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    Aso-Ebi: Preview


    Mohini looked away from his clear brown eyes and turned to focus her attention on opening the door to the pool house. She had barely turned the handle when it opened.

    “Well done, Madam,” her gateman said, bowing as he stepped out and stood about six inches away from her.

    “Ahn ahn. Jeda. Is this your post? Come on get to the main gate, my friend,” she said almost pushing him, while he stepped backwards slowly. The door opened again and a dark-skinned young lady that she did not recognise stepped out. Her thick braids peered out from underneath her shabbily tied scarf and the buttons of her shirt were mismatched from their corresponding holes. She looked at the young lady and laughed.

    “Jedaaaa!” She clapped her hands together and finally put them to rest on her waist.

    “Madam no tell oga abeg. Abeg. I swear I no go do am again. Madam abeg.” His hands were on his head and the girl had started to sob with her knees holding her to the coarse gravel. Mohini shook her head. She glanced at Zino who was still smiling, moved towards Jeda and pulled his ears.

    “No respect. Oya allele! To your post!”


    Anita was not in the right frame of mind for frolicking, but it was family. She had to be there. Besides, she had missed being with all her sisters in the same place and she was yet to hold the bundle of joy being named. She had been made an aunty for the ninth time. This time, by her little sister.

    Going for a family event at her age without at least a husband was like wearing red and dancing in front of a h---y bull. A husband and children had graduated from being accessories in her family to being clothes. Without them, everyone saw you as a naked taboo. She was determined to escape the questions, prayers, words of advice and poorly disguised attempts at match making. The last time, one of her mother’s friends suggested that she stop driving her ‘big car’ because it was scaring the suitors away. In her grand wisdom, the woman said that men did not like rich women. She had brushed it aside at first but there is nothing like a long drive home to an empty house and a cold bed to make you start seeing the wisdom in foolish statements.


    “Moh and I will be eight in a few months,” he started. Anita sat back and folded her arms. He continued, “I need to know that we’re both okay. I know that I’m fine. I’m not shooting blanks or anything like that but your friend has refused to come with me to a fertility clinic. If there’s a problem with her, I need to know now so that we can work around it.”

    Anita shifted in her chair. “Does she know that you got examined?” Jaiyeola gave Anita a blank stare and she nodded knowingly. “So what are you asking me to do? Divulge her medical history?” She was starting to get defensive.

    “Just convince her to go to a fertility clinic with me,” he said quickly when he heard footsteps approaching the door. “Please,” he added as he stood up.


    “Madam?” the dark skinned driver turned towards the back seat.

    “Di person still no wan pick?”

    Anita lowered her sunglasses and spoke “And that is your business how?”

    “Ah! Madam! No vex o. Na question I dey follow you ask. E be like say you don dey try call dis person tey tey… since di time wey we comot for Ikoyi. No vex.” He continued to look at her and smiled to reveal a wide gap in his lower teeth. Anita nodded and looked away.

    “Fine madam! If to say I get a/c for dis my tazi I know say your face no go strong like dis o. E remain small, we go see cold water. I go buy make you take cool body, you hear?”


    “Eh… I have another appointment in a few minutes… eh… so I’ll make this quick,” he said as he drew out a chair. She nodded in response.

    “Your interview was brilliant; your resume is impressive too. Eh… but the only experiences you have are the eh… internships you took all those years ago. You haven’t worked in five years and eh… that’s a problem for us.” His face remained as stern as it was in the interviewing room. She opened her mouth to respond but he continued, “I see that you eh… have a lot of potential but we have seen candidates that are just as good as you but eh… with more recent experience.” He tore a piece of paper from the thick notepad on the long oval glass table, picked up the pen beside it and scribbled on the paper. Rising, he stretched the paper to her and said with the single expression she had associated his face with, “Eh… I’ll be at Southern sun this evening. That’s my number and the eh… room number in case you can’t reach me.” She stared at the combination of numbers on the paper and as she was about to speak, she heard the door shut.


    21:30 Moh

    How did your date go?

    22:00 Anita

    Hey boo. I just woke up. Ha! My date… I have to call you about that one. I have concluded… Ibimina hates me! I’m done with you people and your set-ups abeg. I no fit shout.

