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    I am nineteen. And yet to F**K a girl. Yea,you
    can begin screaming ‘WTF!’ all youwant. Well,
    that wouldn’t change a thing.Or would it?
    Let’s get back to the real storynow again,
    shall we? Fine. So…I startedseeing X-rated at
    the age of thirteen. I was inHigh school then
    and always asked myfriends for their dirty
    magazines. I lovedwomen (…and still do of
    course. Wonderhow I shouldn’t when I ain’t
    gay) and wasalways attracted to more
    matured ones(MILFs mostly). Even though I
    craved to fuckone day, I always never had the
    courage toapproach any girl who was within
    my agebracket to ask her out. This meant I
    wouldcontinue with endless fantasies (…
    likeGenevieve Nnaji giving me a boob job.
    Howsilly though!), X-rated and m----------n.
    Bynineteen, I had developed what
    wasbecoming one of the largest d---s
    forsomeone my age. My friends had
    alwaystalked about how large it was and
    evennever minded telling their girl friends. I
    wasnever bothered too as I only found
    itpleasing and largely a source of man
    pride.They claimed the pecker had only
    gottenthat big because I started Bleeping girls
    froma very tender age. I knew better but I
    nevertold them how wrong they were (they
    wereduns after all). Whenever we talked
    aboutsex, my experiences with X-rated
    alwayslooked to substitute for me and over
    time,most of them began asking me for a
    coupletips on how they could please their
    girls. Itwas quite hilarious! (…and you can see
    whyI called them d*ns. Haha)The closest I had
    gotten to having s*x waswith a visiting sister
    to a neighbor. As aresult of my area of
    training I somehowbecame of help to the
    neighbor in question.He always gave me little
    tasks to carry outon his behalf of which he
    pays me for. I hadjust gotten into my third
    year in theuniversity and I had a fair idea of
    what healways gave me to do. It was on one
    of suchassignments that I got to meet Mary
    (now,not the mother of that guy who died on
    thecross. This one is quite not as innocent)
    .She was far older than myself. At least
    shewas fifteen or seventeen years ahead,
    andmarried. I had gone to my neighbor’s
    placeto carry out one of the usual tasks
    wholeaves me with only to meet her at
    home.After introducing myself, she allowed me
    inand soon we became friends and gottalking.
    Our conversation was so vast thatwe soon
    began talking about theconsequences of
    having lots of weight ashuman. It propped up
    an argument as towhich, men preferred most.
    The fat or theslim. I said it was the later of
    which she didnot totally agree to and I knew
    why. Shewas a bit plump but was
    nonethelessmarried although without kids. She
    triedpresenting all her argue-facts and in
    theattempt asked me if I knew what it was
    likehaving a woman with lots of flesh in bed.
    Ianswered like I had tried both of the twosides
    before but that could not convinceher.
    Subsequently, she raised her flowingskirt
    almost entirely up to her waist,revealing her
    fleshy thighs. While she didso, she held onto
    one of the thighs andasked me if I knew what
    that succulentthigh meant to most men. She
    triedemphasizing it by grabbing onto the
    fleshthere and bringing herself closer to where
    Isat. All along I was smiling but not arousedin
    anyway. And I still assume she wasequally not
    aroused in any way what soever. However,
    after she got as close as shecould manage,
    she urged me to feel theflesh. Her skirt was
    still held to her hip byone hand while the
    other grabbed theunderneath of the thigh in
    question. Weboth were still joking and arguing
    about itat the same time. I still had intentions
    ofcontinuing with the task for which I
    visitedand all I planned to do was settle
    theargument and return to the work. When
    sherepeated the request, I laughed and toldher
    she had too much flesh and how I didn’tfancy
    it. To this, she further asked me tofeel her
    thighs and that I never knewanything about
    plump women. I respondedby placing a hand
    on it, telling her it madeno difference on what
    I felt and removed myhand. She rejected my
    attempt and insistedI would do so again. She
    even said I wouldhave to try to grab the thigh
    with bothhands. I laughed and said it was
    notnecessary. She made a face and said
    shenever liked what I was doing. In response,
    Isuccumbed and made to grab her laps
    assuggested. However, mistakenly, as I didso,
    I unintentionally dipped my right
    fingersthrough the cut of her panties
    therebyfinding her crotch (and how I liked
    themiracle!). She was partly damp there
    whichI felt was from sweat. But equally full
    ofcurly hair. My other hand had held onto
    theother side of her laps and was
    alreadymaking a move to lift the enormous
    thing.But with the right one right inside
    herpanties, everything paused. She did
    notutter a word and even when I said I
    wassorry and tried taking my hand away,
    sheshut up her thighs and caught my hands
    inbetween both legs. I remained stuck.
    Shepulled me towards her and that brought
    myhands straight to her wet Kittycat opening.
    Ionly made little additional effort and
    twofinger found their way into her
    yearningpussy! Unfortunately for her, we were
    onlyabout to get anything going when
    wesuddenly heard a knock on the door.
    Thiswas followed by her sister’s return. We
    hadbeen alone all along. My
    subsequentattempt to get this completed
    wascompletely futile as I was told she left
    thenext day. Poor Danny! Really poor, Danny!!
    Now I only use that for my fantasies. Ialways
    imagine myself completing theprocess.
    Locating her Kittycat with the samefingers,
    fingering them and getting to pulloff her
    panties. This would be followed byeither my
    s-----g of her Kittycat; which I seeas my most
    coveted desires; or giving heran instant F**K.
    Nonetheless, all this willkeep being fantasies
    and nothing more.Well, that was about my
    closest attemptand as you can see, if failed
    woefully. Nowcan we talk about more
    important issues oflife? Good.I am the only
    son. And in a family of twoissues, it simply
    means I have just onesister.
    To Be Continued….

