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    Episode 4 {Benson’s fear}

    Where will you like to go sirs, a white man said, unwinding his glass of his cab for felix motioned for him to stop.

    To Amsterdam, felix replied.

    That will be 10 pounds, the driver replied,

    Ok, felix said and he entered the cab with Benson.

    In the car, benson was wiping away sweat from his head although the car was fully air conditioned, Felix also noticed it.

    Dude, why are you sweating, felix inquired.

    Nothing, benson said appearing to be calm.

    Yo, you are lying, tell me why you are this agitated, felix asked tapping Benson shoulder.

    Benson did not reply but he put his hands on his knees.

    Why is Benson acting weird or he is there, oh, now I get it.

    You are afraid, you might run into Paige, felix said with a huge grin.

    You think and it is your fault.

    Paige was Benson sweetheart until felix played a mean prank on Benson.


    Benson Paige is waiting for you in your room.

    Wow, really, are you sure, Benson asked in surprised

    Yeah, felix, answered.

    This is strange, she has…

    Don’t think too much buddy, felix didn’t not let him complete his statement.

    Giddy up, and act cool, Felix said pushing him to the stairs.

    Ok, ok Benson said climbing up the stairs.

    Felix then smiled mischievously.


    Paige, Benson said entering his room.

    You liar, Paige said throwing her heel ? at Benson.

    Ouch, what did I do, benson said dodging her second heel.

    Who is Chloe, Paige asked with her make up all messed up from his embrace.

    Who is who, Benson asked surprised.

    Don’t play dumb, Paige said picking a table and wanted to hit Benson but Benson reacted and grabbed the table from her.

    Benson then grabbed her and pull her into his embrace.

    Paige tried to free herself by softly punching his chest, then she stopped still sobbing

    Dear, dear, let it all out, Benson said confused.

    Benson!!!, a lady yelled his name.

    Benson turned to the door, Paige, then he looked at the girl in his arms and freed her.

    So you are the one my twin sister has been talking about , I am going to kill you.

    Present »»

    Dude, I did know Paige was going to show up, I just wanted, felix said scratching his head for he didn’t even
    know what to say.

    Ok, I ‘m sorry, I wanted to prank you but it got out of my hands, felix said with puppy dog eyes.

    She almost killed me

    And I, felix interrupted.

    Benson tried to speak but he was interrupted by the driver.

    Here we are, the driver said.

    Felix and Benson alighted from the cab, benson paying the cab driver who zoomed off.

    Felix and Benson both look at the huge edifice before them.

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    Next epilogue….. Already seated following closely

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    Next an still following

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    Next please

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    Episode 5 {old man Jenkins}

    Hope they haven’t delete our fingerprints, Felix said aloud as he put his palm on the fingerprints scanner by done.

    I guess not, Benson said as the door opened and both of them entered.

    Wow, they’ve really ramp up this place, Benson said as he saw helicopters and different cars.

    Yeah, just hope old man Jenkins still here, felix said.

    That one crazy pilot, Benson said seeing a helicopter lifting of the ground and almost hitting the building.

    My boys Benson and felix, a old man said seeing them after the elevator opened.

    Old man Jenkins, they both said unison.

    Wow, you really lucky Benson, Paige just left here with an helicopter ?.

    Don’t tell me she was on the blue chopper, benson said pointing outside.

    Yeah, now, now , let go to my home


    So you are telling me your brother is the demon ninja and he was killed by sanju, old man Jenkins asked standing up.

    Yes, Felix replied.

    Hmmm, the demon shinobi and sanju, my former students,

    Felix and Benson both looked at each other, your former students!!

    Yes, they were, they were former best of friends just like you two, old man Jenkins said walking around.

    But how, Felix asked still bemused.

    I know you are thinking the assassin guild and league of monsters don’t see eye to eye and I am part of the
    assassin guild but your brother and his friend, league of monsters.

    They were sent by the league of monsters to infiltrate the assassin guild and I got wind of it, so I laid an ambush and almost killed them, so u decided to throw a question.

    Who should I kill first, old man Jenkins asked.

    I, sanju said, standing up holding his ribs but please spare him, he said looking at Jordan who was wincing in pain.

    Very well then, old man Jenkins said and wanted to strike sanju,

    Stop, Jordan said staggering up, kill me first, I won’t spare you if I see you take his life, so kill me so I won’t witness you kill him.

    Wow, big talk for a small child, old man Jenkins raised his hand and wanted to strike Jordan.

    Stop, you fool I am older than you so, let me die first, sanju said smiling.

    With just a month, better still, kill us together, Jordan said facing old man Jenkins holding hands with Benson.

    Old man Jenkins raised both of his hand as if he wanted to kill them but he knocked both of them out and he left out a tear.

    So you see, they were the first sons I ever heard, it brings sorrow to me knowing one of my sons killed the other, old man Jenkins said with his voice breaking.

    I am going to help you destroy the league of monsters and maybe the assassin guild while we are at it, old man Jenkins said with an intense tone.

    Old man Jenkins grandfather was the founder of assassin Guild who later passed on the leadership to his son who In turn handed over leadership to his son (old man Jenkins half brother). Old man Jenkins, his brother
    and the set before him were all made sterile , so they couldn’t reproduce but that law was soon abolished.

    There was a feud between the brothers on account of the leadership of the assassin guild, old man Jenkins was older than his brother, so he was first choice and pick of his father but he was framed by his brother for divulging secrets to the league of monsters, which made his brother the leader of assassin guild and he was sent to Amsterdam to supervise but he still has to answer to his half brother.

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