    22:05 Moh

    Ah! What did this one do this time o? Incomplete set of cutlery? Babe, your deal breakers are too harsh.

    22:05 Anita

    I will ring you in a bit.

    22:07 Moh

    Wait first. Remember the woman you said you saw with J like two weeks ago? What did she look like?

    22:08 Anita

    Err… I don’t remember. Why?

    22:08 Moh

    Never mind. Oya call me.

    22:09 Anita

    Is there a problem? Did you see him with somebody?

    22:10 Moh

    Nothing o! Madam call me abeg. I want to hear this gist na.

    22:10 Anita

    Haha! In five minutes.



    He sighed and sat up. “I employed a new vice. Biodun had to leave us so I employed this new guy last week. He’s still learning the ropes.” He saw that the question in her eyes and at the tip of her tongue was not disappearing soon so he touched her face and assured her, “I don’t lie to you, sugar.”

    Dissatisfied, she nodded and lowered her back to lie flat on the bed.

    “You know I heard women are most fertile at midnight,” Jaiyeola said as he rubbed his palm on her back.

    “No mother-in-law oh, yet pesin no go hear word about pikin,” Mohini murmured inaudibly as she shuffled her body further from him. She feigned a loud snore and Jaiyeola laughed loudly before kissing her neck softly.

    She carefully dropped his phone on the marble floor beside her and reached for the lamp’s switch. Her eyes glanced at the phone again and she bent over, yielding to her curiosity. She opened the call history and the calm in her head was gradually replaced by loud pounding.

    “Angela?” she mouthed.

    “J?” she swallowed hard. “Your new vice… male or female?” she asked with her eyes still fixed on the phone screen.


    “Excuse me? You are Anita, right?”

    Hard as she tried, there was nothing familiar about the face of the tall light skinned girl that stood in front of her. She was well dressed and her weave obviously cost a lot. Anita wondered why she had not done something about the half tooth that screamed for attention. The girl had only said a sentence and the half tooth practically jumped at her.

    “Oh, there is even no need to answer. I am sure you are the one!” The girl was not smiling any more. She pulled at the tail of her blue jacket. It looked like she was dancing on the balls of her feet. She was moving without really moving.

    “I came here to disgrace you but I saw your family and changed my mind. You know why? I am a good person. But let me tell you something; goodness dey expire! So for your own benefit, LEAVE MY BOYFRIEND ALONE. Jonah in the ship! Ashewo oshi!”

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    Aso-Ebi: Episode 1 – Pilot – Crumpled Damask

