures
    ME: That’s good… I don’t know how you guys are using the money I dropped, but I will give you something special for your school. Do you have a bank account?
    LUCKY: Why do you asked bros?
    ME: Nothing really, just answer my question
    LUCKY: Yes, I opened one about 2months ago
    ME: That’s good
    LUCKY: (Suspiciously) Hope everything is alright?
    ME: (Fake a smile) Yes, perfectly alright.
    We went back inside to continue the fun with the guys, by that time Sharon and Joy has already gotten back to the sitting room. Sharon has cheered up and I was happy to see her do so, I couldn’t accept the fact that she’s not happy because of me, it just didn’t feel right.
    We left the family house around 4PM. Before leaving, I collected Lucky’s account number, and on our way home we branched at a supermarket to buy some things before heading straight home. We got home; freshen up, before I and Sharon stayed back while Great-Khali and Parcy decided to hit the club.
    Alicia called to know if we’re already home and I told her ‘Yes’, after which we chatted for a while on phone before she hung up.
    I rested my head on the chair as I remembered what transpired between me and Joy before we left…
    JOY: Senior bros you’re annoying me, do you know that?
    ME: No, perhaps you can tell me what I did wrong
    JOY: (Soberly) what did Sharon did wrong?
    ME: What do you mean?
    JOY: Why can’t you just give her a chance uh?
    ME: Uhm (sighed deeply)
    JOY: She told me everything that happened on your tour or what should I call it, yes she has a past, a dirty one at that but you should give her a chance and don’t see her as a cheap s--t
    ME: (Withdrawn) You’re still young for this, you can’t understand
    JOY: (With seriousness) Do you know what you’re saying, I may be young but what’s here is not (touching her head).
    ME: (Jokingly) I never knew my kid sister is now grown up, happy to hear that
    JOY: I’m not joking, she loves you, and don’t you see that? Perhaps you’ve tasted her and you think you can just dump her… Bros its unfair and I know you won’t take that from anyone that tried it on me (she shouted and walked out on me, leaving me surprised)
    I looked so confused, a god is supposed to be happy forever but am not at the moment, I struggled with my thinking ability but I can’t seem to find a solution to this puzzle that lays in front of me.
    Sharon took a seat beside me on the couch, she gently lay her head on my shoulder and remain silent, I glanced at her face and only one thing came to my mind…”AM BEING UNFAIR”
    We stayed still for awhile, life seems to come to a halt for the both of us as we were lost in the moment, both of us with different thoughts on our heads, both of us with our worries and confusions. I glanced at the wall clock and it reads 6:12PM, I gently tapped Sharon that it’s time to start cooking something before the guys arrive.
    She stood up and head to the kitchen while I followed suit, she gave me the “what are you doing” look when she saw me coming behind her;
    ME: (Smiling) I don’t want you to be lonely in the kitchen. (I fatefully muttered)
    She smiled at me before proceeding with cooking.
    In a jiffy, the food was ready. We left the kitchen and settled down in front of the TV to play some animation game.
    We were totally engaged with the game-set as Sharon found it interesting, it got us laughing at the top of our voice when the guys came in at exactly 7:38PM.
    They looked wasted with each of them holding a bae (those olosho), I knew they need the shawama badly which prompted them bringing those girls in that late. I was invisibly angry with that but I kept my cool because I knew they got right to do anything that pleases them. They freshened up and took some rounds before coming out to join me and Sharon. Sharon dished out the food for all and we ate happily.
    After eating I retired to my room and picked up my phone to do some transactions.
    I checked my bank account balance and was satisfied with what I saw. I confidentially made a transfer of almost everything I had in it to Lucky’s account, leaving only few hundreds of thousands. After am done with that, I threw the phone on the bed as my mind drifted off to our next mission.


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    (season 2)
    EPISODE 16

