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    episode 22

    The sudden change of Prisca’s character got Austine worried. So he blocked her on the road to know the cause of it. Bushes could be seen at both side of the road. From afar were Roland and Henry gently walking toward them. However, Prisca stood before Austine with a hand on her waist.
    “Prisca, what have i done to you?” Austine began. “Why are you doing as if you don’t know me anymore?”
    “Of course i know you but not like the way you think” Prisca replied.
    “What do you mean?”
    “You heard me, after all there is nothing you can offer me”
    “What about all the money and provision you have been collecting from me?”
    “That’s all you can offer. Can you offer me royalty? Please, excuse me” Prisca walked out. She also passed Roland and Henry at a close range without talking to them. The two boys too didn’t even care. They just glared at her and met Austine who was still staring at Prisca with an open mouth.
    “Guy, xup with you and your babe?” Roland asked him.
    “Can you imaging this girl is breaking up with me after eating my money?!” Austine replied. Just then Henry began to smoke without saying anything.
    “What really happened?” Roland asked again.
    “I don’t know. All she can say is that i can’t offer her royalty”
    Roland laughed. “It’s obvious her eyes is on prince Victor” he laughed again.
    “Bros, i will still say that you’re a fool” Henry spoke up by blowing out a smoke on Austine’s face. “How did you leave someone like Daria to that b---h? You f----d up!” he blew out another smoke.
    “But have you collected your own share?” Roland whispered. “You know what i mean” he added.
    “Guy, i never touched this girl once” Austine replied.
    “She’s a sharp girl” Henry concluded and began to walk out followed by Roland.
    Prince Victor brought out the paper again for the second time in front of the palace. He sat alone on a chair near a car. At the entrance of the palace were two guards in uniform. So he folded the paper and called them.
    “I want you to go fetch Daria for me” he ordered.
    “Yes, my prince” the guards walked out.
    On the other hand, Lana and Daria were at the resident of Mr Alfred. Meanwhile, Daria had told Lana everything that happened between her and Ebube.
    “I can’t believe this?” Lana began surprisingly with her hands folded. “So Roland and Henry tried to rape you.. Chai.. Red is a good person oh. I pity him. And thank God he didn’t die”
    “Lana, his name is Ebube not Red or you call him Destiny” Daria said then glanced at Lana.
    “Hiiaa! Ooh” Lana exclaimed with smiles on her face thereby making Daria to smile too. “Lover girl” she added and they laughed. Just then the guards arrived. Seeing them, the two girls stopped laughing instantly and looked at each other.
    “You are needed at the palace now” one of the guards said.
    “Are you referring to me?” Daria asked.
    “Yes, the prince wants to see you now”
    Daria glanced at Lana then stood up. “Okay” she said.
    “I’m going with you” Lana also stood up.
    “No, that wasn’t the instruction given to us” the guards disagreed.
    Just then, Mrs Alfred came out too. “What’s going on?” she asked.
    “Mother, they said the prince needs me” Daria replied.
    “Hmm… Okay, follow them my daughter”
    Daria stood before the prince with her hands folded downward as a way to show respect.
    “So, you’re Daria the one that came begging for the spare of Red?” the prince asked.
    “Yes, my prince” Daria replied.
    “What connection do you have with him?”
    “I don’t understand you my prince”
    Prince victor exhaled heavily then stretched out the paper to Daria. “I guess Red left this for you”
    Daria gently collected it then scan through it. “Where did you get it my prince?” she asked.
    “My room, on top of my bed the one Red took forcefully” the prince replied.
    “Thank you my prince” Daria handled the paper tightly.
    “You may go” the prince concluded as he admired her beauty. When Daria turned to leave, he called her back and said, “I’m sorry for the way i told the guard to treat you that night. Please, forgive me”
    “Is alright my prince” Daria smiled.
    “You’re Daria daughter of..”
    “Mr and Mrs Alfred my prince” Daria completed.
    “Okay, can i pay you a visit?”
    Daria waited for a while without a word. “But why my prince?” she asked.
    “You’ll know, just go” the prince concluded while Daria walked out. Just at the gate, she met Prisca coming in. Both disdained each other and departed.
    “Where do you think you are going to?” the gateman quarreled with Prisca thereby bringing the prince’s attention.
    “Who’s that?” he asked.
    “A girl my prince”
    “What does she want?”
    “She said she wants to see you”
    “Let her in”
    Prisca finally met the prince face to face. She kept smiling and moving her body romantically.
    “Good day my prince”
    “God day, you look beautiful” the prince smiled.
    “Thank you my prince. You too” Prisca began to squeeze her cloth round her finger