    It’s a fine day in the beautiful city of Lagos. Well, apart from the traffic and the heat and the humidity and the… errmm… you get what we mean, don’t you? Anyway, Somewhere in this sea of noisy cars and sweaty humanity, 30 year old Dr. Anita Momoh is desperately trying to make a call.
    “Madam e be like say dis holdup no dey move again o.”
    Anita glanced at the driver’s reflection in the overhead mirror and returned her attention to her phone’s screen. She hit the call button and bit her lip as she placed the phone beside her left ear. It had been more than an hour since the taxi crossed the third mainland bridge, yet it seemed like they had beat a snail’s record. It was a beautiful day to be outside but being trapped in a taxi that smelled like fish was not how she imagined her Saturday afternoon. She felt sweat trickle down her back and was instantly grateful that she had ditched the aso ebi bodycon dress for the steel blue maxi dress; it was the only way she could get through the day without feeling suffocated. She let out a loud hiss as she looked at her phone’s screen confirming that the number she dialled was unavailable. She scratched at the exposed thread mesh on the worn brown leather car seat in an attempt to distract herself from the wave of nausea that had hit her again.
    “Madam?” the dark skinned driver turned towards the back seat.
    “Di person still no wan pick?”
    Anita lowered her sunshades and chuckled. “And that is your business how?”
    “Ah! Madam! No vex o. Na question I dey follow you ask. E be like say you don dey try call dis person tey tey… since di time wey we comot for Ikoyi. No vex.” He continued to look at her and smiled to reveal a wide gap in his lower teeth. Anita nodded and looked away.
    “Fine madam! If to say I get a/c for dis my tazi I know say your face no go strong like dis o. E remain small, we go see cold water. I go buy make you take cool body, you hear?”
    There is nothing you will not hear from the mouths of Lagos Taxi drivers.
    Anita turned to find him ogling her breasts. She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by her phone’s vibration. Without looking at the caller’s ID, she hit the answer button.
    “But what is all this, Bami?… Two hours fa?!… You know what, I can’t process whatever excuse you’re giving right now… Yeah still in traffic. This chatty cab man is on my case. I caught him staring down my girls… Well if you had picked me up like you promised… Anyway I can’t be mad at you today. So do you still think I should tell her?… I know, I know… I can’t wait much longer. It’s eating me up. I need to tell her asap… Yeah, I know it’s stupid… You’re right, you’re right. I won’t say anything today. You should be with me you know. For moral support… Ah well… Hey traffic seems to be easing off slightly. I’ll just go straight to the reception… Whatever. Bye love.”
    She sighed and reached into her embellished silver purse. She pulled out a thimble-sized jar of scented ointment, took off the lid and inhaled strong flowery vapour. It was the only smell that did not make her want to vomit her guts out. She felt her eyes well up with tears. The guilt gripping her from inside had turned her into a teary mess lately. She had crossed a major line and every day since, she had questioned the tough character that she took pride in. Now she just felt like crumpled damask; soft, unappealing and without glory. The grin on the driver’s face greeted her when she looked up at the overhead mirror.
    “Mista wetin be your name?” She smiled.
    “Madam me? Ehn Nicholas but you fit call me Niko.” His attention moved completely from the car in front of him to the reflection of his passenger touching up her red lipstick.
    “Oga Niko abeg, take me go Agidingbi.”
    “Ah!” he replied scratching his clean shaved head, “di money go wan different o but I go take you o. No extra. But ehn madam you musto collect my number o for other business.”
    Anita rolled her eyes and put her sunshades on, “I don hear.”
    You know the millions of Owambes that take place in Lagos every Saturday? Millions. Every. D--n. Saturday. The ones with those women rocking towering geles, wearing Aso-Ebi and dark sunglasses? Yeah, those ones.
    The petite, 26 year old Mrs. Mohini Gbadebo has found something… well… someone to keep her eyes busy among the number of people having a good time at one of those owambes.
    The entire hall was filled with chatter, music and colour. It seemed like the guests had set out to steal attention from the bride and groom. One of the guys at the table closest to the hall’s entrance had managed to arouse Mohini’s curiosity. She did not know whether it was the way he casually tucked his hand in his pocket right after a handshake or his half queer smile; but she felt drawn to him and his blue blazer. He looked like the type of man that could put up with Anita. She had watched him long enough and it was time to catch good game for her girl. She rubbed her palms together and felt a light scratch from the ring on her left hand. Why couldn’t she bring herself to ditch that ring and get into the dating pool? Their marriage was practically over. Eyes fixed on the blue blazer in the crowd, she grudgingly placed her feet in the silver sandals beneath her chair, stood up and held the bottom of her dress in her right hand.
    “Moh!” She could recognise her cousin’s pretentious voice even in her sleep. She stopped, rolled her eyes and turned with a believably enthusiastic smile.
    “Tinu!” She leaned in for a hug but Tinu ignored her and continued to talk animatedly.
    “My friend just wanted to meet you. ‘Cause of the décor. You did good sha and you are now a bridesmaid on top. Only you o!” Mohini was not certain why the two burst into laughter but she joined in. She slyly backed away from them and continued to make her way towards the blue blazer. She had nearly reached her destination when her eyes caught her elegantly dressed friend at the entrance. Only Anita’s breasts can draw so much attention even in a sack. Her timing could not have been any better.
    “Ahn ahn. No aso ebi? Are you fighting with the bride?” she asked as she pulled Anita away from the entrance to the car park.
    “Long story, but I’m wearing blue aren’t I? She said ‘blue’ and didn’t bother to specify the particular shade. People that don’t have any sense of uniformity…”
    “Miss uniformity. Wait. I dragged you here for a reason though. I found delicious eye candy! He looks like your size,” Mohini said batting her eyelashes.
    “Abegi! Since when do you go shopping for my size?”
    Mohini bent to take off her sandals, “No vex o. By the way where’s Bami? Weren’t you two supposed to come together?”
    Anita scrunched up her nose and the smile faded from her face. She felt a knot in her stomach and her throat and rested her back on the maroon Toyota camry behind her to stop herself from yielding to the faint spell hovering above her.
    “I’m pregnant.” She heard herself say the words before her brain processed it.
    Mohini’s eyes widened with shock. “I’m sorry, what?!” She stared at Anita waiting for a response but she got nothing. “Are you sure?!”
    Anita opened her mouth to speak but Mohini interrupted, “Of course you’re sure. Oh my! This is huge!”
    Mohini wrapped her arms around Anita and continued to squeal in excitement. Anita’s palms grew sweaty and her heart began to race. It felt as though Mohini’s excitement was choking her.
    “I’m so happy for you! Whose is it?” Mohini asked smiling from ear to ear.
    Anita’s face grew pale and she began to stutter, “Moh… er… er…the thing is…well…”
    “It’s not Charles’, is it?”
    “You’re scaring me now Anita. Whose is it?!”
    “Jay,” Anita blurted out and stopped herself almost immediately.
    Mohini jerked off the car she was leaning on and tiptoed towards Anita until she was breathing into her neck. She desperately needed Anita to look down at her, laugh in her face and tell her it was a joke, but the woman was not one to fool around. She could hear her racing heart and her body began to vibrate. “Jay?… JAY?! MY Jay?!”
    Anita could feel the anger rising in her friend. She had expected a number of reactions but not this one. Her friend was not known for throwing tantrums in public. It was one of the most admirable things about her. She was very skilled in backing away from public confrontation. Usually, her anger in public was hidden in her silence. Anita’s throat felt dry and gritty, her eyes sore and her palms felt like she had soaked them in hot water. She turned her face away. “Moh…”
    She felt a hard slap across her cheek forcing her mouth shut.
    Mohini turned to walk away when she felt Anita’s hand grab onto and drag her back by her dress. She faced her sharply, oblivious to the growing crowd surrounding them. Then it started.
    Slap. SLAP. 
    “Lying, desperate, S--T!!!”
    Okay, Okay. We owe you guys an explanation. But for that we have to go back. Way back. 
    Oya, Story, story…

