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    Episode 1.

    Armed Robbers invaded a house but unfortunately for them the police were alerted but they couldn’t get any of the armed Robbers, they escaped. But one of them could not make it, therefore, he hide behind a massive fridge at the dinning table. Hoping that when everybody leave the house in the morning, he will escape

    Early morning, the wife of the owner of the house was setting breakfast and she poisoned the tea meant for her husband….

    When the Man was about to eat, the thief who saw everything that transpired while the woman was setting breakfast came out of hiding and told the man not to eat…

    Thief: Oga I take God beg you, no eat that food, poison dey there

    Husband: Young man, who are you and how did you get in here?

    Thief: Honestly, a be one of the thief wey wan come thief for your house

    Husband: Wonderful!!! God had catch you for me… Am calling the police straight away

    Thief: Oga, a no say make u no call police, but the thing be say, a no wan make u die. Poison dey inside your tea. No drink am.

    Husband: Ok, how did you know?

    Thief: I see madam wen she dey put am inside. She talk say your time don reach to die.

    Husband: Are you sure?

    Thief: Oga na true, I dey talk.

    Husband: Ok, don’t worry go back to where you are hiding.

    The thief went back to where he was hiding

    Husband: Honey (calling his wife) can you please come.

    Wife arrived

    Wife: haha, sweetheart, you have not drink your tea? I thought maybe you are through that was why u were calling me to come and clear the table.

    Husband: Not at all….. I don’t think I want to drink again…

    Wife: Dear, what happened? Did I offend you?

    Husband: No, not at all..

    Wife: Dear, you have to drink it. Do you know the time I woke up despite what happened yesterday night. Just because I want you to take breakfast. No, sweetheart, pleaseeee…(She kissed him passionately)

    Husband: You know what…

    Wife: What?

    Husband: Can you taste out of the tea..

    Wife: No, I have not brush my teeth

    Husband: I will allow you to go brush your teeth

    Wife: Sweetheart, what is the meaning of all these? Am your wife for crying out loud. Is it because we haven’t been blessed with the fruit of the womb yet…. Abi… No prob(started sobbing)

    Husband: Forget that… Don’t even go there. It can’t work today at all… If you don’t want to taste out of this tea, then I have to pour it away..

    Wife: Go and pour it away… Shior..(she tries to walk away)

    Husband: Where do you think you are going… I am going to give jack, our dog this tea and we are going together.

    Wife: Give jack what? You want to kill jack, abi..

    Husband: So, it is true that you poisoned the tea..

    Wife: No ooo… Let’s go and give jack..

    They both left the living room for the dog house. The husband pour the tea in the dog’s plate and it licked it… And they left.

    Few minutes later, the husband called the wife to go and see how jack is fairing. On getting to the dog’s house, alas!! Jack……

    To be continued….Episode 2 Loading.

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    Episode 2

    Few minutes later, the husband called the wife to go and see how jack is fairing. On getting to the dog’s house, alas!! Jack was hail and hearty. Wagging its tail to its masters.

    Wife: Can you see now. The dog is even stronger than before. I don’t know where this thought came into your mind. I have married you for over five years now. Just because I have not been blessed with the fruit of the womb… Huhuhu(sobbing)

    Husband: My dear, am sorry. You know I don’t like seeing you crying. Am very sorry. Please, accept my apology.

    Wife: (Amid tears)… That is what you always say Everytime. If you don’t trust me again as your wife maybe we should quit the marriage. Thank God we don’t have any child yet..

    Husband: Haha! Sweetheart, I said am sorry. You have also offend me and you apologize and I accept your apology… Why is it difficult for you to accept mine now…

    Wife: (Amid tears)…. You accused me of trying to kill you. That is a serious allegation. It is appalling for you to think about not to talk of accusing me…

    They both move from the dog house to the living room.

    Husband: (Thinking)… This is surprising. Jack survive the poison. Am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that my wife want to kill me.. Why did she refused to taste the tea? Why did she react like that when I said am going to give our dog the tea? I must see to the end of this…

    Wife: (Thinking).. Thank God that Jack survive the poison. But, how come? How did it survive it? Wait oo, how did my husband know there is poison in the tea? This man must be possessed…. No matter what, he just have to die. I have endure all this years.. I can’t continue to use preventive pills…. No, not at all. I must act fast now, that he will be seriously suspicious…. I know he is not convinced that I did not poison the tea… Ha, God!! I have to provide for myself and my son. I am not ready to have another child. I am okay with the only child I have at my teenage days…. Though, I did not know the father… I only marry this one because he is loaded… Wow!! Ojo is loaded!!! I have to do everything before he changes his WILL which gave everything to me… God, I just have to act fast..

