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    Episode 3&4

    You have been trending in the staff room,
    teachers have been saying different negative
    things about you and i can also testify to that
    cause from the starting of this week you have
    been serving punishment miss anita said as i
    got to her office’ and its not a good record for
    a new student like you, it can affect your
    certificate , do you want that ‘she asked’ no
    ma ‘i replied’ then you have to be a good boy’
    she continued’ obey your seniors, do whatever
    you are asked to do okay’
    yes ma ‘ i replied’ . ‘That was how miss anita
    and i became friends or should i say friends
    with benefit, she gives me gift, money and
    sometimes food’.

    ‘on this faithful day i sat in miss anita’s office
    gawking at her partly exposed Bosom and
    thighs, she made no effort to cover it as she
    was busy with her work. I raised my head and
    saw miss anita giving me the i-know what-
    you-were-doing smile, Dan go to your class,
    the break is over’ she said’ as i got up my
    Joystick sprang up and my hardon was very
    much visible, what!! ‘Screamed miss anita
    when she saw the tent my Joystick has
    created in my trouser’ are you going to the
    class with that’ she said as i made an effort to
    cover it, she kept looking at it as i stood there
    like a statue, the S#xual tension between us
    was obvious , i noticed a tiny drop of water
    dripping down from the chair miss anita sat
    on , miss anita has wet the chair with her
    Kittycat juice.
    ‘I dont know where the guts came from as i
    moved towards her and grabbed her Bosom
    and was fondling them, put my hand in my
    skirt and touched her Kittycat it was a
    slippery, i shifted her pants and inserted my
    F**K-YOU finger and was finger-Bleeping her,
    her mouth was wide open but no sound came
    out, i finger-F***ed her for a few minute and
    brought out my finger, she collected it and
    licked her Kittycat juice off my finger i was
    about to start another round of finger-
    Bleeping when we heard footsteps
    approaching, i sprang up with the speed of
    light and my Joystick that was hard deflated
    immediately and became calm as the waters
    ‘that was when i realize that tension is the
    only thing capable of deflating a hard-
    Joystick in a second. I looked at miss anita
    and she was well seated and her rumpled
    dress have been straightened.
    ‘I got to class but was finding it hard to
    concentrate, memories of what happened in
    miss anita’s office few hours ago kept
    refreshing in my brain. ‘The school closed
    early and that was when i remembered it was
    a friday so the school tend to close early. I
    went to miss anita’s office and met her office
    locked ,was very sad miss anita has gone
    home. I left the school and made up my mind
    to visit miss anita tommorrow and probably
    spent the weekend with her.
    ‘Saturday finally came after a long night of
    fantasy about miss anita’ i got dressed and
    took an excuse from my parents that am
    spending the weekend with my cousin who
    just finished his youth service and was staying
    alone, i have already planned everything out
    with him so i got my tracks covered.

    Episode 4

    ‘I got to miss anita’s house at 9:15am, i have
    been there before so it was easy for me
    locating her house. It was a one room self
    contain apartment with a kitchen,bathroom
    and toilet. The single room serves as a
    bedroom and also the sitting room with two
    small couchen chairs, a mattress and a make
    up table at the far end of the room though the
    room is big enough and there was still a lot of
    space left.

    ‘I knocked on her door and got no response, i
    knocked again ‘who is there’ a voice which i
    know belongs to miss anita asked from inside.
    But i said nothing cause it was a suprise visit,
    she needs to find out herself so i knocked
    again and the door was flung open’ miss
    anita stood at the doorway putting on a
    nightrobe she was suprised as she threw
    herself on me, i placed my palms under her
    Buttocks for her to sit on ‘lo and behold she
    wasnt putting any panty i got an instant hard-
    on. Am very suprised to see you Dan ‘she
    said’ while still on my body and her Buttocks
    was sitting on ma palms, i stepped in with her
    as she locked the door and bolted it, my
    Joystick was rock hard, i got inside the room
    with her and she wasted no time in taking my
    tongue in hers, the kiss was hot i thought she
    wanted to eat my lips, i dropped her and
    grabbed her Buttocks immediately and was
    spreading her Buttocks open revealing her
    a-----e, i grabbed and was squeezing her
    Buttocks with the intent of bursting them, she
    moaned and moved her hand to my hard
    Joystick and was squeezing it, i freed her
    Buttocks and brought my hand to her already
    wet Kittycat, i rubbed her Kittycat and c--t,
    inserted my F**K-YOU finger in her Kittycat,
    she gasped and threw her head backwards
    moaning out loud as i was finger-Bleeping her
    Kittycat, i brought out my hand, gave her to
    lick and her juice gushed down to the floor
    and some flowing down her legs, i bent down
    and buried my mouth in her Kittycat and was
    lapping away her juice from her honeypot, the
    pleasure was too much for her as she started
    screaming, i s----d her c--t and tongue-F***ed
    her after few minutes of tongue-Bleeping she
    splashed fresh Kittycat juice from her Kittycat
    to my face and mouth, i wasted no time as i
    s----d her clean.
    ‘I got up and was fondling her Bosom,
    caressing them, held the two Bosom and was
    rubbing them against each other, i put my
    mouth on them and was s-----g her Bosom,
    biting her Tips. She got a lot of o----m.
    ‘Dan please F**K me she said’ i wasted no
    time as i unleashed the dragon that was now
    rock hard, i took her to a small couch
    removed her nightrobe and positioned her in a
    doggy, i opened her pussylips, spread it open
    and plunged into her Kittycat and a scream
    escaped her mouth, i began to t----t slowly
    and increased my pace and it became fast, i
    held down her waist and pounded into her
    Kittycat as she kept moaning and was
    responded to my every t----t, she climaxed
    three times during the 30mins i F***ed her
    and i feel my c----x approaching, she must
    have noticed too as she withdrew herself from
    my hold and brought her mouth to my
    Joystick and i deposited my Pour in her
    mouth and my Joystick lost its rigidity, she
    held my Joystick and gave me Mouthaction
    but my Joystick was too huge for her to s--k
    so she licked my Joystick cap and my balls
    few minutes my Joystick became hard and she
    told me to lie on the bed and she lowered her
    glistening Kittycat on my Joystick, i fondled
    with her Bosom, held her waist as rode herself
    to o----m.
    To Be Continued…

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    Baba oooo

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