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    Join Felix on his revenge quest with various secret exposed, new friends and a powerful foe.

    In case you missed season 1 , this is the link >

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    Episode 1 {Field marshal adio}

    The suspension placed on the police has been lifted, they can now operate as they use to and for years there is a certain limit to the promotion of a soldier and that has also been changed, I would like to announce the promotion of lieut general adio to the position of a field marshal .

    And there was mixed reactions from the mammoth crowd in tafawa balewa square in Lagos .

    Join me as I welcome, Field marshal adio on stage.

    Sounds of thunderous applause could be heard rivalling the grumbling of the divided crowd.

    Thank you, the marshal began.

    I would like to thank the president for this promotion, I would not disappoint your Excellency sir, with the suspension placed on the police lifeted, we would work together to crush those who call themselves the rustians and their leader Felix, we all know they are responsible for the June 12 tragedy where we lost thousands,

    A man with a face cap tighten his fists and left the presidential inauguration.


    I can’t believe this, Benson said aloud switching of the ?.

    Felix reached the rust base and headed straight for Benson room.

    The look on both Felix and Benson face were looks of anger.

    You caused this, felix said.

    How, Benson asked.

    You gave us the wrong information, Felix replied.

    I was I supposed to know it was a trap set by this son of a bi*ch, Benson said pointing to the ? displaying the picture of the Field Marshall.

    You should have think things through before informing us before leading the rusts to their graves but I forgot you have no brain, felix fired.

    What did you just say, Benson said.

    But Felix kept quiet.

    Hmm, I see, leave, Benson showed the door to Felix and Felix turned and left benson room.

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    Fire on

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    Episode 2 {Trap}


    Felix I have accessed the area and you are to follow under bridge to cut off the president from his convoys, Benson said.

    Are you sure, felix asked.

    I am, benson replied, punching the keys of the keyboard.


    I have made felix think they can cut you off from under the bridge and they are to lead the imposter to somewhere here , Bryan said enlarging the map on the table



    There was a gun fight between the presidental convoy and the rustians,

    The rustians won the gunfight and led a car with two of the rust following behind them, so the presidential car was in between the four rust cars.

    The rust car leading them stopped and the rest cars followed.

    Felix opened the presidential car and began to drag the men out.

    Where is the president, felix yelled not recognizing the president among the men he brought out.

    Where is he, Felix yelled placing a gun on the head of one of the man.

    I… don’t know sir, the man stammered and Felix held his head in rage.

    The man felix talked to was shot on his head.

    Take cover, Felix said diving near a car without seeing the shooter.

    The rust started falling down dead while some took cover behind the cars.

    Snipers, Felix said and he began hearing sirens.

    The rust hearing the sirens stood up and were killed by the snipers.

    Dammit, we are cornered if we decide to stay here the police or soldiers we capture us and if we decide to run, the snipers, I don’t know how many we kill us. ,

    Benson, Benson, Felix shouted but there was no reply for his device was jammed , he then removed the device from his ear and threw it away.

    Felix removed the side mirror from the car serving as shield and held it with only the tip of his fingers and brought it above the car a little and he moved it and he saw the location of one of the snipers but a bullet was sent through the wind screen shattering the glass.

    D--n, there are two snipers, and one is this building and I can’t tell the location of the other, pass me two grenade.

    And two grenade rolled towards him.

    He removed the pin of one and threw it but before it came near the building a bullet was shot at it, so it exploded and smoke covered the location of felix.

    Yurika, Felix said, quickly removing the pin and threw it.

    The sniper heard a sound so he looked back and saw a grenade.

    Shi… Boom ?.

    Retreat felix yelled and entered the car he removed the side mirror from.

    The remaining rustians wanting to enter the car were gunned down by the soldiers in a truck now upon them.

    No, felix yelled as men were been killed by the soldiers,

    One of the rust got into the car with Felix, who started the car and a bullets shattered the glass of the car, the car was now in motion and a bullet fired from the sniper hit one of the tyres at the back almost making Felix lose control of the car but he manage to steady it and he looked at the guy in the car but alas he was dead with blood staining his neck.

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    Episode 3 {Departure}

    Felix,benson and mesan some of the rust were discussing in a conference room.

    Why will the president agree to make adio fijabi a field marshal, tobi said.

    I don’t know, but that is foolish to me, a field marshal is almost as equal to the president and might even have power that surpasses the president, Etim said.

    I am sure he was coerced by the general, mesan said.

    To top it all, he blamed us for the massacre when he killed our men and took their corpses and told the press they were killed by us, labelling us as terrorists, felix bitterly said.

    We need to deal with them, the president and the marshal, tobi said.

    But that is going to be very difficult, with the police now in the mix, it is almost impossible.

    I agree it is going to be difficult but not impossible, we need to first strategize and wait for an opportunity, but for now we lay low.

    The meeting ended but Felix, Benson and remained in the room.

    An there is the issue of the league of monsters, mesan said.

    I know, but they are not after the rust per se but me, so I am going to leave nigeria for a while with Benson and the league of monsters will leave the rust.


    No but, I not going there to hide, I am going to seek help to help defeat the league of monsters.


    So when are you going to let purity come back to Nigeria, Benson asked felix.

    Honestly, I don’t think I want her to return until my enemies are all dead, Felix replied.

    Fair enough, Benson said nodding in head in agreement.


    Boss, felix and Benson are leaving for Amsterdam this week.

    What, why will they go Amsterdam, Bryan asked a rhetorical question.

    Book my ticket also, Bryan ordered.

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    There could be a mole among them

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