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    episode 23

    Prince Victor understood Prisca’s moves because he had seen her type a lot in abroad. So he smiled broadly and said, “What’s your name and what can i do you for?”
    “Well, I’m prisca Edward. I just came to pay homage to my prince” Prisca smiled as she kept squeezing her cloth in a way her abdomen became obvious.
    “That’s so nice of you. Thank you”
    “You’re welcome my prince. I will take my leave now”
    Prisca began to walk out shaking her buttocks vigorously. Of course the prince fed his eyes with what he saw and smiled broadly. Just then, the mother, the queen came out. She saw Prisca finally leaving the house before she went to her son.
    “Son, who was that girl?” she asked.
    Prince victor smiled broadly again. “She’s Prisca who came to pay respect to me” he replied.
    “My son listen, i don’t want u to make a wrong choice while choosing a wife. Many girls in this kingdom are not what they claim to be”
    “What are saying, mother? That i should choose a wife from another kingdom?”
    “No my son. I’ll prefer the gods choosing a wife for you”
    “No, mother, i can’t allow that! I’m gonna find my wife myself!” the prince concluded.
    Daria met her mother still sitting outside their compound with Lana. Therefore, she hid the paper.
    “What did the prince say?” the mother asked curiously staring at her. Even Lana stretched her head like a giraffe in anticipation.
    “Nothing really, mother” Daria replied.
    “It can’t be nothing”
    “He only asked me about my parents and said that he will pay me a visit”
    Hearing that, Lana positioned her neck normally and began to scratch her head.
    “Is that all?” Mrs Alfred was still inquisitive. “What’s the prince up to? Well..” she concluded and walked inside then Daria sat down with Lana.
    “You and i know that the prince cannot just call you like that just to ask you who your parents are” Lana said.
    “But he did” Daria glanced at her.
    “Agreed, but how did he know your name? Better tell me why he called you”
    “Fine, you got me” Daria smiled and brought out the paper. “He found this in the room Ebube was staying. That’s why he called to give it to me. It’s from Ebube”
    “Really?” Lana wanted to take the paper but Daria withdrew her hand instantly. “What? Let me see nah!”
    “See what? It’s a personal belonging” Daria smiled causing a smile on Lana’s face too.
    “Hmm… when did a common paper become a personal belonging?” Lana asked clapping her hands.
    “Not the paper but the content of the paper” Daria replied.
    “Ooh! Love nwa ntinti” they laughed.
    Amara wore a very short skirt on a high-heel shoes. One could see a small bag hanging on her elbow as she walked down the staircase. Unfortunately, she met her mother going up the stairs too.
    “Amara, where are you going to?”
    “To see Destiny at the hospital, Mummy”
    “Get back immediately!” the mother commanded. “It’s barely few days your father was killed by the same man who you are going to see!” she added.
    “Mother, he’s my friend! And you and i know the truth” Amara moved forward.
    “Better start packing your things back to Paris!” the mother concluded.
    At the hospital, Ebube became conscious and opened his eyes gradually to see a female face looking and siding beside him on the bed-that was Amara.
    “Daria?” Ebube called with a low voice.
    “Thank goodness you’re awake. It’s not Daria, it’s me Amara” Amara began to touch her cheeks smiling. Ebube opened his eyes widely trying to remember the name. “D-square is me, Amara” she added.
    The name ‘D-square’ made thing easier for Ebube. So he called surprisingly, “Amarachi”
    “Yes, it’s me”
    Ebube fully became awake then looked around. He recognise that he was in the hospital. “What happened? And what are we doing here?” he asked.
    “I came back for the death of my father”
    “Your father?”
    “Is your father dead? How?”
    Hearing the question, Amara withdrew her hands from his cheeks to his palm. She began to squeeze it gently in tears. Of course she was touched because if Ebube had known that the man he kill was her father he wouldn’t have killed him.
    “Why are u crying? I’m so sor…” a knock at the door interrupted Ebube then Daria entered with Lana. She paused at a distant when she saw Amara in tears and holding Ebube’s hand after which Amara withdrew her hand swiftly and stood up.
    “Hi, Daria, welcome” she said drying her tears.
    “Why are u crying” Daria asked her.
    “Never mind”
    “Daria?” Ebube called Daria’s attention before she rushed him with a smile. However, Lana kept looking at Amara occasionally.
    “Thank God you are awake” Daria also held his hand.
    “How did i end up here?” Ebube asked.
    “No need, the good news is that you’re awake”
    Ebube touched her face gently with a smile on his face and said at the very sight of Amara, “I’m happy to see your face again”
    “I’m happy too” Daria replied. Even Amara smiled but left the room immediately..