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    Episode 2

    Your daft head can’t just be tellingyou
    otherwise! Cannot remember the lasttime
    anyone had a transsexual for a sibling.At
    least not in Nigeria. That aside anyway.So…as
    I said, the other of my sibling is agirl. A very
    pretty girl to say the least.Unfortunately for
    everyone, this pretty girlhardly stays home.
    She just graduated fromthe university and got
    enlisted with aRunway outfit (for those of you
    who havelooked up these last two words
    endlesslywithout having a clue of what it
    means;simply think of a super slim girl, on a
    superslim outfit, cat walking down a ‘super
    slim’alley. That should do). She has
    alwayswanted to be a model and how I was
    sureshe fits in. She has a body to die for. As
    forme, I will be getting out of school as a
    freshgraduate by the end of the current
    calendaryear. I am studying Physics in school.
    Thesame course dad studied. Well…I am
    stillsome way from being what he has
    becomein this field. In fact, he is currently a
    visitingprofessor at Nottingham Trent
    University inthe united Kingdom and has been
    made amember of many professional bodies.
    Thiswas good for the family but I seriously
    misshis parenting although am
    aintcomplaining. I had not chosen the
    coursebecause of him or his success like it is
    thecase with most Nigerian teenagers
    (Dadsells used bottles, so I wana be a
    bottledealer. Pheew!!). I love physics and
    hadlong developed a big interest in it. Now
    Iwill soon be getting out of school with
    adegree in it. And trust me, I have
    neversorted. At least not yet.Now over to
    Mum. She is just great. Ihaven’t said yours
    aint equally great. ButI’m like; mine is just
    great!! She is currentlythe caretaker dad if you
    get what mean.She works with a Finance
    Solutionscompany. Studied Banking in a
    school inthe U.S back in the days and
    hasmaintained almost a single job line for
    overtwo decades now. Her coming from
    awealthy family meant that she wouldvirtually
    achieve all she ever aspired forexcept for
    having another male kid. That,she could not
    get. Too bad. But I know I doserve up in the
    absence of two. Like I said, Iaint asking for
    the assist of a transsexualyet. She has been a
    wonderful mother andhardly complains about
    my dad’sreoccurring absence. Most times,
    when itappeared like she was going to feel
    hisabsence, she would look for her
    femalefriends to spend time with. I pitied her
    atsuch times. I was not getting enough
    Kittycat;yea, true. But everyone knows for sure
    thatthe case of someone who has gotten
    soused to Bleeping every day really
    lookslargely different. Now do not ask me how
    Iknew they always had it every day when
    hewas in. Wonder how many times you
    wouldrather have it if you were dad or
    mum.Spend the next half-hour finding
    ananswer.Mum has a sister. Annarose by
    name. Andjust like yourself, I have spent most
    part ofmy miserable life thinking of what
    meaningthe name possibly had. yet, just
    likeyourself too, I haven’t figured out. I
    havenever come to understand what
    reasonsgrandpa and grandma had for giving
    hersuch a name. Those were meant to be
    twodifferent name. Type the names on MS
    wordand you would know how
    different.Unfortunately for me, she still bears
    thename and she is by far, my most
    favouriteaunt from both dad and mum’s sides.
    She isjust sassy! A closest definition of a bag
    offun even though she is currently in herearly
    thirties. She has never lost thatimpertinence
    we have known her for andeach time she
    visited, I never got tired ofher. She only just
    recently got married toUncle Dee Dee; another
    character of a guyand they stay in Abuja. This
    has meant thatI only get to meet her fewer
    times a year.However, Dee Dee currently
    completed abusiness trip to France which
    meantAnnarose came close to suffering
    mum’skinda predicament. What gladdened
    myheart though, was that, she made up
    hermind to stay with us until her
    husbandmade it back. Each time I remember
    this, Iget so electrified!It is a pity I have been
    telling you this storywithout saying what day
    it is. Well, I amkinda sorry about that. Today
    is a Mondayhere. Do not know what date it is
    as youread this story but, just try to think
    today isa Monday. And yea, I also have not
    said whoI am. Well, I said a little about myself
    backthere but, let me kinda say more. I
    amDaniel by name. I don’t think my surname
    isthat important. I don’t think. So I amDaniel.
    You should call me Danny though.Just a way
    of being benevolent and savingyou the trauma
    of stressfully calling out thereal thing
    continuously. Guess you usuallyend up very
    aggravated whenever you optfor the later.
    (Smiles). Well, I have justmade up so feel
    better. That said. So…I aman undergraduate of
    Physics from theUniversity of Nigeria. I am Ibo
    although mymum is an Efik. I am tall. Just a
    little shy ofsix feet. Handsome. Good-looking.
    AlthoughI don’t know how these two are
    different.Rather athletic. Cannot remember the
    lasttime I jogged around my dad’s parking
    lotthough, so I assume the fitness is more
    likehereditary than developed. I am
    lightskinned but not fully fair. So kinda in a
    fixon that one. I don’t have a girl. Now,
    don’task me why. Just flow with the story.
    Afterall, that is why you are reading it. You
    canmake the first move, if you are a
    girlthough. That aside. Thank you. I
    assumethat says it all for me. Or, am I
    forgettingsomething? Oh! Okay, Just
    remembered; myfavourite colour is torques
    blue. How absurdanyway. But that’s that. I
    also prefer girlsthat are older than myself.
    Most especiallywhen they are in their late
    twenties orthirties. Well, if you just stopped
    loving mebecause of this last one, you can
    move one.Have never complained about
    beingdisliked. No hard feelings.Having defined
    myself for you, guess wecan now return to the
    story. I know all thosewere still part of the
    story but I mean let’sreturn to the real story.
    Yea, the real story.It all began exactly two
    weeks ago.
    To Be Continued….