    deputy governor has 2 houses here in Lagos
    and five others in different states, he has two
    wives who stays with him plus many
    girlfriends, each wife gave birth to 3 children
    making his children 6, the sixth of them is
    currently out of the country. ME: Security
    tightness? GREAT-KHALI: He has a very tight
    security, even the president of Nigeria is
    competing with him when you talk about
    security PARCY: (Smirked) he’s handwork is
    evil then, why wouldn’t he have a tight
    security? ME: Let’s know what we’re dealing
    with. GREAT-KHALI: At his main house where
    he sleeps with his wives, he has a total of 30
    armed men, men with tough military training.
    There are 5 outside the building, 15 inside the
    compound while the reaming 10 are inside his
    main cottage, so it’ll be a very tough mission
    for someone to penetrate and get to him. I
    also confirmed that the man is spiritually
    fortified. PARCY: That’s for an ordinary person
    SHARON: So what’s the plan? ME: We strike
    during lunch time, no matter how tough a
    man can be, you’ll always eat something to
    retain the strength PARCY: Na true talk ME:
    We take them off guard, we strike straight, no
    foreplay because the more we waste time the
    more the risk of being napped GREAT-KHALI:
    We’re going fully armed this time around, we
    may be needing some explosive, remember
    we’re dealing with a top citizen ME: Yeah, we
    don’t know what might happen PARCY/
    SHARON: Why are you talking like this? ME:
    Like how? SHARON: Like something bad will
    happen? ME: Nothing bad will happen, it’s
    just a precaution measure… I wasn’t even
    sure of the statement I made, with all the
    nightmares and bad signs I’ve been noticing
    all this while, I still believes nothing bad will
    OPERATION DAY * We prepared physically
    and spiritually, ready to face anybody that
    comes our way. We all assembled in the
    sitting room to have a last briefing before
    embarking on our operation, I reminded them
    of the danger that comes if we kill any
    innocent soul and they all promise to apply
    discretion in throwing bullets from their
    criers. Parcy carried the two bags on the
    table, it contains our cries and explosives. We
    headed out to our waiting bus. Hmmm, I
    suggested we take the bus because I imagined
    the kind of damage that will happen to both
    side (we and military), and they all agreed.
    Great-Khali got behind the wheel and we took
    the passenger’s seat and off we went.
    We got there just when the five guards
    outside are about to change position with
    another five from inside, so that they’ll go for
    lunch giving us a total of 10men outside.
    Great-Khali drove roughly to their midst and
    before they could react, Parcy and Sharon has
    already sent bully flying at them, taking each
    man down with at least 2bullets in the skull
    or chest. The sound of the bullets might have
    alerted those inside as I started hearing shouts
    from within. Someone barking orders at the
    rest in a commanding tone, I signaled to my
    team to wait that I’ll go first. It’s time again to
    test if bullet wouldn’t penetrate our immortal
    body. I silently prayed to the mother goddess
    not to forsake us at this point. I opened the
    gate and step inside to the waiting hands of
    bullets, many groundnuts (bullets) hit me but
    I felt nothing, I removed my hands from my
    pockets, bringing out two pistols which I used
    in sending two men down on a go, each man
    with a bullet in the skull, my goons followed
    behind and they waste no time in sending
    corpse lying on the floor, releasing different
    hits on skull, limps, chest, eyes, and g---n.
    We walked towards the door where I turned
    the door knob but the door refused to give
    way, “playing smart” I thought; ME:
    (Laughing) they want to test our ability
    PARCY: Make we show dem watin we get, my
    blood dey boil like-this like-this. We met
    ourselves in the lavish sitting room; the
    security men were so shocked to see us. I
    could see fear in their eyes but that doesn’t
    deter them from pulling the trigger and that
    also doesn’t deter us too from turning them to
    corpse. I scanned the whole sitting room for
    the Deputy Governor, but couldn’t find him, I
    guess he has cowered inside his room. I
    located his room in no time, to see the foolish
    man banging one of his numerous sluts while
    his guards were outside dyeing, I was so
    angry that I wasted no time in sending bullets
    to the girl’s head, he looked back to see who
    did it and he was shocked to see me standing
    there with a devilish smile on my face. I
    dragged him naked to the sitting room, where
    he met five men on their knees with their
    heads down. I told him to kneel down as well
    which he did without hesitation, leaving me
    with no other option than to smile as I took
    my seat; ME: (Looking at the guards) raise
    your head, (they did) look at who you call
    your boss, he was having sex while you’re
    here sacrificing your lives for him, you fools;
    PARCY: Dem be ode, common sense dem nor
    get ME: So, Mr. D.G, the sex addict old fool,
    what do you think we are here for? D.G: What
    do you want, please tell me? PARCY:
    (Anointed him with a slap) you dey craze, you
    no dey fear, Na my boss you dey talk to like
    that? SHARON: Whenever you’re talking, you
    talk with your head down, grab that? D.G: Am
    sorry sir ma
    ME: Sir Ma your head…. You owe
    MR. Raymond 100 of millions, Yes or No? D.G:
    Yes sir ME: Why haven’t you paid him? D.G:
    Erm Erm…
    Parcy gave him another deafening slap that I wonder if the man will be able to hear anything again, the boy like slapping so much and I had to halt him when he was about to give him another one;
    ME: I hope you still have the man’s account number?
    D.G: Ah, no sir (crying), I deleted it
    GREAT-KHALI: Wow! That’s good and I hope it’s not a bad thing for us to delete you also?
    PARCY: See as the Rod when he take dey butcher fresh sharwama bend like plantain (hiting his manhood with gun)


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    (season 2)