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    episode 24

    At the door, Amara met a man in suit and a doctor. The man had a briefcase in his hand, while the other hand found refuge inside his pocket. When Daria saw them coming in, she disengaged her hand from Ebube and adjusted backward to Lana.
    “Oh, you’re awake already” the doctor said and began to examin Ebube who stared at the man in suit. “You’re really recovering very fast” the doctor concluded then gave the man a sign that shows: YOU CAN GO AHEAD NOW.
    “How are you feeling, Destiny?” the man approached closer.
    “Who are you?” Ebube asked.
    “I’m Kent, your father’s new lawer. I know you’ll find it hard to know me because i was hired by your father while you were still in jail. His motive was to use me to get you out of jail but…” Kent paused and changed the topic immediately. “Your case is still in court and you are expected to go back to jail after you recover. So that’s why I’m here to let you know that you’re my client now because i can’t let you go back to jail. But before then, tell me all that you know”
    Hearing that, Daria and Lana smiled broadly from a distant.
    Mr and Mrs Alfred were surprise to see the prince coming into their compound as they sat on a long wooden chair outside the compound. They stood up instantly when the prince approached closer.
    “Welcome my prince” Mrs Alfred said.
    “To what do we owe this visit my prince?” the husband added.
    “Nothing much” the prince replied. Just then, Daria walked in with Lana and stood at a distant. Both glanced at each other surprisingly then moved forward again. When the prince saw them, he stared at them especially Lana……
    Daria’s room had an electric light on. One could see a blanket covering from her abdomen to her legs as she laid on the bed. And on her hands was the paper the prince gave to her. She unfolded it with a smiled and read thus: I’M NOT AFRAID TO DIE, BUT VERY MUCH AFRAID TO LOSE YOU FOREVER. AlREADY, I HAVE BEEN ARRESTED BY YOUR LOVE SO IF I DIE ALWAYS KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU TOO, DARIA.
    Daria kept smiling as she folded the paper, she put it under her pillow then turned off the light.
    On the other hand, Mr and Mrs Alfred sat up on their bed. Also, from their abdomen to their legs were covered with a blanket.
    “My husband, I’m really worried” Mrs Alfred broke the silence.
    “What’s it?” the husband asked.
    “It’s about the prince. Didn’t you see his reaction to Daria when he came today?”
    “He only said he came to visit us”
    “Isn’t it obvious that he’s interested in our daughter?”
    “Then how’s that your problem?”
    “But what about Red, i mean Ebube?”
    Mr Alfred looked at his wife suspiciously and said, “What do you mean by that? By the way, have you gotten the long story i told you to get from your daughter?”
    “Daria is in love with Ebube. According to her, that’s the reason why Ebube couldn’t resist bullets anymore” the wife replied then both became quiet.
    Mr Alfred exhaled heavily. “Daria” was the las thing that came out from his mouth as he laid comfortably on the bed.
    “Well, what do you think?” the wife asked him.
    “What do you want me to think? Love supersedes all” he concluded and went to sleep.
    One could see the elders at the palace chewing kolanuts given to them happily by prince Victor as an apology. And on top of the centre table was a red wine. The prince stood before all of them smiling and looking at them happily too.
    “Once again my elders, I’m really sorry for my initial behaviour”
    “Now you are talking like a man!” elder Ben spoke up. “You shouldn’t follow your father’s footsteps that were of bad because we all know that he was also a good man”
    “Gwam!” the elders chorused.
    “My prince, the gods will give you long life and prosperity if only u stay away from violence and other people’s property” another elder added.
    “I’ve heard you all. I hope you’re aware that I’m to find a wife in the next twenty-nine days otherwise the gods will find one for me”
    “Exactly!” some elders chorused.
    “My prince” elder Thomas stood up. “Is even better if the gods find a wife for you. Or is it not true my fellow elders?” he stretched his hands looking at other elders.
    “You’re corrected!!” they shouted but prince Victor smiled.
    “I’ll find my wife myself” he concluded.
    Tall grasses danced along the direction of the wind that took over the evening. Austine felt it and saw the grasses as he approached Daria’s house. He stop at the entrances coz he had an atom of fear in him. Suddenly, Mrs Alfred came out and saw him standing like an iroko tree.
    “Good evening, ma”
    “Who are u looking for?” Mrs Alfred wasn’t smiling coz her daughter had explained things to her indirectly.
    “Please, i want to talk to Daria” Austine replied. Immediately, Daria also came out standing beside her mother.
    “What can i do for you, Austine?” Daria wasn’t smiling too.
    “Can we talk in private, please?”
    “You can’t have my privacy anymore, leave!” Daria said and walked inside..