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    Episode 3

    A Monday. Therefore exactly a week
    today.Mum had told me that Annarose was
    goingto visit us. And she was coming
    thefollowing day, Tuesday. She was to
    spendnot less than three weeks with us and
    howpleasant that looked from the start. I
    knowthat the more reason why I was
    happyabout the coming of Anna is that fact
    thatshe is my favourite but I must still
    confessthat before then, I had gradually
    startedhaving certain inexplicable feelings for
    her.I have not said I was interested in
    fuckingher (guess, your very corrupt thoughts
    hadalready said so to you) but I cannot
    denythat I was not increasingly finding her
    veryattractive. She is a very similar type
    ofwoman to my mum. Far from large in
    sizebut with this body that just
    appearssufficient in places you would want
    andexpect. She usually wears braids that
    arenormally bold on her face. Her neck
    isslender, even and tall, and meets her
    nicelystreamlined shoulder blades just at
    themiddle of the frame. Her arms are
    slendertoo and smoothly round all the way to
    herelbow. You wouldn’t find lots of flesh
    therethough. Her Bosom are just
    simplyindispensible! They look so so so round
    andcurvy that I most times usually fail
    toexplain just how they are connected to
    herchest judging from the fact that
    theyendlessly seem like they are both
    standingon their own accords. Her Tips are
    thenozzles to the two balls and appear
    evererect! She is just breathtaking up
    there.However, her hip and her Buttocks are
    just themain reasons for my existence! They
    areabsolute show-stoppers! She has a hip to
    beenslaved for! The two ends must bevirtually
    a mile apart if measured but lookfar from
    disproportionate to her entire bodysize. When
    she walks, it takes a calendaryear for her
    entire back side to complete afull swing to and
    fro. Mehn! Now that is justwhere the problem
    is. Her Buttocks! I don’t knowhow much of X-
    rated you watch but I haveseen; on very few
    occasions though; assesthat appear rather
    closer to the bearer’supper hip than to her
    thighs. Annarose’sass just looks like that.
    Simply hanging onnothing while equally so
    pointed to the rearand boldly round! She just
    was a directroute to sin! Mum had told me
    that UncleDee Dee only dated her for a month
    and gotsettled with her. Wonder who wouldn’t
    dothat with an Buttocks like that! Well, mum
    lookedquite similar if not for the Buttocks and
    I guessyou now understand why she is
    increasinglybecoming attractive to me in spite
    of thefact that she is an aunt. I am an
    Buttocks man!And there is little I can do
    about it.It suddenly became Tuesday. Sorry
    Ihaven’t narrated to you how I spent
    theremainder of Monday. I am too busy to.
    Butjust know that I had a pretty decent
    nightrest. I didn’t think of Aunt
    Annarosethough. I just didn’t do any foolish
    thinglike that. I just prayed to God and
    slept.And yea, I go to church dumbass! So
    herewe are now on Tuesday. We spent the
    firsteleven hours of the new day in
    preparationfor Anna. Mum had called to ask
    her if shewished to be picked from the Akanu
    Ibiaminternational airport but she said no.
    Sheclaimed to have made her plan so we had
    tokeep waiting. I wanted to wait all shewished
    but…well, not like wait withoutdoing anything.
    So I got busy. I resumedgaming! I had just
    won the UEFA Super Cupwith Levante on