    Husband: Sweetheart, I don’t think I will be going to the office today again… I will call my manager… Hope you have forgiven me.

    Wife: Yes, but my dear, honestly, I am disappointed. But, it is alright… After all, you are my husband… I will be going to the market in the next few minutes….

    Husband: Thank you, my love..(Kissed her passionately).. No prob, I will be at home..

    The wife went inside. Changed and dressed for the market…

    Wife: (She called from the room) My dear, are you still at the living room?

    Husband: Yes

    Wife walks to the living room

    Wife: Honey, I am set. I will see you later..

    Husband: Alright, see you later…

    Wife went out, took the car and zoomed off…

    While all these was going on, the thief was listening to everything that went on between husband and wife at the living room…. He was confused…

    Thief: (Thinking)… Is the dog dead or what? E be like say I don enter another problem oooo… Dis man no fight him wife.. D woman even dey go market… I go hearam today… Double wahala

    Husband: Mr Man(calling the thief), come out I need to talk to you.

    Thief: (coming out) Oga, wetin happen. The dog die abi?

    Husband: No, that is where I am confused… Jack did not die…

    Thief: Oga, I swear to God, I see madam.. She even talk am loud, say, time don reach make u die…

    Husband: Am convinced that my wife want to kill me. But the question is why? I believed you…. Maybe, it is because, you are the one who will save my life that was why you came to rob me… God sent you purposely because of today. I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to die…. I can’t change my WILL. My lawyer is out of the country. He will only come back in the next two weeks… My wife knows what is in the WILL. God, come and help me…

    Thief: Oga no worry… I go help you

    Husband: How? You have saved me once. If you can do it again, I will be happy…

    Thief: Oga……

    To be continued…. Next Episode 3 Loading.

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    Episode 3

    Husband: How? You have saved me once. If you can do it again, I will be happy…

    Thief: Oga…… Let me tell you the truth. I arranged for the robbery with my friends… We did it for a purpose… I told them you are my father. That you abandoned me and my mother for twenty-two(22) years. I AM YOUR SON.

    Husband(Mr Ojo): What! How?…. Wait a minute. Are you not the one speaking pidgin just now. Am i dreaming? Somebody should please wake me up. Ok, what is your name and who is your mother? Because I do not have any other marriage aside this. And i don’t womanize

    Thief: My name is Charles Ojo. My mother’s name is Nweka Oge Okenne… She is an Ibo. My mum told me you met her about 22years ago in her village when you came for youth service. That, she traced you to Lagos, when she discovered she was pregnant, two month after you finished your youth Corp and left the village. She uses the address you gave her to trace you. That, when she saw you, after ten days of searching, you did not allow her to say a single word nor allow to stay…..

    Husband(Mr Ojo): (cuts in)….. Yes, I remember her. Back in those days, I was a young graduate. I am just twenty- three years old. Yes, I remember vividly. Oge is a very pretty lady(He smiles). A very brilliant and industrious lady. She had just finished secondary school when I came for my youth service. I saw her and I fell in love with her. I admired her so much. I remember we had a very strong relationship. But, I never knew she was pregnant. When she came to Lagos. Truly, I didn’t allow her to say a word. It wasn’t my fault. My parent(God rest their soul) said they will disown me if I should have an ibo girlfriend not to talk of marrying one. That was why I refused her to say a word nor stay… My father was right behind me that very day when Aminu the gateman informed me of her presence that very day.. I didn’t even remember the story I cooked up to divert my dad’s attention…. God how marvellous hath thou. Ok, how come you speak good English? Because before now, you have been speaking pidgin.

    Thief(Charles): Hmmmm…. God bless my Mother. She is truly what the Yoruba’s call “ABIYAMO” . Sir, I am a graduate. I graduated top of my class. I studied Civil engineering. I am a civil engineer. Being her only child, she did everything to train me…. Hmmmm… It wasn’t easy though. We both suffered to make it happened… When she came to Lagos to see you, for the ten days she was looking for you, she slept in an uncompleted building in the cold. It was a day after she saw you and you refused her that help came her way.