    D.G: Please sir, don’t do that please, I still have his number
    ME: Ok, (tossing his phone to him) now call him to send his account details.
    He did as told and the man happily sends the account details, I was thinking of what to do to him after he makes the transfer. I knew he’s powerful enough to deal with Raymond even after paying the money back;
    ME: Now transfer his money to him. (He did hastily)
    PARCY: It’s time to go, but before we do I’ll like to give you a parting gift…
    Saying that, he killed all the security guards and pointed his gun to the head of the D.Governor;
    D.G: Please don’t kill me
    ME: Well, I would have let you live, if not that you’re a dangerous man, I know what you’re capable of, but I can still_____…*POOOOOO*
    I was cut short by the sound of a gun, I looked at my front to see the D.G in the pool of his own blood, a bullet imprinted in the center of his forehead, I traced where the shot came from and my eyes fell on Sharon.
    Her face has turned red with the smell of anger, what she’s angry at is yet to be known. The color of her iris has changed to total darkness, I was afraid inside me because I’ve never seen her that way but I hid it from the others.
    I signaled to them and we walked out of the house almost immediately, Great-Khali took his position behind the wheel, started the ignition and off we went.
    Three minutes into our journey, police vans and cars started coming out from nowhere, I was marveled at how fast they were. I told Great-Khali to press the pedal harder; I don’t want to go into battle with them yet. I glanced at Sharon and she has this devilish/knowingly smile on her face, before I could say “Calm down” she opened fire on the police.
    Seeing this, Parcy and myself have no option that to follow suit as we started raining bullets on the cops, I was lucky to hit the driver of the one behind us in the chest and he lost control of the wheel sending the car crashing, with the one coming behind them and they both exploded.
    I thought it has finished but I was wrong when I saw more police vans coming through the fire, “we’re in for a long thing” I said out loud.
    Sharon looked excited by the whole thing as she kept on releasing alongside Parcy who was just shouting pratatatatata. It’s been a while since he last shoot like this and he took his time to enjoy what he knows how to do most, though I was shooting, at the same time I was praying that we should escape it, my prayer was countered when a bullet hits the tyre of our bus.
    Great-Khali struggled with the wheel but he couldn’t do much as we left the road and crashed into a bush. The bus tumbled almost four times before stopping. We didn’t sustain any injury as we all struggled out, the police has already surrounded us and our criers has been knocked out of our hands.
    Lion squad stood in a circle mode, turning their backs on each other, looking helpless as they were surrounded with tons of cops ready to take them down by all means.
    I looked at my front to see who led them and I was so surprise to see cynthia’s boyfriend…
    “You” I said as he laughed, he was about to say something when I heard a gunshot, I look forward only to see the guy down with a bullet in his skull, guess who shot him… ITS SHARON AGAIN!
    How she got hold of a gun I can’t say because the last time I checked, all our guns has already been knocked out. Well the deed was done; all that’s left is to pay for the prize. A policeman fired at Sharon but I was quick enough to intrude it with my chest, the bullet hits me and it penetrates.
    I felt my life slowly sipping away as I remembered the face of the dead person in the boiling blood stream, it was myself I saw in the dream. I couldn’t help but let a small tear fall from my eyes, I could hear the crying sound and pleading of Sharon, I struggled to stay awake but it was just for few seconds as I lost consciousness.
    I woke up few days later to find myself at the hospital, my left hand cuffed to the bed with four police men standing guard, I knew my family would have heard what happened and I don’t know how I’m gonna face them, my Mum will be so heartbroken that I prayed nothing bad should happen to her.
    I was discharged after I recovered and I met with my goons, they were unharmed, Sharon kept seeking for my forgiveness about all that happened, she explained how she felt possessed by a dark energy which she didn’t know where it came from, I knew at once that I was the cause of everything, I was lost in love.
    Mum came to visit me at the police custody, she has turned to a shadow of herself, and I seek for her forgiveness as I told her everything from beginning to the end. She forgave me but with a very heavy heart. She also forgives the others too and prayed for us with the hope of leaving there someday.
    The government charged us to court with the case of murder and robbery; we didn’t bother to hire a lawyer since it’s obvious that he/she would never win the case. After much talk and deliberations from
    the government lawyers, the judge finally passed his judgment;
    JUDGE: After much deliberation from the lawyers it shows that you’re guilty of the charges laid against you, this is my judgment, you Mr. Anini and the rest of your gang are hereby sentence to life imprisonment.
    Eli and the rest were given freedom after much pleas and protest from those that have benefited in their fight for justice one way or the other, especially Mr. Raymond. He made sure the government find a job for them in the force. Finally they were lucky to be taken and they still retain their title *LION SQUAD*, boldly written on the van they use
    Parcy rested his back on the Range Rover 2027, as he pressed his phone with his right hand and an AK47 hanging loosely on the second hand, Great-Khali on his left side, Sharon on the right side while Eli stood at the center of the tarred road with an AK47 hanging on his shoulder, ready to shoot.
    Their mission there is to stop a robbery attempt; they waited patiently as they could hear the sound of a car approaching…
    ELI: Here they come guys
    SHARON: Time for the gods again.
    GREAT-KHALI: What did you say????
    PARCY: Let’s burst some bubble!!



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    God bless 🙏

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    interesting av been for dis stori sotey

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