    Football Manager Soccersimulator that
    morning (how impossible itwill be in real life
    situation though. But youjust had the name:
    Soccer Simulator!). NowI was up for the next
    challenge. However, itwas while I had
    embroiled myself again inthis that we heard a
    knock on the door.Well, it was just me who
    heard. Mum wasindoors, so I walked to the
    door to open itand alas! there she was! Aunt
    Annarose inall her elegance and radiance. She
    wassimply gorgeous that very morning!!
    Shewas wearing an elastic looking carton-
    browngown with a beaded neck. It was very
    lowcut and did little to conceal her very
    largeboobs. I saw myself tracing the inner
    sidesdown to the area around the undersides.
    Ihad an instant hard on!”Come here Little D!”,
    she called out as Iyelled my excitement. That
    is what she callsme. Now if your dumb head
    cannot still getwhy; her husband is Dee while I
    am D(anny). Guess you through? Cool. So,
    Ilaughed and embrace her when she did!And
    she pulled me firmly into her bosomcausing
    my entire chest to press into hervoluptuously
    looking soft Bosom! I remainedthere for what
    seemed like decades as shekept asking me
    about myself. Now, I cannotsay if I was the
    one who never wanted toget off the soft
    balloons or if she was justkeeping the
    embrace longer than normal.Because I recall
    it was not until mum walkedinto the living
    room that we had a reason tobreak the
    embrace! She must have heardAnna’s
    laughter.”Here she is!”, she started. Excitement
    allover her eyes. “You made us wait so
    long””Hahahaha. As though we would be
    goingfor a function together this morning?.
    Goodmorning Paula. You didn’t go to the
    officetoday?”. I had just collected her bags
    fromher but I still noticed she had her left
    handon my right buttocks as I made to go
    dropthe bags. It wasn’t a grab; just a
    slighttouch. Think straight man!”No. Have
    some days off. How was yourtrip?”, mum
    started again”Was fine. I left home late””Who
    drove you to this place from
    theairport?””Obinna”. (He is Dee Dee’s younger
    brother,don’t forget that). “I was aware he is
    inEnugu so I asked him to come pick me.
    Justa way of seeing him again after a
    longwhile”. I was heading to the
    guestroomnow, so barely heard what they
    weretalking about. While I walked, I
    searchedher bags. Cannot really explain what
    it was Iwas searching for but I remember
    seeingthe shocker of my life while doing so.
    Justinside the smaller inner pocket of the
    mainhandbag, I found a pink electric vibrator!
    Ifyou watch X-rated as much as myself,
    youshould know that there are vibrators
    thatlook a lot like dildos. Well, that was
    exactlythe kind I found in there. I was just
    tooscared to feel the thoroughly ribbed toy.
    Ionly examined it right from inside the bagand
    then set her things aside after that.But, the
    images of the bead-like designsthat formed
    the mid section of the toy wasnever going to
    leave my head. I nonethelessjoined the others
    in the living room.
    To Be Continued….

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    nice one kip rolling none stop

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    Nice one. But your language is provoking.

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    Nice one. But your language is provoking. Am reading your story doesnt mean am a dumbass

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