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    Written by Appleboi
    Episode 3
    When I heard the car brake I thought I don die coz the way people shout ehnn you go think say the car hit me but the truth is that if the driver no match the brake I swear I go dey for hospital oo,a girl of my age or let me say younger than me came out of the car in a bumshort and a tanktop and the next think I saw is her hand flying to my cheek “paah” are you mad?? did you want to spoil my car?? What is wrong with you?? even if you want to die can’t you find somewhere else to die,she lash out several words on me,I can’t even do anything i was just holding my cheek and tears streaming my face,after her outburst she enter her car and zoom off.. I just look unto heaven and cried in my mind that “oh lord why has thou forsake me” where have I go wrong God. anyway na u create me you knw more than me,am a kind of person that I believe in God no matter wat happens I knw it happened for a reason,selling again that day became odd to me I just went home…. wen I got home I met my mum who came to take something at home(she has gotten a shop where she now sell petty things that are needed daily by everybody,hope you knw it),as she saw me moody coz it’s unlike me no matter wat you can’t see me moody, I explain everything to her and she encourage me that that’s how life is”every disappointment is a blessing” she cheered me up before going to her shop,I just drop my basket and went to field when I get to field they were about selecting each other so I join one team with shetun and we played, belief me am a good player but when it comes to dribbling I give it to shetun,I remember when we went for Christmas cup and one of our opponent’s player dribble shetun to the extent that everybody watching our match were busy shouting “you wan kill am ni”but at the second half shetun give the kind of dribble that even the ref gave him yellow card that it’s too much,for those of you watching football the kind dribble ronaldo gave Ashley Cole? you don remember ehnn na dat kind dribble coz the guy go one month injury because of that,but na ojoro dem use chase us out In final when the ref gave them penalty….. back to our field we sha beat like 5 teams before everybody retire to his house,on our way going home we saw one of my school mate telling us that our result is out and #1500 for scratch card,when I got home I told my mum and she gave me #1000 and I also add the remaining #500 to it that I will check it the next day. Early the next morning I wake up and pray and I also do all my chores before going to my place of work,Abi boi no go chop***running,shouting don become what I knw how to do nw even my speed don increase to the extent that usain bolt can’t compete with me…after doing my job for the day i went to one cyber cafe to check my result,when I get there I met like 8 people that also want to check their own,the first person own na 5 f9 including math and English,I was shocked coz the girl said she did it in priv ate secondary school,my fear don reach level 10 when the guy dey check my own coz u knw say I dey go public school but when the guy check am he said am sorry and I began to cry without looking the screen. …… to be continued
    Pls wat do you think he score and why is he crying???

    Written by Appleboi
    Episode 4
    Continue from last episode
    I was shocked is an understatement what I saw is even making me sweat coz not in a lifetime,I cleared all my exams with A1 parallel. Oboi you knw book ooo came from the cafe attendant and the girls there also congratulate me. I was just happy that I don’t knw that I didn’t collected my printout,the guy called me back and give me.
    When I got home I met my mum moody,I quickly jump on her singing,she was shocked,
    Mum: ope wat is wrong with you
    Me: mom I don get alert Godwin (I began singing)
    Mum:wat nw tell me u see money for road,I quickly gave her the printout.
    Mum:ehhhh, she began dancing,and singing to God for his blessings but after awhile she said hmmm,my son nw that you cleared all your result wat are you gonna be doing to raise money for jamb and every other things coz I knw that you will pass,I squirt beside her and put my hand round her neck and said the “God of our forefathers is still there”,she nods her head and tell me that she will make sure I get the education I want and God will make everything possible and I said a big amen.
    “The following day I went to our school to collect my testimonial and the principal asked me about my result, he was very surprise and didn’t belief until I went home and bring it for him to see,he said
    Principal:am very sure in all secondary schools you’ve got the best result and don’t worry there is this scholarship board that one of my friend told me about I will get one form for you just because you make me proud to be your principal,
    “Thank you sir I pray God bless you and I won’t disappoint you in anyway sir. He pat me and said I should go and prepare for the scholarship exams. To be continued

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    I don show jare who should i call beside me o

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    Fire on bro.. enjoying ya story let me see hw things unfold

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    Nice start apple the hustler, i must admit you really had one hell of a childhood, ride on!

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    ride on i have taken my seat

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    Duru Jessica
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    Oh, the beginning’s a bit sad but i love it still.

    thanks D

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    Guy so long as there’s life , there’s hope .

    One day your hustle go pay, keep on moving.

    I no say na accident u get but all is well.

    My boo @fb-danieledem i appreciate .

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