    Husband (Mr Ojo): (cuts in) How did you know all these?

    Thief(Charles): She told me. While roaming the street of Lagos, because, she doesn’t want to go back to the village, she met a good Samaritan woman who is a widow. It was this widow who helped her by providing her an abode when she explained her predicament to her…

    Husband(Mr Ojo): (cuts in) Wow!!!!

    Thief(Charles): My mother being an industrious lady started a petty business with the little money left on her…

    Husband(Mr Ojo): (cuts in again)… That is Oge for you…. Even back in the village, she trades. I remember, she use to give money then….

    Thief(Charles): Trouble started with the widow when she suspected that one of her Man-friend is eyeing my Mother. She had to quarrel with my Mother and send her packing after about five months of staying with her… By that time she was seven month pregnant… She would have gone back to the street but thank God she had saved enough for her to rent a single room. She got a room and moved to her apartment in another street not far from where she lives with her friend… Her friend had since come back to apologize when she discovered that my mum was not a promiscuous woman… She slept on the mat for almost a month before she could afford to buy a four and the half bed

    At this point, tears had started rolling down the face of Mr Ojo.

    Thief(Charles): A month after, she gave birth to me. Ever since, I had been her husband, son and friend (He smiles). We have been together and she never attempted to marry… No, she tried it once but it didn’t work out… The man was a stupid, lazy type who depends on woman to feed…. He is a leech.

    Husband(Mr Ojo)… Very interesting… Now, I will have plenty of time to listen to the rest of the story… Before, I could believe and accept you as my son, we will go for DNA. But that is not the issue for now… How do you I solve the problem at hand… This woman must not succeed in killing me… Even if I have to die, let me live long enough to change my WILL…

    Thief(Charles): (cuts in)…. Sir, you are not going to die… Now, we have to be proactive. She didn’t succeed using the poison. Nobody knows what went wrong because I am 100% sure she put the stuff in your tea. I saw her and heard her…

    Husband(Mr Ojo): What are we going to do? She will soon return from the market…

    Thief(Charles): You will have to leave this house. You switch off your phone and lodge in an hotel.

    Husband(Mr Ojo): What about my business? They must talk to me everyday at least once…

    Thief(Charles): Ok, you will get a new sim card which you must switch off immediately you finish talking to who ever you want to talk to… Why I said you have to leave the house is that, your wife may plan to assassinate you….

    Husband(Mr Ojo): You are right. Since she didn’t succeed in doing it herself, she may decide sending hired killer. Thank you very much… Do you know, I didn’t even think in that direction. Let’s I forget. Where is your mother?

    Thief(Charles): My mother is…..

    To be continued. Episode 4 Loading.

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    Episode 4

    Husband(Mr Ojo): You are right. Since she didn’t succeed in doing it herself, she may decide sending hired killer. Thank you very much… Do you know, I didn’t even think in that direction. Let’s I forget. Where is your mother?

    Thief(Charles): My mother is dead..

    Husband(Mr Ojo): Oh God!!!! What happened? Oge why?

    He started crying profusely…

    Thief(Charles); Sir, there is no time for this yet. We have to leave the house as soon as possible. Your wife will soon come back from the market.

    Husband(Mr Ojo): Ok(Amidst tears)…. I will have to take some few things…. Give me some minute, I will be ready.

    Thief(Charles): Alright sir.

    He went inside. Pack some clothes into the box. Pick up the briefcase containing vital documents pertaining to the company and that of his properties.

    Husband (Mr Ojo): Son, I am ready. Let’s go.

    Charles felt surprised when he called him, SON. They both went out and zoomed off.

    After they have left for about 30minutes. The wife arrived from the market. She entered the house went straight to the kitchen to drop all the groceries and goods she bought from the market. She came to the living room and started calling out for her husband…

    Wife: Sweetheart, am home. Where are you? Are you in the bedroom sleeping?…

    She went to the bedroom and knock on the door. No reply. She knocked again and listen carefully. No reply. She immediately suspected that her husband had left the house. She went to her room to take the spare key of her husband room which she had secretly duplicated without the knowledge of her husband. She opened the door and went straight to where her husband kept the vital documents. It wasn’t there. They are gone!! She became more suspicious.

