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    following closely

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    always with you

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    next episode my man

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    Episode 32 {Change of heart 2}

    Father, what we are about to do I don’t know if it is right or wrong but give us strength, Felix kneeled holding Benson.

    It started to drizzle, before it started pouring, thunder rolls through the sky and pearls of lightning could be seen.

    It is time, Felix said leading all of the rusts mounting on his bike.


    Your Excellency, the rain as jammed most of our devices, the lieut general said.

    The lights, the field marshal asked

    Not affected, the lieut general replied.

    The intercoms,

    Jammed and all the others.

    Dammit, make sure you upgrade after the rain cease, the field marshal said.

    And one more, make sure all the soldiers are on guard, the field marshal said before dismissing the lieut general.

    Why do I feel uneasy, the field marshal said aloud.


    Sanju completely drenched by rain still falling was standing close toa drainage system, looking at Benson.

    You never still to amaze me, you are still alive after I pierced your heart, sanju said.

    I guess you have forgotten by heart is positioned on my right chest, Jordan replied.

    Oh ye, I remembered you told me that once before, but I still manage to get one of you, Sanju said referring to Jordan arm he sliced off.

    I just need a arm to beat you, Jordan said swinging his sword.

    Dream on, sanju said in a harsh tone swinging his two swords.


    Felix and the rest were still an hour away from their destination and soldiers patrolling the barracks holding their guns.

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    Episode 33 {Benson’s Father 2}

    The rust surrounded army cantonment on four sides and the soldiers watching were they entrances to the barracks saw some suspicious vehicle and bikes, all of a sudden the people in the vehicles opened fire and threw grenades at them and the soldiers return the favor.

    Sir, the two gates are under attack, the lieut general told the field marshal.

    Release the armor tanks, completely decimate them don’t let them breach the gates.

    Mean while, some of the rusts members including felix and Benson jumped across the fence into the barracks.

    Is that an armor tank, the rust member asked seeing it being face at them.

    Sh*t it is, run!!!

    Boom ?, the soldier armor tank leveled half the vehicle and bikes at one of its gate but it movement was stopped because a bazooka was fire at it by the rust .

    Some soldiers were rushing towards the gates while some of the rusts were hiding in the bushes.

    ? Snake, a member of Felix squad shouted jumping out exposing their position which made the soldiers notice them.

    Po, the man who shouted was shot on the head by a soldier and some soldiers started shooting at the bushes and stopped until they were satisfied but they shot by the men in the bush.

    This vest sure comes in handy, Benson said touching his bullet proof vest,

    Yes it does, let advance, Felix said.

    Po, po , po, gunshot could be heard and soldiers and the rust men were dropping.

    Sir they have reached here, the lieut general said.

    You incompetent fool, the field marshal said shooting the field marshal.

    Felix and Benson then walked in to the field marshal office.

    Hello, we meet once again, the field marshal said to Felix and had a complicated look when he faced Benson.

    Hello father, Benson said in rage.

    Son, the field marshal replied.

    What in the hell, Felix said stupefied.

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    Family reunion

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    Episode 24 {Benson’s Father 2}

    Years ago,

    Change your ways adio, if you don’t consider me, think of your son,

    Woman keep quiet, the man slapped the woman making her fall on the floor.

    Please I am begging you, the woman continued begging in tears.

    I said keep quiet, the man started beating the woman.

    Mommy, a young boy started running to the woman but the man gave the boy a punch on his eye.

    Benson, the woman screamed in pain.

    Adio, how can you be this heartless, the woman weeped checking on the boy eye, I promise to expose you to the world when I get out of here .

    Leave, the man said to the woman.

    Not without my son,

    Leave alone, the man said angered.

    Benson let go, the woman ignored the man and walked towards the exit.


    The man hit the woman head on the door.

    The woman held her head with blood dripping from it.

    Mommy, the boy held the woman wrapper.

    Pa, the boy was given a back hand slap.

    Listen benson, this Is our you get rid of your problem, the man said removing a jack knife from his khaki and slit his wife throat .

    Mommy, the young Benson screamed in horror.

    «« Present »»

    You have grown boy the field marshal said laughing.

    Felix looked at Benson and saw the look of anger, he hasn’t seen Benson exhibit of anger been displayed.

    Join me and we rule this nation together, the field marshal said.

    You Ba*sta*d, Benson said throwing s grenade at him.

    The field marshal caught the grenade and held it .

    ? Boom , the field marshal entire hand he used in holding the grenade exploded.

    Wrong choice, Adio said his blown hand speadily growing back.



    The sound of three swords colliding as Jordan blocked the swords ⚔ of Sanju using his sword but he kissed Sanju boot as Sanju kicked Jordan hard on his face.

    You killed my sister, my brother, now I kill you, Sanju shouted stabbing Jordan shoulder to the floor but he was given a hard killed to the groins.

    I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill your brother, Jordan said removing the sword from his shoulder.

    Liar, Sanju said running towards Jordan , spearing to the floor and started unleashing punches on Jordan face, Jordan manage to to turn and started hitting Sanju face.

    Jordan stopped his punch from landing on Sanju, I didn’t kill your sister, I loved her , the assassin guild did and your brother was killed by the league of monsters .

    Liar, Sanju said kicking Jordan of him.

    I didn’t,

    I know you didn’t but.. Sanju stopped his sentence mid way seeing bullets heading for Jordan and he pushed him out of the way.

    Sanju, Jordan shouted seeing two bullets hit him and tried catching Sanju, just finger tips away before Sanju fell into the drainage moved by the rushing waters.

    Jordan was still looking down at the drainage and didn’t notice until chain was hurled and wrapped round his neck making him also plunge to the drainage.

    Lady mitsuki, a man wearing a helmet sitting on a bike holding a gun said.

    It is done, lady mitsuki got on the bike.

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