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    episode 25

    “I hope you heard what my daughter said. Oya leave!” Mrs Alfred commanded.
    Austine wished he never left but he knew he had to. So he gently turned and left sadly.
    Prince victor walked to and fro in front of the throne after the elders left. He was actually meditating on their wise words and promise not to follow his father’s bad footsteps. He also erased the thought of having Daria as the future queen because he knew she was another man’s property. Just as he meditated, the mother walked in.
    “Son, you look worried”
    “I’m not worried mother”
    “But you are restless”
    The prince sat beside her mother swiftly as if to say he had something very important to say. “Mother, what do you know about Mr Joseph’s family?” he asked.
    “Which Mr Joseph?” the mother stared at him seriously too.
    “Well, i don’t really know but i met her daughter Lana the other day”
    “Oh, Mr Joseph!” the mother exclaimed. “I know him, he’s quite a good man. Do you like his daughter?”
    Prince Victor stood up without replying her mother.
    “You can go for her, son” the mother continued. “She’s a responsible girl and you have my full support”
    The prince glanced at her mother then both smiled.
    With the help of the guards, prince Victor was able to locate the resident of Lana. He found her eating outside their house on a bench. When Lana saw him, she stood up surprisingly. She couldn’t talk at the moment because there was a large quantity of food in her mouth. So she felt embarrassed and ran inside the house, if not for anything, to swallow the food forcefully.
    “Why’s she running away?” the prince asked surprisingly with open arms.
    “I’m sorry my prince” Lana came out smiling and cleaning her hand. “I went to check my pot that is on fire” she added then offered him a seat. Both seated on the bed with the plate of rice inbetween them.
    “Please, join me my prince” Lana said.
    “You really want me to eat?” the prince asked.
    “Of course” Lana positioned the food very well for him. He scooped the rice into his mouth and smiled.
    “You’re really a good cook” he said.
    “Thanks” Lana smiled too.
    The prince scooped another one wanting to feed her. He had already positioned the spoon close to her mouth but Lana withdrew her face looking shy.
    “No my prince”
    “Take it from me”
    “No my prince”
    The prince persuaded before Lana ate from the spoon. “Please, be my queen” he said looking straight into her eyes. Hearing that, Lana choked and was forced by the prince to drink water….
    Ebube became fully well and put back into jail. One could see him on prison uniform as he sat opposite Amara in the visitors’ room.
    “I never knew your father is the person i killed. God!” Ebube shouted bitterly then began to rub his head.
    “Is okay” Amara gently took his hands in tears. “You only avenged your father’s death so don’t blame yourself. Now i know how you feel. I’ll testify against my father in court so that you’ll be free, after which I’ll go back to Paris” she added.
    “Thank you. Please, forgive me” Ebube said.
    “Is okay” Amara replied.
    It was the judgement day, Daria anticipated to see Ebube walking into their compound because she didn’t follow them to the court. Her parents were inside the house but only her mother occasionally looked at her restless daughter through the window. Suddenly, Lana arrived to see Daria looking worried.
    “You look worried. Don’t worry he will be fine” as she just concluded, Ebube and Amara walked in.
    “Ebube!” Daria shouted. She ran and hugged him tightly then Lana and Amara smiled.
    “Did you win the case?” Daria asked.
    “Yes, i did” Ebube replied and hugged her again.
    All entered inside the house and got seated. Mr Alfred sat beside his wife while Daria sat beside Ebube. On another seat were Amara and Lana.
    “My son” Mr Alfred began. “Is good to have you here but next time make sure you don’t embark on such dangerous mission again. Though i know is painful to lose the one we love but vengeance is for God alone. Well, at least my daughter will rest from crying and i will also rest from seeing her tears because ever since u came into this land as Red, she has been cry…”
    “Father!!” Daria interrupted him just to stop him from talking so they all laughed.
    “Bia Daria or Dairy, allow me to talk. Or am i lying?” the father continued. “My daughter never slept! Day and night she cried calling your name here and there. I thank God you survived oh coz i don’t know where she would have been by now”
    “That you very much sir. I’ve heard all that you said but i want to make a request” Ebube began. “Please sir, can i be your son in-law?”
    Everybody became surprised except Daria coz Ebube had briefed her on it.
    “Well, no problem if it’s her wish” Mr Alfred replied.
    “It is Father” Daria said.
    “Then case close” they laughed.
    The prince married Lana after few days then Prisca and Austine were put to shame.

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    Wow that is the fate

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    Nice one, seated allready

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    Oooo….I so love this.Kudos to u dear.

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