    Wife:(talking to herself).. This is trouble. I have no doubt that my husband did not believe that I did not poison the tea. What am going to do now… Ah! Wahala wa ooo… Kunle! Kunle! Let me quickly call kunle. She picked up her phone and dialled kunle’s number.

    Kunle: Hello my dear

    Wife: Kunle, there is serious problem ooo… Your oga has absconded from the house..

    Kunle(cuts in): What! What happened? I thought by now, we will be celebrating.

    Wife: Kunle, we need to meet now…. Where are you?

    Kunle: I am at the office. Since, he didn’t call me, I thought maybe the deed had been done… Can we meet at the usual place?

    Wife: Yes. Please be fast. I will also be there now.

    She immediately took the car key and went out… While going, she unintentionally check the dog house. To her amazement, Jack is dead…

    Wife: (talking loud to herself) Wow!!! So the poison is potent.. Ah! How I wish the stupid guy drinks the tea. It would have solve this problem once and for all.

    Meanwhile, Mr Ojo and Charles had gotten to an hotel. The former want two rooms, one for him and the other one for Charles but he declined.

    Charles: Sir, I can’t stay here. I have a lot of things to do. My best friend when I was in Secondary School is an intelligent officer. I will need to bring him to the picture. He was the one who gave us all the tips on how to break into your house and other vital information. Infact, he was part of the robbery team.

    Mr Ojo: Ok, what about the new sim…

    Charles: You will have to go get it. While doing that, please be careful and watch your back.

    Mr Ojo: Alright… Thanks son

    Charles: (Thinking) Son again… Ok oooo… The man don dey accept me be that even before DNA talk am… Walahi, he no good make person get problem. Your enemy go be your best friend immediately…. Anyway (he shrugged)

    At the meeting point. Kunle had reached there. He pick up his phone and make a call.

    Kunle: Where are you now. I am there now.

    Wife: I am almost there

    Few minutes later, she arrived.

    Wife: Kunle!!! (Speaking with panic in her voice) What are we going to do now?

    Kunle: Calm down… The game master is here… Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. We are still going to execute our plan. I am his manager. He will definitely call me. He doesn’t have a choice. Shebi, he didn’t suspect that we having relationship.

    Wife: No ooooo

    Kunle: Don’t worry. We are the one to inherit the company and all the properties. He doesn’t have a child. Since, you have succeeded in making him bequeath everything to you. We don’t have problem. We just to make sure he is dead. The parents are dead. The family doesn’t give a d--n about him. They don’t even know he exist. You are my first love… If not because of what happened. I would have been your husband.I know am not the only one you are dating back then but I love you. And I still do.

    Wife: Thank you for your love. You know I love you too… You know, the day I saw you with my husband and he introduced you as his manager, all the memory of our teenage love came back to me. You know what, I did not tell you, I have called doctor Kunmi to conduct DNA test on my son. You never can tell, you might be the father. You remember we had sex severally before you travelled. Although in between I had sex with Tunji too. I wanted to tell you after the death of my husband. I don’t know, situation will be like to this…

    Kunle: You know I love you… I will do everything to make you happy…. If not for the problem I had in the US, I would have come for you before you met my useless oga. (thinking) She think am stupid. Yes, I love you… The boy would have been long gone if not because he is my son. The DNA that I have carried out immediately she introduced the boy to me… She think I would planned all this without knowing that the boy is my son… I am doing all this partly because he is my son and the love I have for her.

    Wife: Kunle! Kunle! What are you thinking…

    Kunle: Sorry, I had long gone. I am thinking about the next line of action.

    His phone rings

    Wife: Who is calling you.

    Kunle: It is strange number. It is not on my contact list.

    He picks the call..

    Kunle: Hello

    Mr Ojo: Hello Kunle

    He covers the mouth piece and informed her of the caller.

    Kunle:(silently)… Shhhh…. It is my oga. Hello sir.

    Mr Ojo: Kunle, where are you?

    Kunle: Oga, I am at the office sir.

    Mr Ojo: Ok good. Are you through with the kooper’s file.

