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    At what cost(episode 32)

    Why did you attack, after you agreed not too, Nara asked.

    First calm down, second it was on a freaky Friday, you know I can’t help myself then, Jordan replied.

    Calm down, do you just say calm down, do you imagine how hard it is to hack a satellite just to make sure you stay undiscovered, I walked for five hour straight just too…

    , what wait do you say freaky Friday, we are on Tuesday, so does that make it your bloodlust Tuesday, Nara asked fidgeting.

    No, you peanut brain, my bloodlust day is Monday, we are on foolish Tuesday, get it right bro , Jordan smirked.

    Wo, what a relief , so you are supposed to act all foolish today, huh.

    Yeah, we are going to China, tomorrow and make sure you get all the days correct.

    We are going to China, I can’t imagine what chaos you gonna cause but one of this days, I am going to kill you.

    You can after we return from Nigeria but now you bear with me.


    Good day, mr Johnson, felix greeted.

    Good day, how are you my boy,you can have your seat, mr Johnson replied.

    Am fine sir, felix responded sitting down, you asked me to drop by your office, felix replied.

    Yes, I know you are going after the minister of aviation next, mr Johnson stopped then continued, the information getting to me now is that is traveling to america and he is going to also act as the ambassador of Nigeria to US, so he is going to stay there for some years.

    No, that will delay my plans, but will isn’t he supposed to finish his time as a minister before he becomes an ambassador besides won’t the citizens complain , felix inquired.

    My dear, this is nigeria, anything goes and also since your payback be on the headlines, it makes it more easier for them.

    Hmmm, I understand, so when did you think he is going, Felix asked.

    I don’t really know, but I think in a two weeks, he answered.

    Wo, then I need to plan, thank you for your support, felix said.

    Don’t mention, this is the least I can do from my late friend.

    Ok, bye sir, felix stood up and shaked mr Johnson and then left.

    Really don’t mention, after all you are of more help to me than I am to you then he smiled.

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    At what cost (episode 33)

    You see I told you purity, tunde said chuckling, thanks a lot felix, he continued.

    You are welcome but what for, felix inquired.

    Because if you have allowed me stayed inside, I wouldn’t have had my chance, I was upset at first because you promised but later change your mind, tunde said.

    I am lost here, felix said completely oblivious of what he has done.

    He is thanking you because he met the vice president daughter where he was taking coverage and one thing led to another, purity chipped in.

    O, I see, felix replied.

    I owe you one, tunde chucked.

    Don’t bother, by the way where is Solomon, Felix asked.

    I don’t know but he left a couple of minutes ago, purity replied.

    Ok, I am off to the supervisor office, see ya later, tunde said heading for the supervisor’s office.

    Felix, how about what I talked to you earlier, purity asked.

    I have thinked about it, but my answer still remains no, I mean why do I need him, I have a good job, good life and i was born a christian, Felix replied.

    But are free, There is a big difference between acknowledging him as your savior and been born a christian , since you too stubborn tell you what come to my church and maybe you will understand better, purity said.

    Ok, I will but only if a plane crash this Friday, I may likely consider, Felix replied then skidded off.

    Feli…, purity tried to call him but he was far gone to hear.

    I wish God will touch him, purity muttered to herself.

    I really could have loved honoring your invitation but I just can’t let go.

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    At what cost(episode 34)

    Felix, you need to see this, Benson said while typing the computers.

    I’m coming,felix yelled from the bathroom.

    So what, felix asked with a towel tied around his waist.

    Here, Benson motioned with his hand showing felix the screen.

    I just hacked into aviation computers and guess, what I found, he stopped then continued.

    I just saw a name which is fijabi paul and his flight his scheduled for USA this Friday.

    What, I thought his flight his scheduled for next two weeks, felix said displeased.

    Apparently not, so are going to wait till he gets back to nigeria, Benson asked.

    Felix then looked at benson.

    Okay, I guess not.

    When I am fully clad we are going to have a big discussion.

    Fast forward»

    Ok, so clearly he looks like the minister is in a hurry to leave the country and with the success of our last operations, the security his going to be a tough nut to crack, joshua voiced his opinion.

    Yeah, I agree with joshua, I mean attempting to kill two high class personality in less than thirty days is,I mean couldn’t we at least wait till when the all situation settled down, kunle also voiced out.

    Yes, I agree with you guys but they will not be expecting us to attack but I am not saying it is going to be easy rather it is going to be very difficult and we dont know how long he is going to stay, so do you support, Felix asked.

    I support, Benson said without hesitation.

    Joshua and joshua thought for a few second before they also supported.

    Thank you guys, and Benson good job, Felix complimented.

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    #loving it

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    At what cost(episode 35)

    Felix, this is the image of the guy, you will be impersonating, Benson said showing felix a picture.

    Alright, I will start making the mask, in less than am hour, I should be done, felix replied.

    Yes, joshua have managed to insert the bug in the airport control room, Benson jubilated.

    Very good and kunle, felix asked.

    He is yet to see the man you are impersonating but since I now have access to the cameras, I will also help in the search, Benson replied.

    «Fast forward»

    Now it is up to you guys, joshua ensure Benson doesn’t watch any movies.

    Noted, Joshua answered.

    Oh come on, Benson shouted.

    Am serious Benson , am off felix said putting on a mask and left the vehicle leaving joshua and Benson behind.


    Kunle, I have seen the man near west side of the terminal and he is approaching the check in stand, Benson said.

    Roger that, kunle replied.


    Hello there,

    Hello , is there a problem.

    No actually, but someone stole a valuable wristwatch and you our cameras captured your image.

    What I didn’t steal, the man said looking confused.

    Ok, but you need follow me for some questioning.

    Ok, I will but you will have to be fast I have a flight to catch.

    Yeah, it is not going to take much of your time if you are not the culprit.


    The door of the bus was opened by Joshua and kunle stepped inside.

    This security clothes is itchy, kunle complained then pulled off the clothes.

    Good work kunle, your part is complete now it is remaining felix, Joshua and I to complete our parts, Benson retorted.

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