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    Find out more

    Episode 3-4

    Episode 5-6

    Episode 7-8

    Episode 9-10

    Episode 11-12

    Final Episode

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    Continue so interesting

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    Aso-Ebi: Episode 2 – Rose-Patterned Sheer

    Let’s start at the beginning.
    Okay, maybe not the ‘very’ beginning but let’s take you a few months back to the month of love. It is the day after valentines’ day and almost everyone seems to be… how do we say this? In love? Yes, deep inside love.

    Mrs. Mohini Gbadebo is no exception. You can tell from the way her hair sways to her weightless gait.
    “Sorry!” Mohini yelled out after the seemingly angry man she hit with her elbow as she rolled her grocery cart across the mall. The smile from her thoughts lurched at the corner of her lips made it difficult for her to notice the human traffic surrounding her. She was on a residual high from the night before. She giggled lightly as her left thumb stroked the ring on her fourth finger. Drifting into another bout of day dreams, she slowed down. She stopped and turned when she felt a tap on her bare right shoulder.

    “Moh! Mohini Lulu-Briggs!!!”
    Before she could recognise the excited enviably chiselled face before her, the woman extended her long, toned arms and wrapped her in a tight hug.
    “Oh my goodness! You look the same!” The woman continued. Mohini smiled enthusiastically, trying to remember why the woman looked very familiar.

    “You haven’t changed a bit either,” Mohini gushed convincingly. The woman laughed loudly in response and Mohini’s eyes widened when she realised who she was talking to.
    “Wow! SHERI!!!… I. Take. That. Back! You look… different… amazing! Lord!” She could not stop the surprise from flowing out with her screams. She stepped backwards dramatically, clapped her hands and placed them over her mouth.

    “Sheri Mogaji! QC’s biggest!”
    You know how this usually goes… “Oh my God! It is a lie!!” And all the other phrases and exclamations women screech at each other and use to make a scene when they see that old friend.               
    They laughed continuously as they pulled away from the disapproving looks of every other passer-by. Mohini had her eyes fixed on Sheri as she rolled her shopping cart in front of her. She could not believe that the fit woman next to her was the ‘big Sheri’ that she shared a room with in secondary school.