    Kunle: Yes sir…

    Mr Ojo: Alright… I will call you later. You will have to bring it to me wherever I am.

    Kunle: Alright sir… Sir, are you not coming to the office today?

    Mr Ojo: No…

    Kunle: Hope no problem sir.

    Mr Ojo: No problem, at all. I just want to sought out some things…. I won’t be coming to the office for the next two weeks.

    He cut off the phone.

    Wife: What did he say.

    Kunle: He asked me to bring him a file at a place he will tell me. And he said he won’t be coming to the office for the be next two weeks

    Wife: Ye mo gbe…!!!! His lawyer will be around by then. He wants to change the WILL… Kunle, we need to act fast… I forget to tell you, the dog eventually died. The poison worked. It only took a longer period than expected to react on jack…

    Kunle: Forget about the poison. It didn’t hit the target… I will have to call KTB. He is the one to do the job for us…. Omo ale KTB……. His charges are too high.

    Wife: Shebi, he will do the job.

    Kunle: Perfectly.

    Wife: No problem… Let’s get to work.

    Kunle: What will happen is, you will have to go back home and wait for further instructions..

    Wife: Home ke……

    To be continued.. Next Episode 5… Loading.

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    Episode 5

    Kunle: What will happen is, you will have to go back home and wait for further instructions..

    Wife: Home ke!! I can’t go home ooo… I know you kunle…

    Kunle: (cuts in)… What do you mean? I Don’t like that. You know I love you…

    Wife: I know you love me. Am not disputing that… Did you ever tell me you did DNA test on Eri, our Son…

    Kunle: Our Son ke!!!!

    Wife: You are surprised abi…? I will tell you. You remember when I told you to employ Eri in my husband company. I told you I don’t want to to go through my husband. You ask me to tell him to come for interview…..I called him to go for the interview. He came and you conduct both the written and Oral interview for him. You ask him to come back the following day for Medical. When he called me to tell me what you said, that, you ask him to come for medical, I was surprised. Because, I know you don’t do medical for your new employee. I ask my husband to know wether you have changed the rules… My husband told me, the rules has not been changed.That was when I became suspicious… I called him back to go for the medical and instruct him to let me know immediately the hospital the test is being conducted… Thank God the young boy complied… Immediately, I called the doctor who I know very well, who confirmed to me what you ask him to do…

    Kunle:( cuts in)…. See, the truth is, immediately I saw the boy, i became suspicious, that this boy might be my son. The resemblance can’t be overlook by anybody with an insight. I became curious to know the truth… To satisfy my curiosity, I had to do what I did… I am sorry… I did not do it to harm or hurt you… I did it because, as you know I can’t have children again…. It is just for me to know that, I am a father… Once again, I am sorry… You have known all this while and you didn’t tell me…

    Wife: No, I didn’t know because the doctor, though well known to me, refused to tell me the outcome of the result. He said, it is against the ethics of his proffession. I suspect that the result might be positive because your attitude towards me changed. You became more caring and loving… I don’t want to celebrate it, that at last my son had a father until after I have carried out my own investigation…

    Kunle: But, you called him OUR SON.

    Wife: I was carried away ni jare….. It is just a slip of tongue…

    Kunle: Ok, the good news is, Eri is our Son… It is part of the reason I decided to go along with you to carry out this plan…. Now, are you satisfied.
    Wife: Yes, no problem.

    He kissed her.

    Kunle: Like I said earlier, you will have to go home and wait for further instruction….

    Wife: Ok, you, where are you going?

    Kunle: I will have to go back to the office and wait for the call of your idiot husband.

    Wife: (Jokingly) Don’t call him idiot… Have you forgotten, he is my husband.(She laugh)

    They both departed. Kunle went to the office and she went home.
    Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
    Meanwhile, while they decided to meet. Mr Ojo had left the hotel to get another sim card and decided to branch the office after getting the new sim card… Unknown to kunle, Mr Ojo called him from the office when he lied that he was in the office…

    Kunle got to the office and met the secretary Kike

    Kunle: Kike, how are you..?

    Kike: Am fine sir.

    Kunle: I will need the kooper’s file..

    Kike: Ha! That won’t be possible. MD came to the office while you went out and he had took it away…

    Kunle: What! When was that?

    Kike: About say 20 minutes after you left the office….