    “What are you up to these days?” Mohini asked as they turned towards the Da Viva fabric store on her request.
    Sheri laughed and replied, “You know… hustling here and there. You know how it is. We have so much to catch up on, babe.”
    Mohini’s smile began to disappear as he ran her manicured thumb over one of the fabrics in the pile adjacent to them. Memories of the times when Sheri tried hard to prove that she was better than her started creeping back. She wondered why Sheri was being evasive.
    “You?” Sheri interrupted her short-lived reminiscence, “last I heard you were not in the country. Yes?”
    “Ah yes. I graduated from Imperial… chemical engineering…” she called for one of the attendants with her eyes.
    “I studied chemical engineering too! At Texas A&M.” Sheri exclaimed. “I’m with Shell now. That’s why I’m here even. I’m taking a couple of people to a business lunch…”
    Mohini continued to smile until her cheeks felt bruised. It felt like a huge cloud had rested above her and released buckets of rain on her mood. She could see Sheri’s lips move and make words, but all she could hear in her mind was “Shell”. Leave it to Sheri Mogaji to throw the one thing that she craved in her face.
    “…so where do you work?” She faintly heard Sheri ask. She coughed slightly and opened her mouth to reply when she noticed Sheri staring at her finger.
    “Oh my goodness. Babe, are you married?!” Sheri exclaimed after pulling her way from the shop attendant beside them. Mohini forced a smile and nodded in confirmation. Sheri looked at her finger again and then back at her. That was when Mohini saw the pity and gloat in her eyes. She started to say something but Sheri interrupted her, “I’m so sorry, babe. I have to be on my way now.” She leaned in for a hug. “We should do lunch some time,” she added as she rushed out of the store with Mohini’s eyes staring at her back until it was lost in the crowd outside. How dare she?
    The buzz from her phone made her realise that she had been staring into nothingness for a while. She blinked a few times to moisten her dry eyes before picking up her phone.
    13:20 Jayboo
    So sorry again that I had to work today, sugar. How’s grocery shopping going? Buy something I can eat off you, okay.  I love you.
    – J.
    She continued to stare at her phone’s screen as she absent-mindedly walked out of the store and joined the crowd. How could she let one night of valentines’ romance steer her away from her big plan to obtain freedom.
    “Sex sex sex. Ah! I don’t want again sef,” she murmured to herself. She clenched her teeth and selected a contact in her phonebook. Placing the phone next to her left ear and her cart before her, she walked briskly towards the exit doors ignoring the throbbing in her toe from hitting it at the edge of a wall.
    “Hello… How are you?… Tell Anita… of course I mean Dr. Momoh… tell her that I’m cancelling the three o’ clock appointment… ”
    At about the same time in another corner of Lagos, Dr Anita Momoh cannot seem to stop yelling…
    “If I talk now you people will say she has come again. Simple biodata is the only thing I have asked of the receptionist. Is it rocket science to document a patient’s name, age and sex? Do you need to be Napoleon Bonaparte to do that?” Anita yelled to nobody in particular. The receptionist unlucky enough to be the scapegoat today had long run to take cover. It was common knowledge that when Dr Anita got in one of her moods, the wise thing to do was to hide; else a stray bullet might hit.
    “Are there any more patients?” she asked, her back to the nurses surrounding the white reception booth, as she walked towards the white door of the laboratory “Any outstanding appointments? Because if I leave this hospital and… “
    “Erm… Doctor, there was a 3pm appointment but the patient, Mrs. Gbadebo just called in to cancel.” Anita paused and turned to her left to see the person that was bold enough to interrupt her. She smiled when her eyes rested on the dark-skinned owner of the thin voice. It was the new nurse. No surprise there.
    “How will she not cancel? Anyone can smell your incompetence from the other end of a phone.” She hissed and darted her eyes. “I am going home. I hope the person on night duty knows what an emergency means.”
    Talk about touchy! Someone’s oxygen mask is obviously preventing her from inhaling all the love in the air.
    Anita turned and changed course towards her brown office door, mumbling words the nurses could not catch. They really could not be bothered; they just wanted her out as soon as possible. They exchanged knowing looks, trying hard to stifle the laughter threatening to leave their mouths. They could hear the thoughts in each their minds, ‘na because she no get husband’.
    Still agitated from her outburst, Anita dropped into her orange leather orthopaedic swivel chair, shut her eyes and inhaled deeply. She heard her phone buzz, but she ignored it. It had to be Bami. Between the night before and now, he had left her more than forty missed calls. She knew she could not stay mad at him for too long, but she needed to rid him of the foolishness that was beginning to resurface. She could hear his words from the night before. Don’t you see we’re great together? Just give us a chance. I love you… always have. Her subsiding anger began to rise again as she pictured him leaning in to steal a kiss the way he did last night. He was supposed to be the one person that understood her through and through. She could not imagine that he would misinterpret her taking him to dinner on a night that happened to be valentines’ night. She smiled faintly when she remembered how quick her palm reacted to his teenage-like behaviour. She was not sorry. If that was what it took to get him in order, she would do it over and over.
    Her phone continued to buzz. She pulled her arms out of the white lab coat that protected her beige suit and finally picked the phone off the table. She needed to talk to Mohini anyway. The poor girl had probably developed cold feet. She hit the call button and activated the phone’s speaker.
    “Hey babes,” she all but fell off her chair when she heard the familiar baritone on the other end of the call.
    “Charles?” She whispered, leaning forward with her elbows resting on her cushioned leather table.
    “Err… you rang me, no?” She slapped her forehead with her palm. Her phone really did have a mind of its own.
    “I’ll be at yours tonight,” he said before she had a chance to reply him.
    “Did you get my message last night?” She asked. The sweat threatening to drench her and her heart palpitations betrayed the disinterested frown she was trying to cover her face and disguise her voice with.
    “I did. I didn’t feel like coming over. I’ll see you tonight. Wear something nice.” She opened her mouth to retort, but it stayed open in disbelief. She was already mentally searching her closet for ‘something nice’.
    “Preferably that red sheer one you had on the last time,” he added.
    “Don’t stand me up,” she managed to say authoritatively before hanging up. Without thinking, she snatched her bag from the chair behind her and half ran towards the door. The bastard!
    22:48 Anita
    You up?
                                                                                                                                                                                              22:50 Moh
    Yeah b. Sorry I didn’t tell you I changed my mind about the thing.
    22:50 Anita
    About that. Why? Last night you were so sure you wanted to start a family. What changed?
    22:52 Moh
    I saw big Sheri today. That my frenemy in QC.
    22:55 Anita
    Big Sheri? Eh… I remember her! The one you always reported to me abi?
    22:55 Moh
    Lol. Yup. Imagine, she works with Shell. SHELL!!! She studied Chemical Engineering as well. I’m so pained, Anita. I made sure to ‘sleep’ before J got back. I may have slapped him if he tried to sex me tonight. I can’t do this much longer. I wasn’t made to be a house wife abeg. Nah, I have to get that job.
    23:00 Anita
    Sweetie!!! I would preach, but you know what I’ll say. Do what you must. I should sleep. I need to be at the hospital by 5. Charles just left.
    23:02 Moh
    Smh. Your benin winch dem don tie your pumpum join dat one toto. Isn’t this Charles that ignored your ‘booty call’ two nights ago? Charles that told you to come over and left you outside? You too dey mumu for this man.
    23:04 Anita
    Lol. Razzclart. Leave this Charles’ matter. I’m going to bed. Night night. Love you boo. Is your brother here now?
    23:04 Moh
    No o. Seminary is just stealing him from me small small. He should be here sometime in March sha. Love you more baby. Night :*
    Anita reluctantly rolled her naked body off the maroon silk sheets and turned off the light switch on the wall opposite the bed. She contemplated walking downstairs to the kitchen to heat up the leftover Chinese meal in her fridge. After all, she was already on her feet and even though her stomach felt satisfied, her mouth was not. She looked down at her stomach and grabbed the slight protrusion before slapping the inconspicuous flab and s-----g her stomach in. She thought of the nasty jokes Charles had made about it and wondered why she still let him around her. She saw her phone’s screen light up as she climbed her bed again and reached for its power button. The pop-up text message looked strange and so she opened it as she dropped to her back and raised the phone up to her eyes.
    23:44 07054436782
    Lagos is small, I hope you know. I’ve heard your gist and I know your type very well. Stay away from my man or else…

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