    Kunle: (thinking) Ha! He might have called me while in the office. And this man is very inquisitive. He might want to know where I went to when I am suppose to be at the office… I must find a cogent excuse to give if paraventure he asked. Anyway, he may not even live to ask such question… I must act fast … I will have to see KTB after the close of work.

    Kike: Sir…

    Kunle: Kike, you are still there? Go back to your duty post… Don’t worry I will call him…

    Kike: (thinking)… Yeye Manager…. He won’t know I have told oga everything that is going on between him and oga’s wife…. I don’t know what is wrong with some men. They will be single instead of them to look for single lady to date, they will be running after married women. I did everything a woman could do to woo and make man look at me. This yeye Manager did not look at me for once. Idiot!!! …. Am I not pretty enough…..? That woman self, she no dey shame… Despite the love her husband have for her, she is still having extramarital affairs… Shior… Me I don tell him husband ooo… Na Dem Sabi…

    Mr Ojo had returned to the hotel… He was thinking over what Kike told him…

    Mr Ojo: (thinking aloud): Could it be true? Is this the reason why my wife want to kill me? My manager and my wife!! What is he giving her? Woman!!! Woman!!! After everything I did for her…. I picked her up from the gutter and cleaned her, yet she is not satisfied… Chai!! And my parent warned me oooo…. I was blinded by love and beauty… Look at me now… Anyway, they want to play game.. let’s start…

    Somebody knock at the door

    Mr Ojo went to look through the security hole and saw Charles with another guy… He opened the door for them to come in…

    Charles: Sir, welldone sir…

    Mr Ojo: (cuts in, in a raised voice) Stop saying sir… Call me dad!! I am your father….!!!

    Charles: But sir…..

    Mr Ojo: (in a raised voice) I said stop it…!!!

    Charles: Ok. Daaaaad…

    Mr Ojo: (cuts in) Better…

    Charles: You are the one who said you have to do the DNA before you can accept or reject me as your son depending on the outcome of the DNA result….

    Mr Ojo: Yes I said so… And I have not change it… But henceforth, call me Dad… Even if the result of the DNA says otherwise which I doubt anyway. Your mother is a virtous woman… That is the woman God prepared for me… May her soul rest in peace…. Now, let’s get down to business.

    Charles: Dad, this is my friend, Austine. The intelligence officer,I told you about..

    Mr Ojo: Yea, I remember.

    Austine: Good day sir…

    Mr Ojo: Good day Austine. How are you? My son told me about you… Let’s get down to business. Before, we go on, I have a vital information to share. My manager and my wife are dating.

    Austine: How did you know sir?

    Mr Ojo: I went to buy the sim card as we agreed earlier and I decided to branch the office. I know that was not part of our plan… Instinct led me to do it… On getting to the office, the manager was no where to be found… I have to call him. But, I noticed that, where he was he wasn’t alone. He picked my call and I heard a sound like… Shhh… That is telling somebody to shut up… I just told him on phone that I will need a certain file and I will call him to come and give it to me at a location and told him, I will talk to him later. But, as I was going out after picking the file, Kike the secretary had to stop me and tell me that, the manager had to just rushed out… That, she overhead him calling the person on the phone, MY DEAR… She then told me she suspect it is my wife… That, she had seen them together several times in odd places particularly in hotels…. She then told me the name of a particularly a hotel they normally go to… That hotel happened to be where we are…

    Charles: (cuts in) It means, we are have to leave here immediately.

    Austine: Leaving here and getting another hotel is not a problem…. I know several hotels we can go that we use in the secret service for protection, operation and keeping of important witnesses…. Sir, we have to leave ASAP…

    Mr Ojo: No problem… I am set if you guys are ready. I have thought about it and come to the same conclusion…

    Austine: Another, thing sir. Charles told me about the WILL and the lawyer… If you have the lawyer’s international number, you will need to call him and alert him about what is going on. Probably, if he can allow us to get hold of the WILL’S file…

    Mr Ojo: I will do that immediately.

    He took his phone and call the lawyer straight away.

    Lawyer: Hello, Mr Ojo……

    To be continued. Next Episode 6.. Loading.

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    I’m just seeing this. Moved to the right section


    Episode 6-10

    Episode 11-End

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    Hmmm waiting 4 more

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